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  1. My dog was just chewing on a packet of disprin!?
  2. My puppy...?
  3. Is it possible for 5.5 week old puppies to wait to poop until outside or...
  4. Why would my dog have a nipple that is leaking?
  5. My dog just had puppies..?
  6. Cavalier King Charles Puppy with Episodic Falling Syndrome?
  7. how many months till a puppy is considered an "adult" dog?
  8. My 13 year old Pomeranian dog coughs heavily whenever he drinks water. i don't
  9. want a new puppy but afraid of what our 5 year old dog will do?
  10. Should I adopt a second dog?
  11. How do you look after a dog(bitch) when she is pregnant?
  12. Cats, Dogs or Parrots??
  13. My dog died...?
  14. i have a young puppy and I cant determine if it is female aor male?
  15. My little dog Zeus died! I really can't get over it! I feel like im going crazy!!?
  16. Teaching your dog to talk?
  17. my neighbor's dog always shit on my back yard?
  18. My dog passed away on october in 2007. I still cry every night. What can I do to...
  19. Do you think this is true when it comes to cats and dogs?
  20. puppy whining problem!!!!?
  21. We need a Dog House ?!?
  22. We had a mast cell tumor removed from our dogs thigh and the incision has ed up?
  23. Opinions on Royal Canin dog food?
  24. Who actually tests Dog Food to prove it tastes good?
  25. My brothers dog just had 3 puppies and they are about 2 1/2 weeks old,...
  26. what is wrong with my dog?
  27. Poorly puppy?
  28. which dog is less hyper and less likely to dig: airedales, wire-hair fox
  29. Dog injured by other dogs. How to proceed legally with vet bills to dog owner?
  30. My dog is not interested in fetching at all. How can I get him interested in a ball?
  31. My puppy (4month) gets car sick, is there a solution, or that will pass with age?
  32. What do you think of this name for my puppy (pics)?
  33. if you own a stray dog, would you be ashame of it?
  34. What can I feed my puppy he will only eat meat and a few biscuits if I hide...
  35. Is there any breed of dog where its normal for their ribs to show?
  36. A question about border collie dogs?
  37. What dog would you rather have?
  38. New puppy has diarrhea?
  39. What details are currently on a Marine's dog tags?
  40. my mom bought me a puppy 2 days ago and i thought i could handle it but i
  41. What's wrong with my puppy?
  42. Is It Safe To put a Bunny Cage outside With 2 Dogs?
  43. Name for my puppy?
  44. what is going on with my dog?
  45. My Dogs Are So Stuborn -.-"?
  46. Two Gay Dogs?
  47. oh my god my dog ate a wasp HELP?
  48. I just brought my puppy home BUT I have another dog *CLICK*?
  49. What to expect with a new Jack Russell puppy?
  50. why is my puppy aggresive to other dogs?
  51. Relocate dog to Dubai from India?
  52. Dog's eye irratation?
  53. what mixture of breeds does my puppy look like?
  54. What kind of dog should get?
  55. 8 wk old puppy - waking up at night.?
  56. Do you think my dog can possibly be prego?........................?
  57. can someone tell me what my puppy mixed wit?
  58. Does your dog have allergies?
  59. Boxer puppies...How to tell if they are full-blooded puppies. What to look for.?
  60. Bichon Frise Puppies?
  61. For my little Puppies?
  62. my dog already gave birth?
  63. what r some smart dog breeds?
  64. Dogs like golden retriever and german shephers (especially long coated?
  65. How to potty train/take care of a Boston Terrier puppy?
  66. how do dogs get?
  67. Do dogs have a 6th sense?
  68. My puppy chews up the pee pad. How do I get her to stop.?
  69. Can I walk the dog?
  70. My dog doesn't feel to good..Please help?
  71. having a puppy while in college?
  72. I just bought my 13 year old a labador puppy. I never owned a dog and don't know
  73. My puppy ate a rock?
  74. How to convince parents I'm ready for a puppy?
  75. My 11 week old lab puppy bites and nips. Any help?
  76. What do you do when your 6 month old puppy is getting sick of his dog food?
  77. hi, i saw this dog near my house and i seriously thought it was a guy wearing...
  78. My puppy bites herself!?
  79. Puppy Name?
  80. why do us whipped, sprung and submissive guys get dogged on all day?
