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  1. my dog is very sick ?
  2. I don't think i could cope with having another dog?
  3. my puppy loved to walk and is now 5 months old and decided he hates it - why?
  4. Dog Doesn't Like New Kitten?
  5. Dog lovers!! I love my canine family and thought I would share it with you?
  6. What do you think of a spouse that tracks in dog poo but refuses to clean it up?
  7. does my puppy see a ghost?
  8. Should people born in 7th January 1983 (a Dog sign) wear Dragon symbols (necklace,
  9. dog, cat, mouse. all need to cross over river in one boat, but they can only...
  10. Have you ever sat and thought about purse dogs, and wondered?
  11. What are some ideas for names for a puppy?
  12. What do you think my puppy is mixed with?
  13. How can I get my dog to stop biting and humping?
  14. A dog and a cat together.?
  15. Large Breed dog owners around, need help?
  16. I feel so bad, I hurt my dog?
  17. My Dog's Eye.... HELP?
  18. Puppy ate some aluminum foil?
  19. cesar millan dog whisperer?
  20. i got a paper over the mail and it said that i had to get my dogs licenced!!?
  21. What type of seizure did my dog have?
  22. help me find good dog toys?
  23. Any ideas on what my dog's mix of breeds might be?
  24. What is the secret to playing the game Hot Dog Bush? I have been trying
  25. Is my dog, Harley, in danger?
  26. Which dog shampoo...?
  27. How do I stop my puppy from doing dominance humping?
  28. Where can i search for a husky puppy?
  29. How can I get my dog to stop eating paper?
  30. My soon to be ex-girlfriend is moving out this weekend. We have two dogs?
  31. Why do dogs have to be so expensive?
  32. Why has my dog been sneezing a lot lately?
  33. Do I have to wake up in the middle of the night to let my puppy go to the bathroom?
  34. how many dogs do you have?
  35. My dog just got his rabies shot now acting slow?
  36. I have two cats and would like a puppy?
  37. Do any of you know about D.I.C in dogs?
  38. So, we just got a new puppy?
  39. Dog bit a kid that was over playing, city charges...?
  40. How can i calm down my dog?
  41. how do i get my new kitten to accept my dog ???!!! help?
  42. why does my dog cry all the time?? Literally she crys all the time shes like...
  43. Why do my dogs rub themselves in other animal's poop?
  44. what do you think of these situations- dog neglect or good enough?
  45. Have A Dog And Allergic To Him And Im Pregnant Is That Safe?
  46. my puppy has had diarrhea now for about 3 days and some vomitting he is not
  47. what does it mean if your dog is bobbing their head,drooling,and throwing up?
  48. Will dog killer ever win the WWE title?
  49. My puppy is afraid of big objects?
  50. Can you give me your prayers for my dog Hercules?
  51. My dog of 13 yrs just died about 30 minutes ago. Can anyone give me ideal how to
  52. Introducing puppies to cat?
  53. What name should I put for a female dog?
  54. Simple cute female puppy names?
  55. What is the physical care score for dogs?
  56. What is the smallest and easiest dog to take care of?
  57. I need help with a unique name for my daschund puppy...?
  58. alright so ive waited 15 years, and im finally getting a puppy! help with names?
  59. is it odd that all the sudden it seems like my dog acts like one of her toys
  60. Has anyone seen any dog apparel from Drake University?
  61. How do I convince my dad to get me a dog?
  62. do you eat a lot of dog hairs LOL?
  63. My puppy wont stop peeing in the kennel?
  64. is it true that sprinkling garlic powder on dog food will...?
  65. puppy with sneezing/runny nose?
  66. How To Make My Dog Stop Barking At Other Dogs!!!?
  67. My dog is in heat and I think because she touches me it is attracting boy dogs to...
  68. what puppy should i get?
  69. My Puppy May Have Parvo?
  70. a man turns his dog loose next to twenty acres of wood's, the dog starts
  71. What is wrong with my dog?
  72. is my dog pregnant????????????
  73. Dog developing sort of a twitch in leg?
  74. what was my dogs name?
  75. How many dogs is it legal to own in GA?
  76. Chinwa? does anyone know what kind of dog this is?
  77. When do you give up on a puppy with the parvovirus?
  78. Is it a good idea to start a business providing services feeding pills to...
  79. Is This A Perfect Diet For A Puppy?
  80. i have a house broken dog?
  81. Name for a new Puppy ?
  82. how old does your dog have to be to recieve the leptosporosis vaccine?
