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  1. Anyone ever use the scat mats to keep dogs off of couches?
  2. help with a dog toy name??
  3. How can I persuade my parents to get a dog?
  4. What is the biggest and best gaurd dog.?
  5. Is Obama a Turkey? Palin a pig? Biden an Ass? or is Mc Cain a Bull dog?
  6. Cost of flying dog from UK to America?
  7. my dog has fleas and i have been researching is there some kind of home made spray?
  8. Is it normal for a 2 month puppy to shed hair?
  9. My puppy is not listening to me!?
  10. My dog was hit in the eye with a ball and his eye was swollen shut. I took him to
  11. Puppy climbing over gate when left alone and going to the bathroom?
  12. dog skin condition? doggie worries?
  13. What should I do with my dog?
  14. where can i buy a daschund puppy for sale for 100?
  15. who won americas' greatest dog?
  16. When will it be ok to leave my puppy in his crate all day? ?
  17. How do you earn the dog trust when entering their home?
  18. How do you keep a dog from dehydrating if he refuses to drink.?
  19. how much should a dog poop?
  20. Why does the Pitt want to rub all over the puppy?
  21. What is this bright red rash on my dog's stomach/?
  22. my puppy has bumps on her eyelids?
  23. Pregnant dog rescue?
  24. Dog who hates other dogs, help!?
  25. Any danger of this? (male dog)?
  26. Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, ?
  27. What is the best food to feed my new Springer Spaniel puppy? She's 6 weeks old.?
  28. my dog has a bad foot!!!!!!!!!?
  29. Americas Greatest Dog winner ?
  30. Dog is Bleeding when she Pees?
  31. My dog has this nasty bruise right next to his penis?
  32. When is the best time to worm puppies?
  33. my dog is throwing up and wont eat or drink water?
  34. how do i teach my dog feach?
  35. whats best male or female dog?
  36. help and advice on re homing my dog please.?
  37. Getting a Doberman puppy?
  38. Is it weird or crazy to make your dogs food?
  39. How many times does a puppy have to throw up until it's really bad?
  40. How much is too much puppy daycare?
  41. Do dogs feel sadness when you aren't around? Do dogs know how cute they are?
  42. Adult weight of friend's puppy?
  43. Poll: Big Dogs Or Little Dogs?
  44. Dog Urination Problem?
  45. Dog got sparayed by a skunk - how do i deodorize his leather collar?
  46. What do you do if your dog is a FACTORY of ticks!?
  47. Hi my puppy just got her first set of shots and she is now throwing up green
  48. Dog Licensing - New York?
  49. Is it safe for a woman to walk her dog at night?
  50. chihuahua puppy that seems to have been abused and he hates my husband how can i...
  51. i am buying a dog it says in the advert for the dog available 4 stud what does
  52. Puppy keeps getting reinfested with fleas...?
  53. my neighbours dog poos everywhere ?
  54. How can I help with my dog's separation anxiety?
  55. Dog with seizure disorder died from head trauma.?
  56. My dogs are chewing on our deck?
  57. Can dogs hump when the female is not in heat?
  58. my cat got bitten by dog & the cats nose is bleeding?
  59. Is there research that indicates that dogs are pack animals?
  60. Does anyone know where i can get a rottweiler puppy?
  61. What sort of dog do these puppies appear to be?
  62. Our dog is meeting friends dog for first time - any tips?
  63. Where to find a Pure Bread German Shepherd Puppy in my area ?
  64. Can a dog be a stalker?
  65. How do you license a dog? Is my dog licensed?
  66. What is best bedding for dog house that doesn't attact insects/fleas and other?
  67. why is my dog leaking milk other then being pregnant?
  68. My dog knows japanese, need further help!?
  69. help with puppy breeding??
  70. How to get rid of fleas on my puppy?
  71. What is the growth on my dog's face?
  72. My dog is peeing blood like when she goes there is blood in the pee?
  73. please help, dog without milk!!!?
  74. My Puppy Spoodle Marley. Help !!?
  75. Does the l.a.p.d have police dog training?
  76. What is the best dog to have?
  77. what to get for a 9 week teething puppy?
  78. Dog breed help.. anyone??
  79. What will a police dog do if confronted by another dog?
  80. Why Are Dogs That Bite Put To Sleep?
  81. Help! What's wrong with my dog?
  82. dogs and goat question?
