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  1. Puppy help!!?
  2. Why does my 12 month old dog eat his poo?
  3. Can dogs get pimples on their legs?
  4. Please soneone! How can you tell if your puppy has worms??
  5. Why do Dogs do this? (Experts)?
  6. what is your favorite dog?
  7. Generally which dog fits each category?
  8. my puppy has a fever of 104f?
  9. my dogs shoulder?
  10. okay my dog just had 3 and i think another one is coming?
  11. How can I get my puppy to stop crying?
  12. what did your dog do today that freaked you out?
  13. looking for dog tricks?
  14. Dog and cats. I need advice?
  15. How do i show my new puppy that I a dominant?
  16. How can I get my new puppy to only bond with me?
  17. How long does it take a dog to forget tricks?
  18. Dogs or cats?
  19. dog training and dogs?
  20. My dog won't stop shaking!?
  21. Do you know what you dog was bred for?
  22. will my dog's nail ever grow back again??
  23. Whats the best kind of dog to have?
  24. What do you like most about your dog?
  25. How do i potty train my 8 week old puppy?
  26. puppy constipated?
  27. does a bitch dog still produce milk if it is a false pregnancy?
  28. How to train your puppy fast?
  29. Why does my puppy greets me and others with her ears flattened?
  30. Are guinea pigs good with cats and dogs?
  31. Dog Bed Still Smells???
  32. I need help finding a small breed puppy!?
  33. How old should chihuahua puppies be when they go to new homes?
  34. puppy shots/ deworming?
  35. my friend wants to have sex with a dog?
  36. How much does it cost on average to own a small dog? (per month)?
  37. How do I know if my dog has a thick?
  38. Puppy Training?
  39. Does anyone know were i can buy a pomerinian puppy?
  40. Looking for a good farm dog....?
  41. My dog is snoring so loud...?
  42. what are some good things to do to keep my 6 month old puppy entertained?
  43. Dog Humping Problem. HELP!?
  44. I'm unsure of how to begin raising my puppy.....?
  45. my dog is losing fur on her legs and back end, she isnt scratching or
  46. Do dogs get pubic hair?
  47. What is the fastest and easiest way to potty train a dog? (While having a...
  48. Hot dog buns and drinks wholesale?
  49. Why are puppy mills illegal but gestation crates for pigs isnt?
  50. why does my dog do this?
  51. Best Dog Agility Book for Beginners?
  52. Have you heard of SIDS in puppies?
  53. What if your neighbor's dog tries to break in your house?
  54. My dog has bumps on her?
  55. I think my puppy has an ear infection?
  56. 8 week old puppy with pneumonia. Will she be ok?
  57. Aside from AKC papering your dog, is there anyway to have a certificate of...
  58. how old and what breed do you think my puppy is?
  59. Bringing my dog from China-Canada... best way??
  60. A question for dog lovers and my chihuahua. . .?
  61. Puppy Breeding & Puppy Farm?
  62. i need the perfect dog breed! what is it?
  63. can you help me on what kind of dog i have?
  64. my golden retriever puppies are 9 days old and have scab all over entire body...
  65. Allergic to dog saliva?
  66. My dog is terrified?
  67. Tips on raising a new puppy?
  68. Out of these names, what should I named my new puppy? Or any suggestions?
  69. When is it best to walk my dog?
  70. Yellow dog poo!?
  71. itcchy dog, any remidies for my dog, spending loads of money on vet, just need
  72. is it safe for you to purthuman mosquito repellent on dogs?
  73. How to stop puppy from biting?
  74. I need help finding my dog...?
  75. How can I stop my female puppy from snapping at my male dog?
  76. adopting a dog at petsmart?
  77. Can All Dogs See Ghosts??
  78. My dog is not KC registered what do i do?
  79. somebody help me find a vet. clinic for vaccination of my puppy at meycauyan city?
  80. How can I teach my dog to bark on command?
  81. Quarantine of dogs?
  82. Where is the best dog boarding place in Jacksonville Florida?
  83. My Dog Ate One Green Grape?
  84. My almost a year old puppy (lab/hound mix) chew on his nails almost every night.?
  85. Has anyone used Cam Air Pet delivery? or purchased dog from Africa?
  86. Can't Sleep...because of stupid dogs....?
  87. is there anyway i can save the dogs?
