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  1. I need help to socialize my 11 week puppy
  2. Is my dog unhealthy?
  3. Where can i find purebred Golden Retriever Puppies?
  4. Things for dogs to chew on???
  5. Service Dog Discrimination in Vermont
  6. How do you convince your dad to let you get a dog even though he already said no?
  7. my dog looks ill why?
  8. My dog just ate petroleum jelly
  9. Dog vomiting, need advice until I get him to a vet in the morning
  10. Scrubs for a small dog?
  11. weird mystery "dog?" stains
  12. When Can I take my puppy outside?
  13. My dog is a weird mix... ??
  14. I have a mixed breed male dog and today was offered a male chocolate lab how do I
  15. Who has dog behavior issues
  16. What is a better use for a dog; a best friend or a side dish?
  17. Detect A Dog Whistle
  18. What breed is my puppy?
  19. Where can I get a dog tag like Nick Jonas?
  20. What are some creative dog names?
  21. What is the largest dog breed?
  22. Gatorade bad for dogs?
  23. Tips on getting a new dog?
  24. please help my dogs hips are hurting him and i dont know what to do!
  25. Puppy throws tantrum in crate.
  26. Needing help with puppy kong?
  27. my dog has diarrhea any way to make her feel better?
  28. are you like a dog with two?
  29. what does it mean when my dog throws up?
  30. what way is the best way to train a lab puppy?
  31. Help!! I just returned home and found my dog eating hot cocoa mix. i'm not sure...
  32. What's wrong with my dog?
  33. How long does a female dog's nesting stage last?
  34. I am about to get a Chihuahua & a pomeranian mix puppy. It's brown and black
  35. Lebanese Dog Name
  36. How to stop my dog from shedding so much?
  37. What's the ugliest breed of dogs?
  38. Do puppies start having more accidents around time of getting neutered (6months)?
  39. Is a horse's tongue like that of dogs and cows?
  40. Puppy HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. HELP PLEASE! dog just got sprayed by a skunk
  42. Which dog!? Help! idk wat puppy to buy
  43. can you give dogs paracetamol or ibuprofen suspension for children
  44. Looking for a dog food to put healthy weight on him.
  45. What is a better name for a Cavilier dog?
  46. Used Frontline but dog is INFECTED with over 100 ticks! Please help!
  47. My dog has some kind of sore or sting, what is it?
  48. My dog is afraid of "sound effects" made with the mouth?
  49. another puppy question please help!
  50. how do i convinse my parents to let me bring my dog in at night?
  51. Does anyone feed A BARF/AN diet to their dogs?
  52. a dog show movie....the name so i can buy it
  53. About puppies? food, toys, tricks? HELP?!
  54. Dog foods for dogs with food Allergies?
  55. How can I get my dog to come when called?
  56. Question about female puppy.
  57. About the baby who died in a swing (supposedly attacked by a little puppy),...
  58. I realized my dog was eating dark chocolate at night?
  59. Is my dog going blind????
  60. Need help finding a dog professional in my area. HELP PLEASE :)
  61. Why did ask host the idiot that killed his dads dog n slash his tires
  62. what kind of dog should i get
  63. I want a little dog soooo much, but my dad won't say yes. How do I convince him?
  64. My dog has big lumps on her back all over feel tough and really wierd?
  65. Does anyone know the side effects of the anti-biotic keflex (500mg) for dogs?
  66. What is wrong with my dog?
  67. Where is a good place to watch the greatest american dog show online??
  68. What Happened to my Dog?
  69. Does anybody know anything about tellington touch therapy for dogs?
  70. Does your dog bark, howl, "yodel", yip, or a mixture in between
  71. is it normal forr a puppy to have a bellybutton popped out?
  72. My dog squeels and gets very excited when in car.
  73. Would my dog unintentionally harm the puppy?
  74. I accidently put flea medicine (frontline) on my cat that was for the dog. Has
  75. What kind of dog is best with kids?
  76. malamute/husky/wolf puppy names
  77. what is the best puppy insurance?
  78. My dog hasn't been eating as much as normal, should I be concerned?
  79. iam moving to puerto vallerta need help in moving ter and apts with a dog.also
  80. my dog just had puppies,had 4,but 1 has abit of yellow goowie poo.could
  81. 3 week old puppy being sold on nextdaypets.com
  82. i am looking for the oscar mayer jingles for the hot dog in the eighties
  83. is this normal for a 8 week old puppy?
