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  1. My mom's boxer is about to have puppies and she isn't milking?
  2. I need big time help..my dog doesnt wanna eat! please take time to read!?
  3. My 7 month old chocolate lab puppy won't come back inside after he "does his...
  4. help!! puppy ate a mouse?
  5. Would you put your dog into politics?
  6. very thin 7 week old Boxer puppy had hookworms?
  7. My dog uses the bathroom everywhere?
  8. How do I initially lead train my puppy Cocker Spaniel?
  9. is it possible to purchase one of the larger victoria's secret dogs?
  10. My dog is about 1 1/2 years old and she won't let me and my finance kiss, hug, lay...
  11. Why Are My Dogs Elbows The Way They Are??
  12. Boarding my puppy?
  13. Puppy shaking during sleep? Limp and hard to wake up?
  14. Well my dog got bit very bad on her leg and it don't look like a dog bit
  15. help, flies biting my dog?
  16. My puppy(3 months) randomly barks at the family and bites us so hard it bleeds at
  17. how do you stop an overly aggressive puppy?
  18. Whats wrong with my dog?
  19. chew, chew ,chew, whats with this dog?
  20. picking a puppy name help?
  21. My Dog Isnt Eating . . . !!!?
  22. My female puppy has a left hind leg swallon woke up next day after 1 mile...
  23. i want to teach my 13 week lab mix puppy trix. Play dead, rool over, stay, come etc.?
  24. Ok, I need help picking out the right puppy name! HELP!?
  25. Do people in China really eat dogs and cats?
  26. Goddamnit. I love my puppy!?
  27. How do I stop my dog barking in the window and being Alpha?
  28. Puppy with inner-ear infection question?
  29. what do u think is better dog OR cat?
  30. old dog and kittens?
  31. puppy wanted?
  32. Why does our puppy rarely go into his crate on his own?
  33. plz help! my dog might have hookworms and tapeworms?
  34. My dog came running into the house yelping...?
  35. Guess MY favorite dog?
  36. How do I get my dogs papers back or just get them period?
  37. Do you like my dog site?
  38. Dogs and veggies?
  39. What can I do to stop aggressive behavior in my 2( brothers) dogs?
  40. allowing my dog to be a stud?
  41. Hi I have a new 7 week chocolate lab puppy. She is peeing everywhere!!!
  42. The best dog breed?
  43. Fluffy Dog Toys that Last?
  44. I need a name for my puppy!?
  45. How to convinve my parents to let me get a puppy?
  46. My cosuins dogs are leaving and im soo sad!! HELP ?!?
  47. First time Dog Owner: German Shepherd Questions?
  48. my puppy keeps tearing up her potty pads!?
  49. My puppy won't walk on a lead?
  50. DOG ILLNESS?? My 2 year old female Boxer is......?
  51. My dog's paws are turned out, like pigeon toes? should I be concerned?
  52. old dog want new puppy!?
  53. Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs Of Moon Lake HELP?
  54. how do i get my puppies hair fluffier?
  55. My 10 wk old puppy whines when hes seperated.. He's a people person so how
  56. How do I convince my parents into letting get a puppy?
  57. How do I correct my dog's bad behaviour the right way?
  58. my dog sitting buisness 2?
  59. Puppies secound jab?
  60. how do i become a dog trainer?
  61. what can I do about somebody that comes to my and harasses me about my dog?
  62. what type of dog do you have?
  63. How can I get dog urine off my ultra-suede couch cushion?
  64. whats my favorite kind of dog?
  65. My puppy cries in the early morning?
  66. Puppy Trouble; he cries everytime i go to bed!?
  67. New Puppy and Older Dog.?
  68. What vitamins to give puppy extra energy?
  69. do you think my dogs going to die soon???
  70. Why does my pom puppy eat cat poop?
  71. does any one no any unique and unusual names for a black and white puppy
  72. My dog makes un-doglike noises. I think he's gonna start talking lol. Anyone else
  73. Puppy names?
  74. My 13 weeks (3 months, 1 week) old papillon female puppy bites me ALL he time!?!?
  75. how to socialize a hyper puppy with other dogs?
  76. Biting Puppy?
  77. my dog ate a slice of ham when i was away and when i came back it was really
  78. Why are Dogs generally called Rover and Fido?
  79. Taking your dog out for a walk!?
  80. Is it normal for a dog to understand a pack's living area?
  81. Traveling with a puppy....?
  82. I think I accidentally used dog shampoo on my hair?
  83. Can I Change my Dogs Name?
  84. HELP! My 7 mth old puppy was hit by a car on Saturday. Thank God she is still alive.?
  85. Do humans vary like dogs?
  86. need help finding adoptable adult dogs???