  81. My puppy is shedding so much...help!?
  82. Where do I go to get testing done for my puppy to become a therapeutic dog?
  83. My dog CONSTANTLY eats grass, He throws up ALL THE TIME! How can I stop this?
  84. LOST DOG? Victoria, Australia?
  85. How do you intruduce a new puppy to your house.?
  86. Other than tampons, what things can you use hot dogs for?
  87. My 3 month old puppy is limping on his front left leg what do I do?
  88. Whats your favorite Hamster or Dog?
  89. What kind of Mix Dog Breed is this? [pics inside]?
  90. What do you think of the name Scarlet for a dog?
  91. Why is it, that the first question I see in the dog section, was asked 1 day ago!?
  92. Native American Indian Dogs???
  93. puppies milk with the mom dog.?
  94. Question about my puppy getting spayed! Please help!!!?
  95. Adopting a puppy.?
  96. where to find a beagle puppy for adoption?
  97. What kind of dogs where those on the movie "The Other Boleyn Girl"?????
  98. I'm trying to decide whether to get a new puppy or not. Please see details...?
  99. what is large breed dog/puppy food for?
  100. I have a problem with potty training my dog. Please help!?
  101. Should I switch my puppy's food?
  102. Puppy Overdose?
  103. Miniature or Small Breed dog?
  104. What is your favorite dog breed and why?
  105. poll: do you think dogs dream when they sleep?
  106. Could this idea work for getting me a puppy?
  107. My dog keeps biting me when we're playing or when he's excited?
  108. why does my puppy pee in front of me when my friends are over?
  109. puppy howling ???
  110. my 8 week old puppy is too thin...I need help?
  111. Are saltwater pools harmful to dogs?
  112. ----Do you think that my puppy is cute?----?
  113. Help! What kind of dog is this?
  114. Is this difference in weights of newborn puppies normal?
  115. Dog possesive over treats?
  116. my dog eats his poop?
  117. dog help???
  118. Does the CKC allowed inbred puppies?
  119. how can i get my parents to get me a dog?
  120. spots on puppy...?
  121. what should i name my male corgi puppy?
  122. Last week I fed my dog nothing but chicken bones and now he's plugged up.
  123. What are some fun activities I can do with my puppy in the pool?
  124. The cutest dogs in the world?
  125. my dogs ear has been swelling and they lanced it yesterday but it came back and...
  126. my beagle is about to have puppies and I don't really know what to do.. can
  127. What are some dog treat recipes?
  128. what breed of dog would be a great present for my dad?
  129. Is it possible to train a dog (e.g. Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, etc)...
  130. How do I go about getting an official height card in dog agility?
  131. Ive been crate training with my 8wk old puppy, she urinates every 20min. what...
  132. Could this work to convince my mom to get a puppy?
  133. how often should a small dog go out?
  134. If you had to choose between a dog or a labtop which one would you choose?
  135. Victoria's Secret Pink Dogs?
  136. puppies ears?
  137. What are a few big breeds of dog?
  138. When are there going to be wolfdog or tamaskan dog breeders in Canada, Quebec...
  139. When is my puppy supposed to stop biting?
  140. black spot on my dogs tongue...?
  141. My dogs gums are swollen and he has been bleeding from the mouth for two days?
  142. Why do so many people think puppy's are expendable?
  143. Why can Dog the Bounty hunter and his team LEGALLY hunt people down, search...
  144. I need some adorable names for a male puppy!?
  145. If I fill my pockets with doggie treats, will neighborhood dogs follow me...
  146. I have a new puppy and need tons of help! Please help me!?
  147. What do I feed my puppy great dane? How much protien should I give it?
  148. what breed dog is this?
  149. When looking at an ad for a puppy in the newspaper what should I look for?
  150. Intelligent, and very naughty puppy, help please?
  151. what do i do if my dog ate my vitamins?
  152. What do you like best? Cats or Dogs? Kittens or Puppies? just thought it would
  153. Is there any jobs that work with puppies?!?
  154. Can dogs get HIV?
  155. i want a small dog if u can HELP pleaseee?
  156. Luke is a boy dog and he pees like a girl?
  157. a list of everything you need to get a puppy?
  158. Would you classify me as a bad dog owner?
  159. What should I do with this dog? take 2?
  160. Gay people: Do you ever have problems with jealous dogs?
  161. I just got a new girl dog and my boy dog won't leave her alone, he wants to
  162. Can a puppy eat Human Food?
  163. whtas a good way to get puppy poop stains out of your clothes?
  164. aggressive dog?
  165. Female puppy has ooz from her "pee hole" after urinating?
  166. would a children's "play pen" work to contain our puppy?
  167. Hiking with dog, please help.?
  168. Dog is clingy?
  169. a FERRET, or a PUPPY?