  84. My dog is so aggressive, and I can't stop him!
  85. My dogs keep fighting (most likely for alpha position) is there anyway i
  86. How do I know when my dogs water has broken?
  87. Help~ Walking excitable 6mo puppy & identifying her breed
  88. Zit like sores on my puppy
  89. problems with barking dog
  90. What do I need to get for my new puppy?
  91. how to stop my dog from sleeping next to me?
  92. Why are the Koreans Killing Dogs in Korea.
  93. How do I stop my dog from shedding hair?
  94. My dog is very happy to see me when i'm home alone.
  95. Dog died suddenly with blood coming out of mouth
  96. Good place to take a puppy to swim in MA or RI?
  97. SHould I get a Maltese puppy or a Shih Tzu?
  98. what color dog should???
  99. my dog has a little red bump on the top of her paw..we think it might have been a
  100. what mix is my new puppy?
  101. what kind of bone/toy is the best for cleaning your dog's teeth?
  102. My dog ate chocolate!!! Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  103. My Dog Is Scared Of Cameras?
  104. What breed of puppy is the orange/brown dog in the K-9 Advantix commercial?
  105. Why does my dog's tear stink?
  106. What does a dog have if it is biting himself all the time?
  107. i just got a puppy 10days ago @ first she had no accidents and shes been...
  108. Can a Jack Russell fair well as outside dog in cold winter?
  109. Is it ok if water gets into my dog's ear?
  110. Why is my dog suddendly having housebreaking issues?
  111. Am I justified in shooting a dog that runs up to me, as if to attack, on...
  112. What would cause pimple looking spots on and around my dog's private area?
  113. My puppy has parvo, I took her to the vet...
  114. Dog attacked robber.....help
  115. My dog has a some drops of blood in his poop and has been going more
  116. whats kind of puppy is right for me? help pls.
  117. How can I keep my dogs from chewing up everything?
  118. Help!! hoping to make a dog and cat blend!
  119. Any ideas on sudden odd puppy behavior?
  120. 15 new born puppies but i found 7 more at a park
  121. my dog was diagnosied with chf wed. I have her on med 2 lasix pills aday a heart pill
  122. dog with bald spots what can i do please help!
  123. What are the best healthy dog food recipes, i can serve my dog?
  124. Will these 2 dogs get a long??
  125. I'm starting to hate my puppy .. help! *Will select best answer, just help .. please.
  126. My dog is vomitting today
  127. is it illegal to seperate a puppy
  128. Is anybody selling chihuahua puppies in Kansas City
  129. Please help my puppy!im really worried!?
  130. why do some people say science diet is bad dog food while others dont
  131. Is my puppy aggressive?
  132. why do dogs bite people for no reason?
  133. Elderly dog with wheezing symptons
  134. is there any way i can call a place to get my dog pregnant
  135. dog shots help??????????????
  136. Avatar story Title: A Scottie dog at the Beijing pool
  137. How do you discipline your dog?
  138. How often should I walk my dog and for how long?
  139. my neighbour with dog moved out?
  140. What are your dogs names?
  141. Names for a new puppy?
  142. My dog and my Cat dont get on.
  143. my dog has diarrea after giving birth
  144. Underage Puppy Help: Anyone Have Any Helpful-Non-Ranting Advice?
  145. is it normal for my puppy to wake up and the side of her mouth is all wet?
  146. Jack Russell dogs, help! My friend purchased 2 Jacks (brothers) and they were ok...
  147. puppies that don't grow...
  148. excessive barking when i let my dog outside
  149. my dog just had puppies 3 weeks ago and i found a lump around one of her nipples...?
  150. We are looking to get a Border Terrier pup. What's best a dog or a bitch?
  151. what are some male names for a puppy?
  152. Can someone help me with my puppy please?????
  153. What kind of dog is this
  154. where to get a dog house cheap??
  155. What are the pros and cons of waiting to neuter your dog until they're older?
  156. Anyone know of 'hypo-allergenic' dogs that are also non shedding??
  157. Introducing puppy to 6yo dachshund
  158. my new puppy wont sleep alone
  159. Help my dog is bad when she is home alone
  160. I want more info about the unkown species recently found dead, it was like a dog...
  161. Can dogs get hiccups?
  162. American Eskimo dog?
  163. What's the dog for me?
  164. My dogs are competing
  165. My dog won't stop barking!
  166. is it normal or healthy for a puppy to be this small? plz help........
