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  1. dog training????????????????????
  2. my dog tied to bite my bird, and got a hold of her wing but she is not injured
  3. what is an easy way to give a dog a shower?
  4. Any Puppy Name Suggestions?
  5. Tips to exercise my puppy in the heat
  6. How many M&Ms does my weiner dog have to eat to get sick or die?
  7. How long should seperation anxiety last for in a Golden Retriver puppy?
  8. Why do dogs roll in fox poop?
  9. why does my dog keep itching?
  10. How do I keep my dog from eating tomatoes from the garden?
  11. Why are some dogs scared of thunderstorms?
  12. How do I heal my dog??
  13. My dog goes CRAZY after her bath...why?
  14. Is there banana flavored dog food/treats?
  15. Is it correct to give the dogs the bone?
  16. ok i have two dogs and the first one
  17. what should i do my dog is whelping!
  18. Do I need to brush my dog's teeth?
  19. What is the best coat for a dog for warmth not for looks?
  20. Introducing other dog to 5 week old puppies?
  21. Whatever happened to the dog in the cookie crisp cereal?!
  22. which store should i purchase a puppy?
  23. roughly, how much would it cost to get my male puppy fixed?
  24. how can i persuade my parents to let me get a dog?
  25. What is your opinion on Diamond dog food(natural line)
  26. Poll: When was the last time you let your puppies out of the pound?
  27. My puppy is acting strange?
  28. aggression help?! puppy??
  29. dog training for a German shepherd in anchorage, Alaska
  30. Fun games for my dog!
  31. is my puppy cute!!!!????
  32. what is the breed for this dog il give you a link to see it
  33. does a dog need to be in heat in order to get pregnant?
  34. flea and tick medicine warning for cats and dogs!!!!!
  35. Can someone help and tell me the dog breed my dog is?
  36. My dogs need to be trained.......!!!
  37. Switched my puppies food and now he has diarrhea
  38. I'm making a magazine with a friend.Its name is Dog Center.Does it sound good?
  39. Dog Food Brand......
  40. AH! NEW PUPPY question! help
  41. Why do dogs stink when they sweat but cats don't?
  42. The dude is looking for a dog?
  43. my dog seems to always get ear infections
  44. Can my dog be my best man at my wedding
  45. My female dog keeps licking herself?!!!!!
  46. Please, can someone tell me the breeds in this dog, or just the purebreed?
  47. is it ok to put the fan on my puppies
  48. My dog had birth about 4 weeks ago and she bleeds when she pees is that normal for...
  49. Can blind and deaf people have dogs in Islam to get around?
  50. Why do so many Christians claim dogs don't go to heaven?
  51. Do dogs slow on shedding once they are past the puppy stage?
  52. my dog tiny is a Gwennie she has had three liters but now has a farley large
  53. To any German Shepherd and Akita dog owners, which would you say is better
  54. For the pure-bred fanciers: do you critique dogs you see?
  55. Where to buy ticking clock for puppy?
  56. My Portuguesse water dog won,t stop jumpping
  57. I really need help with my families' puppy
  58. Is anyone giving away puppies near downtown indianapolis area???
  59. I've got a big problem... My dad wont let my dog in the house whatsoever and
  60. my puppy wont stop eating shoes?
  61. Potty training a dog
  62. what kind of breed does my puppy look like?
  63. What dog trick should I teach next?
  64. do dogs have to get stuck to be pregnant?
  65. yo wuzup dog
  66. Fleas on my dog help
  67. Anyone's dogs going crazy tonight?
  68. Question about fixing my female dog
  69. Does anybody know why dogs eat pooop?
  70. Is too much peanut butter not good for dogs
  71. how can you tell whether a dog is a dog or a puppy?
  72. puppies .... not registerd
  73. Why does my dog do this? please help me...
  74. How can I convince my sis to let us get another dog?
  75. If my dog has a flea (or fleas) on him; should I keep him locked up?
  76. Should the mother of my chihuahua puppies be with them 24/7?
  77. my puppy pees outside but poops inside
  78. can dogs have puppies in the daytime?
  79. Dog question too long to fit in the question bar area place thing?
  80. my dog has a dry nose
  81. How tall should a fence be to keep in a dog?
  82. transporting my dog abroad
  83. how can i convince my parents to get me a puppy
  84. Should I mix egg into my puppys dry puppy food?
  85. Dog??????????????????
  86. Keeping 2 puppies out of a litter together till they are 12 weeks then
  87. Paper Training a Puppy?
  88. is it bad to get a puppy fixed at 8 weeks?