  83. How can I keep my dog from peeing on my area rug?
  84. My vet said that my puppy's right ear is a little red and inflamed, in
  85. My vet said that my dog has meat allllergies its weird but is it possible? if
  86. When is a puppy dog considered a baby, a toddler, and a teenager?
  87. do your dog live in pain....?
  88. The best dry food for dogs ?
  89. Dogs in labor help...?
  90. Oprah, Rendell, and Puppy Mills...Your Opinion, Please?
  91. Someone Help....What Kind of Dog is this?
  92. When can i take out my 8week old puppy?
  93. Are the dogs treats Greenies bad for dogs?
  94. Are Pringles tested on dogs?
  95. Getting new puppy. Breeder using box standard food. Should I slowly introduce a
  96. what do you think of my new puppy?
  97. Help My Dog is Internally Bleeding?
  98. What to name my white German shepherd puppy?
  99. What breed of dog is this?
  100. Names for puppy after the Olympics?
  101. Help Mee; Puppy Names Baby(:?
  102. How can I stop my dogs (3) from barking in the morning at 6am.?
  103. Mucus in my puppy's stools - what's wrong with her?
  104. why does my puppy has the habbit of running out the front door once we
  105. How can i train my dog to stop nipping.She is about 7 yrs old and is a Portugese
  106. We just found an orphaned puppy..?
  107. what is a puppy mill,?
  108. My dog pees on my bed!!?
  109. big dog question please answer?!?
  110. Tips on calming a noisy dog when we stop walking?
  111. 12 week old puppy urinating in her bed?
  112. Should Obama and McCain simply have a hot-dog eating contest to determine who
  113. we must move house because of our neighbours, but problem with dog?
  114. can i eat hot dogs if they are cooked?
  115. Fleas from Dog Sitter?
  116. if i take my puppy out in the rain, will he lose oils he needs in his coat?
  117. Does my puppy have a rash or allergies?
  118. I have a little puppy who is about 7-8 weeks old?
  119. What is the best way to calm your puppy down when out of control at home?
  120. if a dog is pregnant can it still be in heat?
  121. Greatest American Dog...?
  122. Why does my puppy have like nervous breakdowns?
  123. Can my dog have gotten mange from sitting on the scale at the vets after an...
  124. Im looking for a rare dog breed!?
  125. I need a dog expert on this?
  126. My Puppy got shots today?
  127. do dogs have the same taste buds as humans??
  128. what is the right kind of dog?
  129. What kind of breed is my puppy?
  130. Wow this is weird answer about violent dog!?
  131. Why does my boxer dog always pick up one of his toys when he is excited?
  133. What Is Your Favorite Small Dog?
  134. Point of view of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time?
  135. my dog maggie is 13yrsold would you?
  136. How do I know if a dog is pregnant?
  137. Eye transplant (human to dog)?
  138. What dog was this??????????
  139. Potty training a puppy ?
  140. Will my puppy stay this color...? {pics included}?
  141. Why did my dachshund kill a couple of her puppies?
  142. What should I name my puppy?
  143. What dog breed should i get??
  144. Is it okay to feed adult dogs with Puppy Chow?
  145. Whats wrong with my dog!?!?!?
  146. Whats wrong with my dog??? Urgent???
  147. Why do people lie about dogs?New dog help....?
  148. What should I do about a blood blister on my dog?
  149. is walking you dog at ten o clock at night wierd?
  150. Is it good for a dog to have 7-8 generations in it's pedigree?
  151. Can a brother and sister dog breed? ?
  152. just got a puppy and having a urinating problem ?
  153. Who won The Greatest American Dog contest?
  154. My puppy pees on the training pads but poops on carpet ! =[?
  155. mini schnauzer puppies around??
  156. is it a good idea to get a lhasa apso puppy? ?
  157. Help with my dog please!!!!!!?
  158. Vet said puppy's ear is a little red and inflamed. Prescribed Tresiderm. How...
  159. What's a cool dog name?
  160. what to do with a wild dog?
  161. My dog wet-farts. What do I do to stop it?
  162. how do you discipline a puppy?
