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  1. How much does it take to get your dog all the shots, deworming,and spayed?
  2. My puppy is acting weak!!!!?
  3. Where can I find a puppy near Batavia, NY? No more than 50 miles away.?
  4. when i was driving back from the pub i hit my neighbours dog now he will not pay for
  5. What can I do for a puppy that thinks she's starving to death?
  6. Do conformation breeders sell puppies?
  7. How can you get a dog to sleep?
  8. My dog had a vaccination and is now really swollen?
  9. 2 day old puppies with BAD fleas?
  10. puppy stuff?
  11. Does it take a while for a dog to come fully into heat?
  12. Puppy Behaviour (Pissing weird)?
  13. How do i train my puppy not to nip and chew the news paper i put in his cage at
  14. my brother just got a male 10 week old yellow lab puppy. but we do not have a
  15. Ear mites in dogs?
  16. Best way to play with my puppy??
  17. do conformation show...........sell puppies?
  18. Looking for a dog but can't choose. Can someone help me?
  19. are there any good dog parks in san antonio texas?
  20. how long do puppies teeth for?
  21. 21 week old puppy - not really even paper trained!?
  22. how do i potty train my shitzu puppy for outside, she is 8months old?
  23. Why does my dog....?
  24. what is happening to my dog?
  25. Should I get a puppy like this?
  26. What is the best way to care for a dog if I work full time?
  27. What kind of home remedies are there for hot spots or itching dogs?
  28. Dog Self-mutilating?
  29. My dog has thrown up a off yellow foam substance about 4 or 5 times tonight.?
  30. Does my dog have asthma? Sometimes my puppy seems so happy to see me she chokes...?
  31. What breed of dog do you have? If you have one?
  32. fashion dog?
  33. My dogs feel oily?
  34. What would be a good bred of dog that would enjoy LONG trips?
  35. What dog breed has the cutest puppies?
  36. Is dog urine the same as human urine?
  37. Is there anything that you can do for allergies to dogs??
  38. How do I ween my puppies?
  39. Veggie Hot Dogs?
  40. Is it love, or a puppy crush?
  41. my 8 week old puppy and my 1 yr old dog are always jelous of each other
  42. What's wrong with my dog?
  43. What do I do if my dogs fight ?
  44. Tips for training my puppy to walk on a leash?
  45. breeding to diff dogs!?
  46. Puppy acting weird after vaccination?
  47. I just bought an 8 month old pit bull she's the tipical puppy except she...
  48. which dog has better qualities?
  49. why does my puppy do this?
  50. What are the most used dog breeds that are used in dog fighting?
  51. Do you have to pay to put your dog under the seat on an airplane?
  52. my dogs getting thin?
  53. My puppy is having diarrhea, throwing up and haven't ate for 2 days now?
  54. What are somes medium size dogs? Please help!?
  55. How do you teach a small middle aged dog how to walk on a leash?
  56. My dog Teddy wont gain weght what could be the problem?
  57. How do I stop my dog from humping?
  58. Best name for a pitbull puppy?
  59. Puppy that was just treated for Parvo has diarrhea?
  60. My Chihuahua doens't get along with my other dog.?
  61. my dog is limping please helpp?
  62. is this normal for my dog?
  63. My dog has a hot spot, got back to the vet a little while ago and he is whining a
  64. Why does my dog have bad dreams?
  65. why is my dog shaking constantly?
  66. Would you rather have a puppy or a Playstation 3?
  67. dog won't defecate, it's been 2 days...?
  68. My Mommy dog is being odd and scary?
  69. puppy food?
  70. just got a puppy and i want to train him! can anybody help me??
  71. why mother dog is not allowing father dog near her puppies?
  72. Help with dog crating and spraying!!?
  73. My dog ate 3 or 4 small Oreos, what should i do?
  74. How old are these puppies?
  75. Can anyone guess my dogs name?
  76. Could I dog survive if?
  77. What is the most effective guard dog?
  78. My 4 week old puppy has diarrhea. Advice?
  79. ok i have a 1year old dog that i just love and he loves me back but when
  80. How do you feel about dog tags for a teenager?
  81. I'm planning on aquiring a rare, but intelligent and faithful canine - what
  82. what do i do if my 16 yr old dog eats about 13 chicken wing bones?
  83. my young puppy sleeps in my room at night and sometimes he gos to the toilet
  84. I Dont Know What To Do With My Dog?
  85. My puppy has worms and is under five pounds?
  86. 21 week old puppy howling at night and when left alone - how do we stop it?
