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  1. When a dog sees a dog psychiatrist...?
  2. My dog cant keep a pill down .. help?
  3. best puppy to get when im older?
  4. If you saw Dog the Bounty Hunter chasing someone would you try to help?
  5. My new girlfriend has a big Alaskan husky dog. I am allergic to dogs.I went
  6. trouble with my new puppy and my older puppy
  7. Okay I need to get info on how to show a Dog.
  8. How to know if ur dog is having a heart attack or stroke? more questions and answers
  9. Puppy Care Help??????
  10. What Should I Name My New Puppy?..
  11. What do you feed your dog?
  12. Is there anything wrong with letting your dog lick your face?
  13. i just got a puppy!...
  14. My puppy has a bladder infection! Please help!
  15. help dog promblem please help please
  16. Labrador puppy diarrhea problem help!!
  17. how offten should i give my dog a bath
  18. id like to be a dog breeder when im older!!!
  19. How can I make my dog watch me and pay more attention to me?
  20. Traits and Behaviors of Jack Russel/Dachshund Dogs
  21. if a bunch of birds is a flock,and abunch of dogs is a pack...?
  22. What Do Foo Dog's Symbolize?
  23. My Lab puppy is itching alot, losing hair on his back legs and he stinks
  24. What do do when your dog is missing ?
  25. my dog ate a chcolate cake?
  26. My dog is a very nervous dog!!!!! What Should I DO!!!!
  27. Dog keeps putting paws in water/biting
  28. How to stop a dog peeing when greeting?
  29. my dog keeps breaking out of his collar and harness...help!
  30. dog issue which results in serious damages and problems PLEASE HELP!
  31. larry knight short a dog on sunday the 3 of august i can not fine it in the...
  32. how can i sanitize the soil for vegetable garden? soil was used by dogs for years.
  33. whats wrong with my dog
  34. I really, really need puppy advice. Maybe someone else has had this problem
  35. PLEASE HELP FAST!!! My dog is 16 she was put on lasix 100mg a day
  36. Does this dog look healthy?
  37. Good puppy food for GSD?
  38. my dog had her puppies taken away how long after her fur grows back?
  39. where can i adopt a puppy??
  40. can anyone help my sick puppy before going to the vet?
  41. why does my puppy have loose bowels
  42. My dog ate my Mobile phone!
  43. I Accidentally Sneezed On My Dog Earlier...
  44. am i a dog or a boar in chinese horoscope if i was born in 1994 on the
  45. Has anyone used the dog crate ProSelect Empire Crate?
  46. My dog has been acting really weird the past 2 days, I can't figure out what's wrong.
  47. Dog all of a sudden starts peeing on dining room table?
  48. anyone else know what breed my dog is?
  49. what is best flea and tick medication for dogs?
  50. What is the cutest dog ever in your mind?
  51. I need help my dog is limping
  52. calloused skin on my dog's elbows?
  53. Sign of kidney failure in dogs?
  54. how long until a puppy can be seperated from his/her mother?
  55. How big will my dog get?
  56. What would be the best guard/family dog?
  57. my dog getting his heart worm test soon and i'm worried!
  58. What dog breed might this be?
  59. Puppy Bath? tell what kind of shower?
  60. Are you a cat person or a dog person
  61. My 8 week old chihuhuha puppy is infested with fleas
  62. How do i get over my dog dieng .. i just cant.
  63. How do I train my puppy to be on a leash?
  64. My Puppy Won't go to the bathroom outside, what can I do?
  65. how do you get a puppy to stop biting.
  66. My puppy's friend....??
  67. Puppy is pretty rough..
  68. If a burglar breaks into your home and is injured by your dog can you got to jail...
  69. My 3 month old puppy has fleas or ticks. What can I do?
  70. what should i do if my dog is about to have puppies and she has had a broken back...
  71. I wrote a prayer poem for my dog ginger read...
  72. is it bad if my dog just ate a bird?
  73. looking for a dog and live in Georgia?
  74. my dog had a tic on it....
  75. removing puppy's dew claws recommended?
  76. Am I allergic to Dogs
  77. question about tiny dog
  78. If you were a dog would you date Brian from Family Guy?
  79. If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be and why?
  80. the best dog for me...
  81. Rare dog breed quiz?
  82. not enough time for a dog?
  83. should i be getting a puppy now?
  84. what is the best way to break up a dog fight?