  89. my 8 month old puppy is SICK!!!
  90. My puppy has a problem with it(I think)
  91. are cat toys ok for puppies to play with??
  92. puppy w/ upset tummy
  93. I have very fearful dog? Why?
  94. Dog Question... I have a dog, a shi-tzu poodle mix and we got her when...
  95. Please Tell Me Now Can Puppies Get Sick Or Worms From Being Picked Up A Lot
  96. I think my dog got hand shy
  97. my puppy is getting aggressive towards me-help please
  98. Is lameness a possible complication from neutering a young puppy?
  99. New yorkie puppy advice!?!?
  100. Is it wrong if you want your dog to be more aggresive towards other animals???
  101. At what age should dogs be house broken?
  102. Why are we not supposed to eat dog
  103. Questions about a rescued Maltese puppy
  104. How long should I shave my dog before I let the winter coat come in for the cold
  105. NEW DOGGY. GOING TO PET SMART. is it SAFE????? need help!!!!!!!!! thanks!! PUPPY
  106. Which is a better dog?
  107. puppy trouble(dun-dun-duh!)
  108. for those who have dogs; basic questions
  109. what is this red thing on my puppies bottom
  110. teacup couture a good place to buy a dog
  111. How often is a mother dog supposed to be with her puppies?
  112. Stop puppy mills site?
  113. does anybody know wat fernando torres dog is named
  114. My 4 month old puppy has small wart looking things on her belly.
  115. Can Dog Get Taken Away
  116. How do I stop my puppy from biting???
  117. What is a good dog to own who can tolerate table scraps.
  118. Where to bring unwanted puppies shelter doest want them full
  119. help??? dog ??? is beneful bad??
  120. Dachsund Puppies in Mississippi??
  121. Vegetable-Eating Dog Lives to Ripe Old Age of 27??
  122. Dog allergies and poodles ?
  123. Housebreaking 1yr old dogs...
  124. i have a lab puppy 11mths old, yesterday he started coughing periodically
  125. Is six weeks old enough to take a puppy from it's mother
  126. When my Puppies are Born should i?
  127. What are good outside dogs?
  128. how far is enough for my dog?
  129. Flea remover for puppies and etc?
  130. Had Puppies Last Night Out Side. Its Hot In Az.3 Died. I Brouht Her And The...
  131. Are dogs allowed on Virginia Beach?
  132. Where can I find a good pet store in my area that doesn't carry puppies?
  133. my dog growling he is 11 months old?
  134. Can figure out my puppy's mix?
  135. Is the montauk monster just a dog?
  136. How do make my dad buy me dog?
  137. My dogs won't stop peeing in my house........
  138. can i give a puppy to the humaine society...
  139. my puppy is getting worst and worst!
  140. SURVEY: Which of these two dogs do you think is cuter?
  141. Why do people say,"you've been working like a dog"
  142. how can i teach my yorkie puppy to be calmer when outside?
  143. Why is my puppy fake urinating during house training?
  144. How come my dog is developing behavioral problems as she gets older?
  145. Why does my dog always yawn when I stretch
  146. what is a good name for a puppy?
  147. need help looking for a puppy.
  148. Puppy drank my baby turtles water...
  149. How can I get rid of the smell of my puppy in my room?
  150. Dog ringing bell for wrong reason...
  151. Cat is more active than my dog?
  152. How can I fatten up my dog?
  153. my puppy has lil spots all over his body that are missing hair...wat is it??
  154. how can i get dog poo off my black Lacoste trainers?
  155. Good enough lubricant for checking preg dog tem?
  156. When walking your dog do you always go for the same root it keep it routine
  157. there is a dog breed in france that is called a ric rac (something like...
  158. Darker areas around the white of my dog's eyes?
  159. how many days should it take my dog to improve with lasix she is taking
  160. what is the best way to socialize a really nervous dog?
  161. My dog is acting strange???
  162. What small dogs would be good with a female mini schnauzer?
  163. Why is sawdust added to dog food?
  164. oral warts on 5 month old puppy
  165. What do you think my puppy is mixed with??
  166. Is it safe for dogs to eat mangos?
  167. how old does a puppy have to be so they could get bath
  168. Is it likely I developed a new allergy to my dog?
  169. Is it okay to let my 4.5 mo. old puppy gnaw on my hand?
  170. What breed is the dog in the Cesar Canine Cuisine commercial/logo?
  171. What do u think the best dog is when u have kids around?
  172. How can I start walking my neighbor's dogs for $$$
  173. My dog keeps getting bit from flies and ticks inside her ears
  174. who has heard of dog fashion disco apparently not many people?
