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  1. I'm supposed to get a new puppy should I?
  2. anyone no of dog friendly picnic areas in bilpin or the blue mountains,?
  3. My dog won't stay still for her allergy shot!?
  4. what do i do my 11 month old puppy bites my other dog who is 8 yers old!?
  5. Is "White Lightening" Shampoo dedicated for white dogs any good? Anyone with some...
  6. How do I introduce a crate to my puppy ? Also what size is best for a cocker spaniel?
  7. How do I convince my mom to let me have a puppy?
  8. how much does a red nose pit bull puppy cost?
  9. why do dogs give you their paw....?
  10. dogs wich is better?
  11. How do you know if 2 dogs are playing or fighting???
  12. Dogs and cats--why is it...?
  13. Humans live 75 years, dogs live 15 years. Doesn't that prove that we were
  14. What is the best way to paper train a westie puppy?
  15. Great Loving Home Seeking Dog or Puppy no cost?
  16. Would your dogs attack sheep if they saw some?
  17. Are kongs good to give to puppies?
  18. my dog smells terrible!!?
  19. My 7 month old puppy is not yet house-trained!? how do i house-train her?...
  20. Help something might be wrong with my puppy?
  21. What is a good dog bisciut recipie?
  22. What breed is my dog? ?
  23. my puppy has pooing promblems?
  24. Dog ear infection!?
  25. What's the best way to keep a dog's teeth clean?
  26. Dominance In A Young Puppy?
  27. Neighbor's dog barking ALL DAY?????
  28. Where can I get a male pug puppy in the bay area?
  29. What Is the Price of a Husky puppy?
  30. is there a way to make my dog's heat stop faster?
  31. Does a dog have to be vaccinated for kennel cough to before they stay in a kennel?
  32. My dog just had a splenectomy. What are some ways I can help to promote his healing?
  33. 2week old puppies need a bath?
  34. My dog wont stop biting?
  35. How big will my bloodhound puppy grow to be?
  36. 16yr old daughter would like a puppy?
  37. Does anyone know what to do for a 7 month old puppy thats eaten aluminum foil/?
  38. Help! My dog's earlobe is swollen.?
  39. My labrador puppy 2months is sick?
  40. What kind of mix is my puppy?
  41. Do your puppies search for a perfect place to do their business?
  42. Is my dog going into labor?
  43. Intestinal Worms for Dogs?
  44. when my puppy cries?
  45. introducing a 2nd dog to the family.?
  46. Puppy PROBLEM!?
  47. Where can i find a Springer Spaniel Puppy???
  48. My puppy has been throwing up her food since last night when she lost a dead tooth.?
  49. Is pollen on the grass safe for dogs?
  50. My dog got bit. Does it need stitches?
  51. What do you do with a dog if it dies in its sleep?
  52. How do you train a puppy to sleep in a dog bed?
  53. My puppy hasn't eaten in two days, is there something i can do about it?
  54. Should I Euthanise My Dog?
  55. Dog injured by other dogs. How to proceed legally with vet bills to dog owner?
  56. would this be fine for chihuahua puppy?
  57. Is there such a dog that is as brown as Fluke in the movie? What is the breed of dog
  58. dog food - best product?
  59. How do I get my puppy to not be aggressive towards other dogs?
  60. my puppy is a bit sick?
  61. What do you think I should name my puppy?
  62. Having problems keeping my pitbull puppy....?
  63. what is your least favoite dog out of these?
  64. Why is it so funny to FART in your dog's face?
  65. dog pregnancy / puppy birth. what do i need / do?
  66. Aunt's puppy?
  67. My neighbors have a dog that they keep on a choker chain?
  68. my puppy is really shy...?
  69. pekingese dog help?
  70. How should I spend my last day with my dog?
  71. heaviest dog in the world?
  72. Do you have a really smart dog with a very high IQ ?
  73. i need names for a puppy?
  74. What should I say to this female dog?
  75. Adopting a puppy, but agency says that kids must be older than five??? HELP ME!!!!!?
  76. How do i get my dog to stop bitting/nipping me?
  77. What to tell our 2 y.o. about where our dog's body goes when he's dead?
  78. My 4mo puppy has had 4days of diarrhea?
  79. Did I just buy my puppy from a puppy mill?
  80. How do I train my new puppy who doesn't like treats very much?
  81. What are you opinions of dogs off the leash on your own property?
  82. My dog got spayed does it need to stay inside instead of outside?
  83. Dog Shampoo?
  84. Need help finding a puppy school near Tweed Heads NSW!!!?
  85. puppy prices?