  86. new puppy has bad worms
  87. were are some good free sites to sell puppies that get good responce back besides...
  88. What is this rash that a my dog has
  89. will this dog fit in this kennal (links are below)
  90. I have a concern with my puppy!
  91. dog hives :/ he's really sick !
  92. why dose my dog eat grass
  93. My dogs paw pads smell like Frito's...
  94. Do you think it is mean when people have their dogs tail or ears clipped ?
  95. How can I teach my puppy to pee indoors and outdoors???
  96. My dog won't do his tricks
  97. help! My dog got sprayed by a skunk.
  98. Can rats sense their owners illness, like a cat or dog can?
  99. I love dogs! Does anyone have any good dog stories?
  100. at what age can you have a puppy spayed?
  101. How do you get a puppy to stop chewing stuff! help!
  102. Is there something wrong with my puppy?
  103. How often should my 10 week old puppy be eating and drinking?
  104. Where can I get 3 dogs near...?
  105. Beware of Bulldog Puppy con!
  106. Puppy 16 weeks old all she does is sleep,poop (diarrhea),and is not eating at all
  107. What's the best way to care for an wound? I was dog bitten.
  108. How could we get movie makers to promote picking dogs based on personality rather...
  109. what does my dog have
  110. OK. Is my dog sick ?
  111. Are renters responsible 4 dog attacks or owners?
  112. I think my dog has allergys
  113. I just need all the facts& info for my puppy im gettin so i can take care of it
  114. I might breed my dog, what should i name it! HELP!!!
  115. what would you name this little girl puppy?
  116. Young dog's skin color has changed
  117. how can i make my two dogs get along?
  118. will my dog die if he ate a slice of onions?
  119. What shots do I need to get for my new puppies?
  120. can i give my puppy treats?
  121. Is my Dog Sick Or Girl Dog Crazy?
  122. Puppy has a seroma bump...!
  124. Do you think my dog is a purebred Chinese Crested Powerpuff?
  125. Spending $50000 on 5 cloned pit bull puppies - morally wrong? or up to the buyer?
  126. Why are one of my puppy's eyes dialated and the other one tiny?
  127. My puppy bit me ! What do i do ?
  128. when will my dogs puppies be born???
  129. help me to help my dog
  130. what is the proper way to kennel train an 8 week old puppy?
  131. Do you think my dog is sick?
  132. Is there anything I can use as a treat for my puppy that's home made?
  133. NBA Trivia: Which Former Retired NBA Player is Known as Mad Dog?
  134. need a friend for my dog
  135. Does anyone know how I can convince my landlord to let me have a dog. She is
  136. Best treatment for fleas on dogs?
  137. what type of colour collar for a puppy jack russel?
  138. Where do I get Canine Distemper Shots for Puppies?
  139. help on removing a tick from my dogs ear...please
  140. Dog biting her skin until it bleeds?
  141. what should i name my dog???? please help....
  142. Please help with my dog 10 pionts bes answer!!!
  143. Puppy put on IV and staying overnight at vet - what could it be
  144. Lyme vaccination side effects in dogs...
  145. My puppy has just gone on heat for the first time
  146. i am getting a dog for my b-day!!! tell me what dog is a good pet???
  147. Do You Think My Dog Is Cute?
  148. My new puppy freaked out an bit my family
  149. A dog of my cousin just slighlty hit its teeth hard on my finger. Am i safe?
  150. How much should i charge for dog walking?
  151. Adopt a shitzu Puppy ??
  152. how can I get rid of my phobia in DOGS!
  153. what is a list of dogs that could do fine outside for 8 hours
  154. wat do i do my dog had 11 puppies yesterday but only 8 nipples produce milk i...
  155. My dog put scratches in my microfiber couch. How do I get rid of them.
  156. Is it okay to take my puppy out after his first set of shots?
  157. What to look for in buying a dog?
  158. my dog always rips things up when i leave
  159. how do i convince my mom to get a big dog?
  160. Can I put frontline spray on a dog that is nursing 7 puppies?
  161. What isz a cuter name for a dog? Emma or Casey?
  162. how long do you have to bath your dog in tomato juice to get odor out
  163. Magical dog food...?
  164. why is my dog skin pink under her coat
  165. What can i tell my dad for him to accept my dog tht i bought without his
  167. hopefully getting my new dog today?