  83. Do dogs know whats going on?
  84. LOL how do I handle "yes " if she says "yes"ASK HER OUT DOG !?
  85. Should I visit my dog in his new home?
  86. God is a dog when you...?
  87. i think my dogs mucas plug has come out it was clearish jelly with a bit...
  88. what can dogs drink besides water?
  89. is it true that if the roof of your dog's mouth is purple its pure bred?
  90. Atarax for a dog-I NEED THE DOSAGE!?
  91. i need help does my dog have cancer?
  92. New puppy is throwing up?
  93. A puppy, and leash training?
  94. I just pulled a tic out from my dog and I am unsure if the head is still in there? ?
  95. No dog park, what to do?
  96. How do I get my dog to stop growling at me and my children?
  97. My dog ate scraps my son threw on the floor and is now vomiting
  98. Pics of yorkie adult puppy cut?
  99. I am in the middle of training my puppy and I was wondering if it would
  100. How do you get the smell of dog pee out of an area rug?
  101. Is it ok to run my dog up and down my driveway?
  102. why doesn't my dog eat?
  103. New Bulldog Puppy vs. Lease?
  104. Dogs that go through the rubbish bin and get sick?
  105. Why is it that when people ask a question about their outdoor dog, the...
  106. Is it true that dogs drink from toilets?
  107. help form good manners in my teacup puppy?
  108. What all can cause this in dogs? Is it curable? ?
  109. killing ear mites on dog?
  110. can dogs sense labor of their human(may sound strange)?
  111. Can a White Female & A White Male Dog Have solid black pups ?
  112. Can i feed my dogs multi-vitamins?
  113. How fast does dog skin grow back after a cut or wound?
  114. puppy names for a girl puppy?
  115. do they have dog parks in other countries?
  116. My Dog's Teeth are now falling out ! WHY ?
  117. Dog won't poop unless walked!! ?
  118. Why do I need to keep my puppy inactive after spaying when she is ready to go
  119. Did anyone agree with the winner of the Greatest American Dog?
  120. dog angels print out ?
  121. puppy names????????????????
  122. Help! THE SIMS 2 PETS. My two dogs hate each other!?
  123. What do you think about spoiled dogs/puppies?
  124. How much do dogs sleep in a day?
  125. i cant get over my dogs death?
  126. Where did you get your dog(s)?
  127. How can all dogs barking so loud and it don't hurt their ears?
  128. how long will it take for a long hair dog to grown her hair back ?
  129. How should I treat my dog who has a bee sting in her mouth?
  130. Can my puppy still have his dew claws removed?
  131. Is Dog the bounty hunter racist?!?
  132. what does it mean when the fridge smell like a wet dog? ?
  133. Dogs struggling for dominance?
  134. I think my dog has an ear infection...?
  135. Dog Help! Please And Thanks!?
  136. How many cats and dogs are the the rescue center?
  137. are these ingredients good in dog food or bad? My dog has a lot of gas.?
  138. How to train my adult weiner dogs?
  139. What do you think the dog who won the $250,000.00 will do with his money?
  140. Can I put away puppy food for the next day?
  141. What dog characteristics to look for when adopting?
  142. what do i do about my dog?
  143. Amputate or euthanize my 7 month old Shepherd dog?
  144. Can Playing an instrument, damage your dog's ears?
  145. How to license a rescued dog in New York?
  146. I'm trying to find the BEST flea&tick protection for my dog. Can you help me?
  147. how many times a year would you recommend to wash a dog?
  148. I just got a new puppy :)?
  149. What should I feed my dog?
  150. my dog has thrown up 3 times in the past 4 hours or so?
  151. omfg help my dog is foaming!!?
  152. My neighbor use to throw table food outside and my dog would eat it, she stopped,...
  153. Puppy biting ?
  154. Is Boo-Boo a cute puppy name?
  155. Again, few puppy questions.?
  156. Is there anything I can use to keep dogs from peeing/deficating in a certain place?
  157. Puppy pad question??????????
  158. my dog is pregnant and i just notice...?
  159. Does anyone ship/sale puppies to germany?
  160. What is the best type of dog to get if you have young children?
  161. do drug dogs smell cigarettes and pills ?
  162. What can cause my puppy to have incontinence?
  163. Did Sarah Palin call all Hockey Moms who don't wear lipstick dogs?
  164. what kind of fruits and veggies dose you dog like?
