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  1. What is the Scientific name for dog?
  2. Corn makes dogs crazy?
  3. What is the best dog kennel in the st. louis, mo area for a small dog?
  4. help with my dog, please?
  5. How do you teach a dog to sit and to fetch?
  6. Biting Dog. HELP!?
  7. Help with dog?
  8. my pregnant dog's nipples are turning kinda purple?
  9. dog modeling?
  10. What's Wrong With My Friend's Dog?
  11. My 9 week puppy is peeing and pooping in her crate! Can you help?
  12. is it true that while the dogs are still tied the only way to separate
  13. Should I get a dog now, regardless of my rep. with them?
  14. my dog has 13 puppies!! what can i do for her milk?
  15. how long dose it take to a puppy to walk?
  16. Is my dog going to get any bigger?
  17. My dog can no longer climb stairs. Other than my carrying him, how can
  18. how much should i charge 4 sell of my puppies?
  19. My older lab bit my new puppy.?
  20. Can my dog tell that I'm pregnant?
  21. Hi, I have a pregnant black lab just to start the labour. The ecography said she
  22. Forgot I had chicken laid out thawing, it set out overnight. Would it be
  23. spaying your dog?
  24. Pregnancy test for dogs? Is there one.?
  25. suggestions for rash and sores on dogs chest?
  26. whats a good nickname for my puppy?
  27. my girl dog pees like a boy? is that a problem?
  28. Why do dogs love to chew on wood furniture??
  29. can you give a dog Droncit, for Tapeworm, a day after you gave them D-Wormer?
  30. Does gentle, sweet puppies become gentle and sweet adult dogs?
  31. Dog saliva affect pregnancy?
  32. Hi I was wondering on getting your opinion on these 2 dogs?READ DETAILS?
  33. PLEASE HELP! my puppy i think he broke his leg?
  34. Do most of the questions in Y!A's Dogs section depress you?
  35. am i really over-reacting over stray dogs?
  36. Why would my dog do this?
  37. dog peed on my brother's bed!?
  38. My dog in the heat?
  39. Okay all you experienced,responsible dog breeders,answer please..?
  40. [POLL]....Your dog?..................................?
  41. how do you trian your dog to stop running away?
  42. My dog ate some string?
  43. my lab puppy is not whining but howling all through the night tried every...
  44. is my dog magical?
  45. Nervous Dog Green?????
  46. Has my puppy been abused?
  47. Police officer threatened to kill my dog?????
  48. Think dog's leg is sprained or broken?
  49. How can I get my dog to poop outside?
  50. how can i get my dogs to relax and let me trim their nails?
  51. What does it mean when dogs cry in there sleep?
  52. Why do dogs always like to stay where they can see you?
  53. What would be considered a high temp for a dog nursing puppies?
  54. When dogs yawn...?
  55. Consistency of puppy poo?
  56. My dog killed and ate my 3 yr old hamster why did he do that?
  57. How do I train my puppy?
  58. Have a questions about dog behaviour?
  59. My dog got sprayed by a skunk how do i get the smell off him?
  60. puppy advice?
  61. Dog Urine during pregnancy?
  62. Need suggestions for keeping my dog calm after luxating patella surgery?
  63. How do I keep my puppy from destroying the house!?
  64. how do we get our puppy to stop tearing apart our bathroom?
  65. how can I make a puppy sleep in his crate at nigth not with me in my bed?
  66. dog food question?
  67. What are the reasons for dog blindness?
  68. Taking care of your dogs teeth?
  69. Too late to train my 13 week old Papillion puppy? ...?
  70. puppy problems!!!?
  71. My neighbor has a mother and four puppies in a cage in his backyard, its like...
  72. my boxer dog has gotten problems with the hair at the bottom of her eyes coming off!?
  73. What should I do for my new puppy to keep away from wires?
  74. How do i teach my dog to bark on command?
  75. new puppy?
  76. My dog ate my rat..?
  77. Is my dog poisoned?
  78. What should a bernese mountain dog puppy weigh at 4 months?
  79. What is a good healthy, mid-level priced puppy food?
  80. Supplies you should get when you first get a puppy?
  81. is it ok is wash your dog with human shampoo or dish soap?
  82. My dog wont play?
  83. should i get a dog for my son?