  86. what is your opinion about keeping 2 dogs in the same crate?
  87. how many times does a dog of about 65 Lbs uses restroom in a day?
  88. my puppy keeps peeing in the house?
  89. What do you think of the dog whisperer, Cesar Millan?
  90. Which dog do you prefer more?look at the pictures first?
  91. Do you like this puppy(pics)?
  92. Puppy ate Advil?
  93. Can dogs talk to each other,in there own way ?
  94. runt sized dogs?
  95. My puppy has diarrhea and she's coughing?
  96. were can i get the cheapes dog or puppy?
  97. dog fleas? HELP!!!!?
  98. my puppy is sick?
  99. why does everydbody get mad at me when i said i hated dogs???
  100. I don't think my puppy feels pain...?
  101. Puppy Crate Training..Help!?
  102. Question about my new Jack Russell Puppies?
  103. My New Dog looks like it could eat other Dogs. Name???
  104. Collar irritating dog's neck?
  105. 9 week puppy crate...screams...help?
  106. A maltese puppy and poodle/shihzue puppy help!?
  107. What breed is my dog? pics included?
  108. How much to feed a 5-mth old puppy?
  109. Can you train a old dog tracking skills for example, mountain rescue? If so, how?
  110. I dreampt my children and my dog were dead. What does it mean?
  111. I have indoor cats who have never been on flea medicine. I'd like to get a dog....
  112. help with my dog, i think he might be ill?
  113. Dog doesn't get along with other dogs??
  114. Which dog breed is right for me?
  115. how do i get my labrador to feed her puppies?
  116. How much does a dog cost in China?
  117. How do I properly integrate a new puppy?
  118. how can i make my mum buy this puppy?
  119. is it ok to cross my dogs if there are people who are willing to take them?
  120. help with puppy, i just got a puppy off the street. he is a 6 weeks old lab and has
  121. How long did your puppy take to walk on leash without pulling for the whole walk?
  122. Is my dog becoming aggressive due to us bringing home a new Puppy?
  123. which is best..commercial dog food or home made?
  124. I got a puppy!?
  125. Sims 2 Dog Parks (PC)?
  126. Is Icewind Farms a reliable place to purchase Shiba Inu puppies?
  127. help with my puppy?
  128. My dogs killed a puppy?
  129. How do you make a dog room?
  130. Dogs and ferrets?
  131. What age will my puppy start to come to me?
  132. How do people train puppies to walk besides their owners?
  133. whats a cute puppy name?
  134. about how much does this dog shed?
  135. What kind of dog is this ?
  136. Names for this puppy?
  137. Experience with special dogs?
  138. need to give my puppy antibiotic, it says give 10mlper100lbs, my pup weighs
  139. My dogs just had a huge fight!?
  140. How can I make my puppy get along with my cats?please help me!?
  141. What are 5-10 dog breeds?
  142. Dreamy puppy?
  143. My lhasa apso puppy keeps whining and i don't know what to do.?
  144. What breeds does my dog have in her??
  145. Greyhound puppies?
  146. Is my German Shepherd Puppy growing normally?
  147. puppy wont eat?
  148. is this site a puppy mill and wats so bad about them?
  149. What dog breed?
  150. My dog has fleas. Help!?
  151. How do I make my dog a balanced dog?
  152. Is this normal for a german shepherd puppy?
  153. My puppy has eaten something?
  154. I have a piece of string, a marble and the little dog from the Monopoly game?
  155. Has anyone used Banfield dog insurance? Iam getting a German Shepard pupp and...
  156. My Chihuahua is aggressive to new puppy?
  157. what would be a good cute name for a dog?
  158. How can i get a puppy to eat his food and an adult to eat her food?
  159. puppy help!!!?
  160. My new puppy won't stop biting, what do I do?
  161. Has anyone had a problem with their dog wetting the bed??
  162. How did my 8 year old dog suddenly develop a fear of thunder and lightning???
  163. my puppy ate chocolate?
  164. What happens to the dog if you cut off its tail?
  165. What is a puppy mill?
  166. What kind of breed is my puppy? Pics?
  167. My parti-poodle walks like "a cat ready to pounce" when she meets other dogs.?
  168. Poll:If you got a new dog?
  169. what should i do my dog is eating her house?
  170. Dog Breeders?
  171. what type of puppy is this?
  172. My dog has a black eye or bruise?
  173. Trouble w/ non-English speaking neighbors harrassing my dogs?
  174. Puppy nips???
  175. my dog just got spaied and having a problem?
  176. Which is better dog and why? Maltese or Yorkies?
  177. Do you know anything about puppy potty training? Please share...?
  178. If you come to life, could you come to life as a dog?
  179. Is enzo a cute dog name?
  180. We adopted a female puppy but she's scared of my boyfriend, what should I do?
  181. How much to feed a 4 month old huky puppy?
  182. I want another dog so BAD!?
  183. how do i potty train my puppy?
  184. puppy nails questionnns :)?
  185. Does anyone know how to fill out the "Puppy Name" on the CKC registration paper?
  186. I need advice on how to get my puppy more active!!?
  187. How many puppy shots and exams?
  188. How much did you know about puppy mills....?
  189. German Shepherd puppy ears?
  190. Dogs, Money, Caous.?
  191. Puppy has a tooth growing in the roof of his mouth?
  192. Question for greyhound owners.Are they a high exercise demending dogs ???
  193. 10yr old dog having problems with 5month old puppy?
  194. Im confused about the puppy shots?
  195. Puppy not eating, vomiting, and has diareeah HELP!!?
  196. what should i call my lil puppy?
  197. Daschund puppy care?
  198. Who are youre favorite dog contributers?
  199. I have a hard time going to college because I miss my dog so much?
  200. Do my puppies look like purebred golden retrievers?
  201. what is wrong with my puppy (basid hound) that it shivers and it has a fever?
  202. My puppy abruptly barked at me, should i be concerned?
  203. Is it bad for my dog to sleep in my bed with me?
  204. What treat does Harry put in Fang (Hagrid's dog)'s mouth to keep him quiet?
  205. Puppy Help! do you know if arm and hand protectors are available, for a...
  206. Has the negative dog press caused your neighbourhood to become dog unfriendly?
  207. Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat?
  208. How do I bring a puppy to a 14 year old dog?
  209. Is a pomeranian dog good for a 12year old?
  210. TODAY'S DOG TRIVIA!!!! yeahh!! :)?
  211. Dog Walking Problem?
  212. Is it good to have your dog shaved if it's a pug?
  213. my puppy is not herself lately shes been hidding in the closet?
  214. What do I all need to get for my new puppy? Advice please?
  215. i need help on my sick puppies?
  216. My dog wont stop puking... Is he he going to me ok?
  217. do dogs who DONt interact get along better thatn dogs who DO interact?
  218. What Breed is My Dog (Pics Included) Please Help?
  219. 14 week old puppy won't sleep?
  220. Do you like Boxers or Pugs better?(DOGS)?
  221. House training a puppy...?
  222. Im throwing a 3 month birthday party for my puppy what do i need??
  223. aggressive dog?
  224. Something wrong with Puppy's digestion.?
  225. Dog + Stairs?
  226. Housebreaking an adult dog?
  227. My dog brought home an extremely injured Hare. I need suggestions.?
  228. what are puppy mills?
  229. i have a g. armani 1984 florence figure of a boy with a dog laid on his legs...
  230. How do I get my puppy to stop biting?
  231. What's the best way to treat dogs for ticks, I live in a forest area & the...
  232. My dog is choking off &on he fine the next time then he not what do i do?
  233. which dogs like to swim?
  234. Do you give your dog HeartGard and Flea Prevention all year round?
  235. I live in Eastern Idaho and I need to give my dog away.?
  236. Puppy with pimple? Its big for a pimple, but it looks like one.?
  237. I may be getting a Puppy...?
  238. How do I get my Maltese puppies to stop biting my toes?
  239. cage or kitchen for new puppy?
  240. Why doesn't the AKC recognize American Pit Bull Terriers, when it's quite
  241. rate my puppy?
  242. my dog turned into a chicken?
  243. How big will this dog get?
  244. How do I get my kitten to stop nursing on my dogs?
  245. Aremis dog food?
  246. Puppy Potty Problems?
  247. I fed my dog chocolate:[ What's going to happen?
  248. My puppy doesn't like to go in her crate?
  249. If two male dogs are gay?
  250. What are some good names for a new puppy? And, what do I need to buy for it?