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  1. Blister with blackish/brown discharge on my dog near her butt... PLEASE HELP!!! ?
  2. I brought a new puppy home today and he hasn't drank anything.?
  3. What is the best & nicest teeny dog breed?
  4. Should I try to break up my dog and my rabbit?
  5. how do i convince my dad to let me get a puppy?
  6. does your dog do this? why does mine do this so much?
  7. If you were in another country and starving, would you eat dog?
  8. Any advise... From anyone who has gone through heart-worm treatment with their dog.?
  9. deat threat on our dogs?
  10. is my dog in labor and do i need to get help?
  11. getting my other dog used to the puppy
  12. my puppy has worms again?>????????
  13. My Dog Is Afraid To Pee?
  14. why do people still think that hill-dog has a chance? ?
  15. Should I let him my puppy?
  16. How do I teach my 2 month old puppy not to bite?
  17. Why is my dog always chewing on and licking his feet?
  18. Getting a dog to put with my papillion?
  19. How and How much does it cost to ship a dog from USA to Hong Kong?
  20. We want to visit Mackinac in Sept, have our small dog with us, what's there to do?
  21. my neighbor's dog always comes to our backyard to play with my dog.problem is that...
  22. one computer on my home network is slow as a dog on the net?
  23. Did my dead dog contact me?
  24. You think you could do 'Greatest American Dog'?
  25. Why is my puppy waving her head around?
  26. Please help me retrain my dog?
  27. Help how do I get my dogs to like me?
  28. Do you think my dog Penny is cute?
  29. How do I teach my puppy to calm down?
  30. Can you help to re-home a dog in NSW?
  31. What caused my dogs to get in a fight?
  32. What kind of dog is this??
  33. POLL: When did you last enter your dog into a competition ???
  34. are there any jobs for teens that allow dogs?
  35. How many times does a stray street dog wipe their butt?
  36. i just got a new puppy please help!!!!!
  37. My puppy has a mohawk, is my rockin' the cause for what's on his noggin'?
  38. How can i test my dog?
  39. New dog keeps barking!?
  40. new puppy...is this normal?
  41. Male dog dominance...Licking other males?
  42. if my dog has mange can i still cross her by the border?
  43. my dog poops tons help!!!!?
  44. My dog has had two sets of shots. ?
  45. Is this a puppy mill or no?
  46. my dogs keep braking my screen and there escaping i dont know why?
  47. My dog shakes and pants manically, seemingly only at night. Any Ideas?
  48. Limping dog? HELP! ?
  49. Help..my dog is very sick and flesh is deteriorating ?
  50. my puppy has no fear of heights?
  51. I have a dog problem
  52. what do you think should be done to people that neglect there dogs and abuse them ?
  53. Charges for letting dog run at large
  54. Cat breeds that scare dogs?
  55. Leaving my puppy home?
  56. Dog had yellow maybe light green discharge??
  57. Just how effective are training bra's? Can they make those little puppies sit...
  58. What can I do about my dogs toe nail that has broken and is now just hanging?
  59. Question for the dog owners?
  60. My puppy puts her butt in my older dogs face? wut does this mean?
  61. Should I worry about bats flying into me while I'm walking my dogs?
  62. what should i name my puppy?
  63. how to stop puppy from climbing furniture?
  64. Don't dogs have more puppies the more times they are with the other dog? ?
  65. I want to start baby sitting dogs..but where do i start?
  66. puppy getting spayed..question..?
  67. What is you fav. breed of dog? ?
  68. Please read, I just got a new puppy from a great breeder. I got a Boerboel.
  69. What can b don 2 keep stray dogs off unfenced rented home. The last cat
  70. Hey GUYS! Do you have a problem with dating a chick with a dog?
  71. Whats wrong with my dog? :(
  72. Has anyone out there had their dogs separation anxiety fixed or even just
  73. dogs ? ?
  74. I need help with my pregnant dog's diet.?
  75. kong products for puppy's?
  76. i want a purse dog, what kind should i get?
  77. I need a name for my little new puppy!!?
  78. new little puppy????
  79. my 7 year old dog with kidney failure
  80. smallest dog in the litter
  81. my dog!!Ahhhh help!!!?
  82. Is it true about a puppy's coat.?
  83. Sad and sick little puppy question...?
  84. Puppy Peeing Every 10 minutes?
  85. Tough Riddle - What looks like a wolf, looks like a dog, is full of
  86. my dogs pads on his back paws are really swollen. I think Its from running on...
