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  1. my dog is acting soooo strange.... please dont make fun?
  2. why isn't my dog........???
  3. Is it good to do this to a dog?
  4. What kind of puppy do I have?
  5. for filipinos, how can i get my dog registered? someone gave it to me @ 9months...
  6. i heard that dawn liquid soap (the blue one)helps dogs with fleas?
  7. I need some help training a puppy. Any ideas?
  8. are these dog jokes funny for kids?
  9. What do you do if your feamale dog has killed her month old puppy?
  10. dog allergy?
  11. Question Regarding new born puppies?
  12. Keeping a outside dog?
  13. Wanna help me find a dog....?
  14. arthritis in dogs?
  15. Shouldn't every person aspire to live life like a dog?
  16. my dogs breath stinks!! help?
  17. Can i use Flea shampoo,even if im not sure my puppy has fleas?
  18. Do you allow your dog/dogs on the sofa/chairs?
  19. Potty training my dog?
  20. Im looking for a goldnedoodle puppy in Ventura County CA.?
  21. People who can evaluate my dog to determine how close they are to being the...
  22. Anyone want to help contribute Puppy names?
  23. I'm worried about my dog?
  24. my dog and ferret?
  25. What do you feed your dog and more importantly WHY do you feed it?
  26. Why do people give dog breeders a hard time?
  27. Name for a Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy?
  28. How much should my dog be eating?
  29. Hey did anone hear this is Toxic to Dogs!!!?
  30. i need help with Puppy names?
  31. just as fresh dog spray can it be used on cats?
  32. A dog jumps from a tall building. Assuming air resistance can be ignored, on...
  33. My puppy had her rabies vacc Friday she acts tired is that normal she eats...
  34. is their something else to help potty train puppies besides the puppy pads?
  35. puppy farm in the uk?
  36. dog ikc registration?
  37. I need help naming my puppy?
  38. My dog gets hurt by my brother's puppy how do I protect him by getting hurt?
  39. Is Zaylee a cute name for a female puppy?
  40. ran over dog need help?
  41. Whats wrong with my puppy?
  42. i wanna pet and my mom and dad said no to dogs and cats any sugestions easy 10 pnts.?
  43. What is your dog's favorite toy?
  44. I have a 2-year-old Westie puppy named Wallace. Would it be all right to get a
  45. my puppy has a swollen right back leg what should i do?
  46. Help!! my dog always pulls while we're walking?!?
  47. Dogs stomach makes very loud noises. Sounds like an oversized squeeze toy! He's...
  48. by when do newborn puppies poop?
  49. Is my new puppy turning against me? Please don't judge me, I just need help. Very...
  50. what us the best way to bond with your puppy????
  51. dog barking at possum?
  52. question on dogs memorie....?
  53. New puppy, looking for name?
  54. help!! my new puppy??
  55. ok my dog just now had a 2 babies, but her stomach is still full.. what is wrong..?
  56. My dog chews her butt until it bleeds! Why?
  57. Is there any way to make a dog pee in the rain?
  58. My 7-week old puppy used to eliminate solid. Now she eliminates almost completely...
  59. do you disagree with using dog crates?
  60. I just got a new dog and I'm having trouble coming up with a name...?
  61. Its thundering, where is your dog?
  62. Can you help me name my puppy?
  63. Getting a Puppy!?
  64. What is wrong with my dog? Funny noise and breathing?
  65. What breed is my puppy?
  66. How can I help my sick dog?
  67. How can I teach my puppy to watch t.v. ?
  68. How does my dog manage to breath under the duvet all night?
  69. Why do dogs sleep so much?
  70. Puppy names...??
  71. How do I convince my parents to get me a dog?
  72. What's ur dogs favorite toy?
  73. What Dog do you Prefer??
  74. help with a skittish dog?
  75. my puppy!?
  76. How do I potty train my male mini dachshund puppy?
  77. What does this dog behavior mean?
  78. what kind of dog would be best for my family?
  79. Dog with a chest infection?
  80. What's the best way to make a see-saw for dog agility?
  81. Dog has post surgery woes?
  82. From a dogs point of view which is the idea day?
  83. Is bitter apple a good idea for my pit bull puppy.?
  84. Dogs choke themselves!!!!!!!!!?
  85. my six week old puppy was bitten by a dog on the mouth and nose area?