  168. What happened to my dog's ashes if he was cremated but I never got them back?
  169. My Dog wont stop chewing/scratching the door when i leave!
  170. Wee-wee Puppy Housebreaking Aid
  171. How do i get my puppy to walk on the lead?
  172. question about my dog?
  173. the best puppy nutrition ?
  174. how can i introduce my dog year and 5 month dog to my 10 week old pup
  175. Does anyone have any good tips about training their puppy.. any tips at all
  176. cheap puppy clothes?
  177. I Believe my dog has an Ear Infection
  178. My 5 month to 6 month old puppy is sick!
  179. How do i get rid of my dog's fleas?
  180. Question about Puppy (PLEASE READ)
  181. What is your favorite type of dog??
  182. House training a dog
  183. my new puppy i need help
  184. Puppy put on IV and staying overnight at vet - what could it be
  185. Can puppies have water at 3 weeks?
  186. i heard that baking soda and water is good for dog toothpaste?
  187. what is wrong with me?? is it love? puppy love???
  188. ok i have dog problems
  189. My Puppy is acting out! Somebody please help me!!!!!!
  190. How much chocolate can Kill a dog?
  191. seriously my dog got hit by a car at 8:30 and he was squeling an hurting...
  192. Vet's advice wanted...my dog wont stop crying!!
  193. My dog can't seem to get used to my parrot. What do I do?
  194. Where can i find hypoallergenic puppies in VA?
  195. What can my puppy have ?
  196. Is there a way to treat a dog systemically for a fungal infection?
  197. dog is scared of husband.
  198. Why has my dog started scratching the carpet in the corner of our bedroom?
  199. Which ones are the best dogs on this list?
  200. My dog is acting very strange
  201. What was the toughest problem you ran into with when rasing your dog?
  202. Things to consider when buying a puppy?
  203. How do i know if my little dog is safe?!
  204. How can I teach my dog to behave in the car?
  205. How can I make my dog play a little gentler with other dogs?
  206. Why has my dog started peeing on the carpet?
  207. Serious question about eating dogs...
  208. My dog got to something ..
  209. I want to start making homemade meals for my dog
  210. how can i buff up my dog?
  211. Am I supposed to get up during the night to take out my 10 week old puppy?
  212. If an ant or something crawled up into the butt hole of my dog and then she scooted
  213. I Have Some Puppies Dat I Barely Bought Nd I Need A Name For Them????
  214. Did dogs domesticate us, or vice versa?
  215. My 5 week old puppy is smaller than rest ...
  216. Dog tumor question ???????
  217. My dog's new "vegetarian" diet?!
  218. why is my dog crying?
  219. Dog with food allergy, help?
  220. What does my puppy have?
  221. Why does my dog go potty inside, even after she's been taken out?
  222. Is there a such thing as a pregnancy test for dogs?
  223. How do I introduce my cat to a new dog?
  224. My dog sometimes breath's REALLY loud and fast and sneezes every once in a
  225. dog care help please
  226. How long does it take you to house train a puppy?
  227. Can anyone tell me what my border collie puppy is mixed with?
  228. My dog has a dry nose on one side, what can i put on it?
  229. What should I name my Webkinz Love Puppy?
  230. how do i get my dog to stop chewing
  231. Will my dog stop going into season?
  232. My Dog Won´t Stop Crying...
  233. What is a cool pet thats amusing and no saying cat or dog please
  234. My puppy was neutered today. What do I need 2 do??
  235. How To Teach My Puppy To The Best Of Its Ability
  236. Why is Tim absent from Dog the Bounty Hunter this season
  237. Em, if your dog is acting particularly odd, eating his leg...
  238. My dog seems very upset, can you help??
  239. Dear Landlord, How Can I Convince You to Let Me Get a Dog?
  240. Have you ever taken your dog on vacation?
  241. What can i name my Dog?
  242. why does my dog do this?
  243. Good names for small dogs?
  244. Can anyone recommend a good vet clinic for my dogs in the south Scottsdale area???
  245. A New Puppy For My Birthday?!?!?!?!?!
  246. I am in a frantic search for a dog. I want it so badly but i don't know which breed.
  247. Help i have a big question about dog suplpies!
  248. My dog has skin problems?
  249. furosemide cause vomiting in dogs????????????HELP
  250. iI know dogs can't eat chocolate or grapes, can they eat cheese? And can...