  88. Puppy agressive to children and family...?
  89. what is the best little dog to get???
  90. How many times a day should I feed my 11 week old puppy?
  91. Skin ripped off dog, its spreading and we can't afford a vet, please help!?
  92. Can I still have my 2 yr old dogs dew claws removed?
  93. Dog Help!!!?
  94. What do you say when another person's dog snaps at your dog?
  95. my pregnant dog?
  96. at the OLYMPICS....would you order the DOG MEAT?
  97. My puppy is sick?
  98. Can a dog get shots before 4 months old ? Or does she have to be over 4 months old?
  99. What should i name my dog? (picture attached)?
  100. I neeeed help please my puppy ate my midol pill!!!!! What now.?
  101. What are good names for a puppy?
  102. Will my dog have trouble with a new member?
  103. My puppy keeps biting and nipping...?
  104. How do I submit my dog's photo for a dog commercial?
  105. When Police-dogs aren't working, where do they live?
  106. What would you name a puppy?
  107. Pregnant Dog?
  108. Is this a reputable breeder??? Or a puppy mill in disguise???
  109. Hello. I have an Alaskan Malamute puppy and i was wondering if anyone could give
  110. EMERGENCY! I really need help my dog has cheat grass/foxtails embeded in his foot?
  111. Whats the best food to give a dog who just had gallstones removed?
  112. are boxer dogs good with other dogs?
  113. How to get rid of dog poop on rocks?
  114. my puppy cut underneath her eye somehow.. flesh is showing what do i do??
  115. Convincing your parents to let you have a dog?
  116. What dog breed for a person who...?
  117. How do I get the smeel of dog pee off my linoleum?
  118. Is my puppy going to be ok?
  119. When to start training puppy?
  120. where can i get a malshi puppy?!?
  121. i need a dog?!?
  122. Why doesn't my dog want to go upstairs?
  123. My dog is scared of Frontline treatment!?
  124. does puppy size predict adult size?
  125. How much should I expect to pay for a pure bred Rottweiler puppy?
  126. POLL: At what point can you morally say "that surgery is too expensive,
  127. my puppy seems to be different after getting her shots today. She isn't as
  128. need help with my dog?!?!?!?!?
  129. Which breed of DOG for me????
  130. How to stop a puppy from pulling on the leash?
  131. if dogs could talk...?
  132. Seen Resivoir Dogs??
  133. Will the dog have serious health problems when it gets older ?
  134. What kind of dog?
  135. Can my puppy get sick from this?
  136. incompotent puppy parents?
  137. My dog has extremely watery diarrhea; what should I do?
  138. why does it seem that all breeders are being lumped together as puppy...
  139. Help!!! dog help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  140. Two year old dog---completely trained is now going in his cage?
  141. NAME FOR mY NEW PUPPY??!!?
  142. Black Male Lab Puppy Name Help?
  143. Who was the more violent homicidally trigger-happy thug, O-Dog,Doughboy,or...
  144. What exactly is foster care for dogs???
  145. dog names for a girl tan peekapoo?
  146. Psychiatric Service Dogs?
  147. Is My Dog Cute?
  148. Our dog won't stop peeing on our bed! What do I do??
  149. Does anyone know what breed of dog this might be?
  150. My dog is extremely hyper and crazy with other people and doesnt listen!!?
  151. Why does my puppies eyes turn bright blue in photos?
  152. How much does it usually cost to get a foxtail out of a dogs ear?
  153. BB9 - Should Mikey's guide dog be let into the house?
  154. Why does my puppy do this?
  155. do you have any pics of dogs?
  156. House Training My Puppy.?
  157. Is Popsicles bad for dogs?
  158. Potty Training my Puppy?
  159. What's best for puppy food?
  160. how do you stop a dog fight?
  161. How do I ge my dog to go to the bathroom outside quickly?
  162. How do I stop my puppy from faking?
  163. is dog anesthesia dangerous?
  164. Must I use Stainless Steel water and food bowls for my dogs?
  165. what does the vet do when your dog sprains it's ankle?
  166. Anyone gonna miss Dog on the Olympic menu?Banned by the Chinese while we visit.?
  167. Hot dog sandwich anyone?
  168. My dog has a stick stuck in the roof of her mouth!?
  169. I heard its ok for my dog to lick my face, even thoug he uses his tongue to clean
  170. whats the cutest name for a dog?