  87. Do many dogs have extra toes (in addition to dew toes)?
  88. Is listerine mouthwash safe for a dog to have?
  89. How far do you walk your dog?
  90. OK have you dog lovers heard of this???
  91. How can i get my dog to stop barking at everyone who comes in the door?
  92. What do I do about this dog????
  93. Where can i get a Maltese puppy in Webster NY?
  94. Dog with multiple personalities?
  95. My puppy Tiger has a bad wound on his neck and i need a good bandage and suggestions?
  96. Great names for a Jack Russel Terrier puppy (female)?
  97. does this mean your puppy is sick.. ?
  98. Spiritual Needs of Dogs?
  99. Future 1st Time Dog Owner: A Small Dog Breed that could coexist with a Tabby Cat?
  100. does anyone know what kind of dog is in the pedicure commercial? (black head...
  101. puppy miller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  102. What If Dog Eats A Whole Ham?
  103. Should I wake my puppy to eat?
  104. My dog will sometimes snarl randomly....?
  105. Help with new Boxer puppy name.?
  106. My dog is vomiting yellowish foam like stuff. IS SHE OKAY??
  107. Puppy - what happens now?
  108. Would a yorkie or any other small dog fit our lifestyle ?
  109. registering purebred dogs in USA?
  110. What will dissolve/breakdown dog poop? ?
  111. Why does my 8 month old dog wait until I let him in after 2-3 hours outside...
  112. How do you treat a Guide Dog?
  113. if im going somewhere with police drug dogs and i smoked marijuana, should...
  114. What does Puppy Mill Dogs mean?
  115. What is a good name for my puppy? ?
  116. what kind of dog is that?
  117. Whats the oddest name you've ever heard for a dog
  118. What is the most high maintenance type of dog?
  119. How to treat heartburn in a dog?
  120. Are Jack Russel Terriers energetic dogs?
  121. Premier Spray Sense Anti-Bark Dog Collar ?
  122. White skin infection on my dog
  123. Does my puppy feel neglected?
  124. My dog swallowed Advil .. What do i do?!
  125. how do i potty train my dachshund(weeiner dog)???
  126. whats wrong with a dog whos inside of ears are black and itchy and it feels nasty?
  127. i got a dog and i am not sure if anyone registered her - how do i find out?
  128. my puppy is peeing on the outside of his litter box
  129. Hearing Loss attributed to Otomax with my Dog
  130. I might adopt this dog if she is a good fit for my family
  131. My puppy won't stop biting!!??
  132. My 6 month old puppy died today being spayed why
  133. Whats wrong with my dog?
  134. is my Dog homosexual
  135. What kind of dogs are these
  136. why am I dreaming dogs? What does this dream mean?
  137. How do i make a dog poop and pee?and eat its food?
  138. How do you deal with a jealous dog?
  139. good lamb and rice dog food?
  140. The new puppy will only eat cat food!! Should I put him on a vitamin to
  141. has your dog ever eaten a bunch of hair or thread?
  142. What kind of dog is this?
  143. What is a good dog name for this dog?
  144. My 9mth old rotty puppy destroys everything.HELP HELP!!
  145. I have just dropped my dog help
  146. What is a good name(s) for a boy puppy?
  147. What could be wrong with my dad's dog?
  148. At what age did your puppy stop growing?
  149. my puppy got shocked??
  150. Why does my dog sometimes run and hide in a corner when it's time to go in his crate?
  151. My Dog Is Driving Me Crazy! Need Help Plz
  152. Is it a good idea to get a puppy before my gcse and other exams
  153. I've lived in my apt 13 years and 4 years ago i got a dog, the resident
  154. My dog is horny!!?? What can i do?
  155. SECOND ROUND of Dog Section Awards!
  156. a few puppy questions
  157. do dogs get hemmeroids?
  158. Does anyone know anything on heart murmers in puppies and if its heretitary?
  159. How can I talk to a girl that always see when I'm walking my dog? she'll
  160. what type of dog should i get?
  161. there's a breed of dogs that looks like a snow ball!! does anyone know what it is?
  162. middle aged dog drinking alot of water, peeing alot and in the house.?
  163. Spayed dog got pregnant!
  164. Is there an OTC dog de-wormer that can be used on an 8wk pup, for round, hook
  165. My puppy has big bald spots on his skin, but they are black wide. Do you know...
  166. what dog is this, any guesses?