  167. What paper work do I need to take my dog into Canada?
  168. how come when ppl talk to their dogs and tell them to do sumthing in...
  169. Why Would The Male Dog Eat His Puppies?
  170. How do you get a dog to stop wimpering at night?
  171. What is the difference between a dog peeing on neighborhood trees and a man doing
  172. What are some good names for a female puppy?
  173. Side effects from advantage multi 100 (dogs)
  174. How do blind people communicate with their dogs since they can't see body language?
  175. Possible attempt to poison a dog?
  176. how do you become a dog breeder?
  177. My dog is15 going on 16 she has Cataracts in both eyes..I need some help?
  178. When a dog is neutered why does he still retain ths sack?
  179. when your puppy has worms can you still make contact with it?
  180. Can my dog eat raw ribs?
  181. Do your dogs imitate each other?
  182. who likes dog the bounty hunter ?
  183. What sitcom features a deadpan pooch named Eddie, played by a dog named Moose?
  184. Showing dogs?????????
  185. Should I get an adult dog and a puppy, or just a puppy...?
  186. How could you stop puppies from chewing up your own stuff ?!
  187. Why shouldn't you play tug of war with your dog? What other kinds of games are bad
  188. PLEASE HELP!!! I have 2 problems with 2 of my dogs.
  189. Do I give my dog a bath too often?
  190. My dog just scratched my others dog eye?
  191. How big might my puppy get
  192. what dog breeds should I consider?
  193. Looking for a U.S. patriotic name for puppy male & female. Litter has a...
  194. Larger female dog with smaller male??
  195. does anyone use Plum Silky dog shampoo?
  196. Corgi puppies for sale in So Cal?
  197. What breed of dog...
  198. I have two dogs and they the best dogs but today when I got home they out of my house
  199. When walking a dog, do you go for distance, time or number of times you go...
  200. getting a new puppy jack russel?
  201. At what age can you touch newborn puppies?
  202. Do you run your own mobile dog wash business
  203. Do you think this dog is going to die? or can I help him?
  204. Puppy rash Can humans be affected ?
  205. neighbour with dog moved out?
  206. Is it okay to feed my dog cat food?
  207. my dog gets too many ear infections
  208. These hard bumps just appeared on my 10 mo. old puppies nose.
  209. this is a crazy question but can i take my dog to pet smart with me while i
  210. HELP!!!! My dog chews up every bed we buy him. What can I do to stop him?
  211. why does someone i used to know always stand in dog poop ?
  212. how do i convince my dad to get a dog?
  213. is feeding my dog tuna (for treats) bad?
  214. My dog is depressed
  215. how do i stop my puppy biting my fingers
  216. Would it be bad or good to get a puppy if I already have a (old) dog?
  217. dog owners answer please
  218. Are dogs really color blind?
  219. Seizures in blue heeler dog?
  220. what type of dog is this
  221. am collecting a puppy tomorrow
  222. MY friend thinks her puppy ate 2 bowls of adult dog food but she said that...
  223. What is wrong with my dog?
  224. My Dog Keeps Barking
  225. Do You Think What I Am Doing To My Puppy Is Wrong?
  226. Isn't it disgusting that the police raided the mayor of one town's home and...
  227. What of dog is this!?
  228. When should I put my dog to sleep?
  229. What is the earliest age to start training your puppy?
  230. Can/Do dogs 'wet' themselves when pregnant due to pressure on bladder?
  231. MY Dog Hates Me, How do I get rid of him?
  232. cute pug puppies???????
  233. My puppy only likes to potty in my backyard or boyfriends indoors- not on
  234. What types of bones for my dog should I ask for when I go to the butchers?
  235. need a site for free puppies
  236. i always feel lonley and i cant get a kittne or puppy what should i get as a pet?
  237. is my dog sick???????????????
  238. what happens when animal control takes a dog away from someone?
  239. puppy started clavamox yesterday; although housetrained, last nite he peed 3x in 1...
  240. help please! growling puppy
  241. my dog needs obedience
  242. Which type of dog should i choose?
  243. jack russell terrier puppy names?
  244. Is it safe to buy a puppy from this store?
  245. a question on dog behavior...
  246. how do i keep my puppy (she's not a yr yet) from catching and bringing possums...
  247. Where can i find a Peek-a-Puppy
  248. I need dog help please
  249. On sims 2 pets, is the only way of getting puppies through breeding?
  250. IM GETTING A PUPPY!! feeding. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!