  87. Do you think my dog is cute?
  88. dog problem!?
  89. Is My Dog Going Into Labor?
  90. Do people actually walk their dogs in your neighborhood or just leave them
  91. I have a 3 year old dog who pees on our house carpet when when we're not home?
  92. Changes in older dog's behavior?
  93. Is it just me or does it feel like the world is about to go to the dogs?
  94. conditioner help comb out matted hair on dog?
  95. Why do dogs sneeze when they're excited to see you?
  96. My dog won't sleep at night...any ideas?
  97. Puppy situation!?
  98. Can you give H pylori bacteria to your dog?
  99. what are some good dog shoes for a dog thats 55 lbs where can i get them?
  100. Might my dog get depressed if I move him away from the dog with which he grew up?...
  101. Puppy scratching ears and shaking head?
  102. Why does my dog sit on his hind legs and stare at me without blinking
  103. Dog Name For Smart Dog?
  104. my sisters dog has turned into a monster?
  105. Where's the nearest dog store in Fountain Valley?
  106. Is there any hope in finding someone willing to adopt an 8 year old blue
  107. Question about leash training a dog?
  108. Dog eating paper towels!?
  109. Acidolphilus for dogs....?
  110. What large breed dogs tend to be friendly, people oriented pets?
  111. Stop pup from biting older dog.?
  112. Is it safe to have your dog sedated at the vet?
  113. What should I name my new puppy?
  114. How do I deal with the sudden onset of aggression in the older of my 2
  115. Ideas for new tricks to teach my dog.?
  116. will my dog ever like this again?
  117. Cat vitamins? Dog vitamins?
  118. puppy training?
  119. my puppy has ringworm?
  120. What does an AKC "major fault" mean for a dog?
  121. Do I Need to See a Doctor for a Small dog bite?
  122. What should I do to get paid on time for a dog walking service?
  123. new puppy...help!?
  124. dog walking?
  125. What toy dogs ears stand up?
  126. Do you dress your dog in Halloween Costumes?
  127. Puppy not using pad but floor instead, help!?
  128. HELP. Dog Has Spots?
  129. Dog License?
  130. maltese puppy?
  131. Which dog is better Americand Bulldog, Or a Boxer?
  132. what should i name my puppy?
  133. I'm thinking of leaving my dog in a doggy hotel.?
  134. can you make a home made slush puppy?
  135. dog question?
  136. What's the right type of leash for my puppy?
  137. Dog has a skin problem (itching) kitten is itching READ ON PLZ?
  138. What is wrong with my dog?
  139. dog prints , help!?
  140. Puppy trouble!?!?!?!?
  141. Why does our dog act so weird toward me? Is it because he doesn't
  142. How can I heal a skin infection under my dog's leg splint?
  143. puppy name???
  144. What can i do for my puppy that got ran over?
  145. Feisty, stubborn puppy... HELP?
  146. I just got a new puppy.?
  147. How do you file a dog's nails?
  148. how much should a corn dog cost average wise at a kid's football games?
  149. dog poop question... why??
  150. Getting dog's teeth cleaned?
  151. my puppy wont eat, or poop. whats wrong?
  152. Where could I find a dog like this?
  153. how can i convince my parents to let me get a dog?
  154. A dog we are bording has mange?
  155. How old is my dog? Too young to train to do tricks?
  156. Has anyone used "peticure" the dog nail trimmer on tv?
  157. Need help with my puppy and his cage! Please-leaving for work soon and don't
  158. What can i do for my puppy that got ran over? more detail!!!?
  159. Can you help me with my puppy?
  160. How to say "dog" in Chinese?
  161. How do you eliminate those tick in our dogs?
  162. how to train a dog to.................?
  163. How do you punish a bad dog properly?
  164. What do I do about my neighbors dogs?
  165. first puppy?
  166. My puppy growls and bites....????
  167. Why does my dog's feet smell like fritos?
  168. If you have feed your dog Wellness Simple Food Solutions Venison and Rice...
  169. GERMAN SHEPHERD/ELKHOUND!!! a PUPPY!!! should i adopt?? a PUPPY? PLEASE HELP?
  170. What is a cute GERMAN name for a female puppy?
  171. im thinking of buying a dog?
