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  1. Why Are My Puppies Paws SOOOO Big?
  2. im a bit worried about my dog?
  3. how can i make my dogs coat shiny?
  4. I have a ten month old puppy with an ear infection I can't get her to the...
  5. What is your favourite dog breed? And what is your least favourite?
  6. How can my sister stop her neighbor's dog from pooing in her front yard and
  7. concealer for dogs what is this world coming to??
  8. How many different songs can you list that have dog in the lyrics or have a dog
  9. what is the biggest breed of dog you can have?
  10. Has anyone used store brand flea treatment for thier dogs ? that works , what brands?
  11. Please help about this question relating dogs?
  12. Doe's a Harness actaully Help train a Dog?
  13. My dog won't stop barking!?
  14. Puppy question!?
  15. My puppy keeps chewing my stuff?!!!!?!?!?!?
  16. my puppy always bight`s only at my family?
  17. why cant a basenji dog bark?
  18. my dog has has a small greenish sac of fluid come out of her but still no puppy....
  19. Looking for Midnight Blu MPD #166. Retired Police Dog in 1999. I know he was based...
  20. What are some effective ways to train a dog?
  21. help with a puppy....dog owners PLEASE!?
  22. whitish pink bump on tip of dogs nose?
  23. Is this dog being abused?
  24. Can owners or handlers of agility dogs win prize money??
  25. Looking for cute but cheap dog accessories?
  26. im getting a small kitten and i have one dog and i need tips?
  27. Getting a new dog, how do i introduce my new dog to the one i already have?
  28. does any1 know how i can get my 4yr old springer to get along with my new puppy?
  29. i'm planning to buy a pitbull puppy, but i need help with the papers??
  30. my puppy Aila has seams to have a cough?
  31. w()()t! Finally get a dog... what should i get?
  32. Is it legal for an apt/townhome/duplex complex to chg a monthly rental fee
  33. why do dogs and cats and animals like that have flashy eyes ???
  34. My puppy is 4 months old and he jumps on my children's bed to pee! any advice...
  35. Have you ever seen a dog..."working like a dog"??
  36. why does my dog pee on women?
  37. My puppy is very lovable and playful. But, she gets startled and scared easily....
  38. When Is My Dog Giving Birth?
  39. Re-training my dog to not jump on the couch?
  40. How do I handle my boyfriends dogs?
  41. How much does it cost for a vet to test a dog for allergies?
  42. does my dog have arthritis?
  43. Do you need a license/registration for a puppy?
  44. what is my dog sick with, itching, vomiting, chills, and redness?
  45. What kind of dog is this? Or similar to it?
  46. About a dogs heat cycle...?
  47. Getting through dog death?
  48. Do cats need to be taken outside for walks like dogs or not?
  49. My dog isn't using one of his legs/paws..?
  50. What are some dog friendly places in the Long Beach/LA/Beverly Hills/Hollywood areas?
  51. i have a9 week old puppy that we just notice has a swollen elbow with small round...
  52. How do I make it work in my house with 4 dogs?
  53. Nee help with 5 1/5 week old puppy?
  54. Have you ever taken your dog(s) to Petco/Petsmart?
  55. to US dog owners???
  56. How do I convince my mom to let me get a dog?
  57. How do you get an old dog to tolerate a new puppy?
  58. Is our other puppy sick?
  59. My dog is a Yorkshire Terrier Mix. Is ther anyway to find out what he is mixed with?
  60. Where can I help volunteer with dogs?
  61. Will my 5 yr old female Jack Russell Terrier be ok with a male JRT puppy?
  62. TB Fairy?? What is your fav thing to do with your dog ?
  63. How can you tell when its gonna be time for your dog to go into labor??
  64. My brother's dog won't stop biting me!?
  65. Is there a website for what puppies/dog are called?
  66. my puppy is 12 weeks and his left eye sometimes ....?
  67. I have a 2 yr old male rottweiler. Would a labrador retriever puppy be a good
  68. American Bulldog Puppy- Names?
  69. What breed of dog should I get?
  70. a pitbull dog was left by his owner and i cant keep him but i dont want him to be
  71. What should I expect after my dog gets ACL surgery?
  72. Sick dog...??!?!?!?
  73. If there was one thing you could change about your dog, what would that be?
  74. What kind of dog is this?
  75. Should we take our dog on the trip with us?
  76. Which dog do u like better, an australian cattle dog or a shih tzu?
  77. How do I ensure a less stressful move for my dogs?
  78. miley cyrus dog tag?
