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  1. By boycotting puppy mills, aren't those dogs loosing?
  2. Why is my dog still menstruating if she's supposedly pregnant?
  3. How can i convince my mom to let me get another dog?
  4. Which puppy name do you like the best?
  5. What puppy should i get???
  6. why is my dog so food aggressive now?
  7. How can I make my dog run/walk with me?
  8. How big will my puppy get?
  9. Dog has dirty hair on butt?
  10. what age do I have my puppy neutered?
  11. help i think my dog is sick!?
  12. What does my dog look like she could be mixed with?
  13. Advice on dog peeing in the house?
  14. ZOMG HELP!! Is my dog a BOY or GIRL?? plz help plz plz plz xx?
  15. why do my dog can't its eye and it's little bit teary with red eye inside of it?
  16. i think my dog has a tumor??
  17. why are some dog noses black??
  18. What is the best way to introduce a new puppy to the dog you already have?
  19. Should i be getting a puppy right now???? Please help me...!?
  20. dogs fighting?
  21. best dog? from experience please!?
  22. Can a (girl) dog get unspayed?????
  23. Question about my puppy?
  24. Puppy Parvo.?
  25. why won't my dog leave me alone?
  26. Which puppy is cuter? Pic. ?
  27. What is the best book for someone who is interested in getting a toy fox terrier
  28. does a beagle need a backyard or is it an inside dog?
  29. Virtual Dog Game?
  30. URGENT!!! My puppy been sick almost 2 days in a row! HELP!?
  31. Are there things to do with your dog indoors in ny?
  32. Puppy Farms In The UK?
  33. is it okay to leave my puppy outside?
  34. Looking for a small smart dog....?
  35. Seeking name of this gigantic dog! Please Help!?
  36. new puppy and cat not getting along?
  37. Which one of these puppies is cuter?
  38. My dog is in labor she has passed some discharge, and her temp went up a degree?
  39. is it ok to have sex with a dog?
  40. Why didn't dog's eyes get better after prescription meds?
  41. My puppy died?
  42. What do you do when your dog stops to take a dump?
  43. help... very sick and becoming extremely expensive puppy...?
  44. what should i name my dog?
  45. What kind of dog is this? (pics included)?
  46. my 3 pound dog took a lick of an old melting chocholate help!?
  47. [ PiCS iNSiDE ] Can YOU please help me figure out what type of breed my puppy is??
  48. My dog has had what i thought was a fatty tumor on her left side that has just
  49. If I get my dog spayed and neutered?
  50. Puppy Name?
  51. Puppy Mill Rescue?
  52. I'm going to fix my puppy, but I'm scared!!?
  53. do dogs have a sixth sense?
  54. How do i train a young dog not to run away?
  55. My puppy has gone phyco after my Dad stuck his nose in his poo after he...
  56. i'm choosing a dog. help?
  57. got a puppy?
  58. Pedigree Dogs Exposed what'd you think?
  59. what age can you give a dog tape worm medicine?
  60. help sick puppy?
  61. puppy allergice to rabies shot, ive gotten advice but want more to be sure?
  62. ***Is my dog is really sick???
  63. My puppy is eating and playing with pee pad.?
  64. Can Breeders be held responsible for the sudden death of your puppy?
  65. my dog was bad?
  66. Where can i find stats/facts about the number of people saved by search and...
  67. my dog bites me when he is in the garbage and i grab him what should i do i know he
  68. My dog has dry skin.?
  69. What are some really fatty foods for dogs?
  70. My puppy is really sick.....please help.?
  71. My puppy is hardly eating....help!?
  72. My dog's nose changes from black to pink during the day (even when cloudy). Why?
  73. My boxer puppy is always gagging and hacking, kinda like she can't get
  74. From Kim Possible are Lithuanian wolfhounds real dogs?
  75. what do i do to calm our dog down?
  76. Why doesn't my dog ever look at me?
  77. How differesnt does a "Sitzu" puppy look from it's full grown dog form?
  78. is 'the greatest american dog' the best reality tv show youve ever seen?
  79. I recently got a puppy and need a good reason for landlord?
  80. Has anyone figured out why dogs and cats are often natural enemies?
  81. what are natural hot dog casings made of?
  82. have you tried wellness core? Does your dog like it?
  83. New puppy. Please help me?
  84. Why is my dog panting so hard ?
  85. how big do the puppies have to be to give thema bath?
  86. my dog is peeing!!?
  87. Anatolian Shepherd Dog Cancer?
  88. I have a Boxer Dog that is pregnant,This is Her first pregnancy. Any Tips ???
  89. when can you switch your puppy to dry food?
