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  1. Why does my dog keep peeing on my bed?
  2. Why is my dog either friendly or scared of people?
  3. One of my roomates has a dog that has ringworms. My roomate won't have it treated
  4. my puppy is bitting me and i dont no what to do i need help.?
  5. Puppy biting and growling?
  6. How do I get rid of my fear of dogs???? Help!!!?
  7. My new puppy is pooping blood. what could be wrong?
  8. Do you know if Brittany Spanials or Beagles a Portecter dogs?
  9. Golden retriever puppy with asymmetrical head...?
  10. i need help with my dogs health?
  11. Is natural peanut butter better for my puppy than regular peanut butter?
  12. what should i do if my dog has an abscessed tooth?
  13. What was the last thing your dog stole?
  14. If your dog bit the postal carrier, would you have him put down?
  15. how long to puppies teeth for??
  16. My puppy has mites - Is it contagious to other puppies or humans?
  17. Puppy Help... 3 1/2 Month old Pitbul, he wont eat, play with me etc...?
  18. How To Become A Dog Trainer?
  19. dog trivia?
  20. best way to potty train a puppy?
  21. My Dogs Eye fell out? What must I do??!!!Please HELP?
  22. why does my dog hide from everyone, she use to not be like that.?
  23. 1970s horror movie - dog disappears into hole. hole is scary?
  24. What does it mean when my dog does this?
  25. dose any one no how i can help my dog with her anxiety?
  26. Small dog (puppy) breeds?
  27. my dog knows her name. lots of times when i call her she wont come. what can...
  28. wat kind of dogs do i hav?
  29. He promised "I'm always going to be you friend no matter what" but now he dogs
  30. how much should i charge for house/dog sitting?
  31. Our dog was recently diagnosed with Hookworm and we have a 1 month old child?
  32. Weaning my dogs puppies and they are dry heaving!!!!?
  33. MY puppy humps!!! IS IT NORMAL?
  34. whats it like having a puppy around?
  35. Male and Female names for Akita puppies..?
  36. how much do petland puppies cost?
  37. My friend claims that her puppy contracted bronchitis from exposure to my dog -who
  38. Could someone please tell me the breed of this dog (see pic)?
  39. Question about a puppy?! (from a first time owner)?
  40. help my dog isnt going poop!!?
  41. want to give my dog to good home?
  42. Vet accusing me of causing disease in my puppy by feeding raw!?!?
  43. My dog, a shih-tzu has a smelly face, what can I do?
  44. My puppy got his paw hurt. What should I do?
  45. Introducing a 5 year old dog to a 3 month old puppy?
  46. Puppy.....?
  47. Are cats more destructive than dogs?
  48. i tried leaving my puppy alone in her crate and....?
  49. need a female dog name, and i want it to be named after a video game character?
  50. Anyone know of a good insurance company? This is a dog question!?
  51. My maltese puppy ate some chocolate help?
  52. What Should I Name My New Yorkie Poo Puppy?
  53. History like i want to know like Chihuahua dogs was they all ready there in...
  54. Min Pin Puppy Tail Lenght?
  55. My neighbors have a little dog that that they keep on a tight chain?
  56. what could I use to remedy itching from mesquito bites for my dog?
  57. My dog cries when i pick him up i,ve been to 3 vets they say theres nothing wrong
  58. What can i do about the carpet my dog ripped up?
  59. My 6 month old puppy has a red lump on the side of his face...?
  60. My dog will not eat?
  61. How can I get my 4 week old puppy to get along with my 3 year old dog?
  62. Blood in my dogs stool? HELP!?
  63. My 10 week old puppy swallowed a mini dingo bone 2 days ago. Vet said to watch
  64. dog travel Q?
  65. Puppy peeing inside even after peeing outside! Any suggestions?
  66. tips for getting a puppy to take a bottle?
  67. what are these dog breeds?
  68. how can i stop my dog from taking things off the clothesline?
  69. dog worms? HELP!!!!?
  70. What Do You Think This Dog is mixed with?
  71. How come the vet always asks me if my dog bit someone?
  72. crossed eye/ lazy eye puppy?
  73. My dog has allergies?
  74. can anybody give me some advice about taking my dog on a plane?
  75. Romo OR Romeo? Help me choose my dog's name, im stuck between those two.?
  76. need a veterinarian who cropps dogs ears in mississauga/brampton/toronto area?
  77. Do dogs remember their puppies?
  78. Is My Dog Sick??
  79. one simple dog question?
