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  1. honestly where should i get a puppy.?
  2. Please help, my dog is acting strange, anyone know what could be wrong?
  3. Poll: what type of dog do you have, if any?
  4. How are English Bulldog puppies born? Is it by c-section?
  5. What healthy treats can I give me puppy? And when do dogs start growing back the
  6. Puppy Ear Infection?
  7. What is my puppy??
  8. Can anyone help me think up some really cute names for my new puppy?
  9. What food is best for a Siberian Husky puppy?
  10. Snatchy puppy help?
  11. I found a puppy and he has little white things on his black fur that dont come
  12. Are my puppies peeing habits okay?
  13. Dog Restaurants In Tampa Bay New Port Richie Florida area? Know of one?
  14. how can i tell if my puppy is from a puppymill?
  15. HOw do you get a puppy to stay still during a bath?
  16. my dog wont move or eat.. please help me?
  17. help me my puppy has got dioareah?
  19. what is the song at the end of shaggy dog but not who let the dogs out?
  20. My husband likes dog sex. How can I stop him from watching dog porn, it...
  21. How do i convince my parents to get a beagle puppy???
  22. How do you train a dog that likes to run off to stay with you in your yard?
  23. There was a cartoon with 2 dogs one large and a pup?
  24. My three weeks old puppies have some kind of patch of black balls on their fur.?
  25. Why is my puppy frightened of coming near me?
  26. Why are dogs' noses wet?
  27. my dog has a scabby / spotty rash on her tummy?
  28. Do you think dogs go to Heaven?
  29. We just got a St. Bernard male puppy - what is the best name?
  30. HELP!! My dog ate a peach pit!!??
  31. how long before my dog has puppies?
  32. What should I do for my puppy Cassie? Take her to the vet now or wait a few days?
  33. How much is the most puppies a yorkie can have and how much is the least?
  34. What to name my new puppy?
  35. Why does my dog eat plant roots?
  36. Dog Tumor?
  37. Need help with my dog!!?
  38. puppy growling during a small wash?
  39. What age do Golden Retriever puppies stop teething?
  40. Breed of my dog?
  41. If a dogs in quarantine if in great health and not carring diseases can the dog...
  42. We have a 14 week old Cavoodle puppy who doesn't like it if we go out at night time.?
  43. My dog has a cough and is on antibiotics?
  44. I am boarding my dog and i need help?
  45. My new puppy just eat some pill that are not puppy/dog pill i think that the
  46. I have had my puppy for 8 weeks and he still cries at night.?
  47. how long are hot dogs good after you them?
  48. my female dog has ticks :(?
  49. my dog died!?
  50. What should I train my puppy to do?
  51. how to convince my parents to let me get my own puppy?
  52. Does anyone happen to remember the news story awhile ago , (less than 1 yr.) about
  53. can you be an animal like a dog or cat on animal crossing wild world?
  54. Dog breed question?
  55. Dog question...?
  56. How come vietnam communist killed dogs and cats for lunch and dinner?
  57. What type of indoor puppy should I get?
  58. My dog barely moves, eat or drink! What is wrong with him?
  59. Some help on an 11 week old puppy?
  60. Please help!!! My dog is going really crazy?
  61. what is the dog pound number in Maryland?
  62. My dog ears stink?
  63. Is it ok to use people type fake tears in a dog's eye that looks like it's infected?
  64. How can I activate the switch and get the golden dog statue on The Dog Island?
  65. when puppies their eyes can they see right away?
  66. puppy parvo?!?
  67. Puppy Help?
  68. What do i need to take care of a dog?
  69. Baby are dogs know?
  70. How can I convince my parents to let me get a dog?
  71. Why do my puppies act so nasty?
  72. How long does it take for older dog to accept new puppy?
  73. I really need dog agility help!?!?!?
  74. Dog ! yr old (Small)?
  75. Dead dogs dumped on the side of the rode?
  76. How much would it cost to ship a puppy from Yaounde Cameroon to sac airport?
  77. Do all dogs howl like wolves?
  78. What to feed puppies?
  79. Are newfoundlands big kissers lickers and loving dogs like they say.?
  80. Potty training a puppy is so much harder than I thought :(?
  81. Why is my neighbor's dog very aggressive?
  82. wild baby bunnies and dogs that might hurt them?
  83. what to do with dry dog food that developed small amount of mold?
  84. whats the best way to tell a puppy he's done wrong ...?
  85. Pregnant dog?
  86. my dog is constantly scratching her chest and stomach area causind sores and...
  87. clingy chihuahua puppy?
