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  1. Any good tips for raising a puppy?
  2. Dogs and Kitty litter?
  4. Is it against the law for my neighbor's dog to bark all night?
  5. My puppy olny pees on plastic baggys?
  6. Puppy Give Away Advertising?
  7. Putting our dog down?
  8. Do dogs have races? I think my dog is Asian. ?
  9. I have a Golden Retriever puppy. Whererever he urinates in our backyard, the
  10. How can I make money for a dog?
  11. My dog uses the bathroom outside but i would rather for her to use it in the house
  12. What kind of dog breed do you like the most?
  13. What could cause a bloated stomach on a puppy?
  14. My yellow lab puppy (one year) always puts her ears down and acts really...
  15. Is there anything I can mix with the mud in my dogs pen to harden it permanently?
  16. MY dogs too aggressive at other dogs!?
  17. Will my puppy play with me?
  18. my puppy's father is pit bull it's mother is half rot and lab my question...
  19. Do dogs have concept of time?
  20. Which dog food Brand?? for my retirever?
  21. my dog has three legs because she had cancer in one leg ?
  22. How can I teach my dog to not bark after I leave my home?
  23. What should I do if my neighbor's dog doesn't shut up in the next 3 minutes?
  24. Is it normal for my female dog to be throwing up when she is in heat?
  25. How do you train a puppy to pee and poo on a certain place in the house ?
  26. Finding my lost dog.....?
  27. Help With Puppy, I need To Know What to dO. ?
  28. Training my pomeranian puppy?
  29. Is the worm treatment at stores good to treat worms in your dog?
  30. puppy names? any ideas?
  31. Puppy with posion ivy?
  32. dog afraid of groomer?
  33. I need ideas about how to deal with my unruly dog?
  34. Weimaraner puppy help!?
  35. How do you know if your dog has a brain tumor?
  36. Dog emotions by tail?
  37. my dog has the IQ of a brick. how do i teach him to fetch if he is afraid of...
  38. puppy naming help please?
  39. how do you house train a puppy?
  40. Tylenol Given to Dog - Ugh!!?
  41. I can't walk my dog and he hasn't gone to the bathroom all day! What to do?!?
  42. Bathing my puppy?? please help?
  43. Feeding dogs seperate foods... grr!?
  44. My Dog wont answer me when i call it on nintendogs?
  45. When does a dog forget that a puppy is hers or the pup forget that the mom is...
  46. Will there be another season of greatest american dog?
  47. I have dog that is 1/2 yorkie 1/2 Lhasa apso, he is kept inside and is...
  48. Im trying to start an Herb garden in Louisiana, need to know info-Raised or...
  49. Do you think it's rude to tell other people that their dog is fat?
  50. Dose any one know what pet shop angela simmons went to look for a dog in
  51. Can you guess the puppy? (no mixed breeds)?
  52. My dogs toe was bleeding last night i think his toenail broke, and today hes...
  53. Sudden Whining in My Dog?
  54. My puppy chewed through the outer layer of my vacuum's electrical cord, but not...
  55. Does my dog have tapeworms (details)?
  57. My puppy is 9months old and we just got her scared to death why?
  58. I pet a dog with worms!!! Will I get it too?
  59. Gross stuff that comes out of my dog's butt...?
  60. Which method is better pad or paper training the puppy? ?
  61. What was my dog doing?
  62. is it ok to give my dog paracetamol?
  63. do u know any website to buy a dog?
  64. Can "old dogs" learn new tricks? Is it possible to "change" by not changing at all
  65. How long do you leave your puppy alone for?
  66. This is a serious question. Please help me! My dog constantly gets "Hard"?
  67. Dog heat...................?
  68. buying puppies online?
  69. ~~Cute Dog Name For A Yorkie~~-Please I need one real quick?
  70. my large German Shepard dog had surgery and an epidural caused an
  71. How much food should I feed my puppy? ?
  72. anyone know what airlines carry dogs to ireland?
  73. can dogs eat strawberries?
  74. Does anybody know of any dog rehoming centres in London?
  75. Why does my dog ONLY bark at ME?
  76. How much does your dog sleep? Is mine too much?
  77. Moping Dog- Lonely or Sick?
  78. Why isn't there any magenta puppy toys at Toys R Us?
  79. getting puppy to wear a harness?
  80. i gave my dog away .And now im getting done for abandoning him the dog was
  81. What kind of dog is suitable for a 8 month old? ?
  82. What exactly is a hush puppy? and why are they called that?
  83. king charles spaniel dogs?
  84. Help with dog barking!?
  85. Which dog gender is better?
  86. Excercising my puppy?
  87. Im thinking of getting a FRENCH bull dog puppy, Are they good with kid's.?
  88. Puppy has blood in urine?
  89. Dog breeders and/or dog expert please help!?
  90. How to make my dad decide to let me get a dog?
  91. A show with a clay character that had a dog...?
  92. My puppy is sick, what is wrong with her?
  93. Why does't my 9-month old puppy seem to tell us when he wants "out"?
  94. Names for male poodle puppy?
  95. How can I train my dog to stay outside when Iím not with him? separation anxiety ?
  96. I'm afraid of all animals but mostly dogs? ?
  97. Will Getting A Puppy Help My Black Labs Seperation Anxiety?
  98. What color is my pom puppy?
  99. Treats for a small puppy?
  100. What type of dog do you think he is (pic)?
  101. I just got a new female pitbull puppy and already have a 10 month old male...
  102. I gave my puppy his first vaccination, but there is a knot now that appears to...
  103. about my 9 month old puppy...?
  104. does mint leaves help protect your dogs teeth?
  105. Is my dog getting old? How many years to live? ?
  106. my dog is biting his feet alot to much?
  107. my puppy's teething what should i do?
  108. My puppy has parvo #2?
  109. Whats a stool (for dogs and stuff)?
  110. Are pit bull the ugliest dogs ?
  111. HELP!!! i need help now i lost my dog!!!! people HELP!?
  112. Should I wait to take my puppy for a walk?
  113. ok i am getting a puppy.?
  114. What dog breeds are rare in the USA?
  115. I believe that the Lab puppy that my daughter brought home is the same dog I had
  116. My female dog has one very hard teat. