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  1. Will my 7 month border terrier puppies stop fighting after their first season has
  2. Is there any point to registering a dog if?
  3. How long does it take for puppies to stop crying in their crate?
  4. Cool Dog Name?
  5. my dog was hit as a puppy and now he is too aggressive. what should i do?
  6. Is a mountain lion more likely to attack campers if they have a dog with them?
  7. My 1 1/2 yrs puppy pant heavily long after exercises. Do I need to be concern...
  8. Is there a product I can put in my backyard pond to prevent mosquitoes but...
  9. Is it OK to pick up my new puppy at just over 7 weeks?
  10. How do I prevent my dogs eyes coming out bright yellow in photos?
  11. is my puppy okay .. ?
  12. which dog should i get?
  13. there was a dog...?
  14. When do I get my puppy her first shots?
  15. My dog has not eaton, and he just threw up, and he hasn't gotten his shots yet, help?
  16. Potty training puppy...PLEASE HELP BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!!!!!?
  17. Will my 5yr old cat (smartie) get along with my new puppy lab (Izzy)?
  18. Does my dog have to be put to sleep?
  19. Can a puppy be house trained before 12 weeks?
  20. are hosta poisonous to dogs?
  21. My dog licks his foot non-stop, for no reason.?
  22. Rabbit and Dog Question?
  23. i have adopted a puppy?
  24. Eskapoo's are they good dogs?
  25. Why could I not be able to give my dog a flea dip the night before she gets spayed.?
  26. The wiggler (i think dog and cat toys) made this weird noise when you shake where...
  27. How can I train my pit bull terrier to not act up every time we see another
  28. does any one have a puppy.......?
  29. Puppy hates the car or going for a walk. once at the field she loves it, I just have
  30. Foster dogs?
  31. Help with my puppy!?
  32. Can puppy be litter box trained?
  33. Is grass bad for my dog?
  34. Dose anyone had labrardor X Golden retriever Puppy... are they Good?
  35. BARF Dog Food Recipes?
  36. Help please my 1/2 year on female papillon dog wont eat her food?
  37. Advice for puppy with parvo.?
  38. Can I handle a yorkie puppy?
  39. Should I treat my dogs ruptured ligament, or put hm down?
  40. -- Help. My two month old puppies seem sick, and I don't have money for a vet. :(?
  41. my dog eats too much?
  42. My 7 year old sister just got bit by a dog, what should we do?
  43. Is your cat or dog the ring reader for the FLEA and TICK circus??
  44. My yorkie had eight puppies and keeps moving the tiniest? Also the Doc said to get...
  45. My dog seems depressed. Should I quit letting him watch the TV?
  46. How can you report a cheater in the dog section?
  47. What would make a 2 week old puppy throw up after nursing?
  48. How old should a puppy be before it can be left at home alone while I go to work?
  49. my dog had parvo and i just got him dog back from the vet and im wondering?
  50. Puppy has diahrrea...what can I do?
  51. our puppy got into semi-sweet chocolate cookies.... PLEASE HELP?
  52. Did you watch the premier of Greatest American Dog?
  53. Chihuahua puppy for free but has a sickness? would this be worth it or no?
  54. puppy shots. how much?? PLEASE?
  55. Why will dogs eat anything but cats only a few things?
  56. My Maltese doesnt seem to like his food. He is 6 months old. What should
  57. My dog runs into walls, what's wrong with her!?
  58. a name for my shy puppy?
  59. My Puppy Has Been Stung By a Bee Twice in the Last Week?
  60. Puppy blind in one eye...?
  61. Any good names for a female shitzou puppy :)??
  62. whats your opinion about natural balance dog food?
  63. How do dogs get heartworms?
  64. My puppy is agressive toward other Male Dogs?
  65. Puppy HELP?
  66. Why can't dogs that have been in illiegal dog fights get adopted?
  67. Dawn dish soap only makes fleas angry. I tried it and my puppy is still...
  68. shots for lab puppy?
  69. help naughty puppy?
  70. new puppy coming home in four weeks how to prepare?
  71. My dog keeps scratching the doors when i leave it in another room. How
  72. pet name for a dog?
  73. My dog has been acting really strange.... help?
  74. Dog Behaviourist weird dog diet?????
  75. What kind of dog is this?? please help! ! !!!!!!!!?
  76. Is my dog okay?
  77. My dog ran away =(?
  78. How long do you let a Happy dog hump your leg before you shake him off??
  79. 6 month old puppy and still NOT learning to poop outside???
  80. why is my dachshund so shy around other dogs?
  81. Hi, my dog is 2 and a half years old and she has recently got this line down her...
  82. housetraining a male puppy?
