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  1. how would you spell the sound of a wind blow dog fart ?
  2. what kinda dog is this? first rigt answer wins!?
  3. Can I sue or press charges on a officer or police department who killed my dog?
  4. Bringing dog home from pound...is it ok the same day of surgery?
  5. Is there a way to retrain my dog where to go to the bathroom?
  6. German shepherd puppy Question pls help?
  7. I need some new breeds of dogs to breed!!!!!!?
  8. Another Dog Crate Question?
  9. Can my older dog get worms from my puppy?
  10. Please Help! My Puppy Threw Up And Is Gagging Now?
  11. My seven month old puppy has had diarrhea with lots of mucous in it all
  12. More Puppy Help?
  13. My dog has a swollen eye, what's causing it?
  14. puppy preschool?
  15. My puppy is pooping dust? Really?
  16. Puppy Help?
  17. Our dog listens to me... but not my fiancee... How can we get him to listen to him?
  18. which breed of dog should i get?
  19. dog hates me/because i work?
  20. Fleas on my dogs&dogs bed?
  21. Can it be a puppy cold or something more?
  22. Should I breed my dog or should I wait till fall agility trials are over?
  23. Moderately allergic to dogs and bitten by a dog (not a deep bite)?
  24. Help! My dog pees!!?
  25. little dog, big dog?
  26. My dog lost a lot of weight, what should I do?
  27. can a dog get sick from eating another dogs poop??
  28. while I am at work I have this dog that just had puppys and she gets out
  29. I walk my dog everyday, do you think I could make money to walk someone
  30. Puppy teeth!?
  31. puppy in crate?
  32. Blue Doberman Puppy Problems?
  33. what should i name my german shepard dog?
  34. I think my friends dog is sick?
  35. Puppy pads or Crate Training?
  36. is nutro good for my puppy?
  37. Too late to get a dog?
  38. I have a question about my dog destroying my trashcans?
  39. What would you consider aggressive behavior from a dog?
  40. Where can I find this type of puppy in my area?
  41. How do i convince my dad to get a puppy?
  42. big dogs anyone ?
  43. Dog drinking alot of water and urine smells?
  44. 6 month old puppy; plenty of exercise and still destructive?
  45. whats the Best dog food thats easy on the wallet?
  46. Dog Sneezing Retching sound?
  47. So, I have this new puppy that is almost 6 months old?
  48. having young kids and a puppy?
  49. Anybody know where i can get a cane corso puppy in georgia?
  50. how can you tell if your dog is pregnant?
  51. Puppy is inactive- Cries a lot?
  52. Why does my puppy poop in one specific house.?
  53. My dog is crazy and barks at everyone.?
  54. Blue Doberman Puppy Problems?
  55. Puppy gender Question Help!!?
  56. How big will my puppy get?
  57. what would you name this dog?
  58. My 8 week old puppy is starting to growl when being picked up!?
  59. Why is my dog eating grass?
  60. Is it NORMAL for older dogs to get fat and lazy?
  61. why is my 6 week old so agressive when she plays with my 5 month old puppy?
  62. When Can I Expect My Dogs Second Heat?
  63. How can I hep my neighbor with the little dog?
  64. Whats the average price range for a labrador retriever puppy?
  65. my puppy hates collars and leashes?
  66. My puppies ate raw chicken/garbage?
  67. My dog runs away from me/house? please help?
  68. Is this healthy for my dog?
  69. Why has my dog become such a nervous dog after being neutered?
  70. What should I do about my puppy and dog?
  71. I just got my puppy and shes 11 months. She had bad separation...
  72. What is a cute boy name for a small dog (puppy)?
  73. Is it possible for a puppy to get stuck in the mother?
  74. A great dean puppy cant stand on his rear limbs?
  75. My Dog hates my Fiance.?
  76. where can I find free puppies In the pittsburgh area?
  77. What can you do to get through the pain of a euthanized dog?
  78. My Older Dog Is Upset About Our New Puppy.?
  79. Dog losing weight after giving birth?
  80. What breed does my dog look more like?
  81. Should i get a puppy?
  82. How do you train a puppy to ask to go outside to pee...?
  83. whats the easiest way to train my dogs not to fighting with each other?
  84. How do I get my 9 month old puppy to stop digging in the yard?
  85. sick puppy need help?? !!!!?
  86. i really miss my dog and i need help coz i keep crying. please?
