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  2. Do you think this dog is cute?
  3. my dog just got hit by a car or something
  4. Im getting a new puppy probably at the end of august and I need help with names..
  5. My puppies won't stop pooping and peeing in the house!!
  6. My Dogs behind is bleeding.help!
  7. Possessive puppy problems?
  8. Whats like a cool lil pet to have apart from dogs and cats
  9. My dogs gums are swollen
  10. Excessive puppy shedding! Please help!
  11. What Breed of dog should I get with these decriptions:
  12. Does PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk have dogs and/or cats?
  13. How do I prevent my dogs from licking constantly?
  14. Help my dog has injured himself and i have no money to help him!
  15. I need a title for a novel i am writing....its about a dog
  16. how can u tell if your dog is sick
  17. what can i do, my dog is all mad at me?
  18. Do you think that people like dog breeds that are likely to have a
  19. im thinking about adopting a handicapped puppy
  20. I have 2 puppy leonbergs and they smell even after bathing. What can I do...
  21. Why do Dogs Whine When You Talk to Them?
  22. Can puppies feed off of other mothers or other female dogs??
  23. how do you train a carting dog without harming their developing bodies?
  24. which ones better roller skating or inline skating with your dog
  25. How to get my dog to like my room?
  26. Dog smells like soured milk. Plz help
  27. Why can't dogs eat chocolate?
  28. how much does a 7 week old puppy sleep during the day?
  29. Question about getting two puppies at the same time
  30. Name needed for all white English Bull Terrier puppy
  31. Why Dogs Paws turning red
  32. what type of food is safe for my dog to eat?
  33. 4 week old puppy and no mommy??
  34. what kind of dog is this?
  35. What type of dog is on the side of the bus eireann bus??
  36. How can I convince my mom to get us a small dog?
  37. Omg help my puppy just....
  38. Help with installing yellow dog linux ydl on ps3
  39. what kind of dog is this
  40. Who Else was mad when Ron and tillman left greatest american dog?
  41. Swelling on one of my dogs eyelids
  42. Name for dog!!!!!!!!!!
  43. My Girlfriend loves her dog very much but the dog hates everyone even me
  44. how do i calm my 5 month old german shepherd puppy down???
  45. my dog is 11 what is the lump on her belly?
  46. help with delicate dogs
  47. How do you bottle feed 1wk puppies?
  48. Puppy pad solution for my puppy
  49. Euthanizing your dog, would you stay or go?
  50. dose anyne have a way I could get my old dog to eat she is 16 and I am...
  51. My dog is itching and chewing on his feet - anyone have a similar issue and...
  52. Is it ok to place my dog, who has arthritis in the back legs, in kennels for 18
  53. What is the breed for this dog il give you a link to see it
  54. I found a worm/parasite in my dogs water dish, 1cm w/tiny head & whiplike tail.
  55. How much does it cost to spray a dog?
  56. Need to take care of a dog... no keys, medication and phone numbers inside......
  57. why did two gay guys on american dad name their dog Heath ledger?
  58. why is my puppy skinny?
  59. how do you find out a puppies breed?
  60. If puppies weren't cute, would you have gotten 1?? they are a ton of work
  61. How To swim dog-paddle and also breaststroke
  62. Can dogs get bruises?
  63. Abscess tooth, vomiting dog!
  64. Was my dog just playing with the other dog she met?
  65. My American Bulldog puppies are 4 weeks old now.How often should mom be feeding them?
  66. Is there a good website for dogs with medical conditions?
  67. Self made auto-filling dog water bowl??
  68. My 3 year old dog bit me!! I simply cannot believe it...
  69. What are the chances that my 6 month old puppy will get rabies?
  70. My puppy's stool looks like jelly. So what does that mean???
  71. How much does it cost for a puppy training class at Petco/Petsmart?
  72. When can I leave my two dogs alone together?
  73. where do you get very tall dog gates?
  74. My puppies are coming with me on a 7 hour trip tomorrow get carsick?
  75. Dog with Separation Anxiety
  76. Dog recipes with all purpose flour?
  77. i need sick puppy help!!!
  78. My 10 week puppy has diarrhoea and is being sick
  79. I was thinking of getting a puppy next summer...
  80. What Types Of Dogs............
  81. Dog Bled To Death Under Veterinary Care
  82. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?...