  83. What are some good puppy training, online websites?
  84. Could my two13 wk old female puppies have different fathers? They look completely...
  85. Which is the best dog..?
  86. Medellin Colombia to Panama City Panama, cheap dog travel 25pounds dog?
  87. Help! My puppy's throwing up!?
  88. Why does my puppy howl and wine so much?
  89. I wish dream came true(This is about dogs)?
  90. Human shampoo for dogs?
  91. I need help finding the breed of my 6 month old puppy. here's a discription of it,...
  92. What dog agility obstacles do your dogs like?
  93. why are there old dog books in print?
  94. My dog is never calm in the car!?
  95. My dog ate chocolate!!!!?
  96. My dog has started chewing up things and busting thru the window screens. Any...
  97. If i live in one town, would it matter if i got a puppy from another town?
  98. My dog ate a foxtail and now has bad breath and coughs alot. Any Help?
  99. Puppy coughing?
  100. what should i name my puppy?
  101. Jack Russell and a new puppy...any suggestions??
  102. Who owns who,does your dog own you or do you own your dog?
  103. What breed of dog is seen in the movie Secondhand Lions?
  104. Help! My dog's skin is all peeling off!?
  105. If somebody drops a dog somewhere, is there anyway of finding out where it came from?
  106. How do i make my puppy stop peeing in her crate?
  107. my sisters dog contracted parvo (we think) no money for vet, we have been...
  108. how to relieve a yorkie puppy's gas?
  109. Why don't they just give male dogs vasectomies?
  110. How would i get my aunt's dog to stop biting and attacking me?
  111. How to help my dog sleep while driving and how to prevent car sickness for him?
  112. Is it normal for a puppy to growl during playtime?
  113. Puppy Problems?
  114. Just out of curiosity...why should infertile people only "adopt puppies"?
  115. Thinking about getting this dog. Wondering about how big it would get.?
  116. How to make your dog get along with the new puppy in the family??
  117. My kids really want a dog and my wife and I are not sure if it will hold
  118. hybrid dog names?
  119. Is it Love???? or just puppy love????
  120. Teacup puppies????
  121. Should i get rid of my dog Teddy to get a new puppy?
  122. can dogs that are having puppies not develop milk"?
  123. what should i name my puppy?
  124. self vaccinating dogs?
  125. Keeping puppy away from wires?
  126. My dog started urinating non stop last night out of no where. It is like he
  127. When is it time to get a new dog?
  128. If I wanted to become a Dog Whisperer?
  129. Dog with red watery eyes?
  130. Go on ... have a guess..... how many dogs?
  131. yo dogs! watup in daa hood?
  132. is there something wrong with my german shepard female dog?
  133. My puppy will not eat, drink, constantly throws up, sleeps too often, and...
  134. What should I feed my 8 week old pug puppy?
  135. best way to house-train two puppies at once?
  136. The annoying dog?
  137. is ur best friend ur dog?
  138. my dog plays with my puppy like she is a toy?
  139. Do you have all natural dog treat recipe? Winner will get best answer!?
  140. what should i do now??? ( i found a stray puppy)?
  141. My puppy is 3 weeks old and needs a bath. Puppy wipes aren't helping. Is it...
  142. Puppy Name?
  143. Training my puppies to poop?
  144. When can i take my puppy off puppy food for a more natural diet?
  145. *UPDATE* What breed is my puppy?
  146. who makes the best hot dogs?
  147. why is my female dog humping.......?
  148. Whats the best dog breed that's small?
  149. What type of dog do you think the Obama's should get. should they go with...
  150. abused beagle dog?
  151. Does anyone know or have Yorkie puppies for under $300 located in Texas??
  152. Dog Friendly Beaches?
  153. Best floor cleaning product for paper trained dogs?
  154. sibling puppies playing/fighting??
  155. My Dogs Hates Other Dog's!?
  156. Dog food question?
  157. My dog keeps chewing everything up in our house, help!!?
  158. Should I be bringing puppy outside during the night to go to the bathroom?
  159. puppy help please!!??
  160. My new puppy hates walking on the lead?
  161. Which dog do you like better?
  162. is this cruel to my poor dog?
  163. Why is my puppy licking & mounting my older dog?
  164. How do you properly housebreak a puppy when a second dog is being territorial?
  165. What type of small dog should I get?
  166. what kind of dog toys can stay in an outside dog kennel/run?