  80. Anyone ever have second thoughts about getting a puppy?
  81. yorkie teacup dog canada?
  82. good female dog names?
  83. I need help figuring out what breeds my puppy is a mix of (pics)?
  84. why is my puppy wizzing?
  85. I have a puppy its a new one I don't know what to name it please help me?
  86. whats a good dog?
  87. How can I tell if a pitbull puppy is purebred?
  88. Dog help please read?
  89. What would happen if all dogs were spayed/neutered?
  90. what can i do for my puppy?
  91. my puppy is pooping greenish stuff with blood>>please help!!im soo worried =[?
  92. POLL dog names?
  93. My beagle puppy is bloated on one side after eating, and is very skinny...
  94. My puppy is CRAZY!!!?
  95. Any luck with Dog DNA tests?
  96. does any one have a dog or some kind of home remedy to keep a puppy alive
  97. Dog Help! My dog has seperation anxiety!?
  98. No Free Lunch puppy program, how stop biting?
  99. How do I get my dog hip and eye certified???
  100. my puppy was ran over in front of my house is wrong to not want 1 of the same breed?
  101. is my dog dying?
  102. do dogs see in black and white?/ wat bout cats??
  103. Does this look like a good website for a dog?
  104. Puppy name associated with Candy....?
  105. My puppy Australian Shepherd is limping?!?
  106. baby scared of dog?
  107. Why does my dog always want to play after I've gone to bed?
  108. New puppy - not eating much?
  109. What kind of puppy should i get?
  110. My 4 month old puppy lost a canine tooth today, it doesn't look like
  111. What are the good and bad things about spaying a puppy BEFORE 6 months old???
  112. What kind of dog is he?
  113. Puppy surgery - drainage tube question?
  114. What's Better? Small or Big Dog?
  115. i am trying to pick up a puppy but how much will it cost?
  116. I am trying to figure out if my dog is rat or patterdale terrier?
  117. Is there anything that i am missing that i need before i bring my new
  118. Crate training a puppy that cries and doesn't freely go into his crate?
  119. my puppy poo'd blood.... blueberries?
  120. think dog had seizure?
  121. canned food or dry food for my dog?
  122. Inside of my dogs ear? red, looks irratated, little black goo? HELP?
  123. Dog fighting problem?
  124. How do i stop my dog licking???
  125. would it be crazy to get a tattoo of your dog or his/her name?
  126. New puppy, Old dog....HELP!!!!!?
  127. About Puppy Linux checksum?
  128. how old should my puppies be to get fixed?
  129. [PIC] What would you name this dog?
  130. what is the possible loot from terror dogs and bassilisks?
  131. my puppy barks too much?
  132. Is anyone in Houston TX selling or giving away golden retreiver purebred puppies?
  133. How do I cure my dogs allergies??
  134. My dog has separation anxiety from my other dog!?
  135. Why does my dog sneeze A LOT?
  136. Looking for a short hair, dapple dachshund puppy in Ohio area.?
  137. which dog should i get?
  138. Kind of gross, but why does my dog fart when he is sitting on my lap and no
  139. Is it weird for a grown man to have a little puppy?
  140. I have a littler of 11 lab puppies. My question is how soon can the mom quit
  141. Muslims, what do you believe about dogs?
  142. How can teach my dog to shake hands???
  143. dog hair dye?bleaching black hair on pet?
  144. My dog wont?
  145. Dog Attack Liability?
  146. my puppy pees large volume frequently?
  147. Can you help me my puppy is sick he is dieing help!!!!!!!?
  148. My dog just ate peeking chicken, the kind that you get from leeann chin. Will
  149. Contest - Person who post a picture of the cutest puppy gets best answer?
  150. How long can I leave my 13 week old puppy in her crate?
  151. What kind and type of dog food's would my chihuahua prefer?
  152. how to compare puppy love and real love?
  153. Survey: Is it Safe to let my Cooter have a Hot Dog?
  154. is it normal for a dog after surgery to have a racing heart beat? should...
  155. Puppy adoption...neutured...?
  156. A dog fighting question?
  157. puppy question?
  158. who actually did let the dogs out?
  159. How cute is your dog ?
  160. Can my 3 year old dog have another litter of puppies?
  161. Does my dog have kennel cough?
  162. I need puppy names from Harry Potter for a girl.?
  163. My 8 month old puppy's eye are swolen almost shut- She is acting normal, is
  164. How can I find a small puppy that isn't too much money and how to make
  165. Puppy perceiving potty training wrong?
  166. is it just gay puppy love?