  90. If you have a FAVORITE DOG BREED, what is it, and how were you first drawn to it?
  91. Why is my puppy slobbering so much?
  92. My dog has kidney stones...please answer asap!!?
  93. Dogs heat cycle? Can dogs mate with no swelling?
  94. Kitten won't get along with my Mom's puppy?
  95. My dog doesn't lick the sidewalk, but he is always licking our clothes! HELP...?
  96. Mother breast feeds puppies?
  97. I just got a new Wheaten Puppy !?
  98. Female Puppy Names?
  99. My puppy knew where she lived, I'm floored....?
  100. Our puppy is showing defiant behaviour with regards to items she should not...
  101. Theoretically, can any breed of dog have offspring with it's mate?
  102. Why are people reluctant to take their dog to the vet?!?
  103. My dog has a quarter sized sore behind his ear. How can I treat it?
  104. When adopting a dog about a year and a half old, what are the signs it was...
  105. do u like kittens or puppies better?
  106. Help! My shih tzu puppy has a tick!?
  107. Does a dog needs all its shots in order to get fixed?
  108. What breeds to you see in this dog? (pictures)?
  109. which name is better for a black labrador puppy: twinkle or melody?
  110. puppy problems.?
  111. Puppy won't sleep soundly?
  112. Dogs tongues are cleaner than humans tongues? 10 points!?
  113. How do you potty train a new born puppy?
  114. Can my baby goat drink water out of a dogs bowl?
  115. please help, is this dog on heat?
  116. Does your pure breed dog have black spots on its tongue?
  117. My puppy has been treated at the vet for parvo. Is there a chance for...
  118. if a dog has one testacle can it breed?
  119. Will a 10stone, 11months old puppy get much bigger?
  120. How do I stud my dog?
  121. Does it hurt puppies when you play with their ears?
  122. Help! my dog has large bumps and redness all over her!!?
  123. i have a 9 year old female jack, in door dog and very spoiled. resently my
  124. What can I use to cover gravel in my garden to stop my puppy eating it?
  125. can anyone advise me on how to stop my jack russell puppy from biting everyone.?
  126. How do i stop my dog from crying all the time?
  127. Some dogs don't like water?
  128. New Born Puppy Question?
  129. How much to charge for dog walking/pet sitting?
  130. what's a good song about dogs or puppies?
  131. Puppy Biting so much..PLEASE HeLP!?
  132. my puppy keeps throwing up white foam stuff and then he eats it. is he sick or is...
  133. What are some good dog tricks?
  134. my dog has a lump?
  135. i just found my puppy dead her tongue was white but she was not bloated or bittin
  136. has anyone had a severe dermatitis reaction from immiticide treatment for...
  137. What does your dog do that drives you crazy??
  138. I want to get a puppy...does anyone know?
  139. why is my dog sick?
  140. I have tried everything mentioned on this forum to get my puppy to take her...
  141. Puppy names? Picture included!!!?
  142. My Dogs wont stop throwing up?
  143. When do puppies their eyes?? & start walking??
  144. What is the best breed of puppy?
  145. 12 week old puppy sleep?
  146. My dog desperatly needs to see a vet....but I dont know if I can afford...
  147. What should i feed my 8 week old puppy?
  148. is ham bad for a dog?
  149. How do i register my dog hes a mutt?
  150. are little dogs allowed in collage?
  151. Question about Puppies :P?
  152. Can you adopt/ rescue puppies? or are they usually older dogs?
  153. I have 3 cats, and I just rescued a 4 1/2 mos puppy from ARF, and I'm...
  154. I am taking my dog camping for the first time any advice?
  155. Should we get a dog?
  156. where to buy a good dog from a breeder in your area?
  157. Puppy eating cat feces?
  158. Providing water for dog in crate during summer?
  159. How to clean carpet from dog urine?
  160. Do dogs lay eggs or do fish eat chicken pox?
  161. Question about dog's eyes?
  162. Nintendogs Best dogs for agility?
  163. does anyone know anyone that is selling or giving away a puppy in the bay area?
  164. My dog Wont STOP chewing himself!! HELP?
  165. Puppies Biting Getting Out of Control! Help!?
  166. What happened to the soldier who threw the puppy off the cliff?
  167. Why does my desexed puppy still hump?
  168. What is your best advice for getting through the "Dog Days of Summer" (Northern
  169. can you give a puppy one big meal in the evening?