  87. My dog has a rash on her skin?
  88. It's been 4 weeks and my dogs are still going at it :(?
  89. Anyone have any experience with dog sitters/walkers?
  90. stray puppy covered in ticks?
  91. How much does it cost to bury a dog in nyc ?
  92. Teaching the girl's puppy?
  93. Is such thong as a 'doggie headband'? My dog can't see!?
  94. My Girlfriend and my Puppy?
  95. What should I name my two Yorkie puppies?
  96. when is the best time i should give my puppy its first bath?
  97. Why does my dog use the other visiting dogs stuff and not her own?
  98. how do infatuation, puppy love and true love differ...?
  99. How does your dog act in hot weather?
  100. i have this really ugly hostile feeling against dogs?
  101. How to stop a German Shepherd dog from acting like a pussy ?
  102. How can I get my puppy to go to the bathroom outside?
  103. what are some things that i should get my new puppy?
  104. Another THE DOG ISLAND wii question. lol?
  105. My puppies birth came about 10 early.?
  106. my Dogs Constipated?
  107. dog at uni?
  108. I got a puppy at the pound. She is very underweight. She is 10 lbs and 11...
  109. What is next for Margarito? if the big dogs have being ducking him?
  110. I am looking for a Lab puppy and found one at the Humane Society. She is
  111. can you bathed a puppy in his stiches of neuter?
  112. Apartment doesn't allow dogs but many people have them?
  113. Resonable dog walking prices?
  114. Perfect Puppy?
  115. Designer Puppies...?
  116. What do you think about Nature's Recipe for senior dogs?
  117. puppies poop??
  118. At what age should puppies be taken from the mother?
  119. HELP!!! there is a SERIOUS PROBLEM with my puppy!!!!!!!!?
  120. how do i tell ym parents ive been hiding a dog?
  121. How can I get dog urine off of an ultra-suede cushion?
  122. What do you do when your dog isn't eating like he's supposed to?
  123. help please! something is wrong with my dog!!?
  124. Help. Dog has died after vet prescribing antibiotic.?
  125. Treats for my dog?
  126. What does it mean when a dog jumps up an down like a kangaroo. not on people...
  127. Whats wrong with my dog?
  128. my cat was killed by a dog last night, can i prosecute?
  129. Why isnt there a show about cats like the show Dog Whisperer?
  130. My dog will not eat, is lifeless and seems to just feel bad. She is an American...
  131. Adopting Another Puppy?
  132. My puppy is being Nuetured?
  133. how can i stop my 17 week old puppy bolting her food?
  134. My puppy chews on his leash?
  135. puppy's feces contains blood?
  136. My new puppy is throwing up worms is that normal for her to do that the vet gave...
  137. my cousins dogs going into labor and shes home alone with her friend what should...
  138. Puppy Catch?
  139. whats a good treatment for exma for a puppy?
  140. I brought my dog to the vet for yearly vaccinations and he was diagnosed with
  141. my dog has had one tie and she was on her period and is still on her is...
  142. I just got a new puppy and he keeps whining at me for no reason, is this...
  143. about dog food for my weiner dog?
  144. Dog breed choice....??
  145. Did the Dog Bounty Hunter situation in Mexico ever get sorted?
  146. Is this a good idea?...puppy Question?
  147. dog neutering?
  148. Are goldendoodles a good choice of dog to get for me since i am allergic to dogs?
  149. How can i feed my dog with an Elizabethan Collar?
  150. My husband wont get rid of this dog, and I feel like a prisoner in my home!!!!?
  151. Need some good info or a web site for help with our dog?
  152. does anyne know where i can buy a chihuahua puppy in the phoenix arizona area.?
  153. Please help! My dog wont stop digging holes!?
  154. how do I pick up a dog?
  155. dog breed quiz, have a try at it and receive your score!!!?
  156. my dog is a shitzu and had 3 puppies yesterday one of them turn out to have cleft
  157. Anyone else feeding Ol ROY Dog suddenly having seizures???
  158. Help! Dog wont poo outside!!?
  159. Dog problem?
  160. Do dogs run away to die?
  161. My Dog Is Vomiting with blood!?
  162. My dog is biting my other dog when people come to the door.?
  163. in conformation show .....do they sell puppies??
  164. can dogs eat oreos?
  165. My Dog is being treated for Coccidia?
  166. what breed of dog suits inexperienced first time dog owner?
  167. Info On Breeding Dogs?
  168. why is it when you feed chocolate to dogs, they die?