  79. Volhard Puppy Apptitude Test. Would this test help identify the right pup?
  80. My puppy has been to the vet twice already hes still throwing up & has diarrhea?
  81. Male Dogs Humping!???
  82. Can anyone help with a skin problem that our boxer (dog) has?
  83. I just gotta have this puppy...so tiny and cute?
  84. what would be the perfect dog large breed for a woman who lives alone?
  85. what type of dog can mine be?
  86. wow i hate ignorant dog breeders?
  87. How can I keep my puppy calm in public?
  88. Problem with dogs making waste on my corner property?
  89. how can I tell if my puppy is under 11 weeks old?
  90. How do I stop my dog being aggressive after he has eaten his food??
  91. My dog's limping?
  92. What type of dog is Max (Eric's dog) in "The Little Mermaid"?
  93. what if you could theach an old dog kung fu would it be fighting tiger?
  94. I need a dog trainer for my german sheppard that will teach her protection and
  95. 6 week old puppy! help?
  96. dog the bounty hunter ?? when are the new episodes being shown in the UK????
  97. puppy mill?
  98. Why does my dog only play when I am outside with her?
  99. Im stuck on Dog Island!!?
  100. Dog that breathes hard?
  101. I have a Choc Lab Puppy and she is goin for her last injection 2morro, how
  102. I have a 5 year old dog and recently purchased a new puppy. The 5 yr old has...
  103. SHould I put my dog to sleep?
  104. A not so stray dog...?
  105. My 2 month puppy has a problem read details?
  106. Dog Grooming?
  107. DOGS !!!! DOGS !! DOGS!!!!! Fun question?
  108. My dog has been bitten by a tick.?
  109. What could have caused a sudden temporal paralisys to my dog?
  110. What kennel is better for my dog?
  111. what type of dogs are under 40 lbs?
  112. Is it ok if I use my 3-year old sister and my pet dog to flirt with this Hot guy?
  113. What are some good websites for training your puppy?
  114. How Do I Wash My Dog?
  115. How much does it cost to adopt a puppy in KS?
  116. someone please help, my dog wont stop peing in the house?
  117. HELPPP... my dog could die?
  118. How do I get my dog over her fear of loud noises???
  119. In what order should i teach my 10 monthe old puppy?
  120. How do you break a dog of already established bad habits?
  121. what is the averae cost of caring for a labradoodle puppy?
  122. what should i name my dog.?
  123. My Newborn puppies have puss coming from there eyes right now please ANSWER x?
  124. My 13 week chihuahua mix puppy is humping our legs.?
  125. is giving your puppy a bath once a week too much?
  126. Which dog should I get?
  127. lhasa apso puppy?
  128. My new dog seems to be almost afraid to eat.....?
  129. can puppies be crate trained together?
  130. Questions about my Potty Trainging my10 week old puppy.?
  131. how to get your dog to stop bighting?????
  132. How much did you pay for your dog's mammry tumor (brest cancer) surgery?
  133. Should I Buy a dog?
  134. I have a Puppy and its scared of her brother......?
  135. My dog wont go for a walk anymore?
  137. Dog won't eat?
  138. my dog swolled a popsticle and its stick!?
  139. why is my dogs eye red all the time?
  140. Help me please!sleeping without my dog for the first time...big issue?
  141. Puppies with Parvo? Is there any way to save them?
  142. What are the top 10 cutest dog breeds?
  144. help with puppy?
  145. whats your kind of dog?
  146. crazy mean puppy?
  147. I have a puppy cockapoo and im thinking of buying a bigger dog!?
  148. Please help! im forced to use diapers on my puppy.?
  149. Is this a stupid name for a puppy?
  150. HELP!!! Puppy Trainig?
  151. my puppy might be sick..?
  152. where can i buy birthday cake for dogs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
  153. New Pittie Puppy!! =]?
  154. Dogs and cats cant get along! Help!!!?
  155. My son's 2 dogs become very hyperactive when guests are at his house. They are
  156. heartworm for dogs?
  157. In the movie "Step Brothers" (this is a dog question)?
  158. What should I name my puppy?
  159. 2. The man is CHASING his puppy down the street?
  160. I need to get my 7 month old puppy neutered....?
  161. Is it a good idea to have a cat AND a dog as a pet?
  162. my dog...????????????????????????????
  163. what kind of puppy should i get?