  163. I think my dog is constipated, what can I do for her ?
  164. Would you gently bite your dog as a form of punishment?
  165. How can I help my dog who has severe separation anxiety at night?
  166. Is there a medicine to give dogs to make them sleepy on airplanes?
  167. Vaccination and puppy?
  168. How old is McCain in dog years?
  169. Would you consider this website a puppy mill?
  170. Is getting your dog's teeth professionally cleaned necessary?
  171. Average blood pH for cats and dogs?
  172. When can I walk my puppy ?
  173. Lyme disease in dogs?
  174. Should I take my lab puppy to the vet?
  175. checking my dogs temperature ?
  176. Should I get my puppy a harness??
  177. How do I clip my dog's tail? ?
  178. Why does my puppies bedding have dried pieces of worms?
  179. 10 points/ Male dog name that will make me laugh?
  180. Advice on my puppy being left on his own ?
  181. puppy question! please help?
  182. Can a police go over the speed limit to save his police dog?
  183. Is my dog ill or just depressed?
  184. Help training my puppy?
  185. would you consider taking on an extreme Atopic dog if....?
  186. What kind of puppy is this?
  187. I am getting a puppy..?
  188. how to make sure im the alpha dog?
  189. Help with my shihtzu puppy?
  190. How long does it take to housetrain a 11wk old puppy?
  191. how can i get the dog to not be so scared of my father?
  192. dog keeps chewing on tanbark and stuff!!!?
  193. How do you clean dog related stains?
  194. Puppy eating his own POOP?
  195. Is it normal for a 3 months old dog to loose his teeth?
  196. I'm getting a female puppy but my male dog is not yet neutered, will he...
  197. What is wrong with my dog?
  198. which are better? cats or dogs?
  199. Dog / Dragon chinese horoscope relationship compatibility?
  200. My dog ripped postcard up :(???
  201. Are there any home made toys i can make for my puppy?
  202. When do pregnant dogs start getting fat?
  203. What breed of dog is this?
  204. I have a question about when to switch puppies to adult food.?
  205. Are beagles good dogs?
  206. takeing a puppy on a plane?
  207. Cute female puppy names?
  208. how do i know when it is almost time for puppies to be born?
  209. How should I train my dog to come?
  210. my dog making noises?
  211. Puppy w/food aggression towards another puppy, help!?
  212. Dog ate something w/raid on it....?
  213. Ahh my dog eats his poo.. help!?
  214. how do you fix a dogs sore throat?
  215. hi there my dog has been out of season for about 4 weeks now but?
  216. Please help me to understand how to get my dog not to pee or poop in the house!?
  217. My Dog and eating chocolate?
  218. Question about my dogs paws?
  219. My dog's winter coat?
  220. we have been using frontline plus on my dog but still has fleas. Why? Is
  221. Strangest craigslist dog ad ever?
  222. Puppy problems again?
  223. How can I keep my Basset Hound Puppy From Crying/Barking/Howling in the Crate?
  224. Question about my puppy?
  225. Is My Dog Pregnant ? Please Help .. !! Dont Say Go To The Vet?
  226. My Dog Got In Ant Pile?
  227. Where is the closest dog agility course to me if I live in Stockton CA?
  228. Greatest American Dog Paw Paint?
  229. My 4 year old dog just started biting? how can I stop it? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
  230. where in the UK does dna dog testing?
  231. Does anybody no good dog scootering events or places in the UK for my Husky?
  232. my puppy wakes everyone up sooooo early HELLLP!!?
  233. which puppy is cuter?
  234. Will my dog forget or hate me?!?
  235. I'm getting a dog...?
  236. My dog only barks before bed....?
  237. My puppy got bit by a HORNET?
  238. Why aren't I my puppy's favorite?
  239. why is my dog a telly addict?
  240. What dog breeds are expensive?
  241. What exactly do you feed a dog that is on a raw diet (B.A.R.F)?
  242. Where can i find the cheapest puppies?
  243. Is that a vein between my dogs toes?
  244. My puppy won't eat!?
  245. Does my dog have a name for me?
  246. help with my16 week old puppy?
  247. My Dog Has Recently Started Shaking.?
  248. My dog is too skinny! How do I help him gain weight?
  249. Can you tell me some stuff about my puppy?
  250. Are there any tricks to dealing with the flies in our puppy's potty area?