  165. My 30lb dog ate a NyQuil Pill!?
  166. My daughter wants a dog, do dogs chew cords?
  167. Am I the only woman who likes to crush things under wellingtons or
  168. Where can I give away my dog that won't put him to sleep?
  169. Which dog should I get rid of? ?
  170. Should I get rid of my dog?
  171. My dog is sick, what's wrong with him?
  172. Dog with stage 2 luxating patella for a year. i have been giving him standard...
  173. I have a boxer puppy (9 months old) and am having a really hard time training
  174. What is the difference between oral and intravenous administration of antibiotics...
  175. Trouble getting my shy puppy mill dog to trust more and to play?
  176. 5 month puppy with diarrhea?
  177. My dog just had puppies and is not eating is there any other food I can give her?
  178. Why does my dog like to rub his face on a dead worm? ?
  179. Puppy training question?
  180. Badly behaved dogs.?
  181. Who has ever seen a dog go underwater?
  182. My dog is scared of travelling in the car! He will jump in, but once we are...
  183. So called bad dog food vs Good. What have you experienced with both?
  184. if your dog has ticks can they bite you?
  185. does having a German Shepard dog a problem for home owners insurance ?
  186. puppy with hip Dysplasia?
  187. Music to soothe dogs?
  188. Where can I get the right puppy run for my new pup?
  189. i got a paper over the mail and it said that i had to get my dogs licenced!!?
  190. where do other people put their dog poo?
  191. My dog just ate chocolate!... What should I do?
  192. 5 week GSD/Rotwieler/Beagle/Spaniel Puppy!?
  193. My Puppy wont stop chasing the cats!?
  194. is it possable to get a dog to listen to a new name?
  195. What kind of dog scares you the most?
  196. are there any dog breeders in los angeles that breed maltaliers or cavamalts?
  197. my puppy is 17 weeks old and has stopped eating her dry food even wet, tried hand...
  198. Over-energized dog, help.?
  199. How is a dog's heart different from a human's heart?
  200. anything i can use or do to make dog stop mounting my bitch?
  201. puppy help!? pleaseeee?
  202. Why are dogs always happy to see you ?
  203. why has my dog had diarrea for the last 4 days? cannot hold bowel?
  204. how much would puppies injections cost?
  205. I have 3 week old puppies, they have fleas bad. How can I get rid of them
  206. How much would you pay someone if they were walking your dog every week?
  207. Benefits of feeding a dog higher quality dog food? And large breed question.?
  208. how can i get my dog to gain weight?
  209. lookin at dogs in the newspaper on the computer?
  210. Reasons why dogs are better than humans?
  211. Vegas odds on USC vs OSU went from OSU being a 7.5 pt dogs to a 11 pt dog ,What...
  212. Is my puppies leg broken or sprained?
  213. puppy names, got any good ones?
  214. I got bitten by my bfs dog, it didn puncture my jeans but it punctured a...
  215. i just bought a puppy is it a bad idea to let it sleep in the same bed??? by...
  216. when is a dog through ...............?
  217. Puppy full adult weight?
  218. neutering/spaying a dog ?
  219. A good dog for my daughter?
  220. Taking My puppy camping?
  221. what kind of dog is this?
  222. i just got my dog three weeks ago and he is now starting to poo on the...
  223. My dog has diarrhea? ?
  224. My dog is normaly very hyper but sometimes she seems to be in pain to were she
  225. How old should my puppies be when I remove their dew nails?
  226. How much would it cost to have the vet remove my dog's worms ?
  227. My dog keeps waking up at 2 in the morning?
  228. What breed of dog is right for our family?
  229. how do you make a homemade dog whistle?
  230. How to convince my mom to bring my dog with us to a resort?
  231. my dog was neutered a week ago, he was a lovely dog, now he urinates...
  232. Prednisolone withdrawal symptoms in dogs?
  233. Is It Safe For A Dog To Eat Cat Poop?
  234. What do I need to do for my dog to be a dock dog?
  235. what was the breed of the two white dogs in Hostel Part 2?
  236. How do I train my puppy shih tzu not to bite or do any poopoo in he house?
  237. I think I have finally house trained my 9 month old puppy ?
  238. Puppy has swollen eye! Help!?
  239. What is a good dogs name that starts with the letter 'R'?
  240. My brothers friend is mean to my puppy.?
  241. How long should puppy crate training last?
  242. What's a good name for a dog, similar to "Frankie"?
  243. I am trying to get my puppy to sleep in her crate and stay in her crate when we...
  244. My German Shepherd dog eats my cat's food when I'm not home, help?
  245. Can you help me figure out what breed/mix my puppy is?
  246. I have a daschund and rescued a puppy,advice?
  247. What to keep my puppy in??
  248. My dog almost bit me?
  249. how do i know when my dog is sick?
  250. Increase/Decrease in Dog Breeds?