  87. My two dogs keep getting into fights! HELP!?
  88. Im sad, I had a dog awhile back, now we have a bird and its not acting right...?
  89. How to heal a dogs tail?
  90. wild rabbits: how do I keep it from going under my shed and driving my dogs nuts?
  91. If you separate who gets the dog(s)?
  92. The mystery remains! WTH breed is my dog!!!!?
  93. how do i get my two dogs to stop fighting?
  94. Where can you downlaod the song 'All The Same' by Sick Puppies?
  95. How do i convince my mother to allow me to get a dog?
  96. Why is it that dogs seem to be attracted to "the blood that only girls bleed"?
  97. housebreaking my puppy? help?
  98. How old was your dog when he was neutered?
  99. Anyone have experience with deaf dogs?
  100. what is your dogs FAVOURITE toy?
  101. My dog has a hole at the top of his nose has anyone else ever seen this kind of
  102. puppy still peeing in her crate?
  103. Help! my dog keeps farting!?
  104. Where Should My Puppy Sleep?
  105. where do petlands get their dogs?
  106. I think my partner hates our puppy?
  107. 11 year old dog with arthirtis??
  108. my 4 mo old puppy hasnt eatten anything in 2 days, she drinks water and
  109. Old dog new tricks?
  110. Which are more affectionate: Dogs or CATS?
  111. Can my Guinea pigs give my puppies diseases?
  112. what are some good names for our female westie puppy?
  113. Puppy name.......?
  114. just got a new puppy!?
  115. How can I live with three puppies without going insane?
  116. whats your favorite dog breed?
  117. dog people* If a puppy and a baby were hanging off a clift, which one would YOU...
  118. My granmother's dog is dying, how can I help her cope?????
  119. Entertaining Bored Puppy?
  120. ok i have a puppy that is a mixbreed but he is looks like a blue heeler...
  121. My dog bites & growls everytime i attach or de-attach her leash?
  122. Cute puppies?!?!?
  123. The return of sputnik! How can I get my dog's mind off the E collar???
  124. dog attack laws?
  125. Does my dog like me?
  126. Hey to all Sick puppies Fans. Quick Question?
  127. Puppy won't stop crying?
  128. does anyone have any suggestions about the fact that america is headed to the dogs?
  129. Does anyone know where I could by prescripiton dog food cheaper than the vets?
  130. How to get my dog to be playful? details inside? pics included?
  131. Getting a puppy!?
  132. best breed of dog to get?
  133. Help!! My dog is in labour?
  134. whats your favorite kind of dog?
  135. Help with dogs???
  136. Has your dog ever had an eye ulcer?
  137. The neighbor dog lunges and growls at me from his chained position. What can
  138. My puppy ate part of a bee!?
  139. New Sheltie Puppy likes to pee on the carpet in the same general area, is...
  140. How do I get my teething puppy to chew on chew toys?
  141. Leaving my dog?
  142. help training my puppy!!!?
  143. Traveling w/ my dog to Europe.?
  144. how do i teach my puppy to not jump on the couch to chase the cat?
  145. My dog just finished heat a week and a half ago and has pus vaginal
  146. my friend has a dog and he has an invisible fence in his front yard, it...
  147. What's generally healthier: a hot dog or a hamburger?
  148. Is it normal for puppies to have diarrhea?
  149. Does anyone know what permits, etc need to be filed for petsitting/dog walking?
  150. dog flea medicine reaction?
  151. Whats going on!! is something wrong with my PUppy!! might he be sick!!?
  152. I would love to have a puppy but I dont think I can get one?
  153. My doberman puppy has a bump/lump on her mouth?
  154. Tiny puppy with parvo.?
  155. I have a guinea pig and a dog the dog wants puppies so I give the pig to my...
  156. My puppy is out of control!!!!????
  157. Irrisponsible Dog Owners?
  158. My dog has small gnats around its butt, is this a big problem?
  159. What breeds of dog do you own?
  160. i have a puppy with parvo and we don't have a lot of money so like how can i take
  161. puppy question!!!?
  163. French Bull Dog/Pug/Boston Terrier Mix?
  164. What should i do to protect my dog from parvovirus?
  165. how would i know if my dog wants to play?
  166. How do I get my puppy to recognize her name?
  167. My old dogs eye is drooping.?
  168. My dog keeps throwning up.......?
  169. Puppy names?
  170. my dog is 9yrs he has shaking back legs he is very active swimming walk...