  175. what breed is my puppy
  176. why does my puppy give me a sad look when im eating?
  177. My dog has been accused of killing my neighbors dog need legal help.
  178. My dogs nose is dry and kind of cracking. What can I put on it to moisturise it ?
  179. Most accurate dog test?
  180. house break my puppy!
  181. My dog is pooping blood...
  182. What do you do if your dog breaks their arm?????
  183. How much food should a dog get? (preferably as a percentage of body weight)
  184. why does my dog like to hump
  185. Poll: what is your favorite type of dog?
  186. Is a 11week old puppy to young to train
  187. what could this be (bald spots on puppy)??
  188. I Wanna Be Your Dog Solo Guitar Tab
  189. What to do with a congested newborn puppy?
  190. Dog and castor oil?
  191. My neighbor leaves their dogs poop on our doorstep numerous times!?
  192. Do you think its cruel to give your dog a bath with the water hose?
  193. Just got my dog spayed, and now she's having problems pooping
  194. What is a good way to stop my dog from excitable peeing?
  195. Is it normal for a puppy to lose a few ounces when you start weaning them?
  196. what is the dog limit in Springfield Missouri?
  197. When will my dog have her babies?
  198. Looking for a Dog in the Bronx
  199. my 12 yr old dog has just suffered a stroke and a fit. she is on meds now.
  200. 8 month old puppy is sick!!
  201. Follow-up Cant figure out my puppy's mix?
  202. Is my little puppy cute?
  203. newborn puppy & mommy.
  204. any suggestions for baby dogs?
  205. if I get female chihuahua, would the other dogs fight over her if she's spayed?
  206. Dr. Harveys Dog Food
  207. 15 puppies 7 more?
  208. How do i train my blue pitbull puppy to high jump, weight pull sprint, tug of
  209. My dog has bald spots
  210. How can I get my 3 month old puppy to be less afraid of the water?
  211. Why would my dog bite my 2 year old son, without provication?
  212. How do I teach my husky dog not to stare at me or others in house, so excessively
  213. are dogs homo sexual???
  214. My dog chews up every bed we buy him. What can I do to make him stop?
  215. Puppy Shots and Worming Cost?
  216. Are German Shepherds good dogs
  217. How to Potty train my puppy?
  218. My dog and his cage. Addicted to scent?
  219. why is my sharpai and half bulldog puppy having a hard time breathing?
  220. My dog ate my cake will she die??
  221. Is My Dog Pregant????
  222. how can i let my dogs get use to a kitten??
  223. I got bit by a 5 week old puppy a couple of days ago?...
  224. hey peeps!! list all of the cool dog tricks that you've heard of, thanx!!!!?
  225. Did Jennifer Aniston name her dog Angelina?
  226. Names for a cute dog!?
  227. Anyone recommend using a bell for a dog?
  228. my 4 month old puppy is greedy
  229. My doberman puppy is quite aggressive, help!
  230. What dog is right for me?
  231. Dog Food Retailor..??
  232. Can two dogs be married?
  233. Poll for young puppy owners: At what times of the day do you feed your puppy?
  234. Urgent Dog Question? Help Please?
  235. Cats, Dogs & Hawks too good?
  236. how do i persuade my mom to get a puppy?
  237. what kind of dog should i get
  238. My bxer dog has red irritated skin under his eyes?
  239. How big will my puppy get?
  240. (puppy)do you think you should hit a puppy-dog
  241. Are there any natural dog diuretics that you would find at home.
  242. Boyfriend Puppy = Sleepless Nights
  243. How can i stop my 9wk puppy from crying at night?
  244. American hot dogs: have you heard this? is it still funny?
  245. Are some dog breeds not prone to fleas or am I just lucky?
  246. My puppy is 8 weeks old and I don't know if I can get him out to walk with me
  247. dose a blakwido spider bit hurt a dog?
  248. what's wrong with my puppy?
  249. My puppy is sick after taking deworming medication?
  250. Can Puppies Get Sick Or Worms From Being Picked Up A Lot