  88. puppy question?
  89. My dog has slime and blood in her stool?
  90. my puppy is very sick and 10 weeks old she was fine yesterday and today she...
  91. Good food for a dog?
  92. I am getting a puppy and I have a question I need help with?
  93. I have an unspay female and an un-neutered male dog, if my dog tries to mate with...
  94. Can you help me figure out what dog to get?
  95. What would you do if you found out that your top breeder was sitting right on...
  96. Do you think it's cute to have a 'people' name for a dog - or is it silly?
  97. Dog Abortion?
  98. Please help! My dog hates Frontline!?
  99. A BIG dog question?
  100. I have a 6 wk pit bull puppy and im almost positive the guy i got him from was...
  101. my puppy has nats all over him why??
  102. where is cheaper dog products?
  103. my dog has diarrhea?
  104. Perswading parents to buy a dog... ( 8 week old pomaranion) ( cutest thing evr!)?
  105. Is it possible for my ten month old puppy to get strep throatfrom my boyfriend?
  106. Why does my dog hate to go outside unless it's on a "walk"?
  107. Puppy jack russell/poodle peeing in her sleep?
  108. MY DOG NEEDS HELp!!!!?
  109. Is it normal for a dog to have o.c.d?
  110. What are some delicate sweet names for an abused puppy?
  111. My dog has a really strange problem ~ help me NOW please!!?
  112. i have a friendly cavalier who is 3 if i got a neutered boy puppy would they...
  113. Ok so there is this dog online that I want to get but my dad doesn't want a
  114. Why is my dog so misbehaved?
  115. 8 week old puppy wont eat?
  116. Ladies-What Do You Think About Guys Who Stare At Your Butt?>Mad Dogging<?
  117. if you're dating a dog-lover, is it best not to shave?
  118. BB Mikey's guide dog joke...I'm confused...?
  119. What kind of dog should i get?
  120. can anyone give me some suggestions for a dog name?
  121. I have to watch a dog for 3 days?
  122. How much do puppy Chiwawa's cost? (price range)?
  123. the runt of a litter of puppies is always born last true or false?
  124. Could this idea convince my mom to get me a puppy?
  125. Why is it morally unacceptable to eat dog or other "pet" breeds? While...?
  126. What is the best small breed dog?
  127. what can anyone tell me who has a welsh corgi about what they think of this
  128. Is there an easy way to cut my dog's DARK nails?
  129. Dog wetting himself?
  130. How do I get my dog to stop barking at everything?
  131. How do you know what size crate to get for a growing puppy?
  132. Training Maltese Puppy?
  133. do you like dogs and puppys?
  134. Is my puppy to friendly?
  135. help - I have been fostering 6 malamute lab puppies. now I have to choose
  136. what should I feed my new puppy?
  137. My puppy husky has a straight tail, will it ever curl?
  138. HI i have a question, my dog had an allergie test done and turns out she is
  139. help with 2 week old puppy?
  140. my 8 week old puppy is suddenly vomiting, please help!?
  141. How can I teach my two puppies not to fight each other?
  142. My dog just did the funniest thing..?
  143. Dog meat just got banned for the olympics in China. I have questions?
  144. homewardbound dog rescuetexas?
  145. Neighbors dog barks all the time?
  146. advice on treating a dogs environment after sarcoptic mange.?
  147. My dog wakes up from her sleep and runs to the door barking did she dream...
  148. What colors would go best with a pink plaid wall border with black and white dogs?
  149. How do I stop my puppy from barking ALL NIGHT LONG?
  150. my dog is hurt =[ we THINK he may of pulled a muscle?
  151. I have a dog who is 7 years old ; here is my problem?
  152. Is a toy dog also an unhealthy size for a dog?
  153. how long of a rest does an 8 week old puppy need and when do are you...
  154. Should I get a 2nd dog?
  155. I have 2 dogs-a golden retriever and a chihuahua. Is there a food they both can eat?
  156. dog has recently started licking and eating dirt?
  157. Dog spaying question...?
  158. Why is my puppy throwing up?
  159. sick puppy?
  160. puppy - not eating, lump in right side?
  161. 1 and a half month german shepherd puppy's diet?
  162. What Is The Toughest Dog Breed Known To Man?
  163. i dreamed that a yellow dog is chasing me?
  164. How do I know if my female dog is in heat?
  165. what is the name of this type of music bands like we the kings sick puppies...
  166. Calcium suppliment for dog?
  167. puppy??!!!?
  168. Is giving your dog some beer when hes too hyper bad for it?
  169. home made dog food?