  170. Why are you issued two dog tags?
  171. my vet says my puppy has to stay in for two weeks after she is goiing to be spay
  172. How well do you like Innova puppy food?
  173. my 10 week year puppy was sick twice 2day, and he not drinking much ...?
  174. puppy vomits then bites and snarls?
  175. My dog hasnt pooped in a couple of days,today she vomited what do i di?
  176. should i take my unvaccinated newborn around an unvaccinated pit bull puppy?
  177. How old do you think this puppy is?
  178. Spiritually Speaking, Why do dogs get mad when you blow in their face...?
  179. Got a rescue dog, anyone know what she mite be crossed with?
  180. I have 2 puppies that are being a nightmare to potty train!?
  181. Does the mother dog ALWAYS ignore the runt?
  182. HELP My puppy has been fixed and has spotted blood?
  183. What breed of dog would suit our family?
  184. help my puppy please!?
  185. puppy not given shots at right time will it hurt him?
  186. name any kind of truffle flavor you've ever seen. real ones, not like dog...
  187. How can I teach my aussie puppy to be alone?
  188. puppy crate training...?
  189. My puppy is crying alot!?
  190. Can I travel with dog to Iceland and can I find a job there?
  191. Puppy's first bath-what would it happen if done before the 12 week?
  192. HELP...... my puppy has a whole in his skull.. what is that and what could...
  193. I just found out my ex boyfriend gave my dog away. Can I sue?
  194. I need help dealing with fleas on my puppy??
  195. My puppy has a really bad rash! What should I do?
  196. My wheaton puppy won't poop outside?
  197. how can i get my 7 week old puppy to stop chewing on stuff she shouldn't??
  198. My Cat was killed on my property by a neighbors dog, is there any legal action?
  199. How long do "pug" dogs (male) usually live for?
  200. my lab puppy has sores all over his body?
  201. My dogs breathing is very heavy and fast.?
  202. puppies? what do u feed them?
  203. Wanted .. A Puppy?
  204. When should my dog start weight pulling?
  205. What is thie best dog food to feed my puppy?
  206. Puppy wont sleeep?
  207. Piddling Puppy?
  208. Dog stool or anal problem ?
  209. Fun With Dick & Jane (2005) Dog?
  210. My dog just puked yellow stuff?
  211. I'm serving Hot Dogs for a birthday party. What else should I put in the menu?!?
  212. is my 7 week old pug puppy is sick?
  213. Is it ok for my dogs to mate?
  214. Help!!! Can you tell me what my mixed breed puppy is?
  215. How long will it take for my dog to be himself again when he has suffered
  216. could my dog have mites?
  217. Is there an alternative natural diet for a dog with kidney disease?
  218. MY husband bought me a puppy...?
  219. My puppy puts her head to the floor when she approches me. Scared or sumbissive?
  220. 8 week old puppy with pneumonia.?
  221. Where Can I Get a Dog Tag, Similar to the One Nick Jonas wears?
  222. My dog just licked a plate clean that had pancake syrup.?
  223. How to make a puppy stop biting?!?
  224. My dog just got spayed?
  225. how do I control my dog when they’re off leash???is it possible???
  226. BREEDERS What is your puppy schedule like around 5-6 weeks.?
  227. Ermm.. I need some dog name suggestionss?
  228. When I leave my house, my dog chews up anything and urinates everywhere. Can...
  229. what's the cutest brown and black baby puppy?
  230. Is it normal for pit bull puppies to snore?
  231. My electric dog collar is beeping constantly what is the problem?
  232. My dog has diarrhea, what can i do to help ease him of discomfort?
  233. Do I just let my 9 week puppy howl and bark through her firt night in the CRATE:?
  234. puppy 9 days old?
  235. Dogs ear infected?
  236. Puppy wont eat?
  237. whats a good way to talk my mom for a puppy?
  238. What is the best thing to feed a puppy in runescape?
  239. How do you train a puppy to a be caged when you are not home?
  240. Ive just bought a female Inuit puppy and have no idea what to call her!?
  241. My dog (neutered 8-month-old male Min Pin) keeps marking our bedroom door!!!?
  242. Annoyed with puppy!?
  243. Favorite kind of puppy?
  244. what is the highest quality commercial dog food for a large or giant breed dog?
  245. Potty training a puppy?
  246. how to train my dog not to bark?
  247. 11 week old puppy growling?
  248. Why is my dog digging at her face to the point it becomes raw and swollen?
  249. I have two male dogs now - wanting to add a third dog to the mix?
  250. less expensive dog food and where to buy in southeastern Wisconsin?