  86. I have a mild problem with my new puppy.?
  87. Do you need a permit for a big dog house?
  88. Which dog breeds are strictly bred to be companion dogs?
  89. What time of day should I walk my dog? =/?
  90. How to Teach My Old Dog -?
  91. my dog has just had 6 pups any tips??
  92. Is my Puppy losing teeth to fast?
  93. Are carpenter bees attracted to dog urine?
  94. Is there a scent dog"s "HATE"?
  95. Puppy food?
  96. House Training Deaf Puppy?
  97. My puppy has bad manners?
  98. What Is Your Favorite Breed Of Dog?
  99. just figured out how to use flicka wanna see pics..i mean do you think my...
  100. Stillborn Puppy, Remove from mom or let it stay?
  101. 10 week old puppy humping?
  102. Does my plan for potty training puppy sound like it'd work?
  103. how can i get my puppy to stop peeing in the house?
  104. my puppy has yellow stools??
  105. How to get my dog to stay in her dogbed?
  106. I found a little baby rabbit in my yard that my dog got a hold of and don't know...
  107. What would be a good floor material for a dog pen?
  108. Am I being mean to my puppy?
  109. my dog has something in his throat, please tell me what to do , vet on the way.
  110. Please help me. This is very urgent. I need to know if I need to take my dog to an
  111. My dog doesn't listen to me!?
  112. Is having sex with an animal illegal cause I just watched a vid with a woman
  113. Can a person who had previously owned dogs develop allergies to a new dog?
  114. My puppy was just recently fixed. Now he keeps coughing, something he
  115. Housebreaking a new puppy?
  116. how do you make your dog mad?
  117. can dogs eat soda crackers?
  118. How long should I walk my new puppies?
  119. Puppies behaving much worse then adult dogs!?
  120. Dog Poll???
  121. My puppy lab mix 9 ,months old HATES baths!!! PLZ HELP?
  122. i have a boy terrier mix; he is nuetered. We are getting a puppy. Should we get a
  123. My dog pees?
  124. what should i call my puppy?
  125. how do i induce a heat cycle for a german shepherd female dog?
  126. getting a dog?
  127. Can you help me think of funny captions to add to my dogs pictures?
  128. I've read stupid things but this is outrageous, how come people like
  129. Please help, why is my dog doing this?
  130. I'm thinking of buying a yorkie puppy. Can someone please advise on costs (GBP)
  131. Who would in a fight? Nuns or a Dog Kennel?
  132. Help? i need dog advise?
  133. What is the average life span of a small dog like a yorkie?
  134. Why do Chinese deny they eat dog meat?
  135. Are dogs alowed at lake lavon in lucas, Texas (around that area)?
  136. I think it's time to get rid of our Dog.?
  137. Very sick dog.?
  138. my dog has a weird bump and loss of hair on her chest?
  139. Does our dog think we're "hairless dogs" who have taken him into our pack or his...
  140. what should i do to treat my dog for heartworms?
  141. how much does it cost to spay my puppy!!?
  142. Are any other pet owners concerned about the prospect of Obama getting a dog?
  143. Need help with crazy dog?
  144. DO YOU LIKE our PUPPY????
  145. My dog is very picky. what should i do?
  146. Stopping spoiling puppy?
  147. Could anyone tell me about the Newfoundland dog?
  148. Why is my dog pregnant???
  149. I hate my dog and I need help?
  150. Convince parents to get small dog?
  151. What's the silliest dog name you ever heard?
  152. Has like, ANYONE here seen the Brooding Comedy, "The Dog Problem" and is
  153. how many times a day should i walk or feed etc my 8 month old puppy?
  154. My puppy bites me so hard I BLEED?
  155. Puppy Names!!!!?
  156. My 6 week old puppy "snaps" when I try to remove items from her mouth. HELP!?
  157. do you think my puppy will forget me?
  158. Can you name a girl roufus?(dog)?
  159. Getting 2yr small mutt used to new 8wk old German Shepherd Puppy? how do
  160. What internal damage could be done if you were bit by a dog on the bottom...
  161. Can my dog catch strep throat from me?
  162. If your dog sneeked inside a deli deliever truck with meat and cheese what...
  163. hi does any one no of a dog training school in tamworth staffordshire
  164. When you trained your puppy what was the product/advice/tool that was most helpful?
  165. scared of our dog?