  172. where can i get a border terrier or yorkshire terrier puppy for only 100 pounds ?
  173. Are dogs ever sometimes smarter than us?
  174. What breed puppy is this?
  175. Help me remember? My vet told me of a mixture to flush my dog's ears with?
  176. Can a dog transfer a skin problem to a kitten? read on plz?
  177. i have a dog and it is consapated?
  178. My dog has Gastroenteritis, What is it caused by?
  179. Dog poop is mushy. also is a glob of poop diarrhea?
  180. what is you opinion on Mini pink dogs from Victoria's Secret? please let me know!?
  181. My puppy is sick, her eyes don't seem to focus at me, and she's hard to...
  182. Do you own a dog that you raised from when he/she was a puppy?
  183. what plants are bad for your dogs?
  184. Is it true that in Japan people (or some people) tongue-kiss their dogs?
  185. continued... can i sue a police officer or department for killing my dog?
  186. What is the compatability of a Sagittarius female Rooster with an Aries Male Dog?
  187. How do i train my puppy to pee outside?
  188. A cutey name for a pup, a sweetie cute little white colored puppy.?
  189. what do i do to make my 5month old puppy stop jumping on me nd others?
  190. What questions should i ask the breeder of my 10 Week Old Puppy?
  191. What should I name my puppy? :) something wigedy wack !?
  192. What is the proper way to clean my dogs ears?
  193. Why do people let their dogs piss and crap on people's yards when walking their dog.?
  194. Why did my dog eat cat poop out of the litterbox?!?
  195. Is this a Newf puppy or Newf/mix?
  196. Are black widow spiders harmful to dogs?
  197. how cute are your dogs?
  198. Puppy being taken away from her mother at only one month of age?!?
  199. getting a puppy... any advise?
  200. Feisty puppy!?!?!?
  201. Dog Lovers!!! If your dog could talk, what do you think it would say?
  202. My dog has only four toe nails. He is missing one is this normal?
  203. what type of dog?
  204. What should I name my male puppy?
  205. can i take pics of my dog?
  206. whats a very loyal dog breed?
  207. are grapes really bad for dogs?
  208. dogs bark at everything please help stop?
  209. hello i want to have a Doberman puppy where can i buy this dog in iloilo
  210. My puppy bites his legs a lot, could it be the shampoo?
  211. Am I required to keep the neighbor's dog off of my property?
  212. No dog rabbies injection, am i going to die?
  213. Do most other dog owners not know...?
  214. Funniest moment with your dog.?
  215. If you could only keep one dog how would you decide?
  216. Salary of a Guide Dog Trainer?
  217. Bay Area puppies for adoption or sale?
  218. Do you think dogs really do take after their owners?
  219. What breed is this dog you reckon?
  220. any one no any unique names for a puppy that is black and white with blue eyes???
  221. Help meeeee!!!! My puppy just got stung by a bee????!!???
  222. Should I be worried about my dog?
  223. "Puremutt" or " Designer Dog"?
  224. What breeds do you think my puppies are?
  225. Dog troubles?
  226. If you found a lost PUPPY or KITTEN and the owner came looking for it would you??
  227. how do i convince my mom to let me get a dog?
  228. I need help with my new dog?
  229. my puppy seems particuarly grumpy?
  230. Online dog business?
  231. Is it possible for my two male dogs to be friends??? The new one is 3 years...
  232. Need help I wnat to get puppies!?
  233. barking dog........?
  234. i can't get my dog to gain weight?
  235. my dog is trowing up and eating dirt ?
  236. My dogs nose is chapped..?
  237. Should I get up and let my puppy out of her crate when she cries at night?
  238. How to tell if a dog has been fixed and other general information?
  239. Will my dog ever shut up?
  240. daily planner for new lab puppy?
  241. Is My Dog In Labor?
  242. Ok, I have a puppy training problem that is probably the envy of puppy owners.?
  243. Older dog w/swollen belly, eating a lot and drinking a lot of water?
  244. I don't get the idea with people saying that breed dogs are bad, please don't...
  245. Is bad to sleep with your dog?
  246. Normal for housebroken puppy to have accidents?
  247. Puppy poop out corn on the cob?
  248. dog vomiting...?
  249. what do you think :cat,dog,or frog??which would you rather have??
  250. Are all dogs willing to attack someone ominous in order to protect his/her...