  169. What is it called when my pure breed black lab puppy has german shepherd coloring?
  170. Bad dog breath, how do I get rid of it, and what is causing it?
  171. If you could dedicate a song to your dog (or pet), what would it be?
  172. Can you help me figure out what breeds my dogs are?
  173. my dogs in labour! help!?
  174. overprotective puppy?
  175. my dog has started to pee?
  176. How much would a female Maltese puppy cost?
  177. Pet dog killed new puppy. Both German Shepherds?
  178. what breed of dog suits inexperienced first time dog owner?
  179. should i neuter my dog or not ??
  180. what breed of dog suits inexperienced first time dog owner?
  181. I need some serious advice about legally saving my dog because he bit a family...
  182. When a dog has arthitis how does is it?
  183. Questions on dog sickness?
  184. What is the best way to stop my puppy from chewing?
  185. how should i train my puppy to not to go on the peeing pads in the house no more,
  186. overprotective puppy?
  187. Where is a great place to place a puppy photo?
  188. What can you use for a crate divider for dogs?
  189. ideas on how to get kittens and puppies along?
  190. what animal do you think is better a dog or guinea pig?
  191. What kind of dog is Ganmo in the J-Drama 1 Litre of Tears (1 Litre no Namida)?
  192. Dog Help!!?
  193. Dog friendly hotels Phuket and Hua Hin?
  194. Puppy/Dog Question?
  195. I live in Australia, and own a dog and......?
  196. 11 Week Old Puppy???
  197. My dog got stung by a bee...?
  198. How to tell if my dog broke her nose?
  199. action replay nintenddogs dog modifier?
  200. I need to know how to stop a dog from getting on our vehicles? He's a large dog.?
  201. What is wrong with my dog???? Please help!?
  202. deworming my dog?
  203. Is brown rice good for a puppy?
  204. have a 9 wk old puppy. He got into the garbage and may have eaten plastic wrap?
  205. in conformation show .....do they sell puppies??
  206. Yesterday my dog ate a paper towel, and now he is acting weird. What should I do?
  207. my insecure dog?
  208. Puppy Mill or Private Breeder ??
  209. How can i make my dogs smell good and keep them smelling good?
  210. What Kind of puppy do I have?? please tell me if you know:)?
  211. How do I teach my dog to stop biting?
  212. This DOGS GONE PSHYCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  213. Can a dog get "fake" teeth?
  214. My dog is peeing all over the floors and not eating at all. Could she be depressed?
  215. If you have a small dog in a carrier and put it under a seat on a plane do you...
  216. What do you think about puppy mills? They make me so mad!?
  217. what will happend to dog??
  218. My 10lb. dog just jumped off the balcony. What can I do before I take her to the vet?
  219. Puppy is sick?
  220. Do you feel sympathy for her, or do you think she shouldnt have got the
  221. Milk Choclate and dogs?
  222. how do i stop my 11 week old puppy from biting?
  223. What is the probability that I got fleas from a dog?
  224. Traveling with a Puppy?
  225. Were could I Find Dalmation puppies???
  226. how do i stop my 11 week old puppy from biting?
  227. why does my dog POOP so MUCH?
  228. why is my dog sick?
  229. my dog has fleas i need help fast please?
  230. Do female dogs suffer post partum depression?????
  231. My dog is really old, how much longer do you think he has :( ?
  232. would you take the lives of a basket full of puppies for a million dollars?
  233. HELP!! What is this sound coming from my puppy?
  234. I have a Chorkie puppy who is almost 7 months old. He is so hyper.....will
  235. Is it normal for older dogs to have fatty tumors?
  236. why dont dogs...?
  237. Do you think this is a good dog to get?
  238. Can the ears be tapped when showing Doberman in puppy class?
  239. My dog has parvo, how likley is it that her puppies will get it also?
  240. if your dog has big feet as a puppy, doesn't that mean he will probably be
  241. Why is my puppy getting bald spots?
  242. i can no longer keep my dog...please help...what to do with him?
  243. What do I have to do to stop my puppy from weeing and pooing even when I am at home?
  244. Puppy mills?
  245. my puppy has recently been diagnosed with worms and im not sure what this means?
  246. What are some pets that will be "freindly" to me like a dog would?
  247. How long can a dog hold it's breath underwater for?
  248. day by day plan for a black lab puppy?
  249. How big will this dog get?
  250. I dont know what kind of dog I want?