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  1. Can puppy linux be installed on a hard drive?
  2. Which dog should we get?
  3. Big Travellers/Dogs?
  4. Puppy weaning, my breeder recommended a silly diet, advice please???
  5. How will I know if my boxer puppy is blind?
  6. whats up with my dog????
  7. What's your favorite breed of dog and why?
  8. Dog name guessing game........?
  9. Can my Bitch dog still get pregnant?
  10. I rescued a new dog, and she keeps pawing my resident dog's face. Is this...
  11. Is it bad to adopt a puppy from a puppy mill?
  12. Mutts/Hybrid dogs infertile?
  13. people at petsmart abused dog?
  14. Dogs on New wood floors?
  15. why does my dog just stare at me and growl?
  16. Puppy not as playful with me?
  17. does anybody else's dog do this?
  18. A Low Shedding Large Dog?
  19. What breed of dog do you think mine is?
  20. What is the best way to clip my dogs nails?
  21. Why do dogs bury or hide bones or toys ?
  22. is it puppy love?................................?
  23. Looking for information on dog psychologist...?
  24. Advise on Dog Behaviour when introducing new puppy?
  25. I hate big weiners, when you cook them they swell up and are to big for a
  26. are ALL puppies hyper?
  27. My dog is Shivering and Hiding! Help!?
  28. What dog/puppy should I get for my cousin?
  29. New Rotti Puppy- had a Week, must leave for two nights- leave in crate??!?!?!
  30. Where can I adopt small puppies??
  31. What is the best breed dog for me?
  32. My puppy is crazy! Please help!?
  33. Will dogs still have rabies even if it has no contact with other dogs?
  34. worms in puppies...?
  35. my dog is preganant ?
  36. i hate telling my dog off but he just looks for trouble(lonnnng story ahead)?
  37. my mom hasent taken my dog to the vet really...?
  38. Why won't my dog stop peeing in the corner!?
  39. How do I get my boyfriend from babying our dog?
  40. How do I get my dog to bark at the dog?
  41. What traits should you look for when choosing a dog?
  42. How long should puppies be in their play pens?
  43. What breed for family dog?
  44. If you live in the country, and your dog guards your house, is it better not to...
  45. My cigarettes where in my coat which got soaked while I was walking the dog?
  46. How do I save my dog on dogz 3d cellphone game?
  47. Pomeranian puppy training?
  48. My friends dog has alot of crust around the eye. Can anyone tell what it could be?
  49. taking care of my dog?
  50. What should I name my new puppy?
  51. Is this to much for a dog???
  52. how can i get my dogs chest to get bigger?
  53. could i take my dog into college tomorrow , no ones in to look after it?
  54. Help my dog barks at everything he hears.?
  55. How much does your dog weigh and how old are they?
  56. Will you please help, dog problems???
  57. Will a female or male dog eat thier offspring when they are born? Is this
  58. How do I go about registering my dogs without those change of registry papers?
  59. my dog keeps attacking other dogs?
  60. What steps needs to be taken to move a dog into Canada from the US?
  61. which one of these dogs would you rather have and why?
  62. How can I properly socialize my puppy?
  63. Dog Question? please help me?
  64. My dog Looks Emaciated?
  65. Puppy trouble...HELP??
  66. How can I make my dog stop being itchy?
  67. Does anyone have a step-by-step dog training guide for puppies?
  68. My 7 month old "big" Puppy and toilet training!?
  69. I'm 17 and my parents won't let me have a dog.How can I show my parents I'm ready
  70. please read! about amazing pitbulls.do you like these dogs?how can we
  71. I have a question about dog tricks?
  72. puppy training? help....?
  73. I just got a 2 1/2 old month yorkie, and I am scared she might get parvovirus...
  74. Bichon Frise Puppy Sleeping?
  75. How can i get my dogs to stop barking at night?
  76. My 5-month old Shih Tzu puppy drinks her pee and eats her poo?
  77. How can I get my dog to stop drinking from the fridge?
  78. what should i call my stray puppy?
  79. 5 days old puppies with thick, yellow and smelly bowel movement?
  80. Have you ever tried dog food?
  81. how do i get my dog to calm down?
  82. My puppy goes to the bathroom in her cage?
  83. How do I teach my dog to bark on command?
  84. slighty pale gums in puppy?
  85. how to train a puppy peep and poop at the right place?