  171. Dog gagging?
  172. Why is my dog trying to tackle me?
  173. My dog gets agressive around other dogs. How do I make him get along with them?
  174. What is the minimum number of dogs i need to have a continuing line.?
  175. Can Insullin shots help a dog survive parvo?
  176. will a male dog definitly try to hump my female dog if she is in heat?
  177. Have you ever seen a police dog at an airport?
  178. Buyin new dog...?
  179. Does Cesar Milan's (the dog whisperer) methods work on humans?
  180. My 3 mounth old rescued puppy has mange and hookworms his immune system is weak and
  181. My Dog Won't Stop Licking His Paws?
  182. What makes your dog special? What is something unique/interesting/remarkable...
  183. What can I use to kill ants around newborn puppies?
  184. teach a 4 year old dog to fetch and listen to commands?
  185. Is your dog a character?
  186. Puppy Potty Training?
  187. What beaches at Lake Tahoe allow dogs?
  188. What kind of dog should i get?
  189. What does this mean about my puppy?
  190. Right to choose a pedigree dog or a rescue dog?
  191. Is it ok 4 my puppy to eat wieners/hot dogs?
  192. Petsmart & puppies?
  193. Wha Are Some Good Names For A Bernese Mountain Dog?
  194. What kind of a dog is this?
  195. How to cut dog's nails?
  196. how do i exercise my puppy?
  197. what do you think of these puppies? pics included.?
  198. convince mom for a dog?
  199. are you a CAT or a DOG??
  200. type of dog?
  201. PLUTO? still better as a dog name or can we now add it as a popular human
  202. how many times a year does a dog come into season?
  203. Dog prob!?!?
  204. when and how do i leash train my puppy and to get her to stop trying to...
  205. my dogs dangerouns incident 3?
  206. can nintendogs have puppies?
  207. so my dog sits really weird...?
  208. Will this alleviate my crating problem with my puppy?
  209. PLEASE help, my dog won't go for walks anymore?
  210. Parvo?? my dog/puppy?
  211. My dog just peed on some paper on the floor and it looks like sugar or
  212. dog can't stop scratching??
  213. how long does it take for puppies to grow out of nipping?
  214. Should I take my dog to the vet? He's vomited several times in the last two days
  215. how old does my dog look?
  216. Why is my dog wetting on the beds???? plz help if you can.?
  217. How can I keep my puppy clean?
  218. What is your favorite breed of dog and why? What about least favorite?
  219. My dog doesn't get along with my brother....?
  220. Please help....... My dog is constipated?
  221. I have a mini dashund 8 week puppy, and needs to obey, should i give it obedience
  222. FAST FAST FAST MY MOM IS FREAKING do you really have to brush dogs teeth and
  223. How can I convince my parents to get me a puppy?
  224. Am i doing something wrong with housetraining my puppy??
  225. do turkey hot dogs contain nitrates also and turkey ham and turkey balogna or any
  226. is it considered Stealing?? IF I find a SKINNY dog at a lake and know...
  227. Sedatives for dogs on airplanes? Yes Or No??
  228. Do you like these types of dogs?
  229. dogs and cats relationships?
  230. Does anyone have a vegetarian/vegan cat/dog?
  231. My dog's vomit looks and smells like poop?
  232. My dog only poops every other day ??! Is this o. k. ?
  233. How do I train my new Chihuahua puppy?
  234. Names that sound similar to Gypsey? renaming our dog!?
  235. how long does it take for a puppy to adapt to new home because I cannot...
  236. Can I register my beagle puppy and what are the benefits?
  237. killing a dog?
  238. what is the lowest amount of money you could spend a year on your dog
  239. My dog vomited what looks like pieces of blue eraser twice.?
  240. I want a puppy but not from a shop cause i heard they are treated badly.
  241. Poll: wgt is the best and cutest kinds of dogs?
  242. how to stop dog from biting??
  243. Dogs having pups question??
  244. i have a question of about a name for my dog ?
  245. my dog ate my mobile!?
  246. DOG LOVERS turn up your volume!?
  247. Got a new dog, a little overwhelmed.?
  248. How do I potty train and older puppy as the second owner, when the pup wasn't
  249. Puppy Crisis?
  250. Dog Yard Problem?