  83. is it bad if i give my dog some watermelon?
  84. What to do for a puppy with a tummyache?
  85. I need quick help with my puppy!!!
  86. What's Up with my dog's skin & eye?
  87. my dog ate chocolate and im worried!
  88. how to get my puppy used to the leash?
  89. Is there some kind of spray I can use on my couches to keep my dog off of them?
  90. URGENT Dog Tooth Problem.
  91. How do you report a subspected puppy mill?
  92. We just got a yellow lab puppy and she is 8 weeks old now.
  93. Help, please! My dog was fixed two days ago and the stitches are bleeding and...
  94. labrador puppy trouble..help
  95. When my dog whimpers, almost cries-like in his sleep, is he having a nightmare?
  96. has anyone got puppy training tips and help for me and my pup
  97. Where can I find a decent dog kenneling location near Irving that would treat my
  98. how do i cut my puppy's nails
  99. what kind of dog is this?
  100. Stray Dog... Please Help!!
  101. EMERGENCY question for my puppy!!!!!!
  103. my dogs go crazy when i give them milk..
  104. 3rd shot of 5in1 on puppies?
  105. My older dog's right nostril is plugged with mucus. What is the problem and solution?
  106. What would be the best way to introduce a new kitten into a house with a dog?
  107. Could my puppy be sick?
  108. What breed is this dog?
  109. What can cause sudden indoor pooping in adult dogs?
  110. what is going on with my dog?
  111. what sort of dog should i get
  112. what kind of dog do i have?
  113. Does my puppy have symptoms of parvo?
  114. i adopted a puppy from the animal shelter...having troubles...
  115. Can I shave my puppy dog?
  116. we are thinking about getting a puppy but we need advice?
  117. Can i really trust someone to walk my dog?
  118. I'm soooo scared of dogs! Can I STOP this "scared of dogs business"?
  119. Just adopted a really shy and scared puppy... any tips?
  120. why do little dogs take their food to the carpet?
  121. Rate my dog? 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest
  122. what is best for my puppy?
  123. Shar Pei owners. Have you ever seen little skin bubbles pop up on your dog?
  124. How can you download oddball pets onto petz 5 ( i have the dog and cat version)
  125. Dog stopped bleeding in heat
  126. should my boyfriend get me a puppy ?
  127. Dog chasing his tail, tips to entertain him?
  128. Training question? Barking puppy at feeding time :-)
  129. My dog usually has nightmares a few times a month, should I worry?
  130. how to keep my hamster safe from my dogs
  131. Can Dogs See Ghosts???
  132. teething puppies 9 times over
  133. what breed is my dog?
  134. dog licking his wound?
  135. Riddle: If it looks like a dog and it barks like a dog . . .
  136. Name for new pitbull puppy!
  137. How can a get into the habit of walking my dog?
  138. Is my dog's poo normal?
  139. What is wrong with my dog?
  140. My 3 month old puppy has a really bad rash. what could it be?
  141. how many times can a female dog have puppies?
  142. good ways to exercise my dog
  143. Sores by dog's canine teeth?
  144. Some one who knows alot about dogs can you help?
  145. How do I stop a dog from urinating all over the wooden floors - it is disgusting
  146. How can I train my dog to be less snappy and more outgoing?
  147. what kind of dog can be left alone while im at school?
  148. My dog won´t stay does anyone have good tips
  149. What should I feed my dog?
  150. Should I adopt my foster dog?
  151. When should I allow my puppy to be off the lead in the park
  152. I want to help my dad pick a type of dog...
  153. Should I get another dog to keep my dog company?
  154. Why won't the smell of my dog's pee go away?
  155. Puppy with raised bumps on lips. What is it?
  156. How do i reduce my dogs chances of getting rey problems i have a cocker spaniel
  157. Im getting a dog? Which name is better?
  158. I am so upset. My 3 year old dog just bit me
  159. Is there any reason why I couldn't split a flea treatment between two small dogs?
  160. Where to get dog information?
  161. Can a dog that has ben fixed can it still make milk?
  162. My dog? Why do I keep thinking this?
  163. is it possible to retrieve papers for a dog
  164. What breed is my puppy? I'm guessing terrier/lab mix? Anyone know?
  165. How old would you say these puppies look?
  166. my puppy is suddenly have diaheria and bleeding what should i do
  167. Help getting dog to stay in yard?
  168. Help! My Dogs are doing the toilet on my couch!!
  169. How much would it cost me to give my puppy his second shots?
  170. i gave my dog a new kind of food
  171. I am teaching my dog tricks
  172. when are puppies old enough to produce their own body heat?