  166. Litter Tags for puppies?
  167. How to address aggression when introducing a new dog?
  168. why does my female puppy have a vagina that looks like a penis???
  169. if you were picking a puppy, which one would you choose?
  170. How do i get out of the map on Nancy Drew: ghost dogs of moon lake?
  171. How to i leave my puppy alone?!?!?
  172. newborn puppies nails cut?
  173. Can my puppy go 8-10 hours without eating?
  174. my dogs nose?
  175. own a 5 week old puppy that mother rejected. Has first shots. what can I do
  176. Best treat fpr yorkiepoo puppy?
  177. what dog food to get for my papillion dog?
  178. My puppy still sick?
  179. I'm adopting a new dog... "Nesting"?
  180. Why is my dog being so clingy?
  181. My mom said i could get a dog but i don't one what kind to get.?
  182. my dog butt problems?
  183. Bichon Puppy - 2 questions?
  184. Puppy won't let me sleep!?
  185. Is it normal for a housebroken puppy to have a few accidents after her spaying?
  186. I'm going somewhere tonight with my dogs...WHAT SHOULD I BRING?
  187. Trying to train my puppy?
  188. My dog has reccently been aggresive/snapping at some people.?
  189. What's a good name for my new Bull dog?
  190. is anyone familiar with puppy wipes?
  191. Hurt puppy?
  192. What do you think of Dog the bounty hunter and his wife?
  193. My grandmother needs to vaccinate her dog?? Elderly help??
  194. my dog/horse?
  195. How do i know if my dog is pregnant?
  196. special marking on puppy?
  197. My puppy has developed grey spots on his belly. Is this an emergency?
  198. My eight week puppy chew and digs...how do I correct this?
  199. my dog keeps biting and scratching?
  200. how do I make sure my american bulldog puppy will not start chewing?
  201. My dog never stands still and often will?
  202. 5 months pregnant - tripped over the dogs bowl?
  203. Dog Behavior Question?
  204. question about me puppy can you help?
  205. How much does it cost to buy a dog in China? [China money]?
  206. dog breed guess me!!! lol, easy at first, then gets hard!?
  207. My dog has a swollen face!?
  208. What could be wrong with my dog?
  209. can dogs have anorexia?
  210. i have a 12 week old puppy te....?
  211. How to help a puppy with a belly ache?
  212. I am looking at adopting a puppy who has one small eye. they say it may need to
  213. I have training problems with my new 10 week old puppy - German Shepherd/Husky...
  214. How much is a blood hound puppy worth?
  215. puppy chow. [chex]?
  216. what should i name my new puppy???
  217. How can i train my puppy to behave well in public?
  218. dog behaviorial problems?
  219. Girl Dog Names????
  220. How do I convince my mom to let me get a Yorkie puppy?
  221. My puppy is a bully what can I do???
  222. My dog was exposed to rabies, how likely is it that she will get sick from...
  223. dog pee pee training!?
  224. what KIND of raw meats are okay for your dog?
  225. i need Dog information please
  226. Has your dog ever led you to something?
  227. Do you have a dog?
  228. should my dog be experiencing neutering side-effects?
  229. we have jack russell puppies going for 2nd jab tue and worming we have found now...
  230. what type of dog is a prissy lap dog?
  231. Does Obama prefer cats or dogs?
  232. Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit before?
  233. my dog is going to have surgery in the am, she ate a remote control, what
  234. I've been told that large senior dogs euthanized at home -- that there can...
  235. I don't like my dog anymore?
  236. Cat vs Dog?
  237. My dog won't fetch??
  238. SCARED OF DOGS....help please?
  239. My dog's ear is bleeding?
  240. when can the dad dog be with his puppies?
  241. What kind of dog or animal would be best for my dog?
  242. rate me without puppy...?
  243. how much food should i give to my puppy terrier?
  244. scared about random small bump on dog's back?
  245. does anybody know the rarest dog in the us and uk?
  246. we just adopted a pregnant dog.....?
  247. new puppy help from the pound!!!!!! please help is she sick?
  248. What are good family dogs?!?
  249. Where should i leave my puppy???????????
  250. i have a question about my dogs working drive?