  167. Help with english mastiff puppy!!?
  168. How to stop a dog from jumping and barking ???
  169. How big will my puppy get?
  170. Can you work full time and have a small dog ??
  171. Best way to housebreak a 10 week old puppy?
  172. How do you tame an extremely disobedient dog?
  173. Can anyone in the Los Angeles/Orange County area foster a bottle-baby puppy?
  174. What are de wormers for dogs.
  175. If i have a crazy cousin should i get a puppy?
  176. cute boy puppy names!!??!!?!?
  177. what is the most efective and cheap way to kill fleas and ticks in your home
  178. i was going to put my dog to sleep is that good?
  179. umm are puppies(chihuahuas) suppose 2 loose teeth?
  180. HELP, I have a puppy that I cannot get to let me know he needs to go outside.?
  181. my white labrador has brown stains on her neck from puppy biting?
  182. How to keep a dog happy while i'm at work?
  183. Do your dogs have a Dogster?
  184. Dog Behavior Problems?
  185. i cannot get my puppy to walk on a leash..
  186. My dog hurt his leg. Help Please?
  187. What are the possible reasons why my dog can't pee?
  188. Is it possible for a 5 month old puppy to have heart worm?
  189. If there was a fire, would you save the little old Granny or the little puppies?
  190. 12 week old shih poo puppy pooping little drops of blood??
  191. how to potty train shiba inu puppy to go outside?
  192. what is my puppy allowed to eat and not allowed to eat?
  193. puppy breeders in CT?
  194. Dog Allergies-----Please Help!!!?
  195. can anyone tell me the name of the puppies from 101 dalmations???
  196. 2 week old puppies have
  197. about dog who is in labor
  198. I'm trying to figure out why my rott is trying to kill her puppies
  199. Do I have to register my dog? help!
  200. Where are some cool places to take my dog in San Jose?
  201. Why can humans eat more than dogs without getting fat?
  202. How do I stop my puppy from trying to play this ridiculous chase game
  203. Are there any large dog breeds with short hair that don't shed?
  204. Dog toothache or something else?
  205. Any tips on a first time dog walker in semi-rural birmingham?
  206. when should i stop feeding my puppy lunch?
  207. what breed of dog will fit me?
  208. My Dog ate some raisins what can I do?
  209. Which sex are dogs used in dog fighting, its only males or it doesn't matter? thanks.
  210. how to make tick let go on dog to remove?
  211. I miss my baby girl (dog)?
  212. What do I do about my dog, who has hurt his leg and may need surgery.?
  213. How do you feed Cesar Puppy Food?
  214. Does anyone know if I can set up a dog walking business???
  215. U.S. military kills puppies?
  216. POLL:is my dog...............
  217. dog treat recipes =]
  218. what to do with my dog while im at school?
  219. How many of you sleep with your dogs in bed?
  220. Help my dog ate 2 large raw meatballs !!
  221. Dog dragging around the rhubarb plants....?
  222. what kind of dog is this??
  223. is having two puppies from the same litter bad?
  224. What could be causing my dog to have such itchy ears?
  225. A delicate dog bath for a golden retriever?
  226. what breed do you think my dog is?
  227. I'm trying to find a Frenchton puppy in Michigan!! Help Please!
  228. What's wrong with a man that deliberately tries to run over 2 dogs?
  229. my dogs need help idk what to do!? read!
  230. Last friday I got a puppy...
  231. My dog has a brown bag thing under its eyes...
  232. How Much Do Dog Vaccines Cost In Houston Tx
  233. So my 11 week old puppy thinks the leash is a toy to bite and tug on.
  234. where should i put the puppy when i go to school..
  235. what is wrong with my puppy?
  236. Are there any airlines that will allow a dog of 22 pounds fly in the cabin?
  237. My Puppy has badddd aggression?
  238. Dog insurance or Vet insurance?
  239. How do I get my dog to be loyal?
  240. Rate the cuteness of this chow-chow puppy!Thanks!?
  241. anyone knows how to get rid of white stuff from a dogs' eye?
  242. My poor dog lassie is bloated.
  243. Unwanted Puppy Behavior
  244. Have any of you had to have your dog allergy tested? Does anyone know much about
  245. Brewers yeast for dogs?
  246. Golden Lab Puppy Help!!?
  247. What kind of dog is this?
  248. I have a 7 year old dog and a 26 wk kitten (Very good with dogs)...
  249. Have my dog retested for Heartworms after 6 weeks of having the treatment ??
  250. How do I get the dog I've had to like the dog I just got?