  86. My Dog Wont Talk To Me ?
  87. have a question about a dog?
  88. These designer dogs are getting out of hand?
  89. Joint supplements for dogs?
  90. How has your dog changed?
  91. What a puppy needs...?
  92. how can i tell my dog to not bite kittens?
  93. How many lives does a dog have ?
  94. why is my dog peeing on the carpet?
  95. What should I name my puppy?
  96. Good dog names? Anybody ?
  97. Does anyone know what this dog has??
  98. My Dog's Mouth??!!? Help!!?
  99. How can I tell the difference between a tumor and a fat deposit on my dog?
  100. so i might get a dog for the first time...?
  101. help with my dog he wants to go in the water??
  102. Is there a specific reason why hot dogs make me sick?
  103. What does a Black Dog represent, spiritually?
  104. how long do provo the desease live in your house.once a puppy has died
  105. Im looking into raising a puppy and i was wondering what breed would be most
  106. my dog licked his flea treatment and seems as if he is havin some problems plz help?
  107. if my dog has mange can i still cross her by the border?
  108. puppy creaks when she walks?
  109. My dog has some issues, how can i get him to stop?
  110. nice, calm non-aggresive dog breed that can live in an aparment??
  111. why do dogs do this?
  112. I am interested in getting a lab puppy. Does anyone know where I can get a female
  113. puppy in quarantine?
  114. my 4 month old doberman wont listen to us when my other dog is around, ?
  115. My dog has bad arthritis in her hips and legs. Is there a homeopathic remedy
  116. A few puppy questions~?
  117. How long will it take for my puppy to walk properly on leash?
  118. what are the sacks that grow on a dogs big dog's elbow
  119. Well my dog just died so how do I get it?
  120. My dog seems like she is going to get big but I am not sure.....?
  121. How do I get my cats and my roomate's dog to get along peacefully?
  122. My dog has taken a liking to barking and growling at bigger dogs and i...
  123. What does is mean when my puppy is not motivated anymore for...
  124. Dog selective hearing?
  125. How old was your puppy (prfbly a terrier (JRT)) when he/she stopped waking up in
  126. legal issues with dogs
  127. does my dog have asthma and is it causing the seizures contin.?
  128. Canidae All Life Stages Formula...my dog is still picky!?
  129. Some 10 year old girl accused me of choking my dog?
  130. Sims 2 Pets- My Cats and Dogs wont have babies!?
  131. What do i do my 2yr old alergic to new dog!?
  132. There's something wrong with my dog....?
  133. What should I do with terrible puppy breath?
  134. Are you capable of answering questions about dogs objectively?
  135. Is there hope to bond with her puppies? We had her spaded...?
  136. please help with puppy name??
  137. What's wrogn with my dog's ears? Dried Blood Spots?
  138. scams on puppies? is this possible?
  139. How much would a "red" pit bull puppy cost?
  140. What are some pirate related names for a dog?
  141. i have a 9 week old pit bull puppy and she is biting ?
  142. Removing a dog's dew claws? Why?
  143. what is the strongest breed of dog?? ?
  144. how cute is my dog ? =)?
  145. is my dog too old to haved puppies?
  146. What dog is this????
  147. How can i get a puppy to pee outside on a rainy day?
  148. best shampoo for a puppy?
  149. Any Mini-Pin or Xolo dog owners out there?
  150. My sons puppy started to drool and throwing up-she also has the runs and drinks
  151. water for my dog and cats?
  152. how can i get my puppy to stop biting ?
  153. what is the best indestructible toy for a dog?
  154. Know what kind of dog this is??
  155. Need cute names for my new puppy!?
  156. im getting a new puppy frommy cousins dog and xtra info on care?
  157. My dog doesn't understand rules?
  158. How do we go about house training a 6 weeke old puppy?
  159. my dog choked on a hanger!!!?
  160. What dog would you recommend?
  161. my puppy which I found , she stay in at night and out during the day my neighbors
  162. How much do you pay to have your dog's anal glands expressed?
  163. Hi any tips on getting a puppy to stop barking?
  164. Is this a cute dog? Should I adopt her?
  165. when a girl dog is in heat...?
  166. dogs eating out of litter box...YUCK!?
  167. pleases help my dogs hurt?