  170. convicing my dad about getting a dog?
  171. My dog scratches way too much?
  172. Finding Rental property with small dog - advise needed Syd Aus?
  173. My foster dog and real dog are getting in fights?
  174. What could cause diarrhoea in a puppy?
  175. Cant afford my puppy. Bad mommy?
  176. Need dog help PLEASE!!!?
  177. HELP?! I just got a new puppy. He chews & licks everything, especially the...
  178. What is an effective way to teach a dog to walk to heel?
  179. im 13 and have a puppy , my parents make me take care of it 24 and now i have...
  180. HELP ME! Whats the matter with my puppy?
  181. whats wrong with Beneful Dog food?
  182. What is the difference between a responsible breeder and a puppy mill?
  183. Which name for a dog?
  184. What dog should i get?
  185. Would People FEEL SORRY for me if I Dreamt I was a DOG NAMED BRIAN capable of speech?
  186. At what age will my Basset Hound puppy go into heat for the first tme?
  187. Is it wrong that I think my dog is cuter than my baby???
  188. i think my dog is on drugs?
  189. what dog breed is right for me?
  190. I want a new dog!!! = )?
  191. How do I get my puppy to.....?
  192. I bought my dog his own bed but he won't sleep in it. How do I train him
  193. Pug puppy question! (help)?
  194. how to train a dog to walk on a leed??
  195. i feed my dog a chicken bone from kfc he swallowed the hole bone!! is he
  196. Dog's paw red, what's wrong?
  197. Why do people care so much if a dog dies, but it doesn't really matter if...
  198. Puppy Crate??
  199. Dog question!!?
  200. purina dog food?
  201. My dogs are super hyper?
  202. Should I change my dog's flea nd tick medicine?
  203. problems about a newfoundland dog behaviour, whats wrong with him?
  204. Getting my dog in shape by walking around the block.. ?
  205. I saw a dog today and was wondering what kind?
  206. POLL: What is the best way to steal someones dog?
  207. Dog vomiting?
  208. my dog has many things?
  209. what website has a list of all dogs?
  210. We have a chocolate lab as a family dog. i wnt to get a puppy that is
  211. How much is too much for a Sheltie puppy from a pet store? Has up to date shots...
  212. Dog breeding question.?
  213. When can my dog mate?
  214. Poll~ do you let your dog sleep with youu?
  215. Cute Puppy name?
  216. my dog chipped his tooth?
  217. Need advice on dog feeding regime...?
  218. 9 month old puppy got spayed and acting aggressive?
  219. Whats your favorite breed of dog?
  220. how many times a day and at wat amounts of food should i feed a 2 month puppy?
  221. My Dog Has Gradually Become Really Fat. How Can I Make Him Loose Weight?
  222. How long would it take for my dog to like my new puppy?
  223. problem with new puppy?
  224. How are English Bulldog puppies born? Is it by c-section?
  225. Getting my dog tomorrow... What to do?
  226. Cheapest and easiest to use Tick repellent for a constantly wet dog?
  227. My 8 week old puppy growls at me sometimes when I pick her up . How should I
  228. Most puppies are cute, but which breed are THE most cutest when reached their adult
  229. is a 2 month old puppy to old to get his tail docked???
  230. Could I train my puppy to pee and poop on her puppy pads while she's in her puppy...
  231. Dog/ Cat first aid?
  232. Big Brother 9 - About time we let this dead dog finally learn to rest?
  233. How do I get my puppy used to other dogs?
  234. Can a dog get pregnant while she had already had puppies 3 weeks ago?
  235. Dogs and depression?
  236. Year of the dog and year of the dragon?
  237. Can someone please tell me what dog breed is this?!! Thanks in advance!?
  238. What size will my 20 lb, 12 week old male German Shepherd puppy be when fully grown ?
  239. Where can i get a puppy that is white?
  240. should I worry about my puppy's grade 1 heart murmur?
  241. Should I get a st bernard or newfoundland or bernese mountian dog?
  242. Does anyone know of any places in Barnsley South Yorkshire that do Ring Craft
  243. Who verifies that the dogs listed on the AKC papers are actually the parents of...
  244. 4 Month Old Puppy, throw's up after eating?
  245. Is there such a thing as yoga for dogs or "doga"?
  246. How do i know how big my puppy will get(pics included)?
  247. Metrodinazole - for my 14 wk old puppy?
  248. what to you think is wrong with my dog?
  249. What color is my pomeranian puppy?
  250. What is a good one-person dog?