  171. Any ideas for dog names?
  172. Question for Dog Owners?
  173. What are some foods puppies can eat?
  174. We tried to crate our puppy - he hates it. How do I crate train?
  175. What can I do to get my puppy more active?
  176. my new puppy is scared to go outside anyone know how to make him less scared?
  177. My Father Has a dog. How can we get him certified to be his service dog?
  178. Survey - What could I make with a broken zipper, a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20,......?
  179. are my puppies too small??
  180. could thehy be having puppies?
  181. How can a 14 year old make money to help buy a puppy?
  182. Is there a caring family that will take a homeless puppy that I care about...
  183. Anyone travelled to Puerto Vallarta with a dog?
  184. Is it ok to put my Puppy Rottweiler in a cage up to 8 hours of the day?
  185. How come my puppy wont eat his food?
  186. My puppy's stomach is bloated?
  187. If a pregnant dog occasionally sprints & romps hard with other dogs in the yard
  188. My 14 weeks old puppy is not putting on weight?
  189. When will a dog and a puppy stop play fighting so much and just hang out with...
  191. Help!! Dog Barking at Other Dogs??
  192. im raising a great dane and feeding him raw lean meat mixed with bonnie puppy kibble?
  193. What kind of puppy do you think this is(pics)?
  194. Whats the exact difference between dog teeth and human teeth?
  195. training my italian greyhound puppy ?
  196. What can I do for a dog that seemingly won't housebreak? I've tried numerous things!
  197. puppy pees himself while sleeping?
  198. Please Help Sick Puppy?
  199. Why is my puppy dog aggressive?
  200. My dogs scratch insanely between July and October.......?
  201. HELP. New puppy, 2 years dog????
  202. I might get a dog, but i have a series of questions and worries...please help!!?
  203. is it normal for my female dog to have yellow liquid coming out of her nipples?
  204. why was my question removed about newborn puppies?
  205. dogs????????????????????????
  206. How Do You Teach Your Dog These Tricks?
  207. why is a dogs nose dry when sick or asleep?
  208. okay, what did dogs eat before we had all these expensive brands?
  209. Is my dog obese?
  210. What can i do when none of the people in my family like my dog.?
  211. my dog has shit stuck o its asshole and it wont come off wat do i do??
  212. Hi my dog has a large lump under his front leg he is an english bull terrier?
  213. I think I may have adopted Clifford, The Big Red Dog?
  214. Why are so many people against neutering dogs?
  215. dog parvo question?
  216. Puppy?????
  217. Guess these dog breeds?
  218. whats the best dog food to give a dog?
  219. This guy scared my dog?
  220. Dog walking business name ideas?
  221. When you tickle a dog behind the ear and it leg starts going round...?
  222. tips: potty training a yorkie puppy?
  223. My dog ate some pens and now she is acting slugish?
  224. A couple of questions about training a new puppy.?
  225. My 3 month old puppy died out of no where, when we picked her up she was
  226. How old should a puppy be to teach her to be on her own?
  227. My puppy has been .......help!!!!!?
  228. Good training guides for puppies?
  229. am i being silly or is delivering a puppy seriously dodgy?
  230. Is it bad to let my puppy sleep with me?
  231. can you use baby formula for pregnant dogs?
  232. Can I bring my dog to UK without quarantine?
  233. how do i use puppy linux to reformat my hardrive?
  234. Help! My beagle puppy has loose stool with blood after the first shots.?
  235. How can I weigh my dog? He's like 90 pounds but I need to know for sure...
  236. What do I do about a puppy that is not grow like the other puppies?
  237. How to train a puppy to poop on a walk ?
  238. Advice PLZ to convince my parent so i can get a dog!!!!!10 points for best answer!!?
  239. Why does my dog always go to eat his food before I leave the house?
  240. Do you ever catch yourself talking to people as you would your dog?
  241. what if my dog was tested for rabies, and didnt have it?
  242. my dog won't walk in front of me?
  243. Steps in getting a puppy?
  244. Is Bil-Jac okay to feed my dog?
  245. What are these dog breeds?
  246. I have a 8 week old GSD puppy. She is being crate trained. If she has a...
  247. My puppy has been exposed to a puppy with parvo. She has only has one vac. If I
  248. Puppy list, what else do I need?
  249. does any one no why my dog nails fall off?
  250. No Sign of Puppies - Advise needed pls?