  168. Puppy's sixth toe- Amputate or appreciate?
  169. My dog keeps throwing up?
  170. My dog/s need braces - take a look - how much do you think it would cost?
  171. My puppy is about 3 months old. He's front leg keeps shaking when he sits?...
  172. Does anyone know how to give a yorkie puppy.. a cute puppy look!!!?
  173. How do i house train a 8and a half week old puppy?
  174. Puppy running away like a mad-man?
  175. Do dogs Molar teeth grow back when ripped out?
  176. How do you get your dog to pick up his bowl
  177. How can I stop my dog from having gas?
  178. why does my puppy do this?
  179. My dad seems to have a problem with getting dogs neutered...?
  180. Can Calcium Hydroxide breakdown dog feces? ?
  181. Urgent puppy question... regarding vaccinations (discovered lump where vaccination
  182. Why is my puppy sleeping so much?
  183. I can train my dog but can I train my friends?
  184. What do we do now that our yorkie puppy died? We purchased it 3 weeks ago? help pls?
  185. Puppy piddling problem
  186. How To Prevent Dogs From Chewing? ?
  187. other dogs attacking my puppy?
  188. Does my puppy not like me/fear me?
  189. My dog hurt her leg...?
  190. why don't dogs get greasy?
  191. Is my puppy a boy or girl?
  192. my dog is preg her mucas plug came away 9:30 am this morning ?
  193. I am planning to re-locate to Australia from Canada, however I have 2 German
  194. My dog just had a few drops of blood come out of his anus. I'm scared!?
  195. what should i do with the stray dogs???
  196. i want i big dog what kind of big dogs are there that are very playful? help?
  197. lilah puppy name.????
  198. I Found a Lost Puppy!?
  199. brooklyn? my puppies name.?
  200. Should i add a cat/dog to the hectic mix?
  201. i think my dog is hording socks?
  202. our Pomeranian puppy Dusty?
  203. What to do for an itchy dog?
  204. What kind of DOG is this!?
  205. dog bites another dog on the ear what to do?
  206. How to teach my puppy basic training?
  207. Please Its About My Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  208. I'm getting a puppy which is currently 1 month old the breeder said there not...
  209. Does my dog have asthma, and is it cause the seizures?
  210. U.S. military kills puppies in Iraq?
  211. how to train a mini poodle puppy to stop biting?
  212. dog vomiting blood? Any tips?
  213. Puppy attacking mother?
  214. my 7 month old puppy?
  215. How to train puppy using training pads and going outside?
  216. Will ensure make my dog sick?
  217. I need advice on dog brushes?
  218. Puppy Urinating Much too Frequently?
  219. Dog has fleas and we have a newborn baby...?
  220. I just got a new baby puppy! A few concerns come to mind. Can I treat a...
  221. my 14 year old dog was?
  222. is this dog rare? min pin? and is my dog just sensitive?
  223. what does it mean if a dog is house broken?
  224. Help me...Puppy food and treat recipes...?
  225. will running with puppy while trying to train him to walk properly on leash...
  226. my dog had her final jab ...?
  227. Is it ok? for me to leave my dog..?
  228. Would you do something that required you to be away from your dog for a while?
  229. Puppy peeing and pooing.?
  230. Which dog is most friendly with miniature dachshunds?
  231. I have a sick puppy inside my house with pneumonia. I'm 4 weeks pregnant could
  232. No fur around my dog's neck?
  233. I have a 15 weeks old black lab puppy I think he is mixed but I'm not sure what
  234. my puppy just had a kennel cough booster, she now has red swollen eyes.?
  235. Relocating a dog, NEED HELP please :)?
  236. I need a soft carrier for a dog on united airlines
  237. How can I stop my dog jumping up at me when nervous?
  238. Puppy Food to Increase Weight.
  239. Can a Rose Hair Tarantula Kill or harm a dog?
  240. My 11wk old Brittney Spaniel puppy threw up a couple of hours ago should I be
  241. 5 week old puppy with blood in stool! Help!!!?
  242. This puppy is 8 weeks old... What breeds do you think are in him, and how
  243. What breed of dog is this?
  244. How to stop my puppy from chasing my sister?
  245. ROM status for dogs?
  246. is it a maltese dog?
  247. HELP!! What do I do with my dogs??
  248. My dog won't stop barking?!?
  249. Dogs >> Papillon Breeders.?
  250. Female puppy Help? :)?