  164. What dog breeds are good as family pet with young kids?
  165. What type of breed is the dog?
  166. My dog has a pink nose!?
  167. What is the best way to get rid of your dogs fleas in the simplest way?
  168. iS MY DOG DEAF?
  169. Sick puppy-what does this sound like to you?
  170. What are the most vocal dog breeds?
  171. my mother is 83 yrs old. She had an unusual attachment to dog.?
  172. Is maxie a cute name for my girl dog ?
  173. dog cloth in montery?
  174. my dog has really bad cuts how do i heal them ?
  175. My elderly dog has muscle atrophy because the nerve supply has died....?
  176. My puppy is Biting for attention?
  177. Turning spare room into dog room?
  178. Why does my dog shag Friends legs.?
  179. What will animal control do if my dog bit someone?
  180. I need a name for a female blue pit bull puppy?
  181. What do you think is a cute boyish name for my puppy?
  182. A problem with my puppy?
  183. How do i make my dog do stuff?
  184. what should i get? a puppy or a skateboard?
  185. keeping r 10wk old puppy in a crate at nite. he barks etc. how do i make...
  186. Are dogs able to take penicillen that is prescribed to humans?My dog has a?
  187. What kind of meat can a dog eat? I have one that is nursing 7 puppies and then the
  188. new puppy steals time with the old dog?
  189. A New Dog?
  190. Does Gerard Way have a daughter named Olivia? Or is that his dog or cat?
  191. Will my puppy be disturbed by this?
  192. Do you feel guilty when you & your dog have lazy days?
  193. Do dogs have their own distinctive personality do you think?
  194. Does anyone know which of the following dog foods is the best??
  195. Why do dogs lick between their legs?
  196. I need a full list of dog breeds please??
  197. Your puppy/dog?
  198. Cats or Dogs?
  199. Are there any decent boxer puppies available in the TRI-STATE area?
  200. Puppy has a huge tongue?
  201. What should I do about my aggressive puppy?
  202. will my dogs ears be erect (standing up)?
  203. Will my pit bull puppy change after being neutered?
  204. Puppy and toddlers - advice please!?
  205. Do u Know of anyone who would donate a puppy for a church fundraiser?
  206. Why is my puppy limping?
  207. i have an american staff house dog an he got up this morning an couldnt walk on...
  208. Is it true the dog food canidae got bought out? Is it good food?
  209. What are some of the best dog foods?
  210. I have a male and female lab mix we found what looked like a puppy not carried to...
  211. Can a cat give a dog a cold it has?
  212. Has anyone who has ever loved a dog seen this?
  213. Is it customary to tip a dog kennel?
  214. Cat Aggressive owards Dog..?
  215. what kind of dog is mr needles on the george lopez show?
  216. early christmas present for dogs?
  217. My dog just threw up for no reason! Please help!?
  218. What Can I Call My Black Shar-Pei Puppy?
  219. How do I get my dog to stop pawing at me?
  220. Is it wrong to dress a male dog like a female (ie: bows around his ears, pink
  221. Trying to put my dog on T.V who can i call? Im in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.?
  222. What does it mean when my male 9 month year old puppy sticks his bum in my
  223. What are the cutest type of dogs my grandmother wants a dog and we want to...
  224. What kind of hound dog is this?
  225. Why is my dog attacking other dogs ?!?!?
  226. is this normal for my 6 wk old puppies?
  227. Dog has never been on a leash?
  228. Which puppy do you like more?
  229. my mom wont let me get a puppy any advice?
  230. How clumsy is your dog?
  231. why does my puppy wag his tail but when i start petting him it goes down?
  232. a dog left behind by owner and i dnt want to give him to the pound because im...
  233. A new born puppy. How long until one can take it for walks? How long until it...
  234. should i phone my x-wife and tell her our dog passed away?
  235. Why did a dog attack me on a public street?
  236. My dog doesn't seem to like it when I pet him?
  237. why is my 9 month old puppy have a small penis?
  238. a new puppy?
  239. Dying dog fur?
  240. My 2 month old rott just made it trough Parvo when can he start on puppy food?
  241. thinking of getting a dog?
  242. wht type of dog is this?
  243. Safe dose of Clavamox for 6lb puppy?
  244. Looking for a dog?
  245. The past two times I have taken my dog to a dog park, he ends up sick for 2-4...
  246. Should I worry about my puppy's potty training process?
  247. My puppy will NOT pee outside....would rather poop inside too lol.?
  248. Should I take my aunt's dogs ?
  249. New mean puppy?
  250. small dog?