  84. What will my dog NOT like to eat?
  85. if you pour soda on a hot dog do maggots come out?
  86. how old are puppies when they come in heat for the first time??
  87. What is the name of this type of dog?
  88. what type of dog is this?
  89. what are some fun things to do with a puppy?
  90. Help, my dog is ill!?
  91. my dog is loosing hair in one spot!!?
  92. looking for a breed of dog?
  93. Help!!!! Calling all dog experts.?
  94. My dog just acted really weird... please help!!?
  95. my shitzy female puppy has a lump on her stomach, what can it be?
  96. how do u take care of a zuchon (dog breed)?
  97. Help! Need help with my one eyed dog.?
  98. Which dog do you prefer and why?
  99. golden retriever or lab puppy?
  100. Dog drinking pool water....HELP!?
  101. Do you believe that a 6-week-old labrador Puppy could have killed a baby?
  102. dog allergy to some dogs??
  103. once good neighbour is having troubles with my dog?
  104. Puppy teething and growth spurt?
  105. Lump under dogs skin on her right side?
  106. Dog iching and licking causes.?
  107. ceaser millian dog food?
  108. how will these dogs live together?
  109. How to handle a needy Chihuahua puppy?
  110. why does my dog dream?
  111. What To Feed My 2 month old puppy?
  112. how do you train a male puppy not to pee when he gets excited?
  113. need answers on dog shots?
  114. How can you find out what breeds are in a mut dog??
  115. How do you know when a puppy is ready to leave it's mother? Besides how old
  116. how do I get my dog to stop licking everything in sight?
  117. Will My Cat and Dog Be Enemies Forever?
  118. Why is my puppy behaving wierdly to strangers and other dogs?
  119. Local Puppy Shows?
  120. If I think my dog has poison ivy...?
  121. How can i control my dog when i walk him?
  122. Im looking for a good dog food .. no fillers, soy, gluten. Can anyone help???
  123. puppy's ears..?
  124. What human foods are good for dogs to eat?
  125. In Northern Ireland how much does a golden retriever dog cost?
  126. My dog is pregnant!?
  127. How do i introduce my new puppy to my pet hamster? HELP?
  128. if a shop has a sign saying "no dogs" are you allowed to take a dog in if .....?
  129. need help with a new puppy?
  130. I HAVE MY NEW RESCUE DOG!!!ALASKA now in the family !! :)?
  131. Anyone out there have a Havanese dog? Is it easy to raise them. Do they...
  132. Responsibilities of a dog?
  133. How do I get my puppy to drink water?
  134. what dog is this called?
  135. if i wanna go to mexico on the bus and if i pay an extra ticket can i take
  136. something is wrong with my dog please help ASAP?
  137. I feed my puppy the raw diet but he keeps getting so dirty from it. I feed...
  138. help my dog wont eat her food no more?
  139. Is this a healthy recipe for a dog?
  140. A few puppy questions?
  141. can a dog be wall-eyed?
  142. where can i found a vet in pa to cropp my dogs ears?
  143. my new mother dog keeps leaving her puppies.......?
  144. What do you do when your dogs skin on his paws is peeling?
  145. I need a name for this adorable girl puppy!?
  146. my dog keeps pulling. . . .?
  147. Have you ever contacted a BYB/mutt breeder/puppy miller?
  148. Why is my dog afraid of the edge,and other places around my house?
  149. What kind of Canidae is the best for puppies and which one for dogs?
  150. feeding my lab puppy?
  151. My puppy has recently started gnawing on things.?
  152. In sims 2 pets- when you breed dogs with the same parents...?
  153. Why is my puppy so moody?
  154. ex-friend neighbour now hates me because of my dog?
  155. Why does my puppy have a stuffed nose? What should I do?
  156. Why doesnt my dog eat?
  157. My dog bites her self?
  158. How do I get my dog to stop sleeping on the couch?
  159. Would you let your dog use condoms?
  160. I need a name for a tiny dog?
  161. can a mixed breed dog have locked jaws?
  162. Aggressive dogs at the Dog Park?
  163. What are some good and healthy mixes you can feed a dog?
  164. how to play hide and go seek with your dog?
  165. Traits that different types of dogs have?
  166. My puppy is lazy and it likes to bite,bark,and is scared of my feet!?
  167. How do i convince parents on getting a puppy?
  168. I got a new puppy help??????
  169. dog and puppy with kennel cough...?