  167. Are you a vegetarian and feed your dog raw meat?
  168. does anyone no of any dog offleash picnic area in bilpin or blue mountains nsw?
  169. What are the penalties for hit and runs for dogs?
  170. Puppy name?!?
  171. How do I care for an unweaned puppy?
  172. SafeGuard for dogs?
  173. Is anyone more deserving of heaven than a dog?
  174. what kind of dog i have?
  175. Is your dog a blood donor?
  176. Advantage or Frontliine Plus for Dogs?
  177. Anyone want to see a video of a box full of adorable puppies?
  178. Small round black bugs on my puppy?
  179. in Ontario my leash dog got away from me and ran into a moving car denting the
  180. Why are holistic dog foods causing kidney failure, anal glad, ear issues ect,
  181. If the female dog is gay, will that pass on to her puppies?
  182. what are cute name for a german shepard puppy?
  183. HELP! My puppy ate 1/4 of GoGurt!?
  184. My dog ran away?
  185. Dog names that start with S or P?
  186. I think my puppy might have worms is it ok to give him a dewormer if i'm not sure?
  187. Puppy names?
  188. if my dog was born?
  189. My dog keeps on teething at me and my family. What should i do to prevent
  190. My dog keeps on crying if no one pets her?
  191. How can I cut my dog's nails?Every time I try she cries and runs away.?
  192. my dog's won't stop barking at the neighbors and their dogs.?
  193. Beagle puppy has a hurt tail?
  194. My dogs got no nose?
  195. What is the name of the blue collared puppy in Lady and the Tramp 2?
  196. Dog whisperer in the UK??
  197. My dog was humping?
  198. I think my puppy has parvo?
  199. Should i let my German Shepherd puppy go on heat once before i get her desexed?
  200. Please hurry puppies life at stake!!?
  201. Do I need to take any extra precautions with my sweet puppy who has a mild heart...
  202. why does everyone say teacup dogs are sickly?
  203. dog eating my dove.?
  204. Does anyone have a weimaraner that has been allergic to Nutro Lamb & Rice...
  205. Can I change the diet of my 4 yaer old dog, and train it.?
  206. Could this Idea get my mom to get me a puppy?
  207. What is wrong with my puppy?
  208. Should i put my dog down.?
  209. where is a good place to find a cocker spaniel or shih tzu puppy at?
  210. I need help with a new born puppy!?
  211. Where i can adopt a puppy for free without fees?
  212. Where are the best dog parks in michigan?
  213. my dog just past away...?
  214. Why Is My Dog's Coat So Coarse?
  215. At what age does a dog become mentally an adult?
  216. Why does my housebroken puppy poop everywhere??
  217. im stuck with chapter 3, playdate for dogs, how do i get playdate??
  218. Did my dog have a seizure?
  219. My puppy has diarrhea?
  220. My dog jerked the leash and I felt something happen in my ring finger, now the
  221. Can my landlord do this? About my dog?
  222. whats the best dog for me?
  223. My dog has worms, can i get it? If so, how? EASY 10 POINTS?
  224. what do you think of china taking dog off there menus for the olympics? should...
  225. Help Bathing My Puppy?
  226. how can i get my grandma to let me get a puppy?
  227. How many dogs do you have? Where do they sleep? I have 3 and they all sleep...
  228. Can't get my dog house trained.?
  229. Is my puppy cute?
  230. Children's book about a hasty puppy?
  231. Is Sisal carpet durable and easy to clean? I have dogs that play inside & am...
  232. pregnant puppy?
  233. My dogs unusal drinking habits!?
  234. Why did my dog stop eating veggies?
  235. what can u do to help ur dog who has arthritus??
  236. wolf?dog help URGENT SERIOUS?
  237. were do i catch crabs at on the dog island for wii?
  238. Need Help Finding Rescue home for a Violent Dog.. Please Help!?
  239. Old dog, New bad habits?
  240. Are puppies hard 2 take care of???
  241. Grumpy old dog starting to get aggresive?
  242. Puppy Potty Problems?
  243. starting my 2 dogs in agility?
  244. Help, my puppy has strange hives that appear and disapear only to return the...
  245. My dogs hot spots & ear infections?
  246. Why does my dog change when i sit down?
  247. What kind of dog is this.?
  248. What are dogs' vision like?
  249. wht kind of dog is this?
  250. Do you ever get the feeling that your dog isn't listening to you?