  170. My new 11 week yellow lab puppy problems .. HELP!?
  171. Is it normal for a lab puppy to be afraid of baths?
  172. GUYS: Do you like puppies, kittens, bunnies, hamsters & other cute little
  173. what is one of the most popular puppy/dog name acrossed america?
  174. dog groomer cut my dog?
  175. Anyone know how to make a dog obey you and love you and follow you around?
  176. dog problems?
  177. Who cleaned up after Clifford the Big Red Dog?
  178. How do you palpate a dog that is potentially 3 weeks pregnant to see if she
  179. Please choose a name for my puppy?
  180. Who plays Sims pet storie, im stuck with chapter 3 where you must have a
  181. are cherries and blueberries bad for dogs (like grapes/chocolate are)?
  182. Can anyone provide an explanation of strange dog behavior?
  183. Good medium sized family dog???
  184. what happens when given a puppy a banana chip?
  185. Whats with all the thumbs down in dogs section lately?
  186. How can I get over my dog's death?
  188. how to make mint flavored dog treats?
  189. How do I tell if my Chihuahua dog is in labor? My Chihuahua got pregnant a little
  190. Anyone know a natural way to cure a dogs ear infection?
  191. My dog is running away?
  192. Puppy with diarehia?
  193. If a puppy is between 5 and 10 lbs at 10 weeks. How big might he grow to be?
  194. Lab puppy 10wks. old/Diarrhea had first set shots/on Pedigree dry puppy food....
  195. My dog cheated on his wife, what should he do?
  196. What 2 dogs were bred to make a purebred Boxer??
  197. puppy stories and myths?
  198. Why are puppy mills illegal but gestation crates for pigs arent?
  199. Why do clergymen wear dog-collars?
  200. the dogs of c kennel?
  201. Puppy has perfect stool in the morning and then gets progressively worse?
  202. What's the best way to defend yourself from a dog?
  203. Help!!! mY dog is peeing and pooping after recent move for no reason!!!?
  204. what could cause a puppy to go into a seizure and pass away after playing
  205. When to start feeding puppy twice instead of thrice a day?
  206. why does my dog pant non stop, she seems disorientated and ocasionally stumbles...
  207. Flies biting dog ears?
  208. What breeds does this dog look to be mixed with?
  209. Females help!! Am i dog or is my girlfriend just really insecure?!?!?!?
  210. My dog is biting/scratching!!! Help!?
  211. Can Frontline make my puppy sick if he scratches his back/neck and then licks his...
  212. quick poll... (dear nekkid dog...)?
  213. How can i get my dog to stop growling at me when i try to get food from the bag??
  214. A good dog?
  215. managing time for a dog...?
  216. Would you sell you Best Puppy if you get to have 1 billon dollors?
  217. Male and female puppy names for small dogs?
  218. What should I name my new welsh corgi puppy?
  219. 11 week old puppy suddenly developed black crusty spot on the top of her head
  220. Puppy obedience classes?
  221. does anyone know what to get before you get a german shepherd puppy?
  222. Eskie Puppy?
  223. my puppy lost a tooth is that ok?
  224. How long could it take for a hypoglycemic dog to go blind?
  225. How can I get my puppy to stop attacking my legs?
  226. Please help! My puppy is having a severe reaction to rabies shot??
  227. Is my dog pregnant?
  228. What should I name my American bulldog puppy?
  229. My puppy broke his leg at the vets office, can I file a claim with their insurance?
  230. Looking for names for a brown male Pit Bull puppy?
  231. why do the puppies do this?
  232. German Shepherd Puppy Wanted?
  233. ? about a puppy who overdosed on flea repellent?
  234. dog feeding?
  235. What type of puppy name should I choose for my puppy?
  236. We just got a new puppy and are looking for a good unique name?
  237. What brand of puppy food should I feed my baby?
  238. How do I get my puppy to tell me she needs to go potty?
  239. Is It normal for dogs to through up their food while they have worms?
  240. How much should I charge my neighbor for dog-sitting this weekend?
  241. If you were a puppy would YOU eat this?
  242. can dogs eat fruit?
  243. If you were ing a dog kennel/boarding place....?
  244. Questions about sick dogs and puppies....?
  245. my cat attacks every dog? and gets hurt ofcourse. she's just 3 months old. and
  246. Cute dog competetition?
  247. my cane corso puppy has uneven ears.?
  248. We are getting a new dog from Dogs Trust on Sunday. At the moment they have...
  249. Great name for our new puppy...?
  250. Poor Puppy. =(?