  170. What kind of dog do you think my friend's dog is?
  171. Names for a dog?
  172. my puppies eyes are a misty hazy colour?
  173. Recreating breeds/types: Worthy cause or just more designer dog BS???
  174. What are some fun things to do with my dog?
  175. Help my dog pees in the house!?
  176. Puppy mill websites. Sitting here heartbroken......?
  177. Advice about dogs in dog parks?
  178. what is the best brand of dog food for a a very small puppy?
  179. pudding and my dog ..PPL THIS IS SOOOOO IMPORTANT?
  180. How much Pepto for a Parvo Puppy?
  181. how will my dog react to my other dogs death?
  182. My dog has been having serious problems after he got his hair shaved.?
  183. Dog Problems!?.....?
  184. whats a good name for my new puppy????
  185. How long does it take until to notice signs of PARVO in dogs?
  186. we are thinking of getting 2 male shih tzu puppies?
  187. In Okla., is it illegal to put your dogs in the garage w/ a fan and of course food
  188. Help!! My puppy is chewing on the cables outside our house!?
  189. New puppy doesnt listen!?
  190. Why is my puppy still vomiting?
  191. For those with show dogs. What made you decide to show your dog?
  192. i dont know if im right about this but i think iam. o.k, i own 2 weiner dogs
  193. What is wrong with my puppy's red swollen eye?
  194. A question about pig hunting dogs?
  195. how much are puppy classes?
  196. My new puppy got sick?! Is this normal?
  197. The dog won't eat. Help.?
  198. Problems with my Puppies Chewing and 1 Not Being able to Swim! HELP?
  199. Can you tell me what breed our puppy is?
  200. How do you train a cat hateing dog to leave cats alone or at least ignore them?
  201. Puppy namess?
  202. funniest puppy stories?
  203. what are some cute names for a girl and boy puppy?
  204. For those of you who make your own dog food...?
  205. Will spreading vinegar on a black marble wall prevent dogs from peeing on the wall?
  206. any good treats for six week old puppies to help crate/housetrain?
  207. why won't my newly adopted dog eat?
  208. I have a dog that is 17 years old she was going fine untill last week she is...
  209. bitten by a dog??
  210. I want a dog!?
  211. What could be wrong with my dog???
  212. costs of a new puppy?
  213. Question regarding how much to feed my new puppy?
  214. Olde English Sheepdog Puppy - HELP!!!?
  215. i got a new female dog what should i name her..and shes brown?
  216. Dog Ear Infection ??? Please Help !?
  217. puppy / the male dog (the dad)?
  218. When will my dog give birth?
  219. my dog is sick?
  220. I hate dogs..but my family is thinking of getting one.?
  221. hemp with dog problem?
  222. Is there any law in the UK about how long you can leave a dog on its own during
  223. My dog eats table scraps is anything particularly unhealthy for him?
  224. What can I do to make my female dog comfortable while she is in heat?
  225. what kind of breed of puppy should i get?
  226. What kind of dog is this one?
  227. Is it true that you are not supposed to give your dog rawhides?
  228. my dog had a stroke and now won't eat, what can i do?
  229. What should i name my new black lab puppy?
  230. help me what kind of breed is my dog?
  231. Can yorkshire terriers (dog) see in color or black&white ?
  232. i have a beagle dog?
  233. my dog is paralized, shygivering, chattering, amd sometimes panting what can i do?
  234. Wat Is A Good Name For A Male Dog?
  235. How do you earn a puppy's trust?
  236. How do I get my dog to stop peeing everytime he gets excited?
  237. my friends dog was gone for about 4 days .?
  238. will my neutured dog still attack intruders posing a threat?
  239. How to become a dog trainer?
  240. my dog got into the petroleum jelly :(((help?
  241. My dog seems unhealthy, What can it be?
  242. When will my puppy stop peeing when he's excited?
  243. Puppy potty training?
  244. Do Dogs know that they are a dog like is a dog almost a human inside a dog body?
  245. Dogs vision?
  246. different types of castration on dogs ?
  247. I can't decide which puppy name I like the best; please give me your opinion...
  248. which should i choose ? a puppy or a skateboard?
  249. how do you stop a dog from being aggressive toward other dogs?
  250. Problems with my dog and strangers?