  173. Can You Cut Dog Whiskers
  174. How do I stop my dog from digging in the garden?
  175. Trouble finishing the potty training process with my 6 month old puppy:( HELP!!
  176. Can dogs pass on worms?
  177. What could be the problem with my puppy's breathing?
  178. Are German Shepherd Dogs Good For Allergy Suffer's
  179. why are puppy mills legal?
  180. Will my Vietnameese puppy still remeber me after 2 years ?
  181. 8 puppies surivied!!!?
  182. Help training my dog
  183. I have a german shepherd, husky 12week old puppy.
  184. We have a water boil order and we can't give our dogs water!
  185. My dog is 18 years old and she has become very tired to the point she needs to be
  186. Can you feed a 4 week old puppy regular milk?
  187. what name could i name my dog...plz i need a name!!!ill vote for you if its good!!
  188. how do you get your mother to say yes to a dog?
  189. i think somethang is wrong with my dog?
  190. How much would a these puppies cost?
  191. What does a therapy dog mean
  192. i just bought a puppy at 5 weeks old...
  193. Puppy in a cage? I need some advice!
  194. Akitas not for first time dog owners...?
  195. Puppy Parasites also
  196. How do I get my cat and dog to get along?
  197. Which is beta - kitten or puppy???
  198. how to convince my dad by getting a puppy
  199. What is the max. price of walking a dog?
  200. whats a good dog/wolf or anything related anime
  201. What should i do for my dogs hurt tail?
  202. how do dogs cope with leishmaniasis?
  203. Dog lovers...Is it wrong of me to feel this way?
  204. from DOGS to CATS? same problems?
  205. PLEASE HELP!!! With My Dog???
  207. I need a name for my puppy
  208. I'm getting frustrated my puppy isn't listening to me!
  209. what type of formula to get for a pomeranian/yokie mix puppy
  210. My dog is afraid of everything.
  211. Do you know why Solid Gold only gets 4 stars at dog food analysis?
  212. My dog has pimple like bump close to her eye?
  213. A couple of roaming dogs killed my daughters puppy. What should I do?
  214. I would like to get my first dog for companionship and exercise. What do I need to
  215. Rescue puppy wont eat
  216. What is wrong with my puppy? Its stomach is sunk in, it won't eat or...
  217. Could this make my dog "depressed"?
  218. how do i teach my dog to sleep in her house?
  219. What are some good names for my new puppy?
  220. is my dog a gay boy on the loose
  221. Puppy of a Single Puppy Litter?
  222. Name for female dog, needed!!!!
  223. When you go to Crufts dog show
  224. Frontline for dogs. please help.
  225. Why has my puppy regressed to messing his crate again??
  226. safe way to ride your bike with dog/ puppy?
  227. POLL: Do you own a dog tag necklace and what is on it?
  228. how can I stop my dog from
  229. My dog is very sick, help?
  230. teaching a puppy tricks?
  231. What is the best way to get a dog to stop barking and chasing people?
  232. My annoying
  233. my dog is vomiting....
  234. how do i get my dog to sleep in her doggy bed?
  235. Dog neutering - SPCA or vet?
  236. How to keep dogs out of yard?
  237. My dog thinks its the "leader of the pack"?
  238. My dog swims to the middle of the lake!
  239. Was a man named Bob Rafino ever the drummer for Three Dog Night?
  240. how to teach a dog to growl and bark on command
  241. Territorial dog? He bites when people sit on the couch.
  242. My 3 month old puppy is out of control.
  243. My Boxer dog can't or will not jump!
  244. How can I train my dog for a dog show??
  245. Was it the right thing to do (my dog was put down)
  246. I have a 4 month old boxer puppy that keeps scratching his jaw?
  247. My dog bit into a sharpie?
  248. My dog keeps peeing on floor during the night. Any suggestions?
  249. What is the proper way to crate train a puppy?
  250. What Size Dog Kennel Should I Get My Goldens?!