  167. Territorial dog... and new puppy??
  168. What is the reasoning behind the whole,"Don't get another dog if you are...
  169. Do you let your dogs sleep in your bed with you?
  170. Anyone know the link for the yorkie dog you type in the commands?
  171. My dog "took" today & I have a few questions?
  172. Weird questions about a dog's poop habit.?
  173. When I try to housebreak my pug puppy, he cries the whole night. Is there
  174. My dog has a spot on her chest that looks like a mole. Does anyone know what this...
  175. is steroids bad for dogs?
  176. Whose puppy is it?
  177. Does anyone know about how much it might cost to have puppies dew claws...
  178. My puppy will pee on my other two dogs. How do I get him to stop?
  179. Puppy throwing up!?
  180. Food Allergies in puppy?
  181. Daughter won't leave puppy alone?
  182. What's the best food for a 2 months husky puppy?
  183. Question about Puppy pads, crate training and barking?
  184. Sick puppy. What to do i do?
  185. Can I get parasites from these 8 puppies? (read on)?
  186. why is my dog staring at the yahoo answers screen on computer?
  187. how do i deal with a pitbull puppy?
  188. How to make a big dog and a little kitten get along?
  189. sick puppy?
  190. Cutsie Puppy Name??
  191. I have a 1 month old puppy that just started haveing seziers wat should i do?
  192. Puppy throwing up part 2?
  193. How is the best way to get rid of the rubber odor and taste of rubber dog toys?
  194. 10 1/2 week old puppy?
  195. would you ever get your dog stuffed?
  196. How can I stop my puppy jumping up and going mad when visitiors come?
  197. Can you recommend a lock for my dog's yard chain?
  198. wat dog is stronger a german shepherd or a rotti?
  199. i put my dog down today?
  200. where do i find a beagle puppy to adopt?(in delhi)?
  201. my puppy had the runs when i took hem bathroom was it somthing he ate?
  202. My dog has this horrible habit. I need help as soon as possible before it
  203. i would like to know, after a female dog has puppies, how long will it take her
  204. puppy help....?
  205. I think my dog burnt the pads on his feet.?
  206. In the fire at the dog in hollyoaks it shows 5 body bags, who was the 5th body?
  207. PLEASE HELP MY DOG!!! She may have a tumor!?
  208. how can i prove to my parents i can care for dog!! HELP!?
  209. Looking for real Coyote and dog hybrid pup. Looking for actual leads a not
  210. Why does our puppy eat her own excrement?
  211. I feel so bad because my 10 week old puppy is always in her crate because
  212. how do you burp a puppy?
  213. Anyone giving away puppies in indianapolis indiana area?????
  214. How can people operate puppy mills? What's wrong with them?
  215. My dog was eating a rotten turd! what do i do?!?
  216. How much does a puppy beagle cost??
  217. What are some different methods to stop puppy biting?
  218. My dog barks all night?
  219. What shots do you think my dog should get yearly? (no over-vaccination)?
  220. how to calm a dog in a cage?
  221. What's a reasonable amount of time to let my dog outside?
  222. My puppy has lyme disease...?
  223. anyone give me any opinions on what they think my dog has in him?
  224. My new puppy Maltese doesn't eat much & theirs mucous and small amounts of blood in
  225. RE: should i get rid of Teddy for a puppy?
  226. loyal dog won't leave his home?
  227. Can dogs suffer from Schizophrenia and would they hear phantom barking sounds?
  228. what does it mean when a dog howls at midnight?
  229. My dog is hiding under the bed after we just went in the pool not her and she...
  230. Man I'm hella bored...I'm talking to my dog...so I'm real bored..?
  231. My dog gets way to hyper when someone new comes around. help ???
  232. Puppy swelling and lethargic after rabies vaccine?
  233. my dog is just the cutest little thing!!?
  234. Why did my 7 1/2 month old Chihuahua puppy die suddenly?
  235. What type of dog is best for me?
  236. i need some advice on my new puppy?
  237. Is My Dog Boomer Having Heart Attacks?
  238. 6-month Old Puppy - Widdling Nightmare!?
  239. What do I do with a jealous dog?
  240. I live in an apt and I just got a puppy.He is bringing in fleas from the
  241. Best Advice On Getting A Puppy (while in apartment.)?
  242. Is it ok to spray water at a puppy for biting?
  243. How can I stop my puppy from chewing on base boards?
  244. Cost of Lomustine for treatment in dogs? She has lymphoma and a grade 2 mast cell
  245. my boxer puppy is 8 months old and still has training problems. i need her
  246. How much do vaccinnes and innoculations cost when you first get a puppy?
  247. how do i make my puppy muscular?
  248. What is best kind of dog for a family of seven with very active lifestyles!?
  249. Do house alarms bother dogs?
  250. Rescued a puppy 24 Days ago. Now his belly is bloated bad!?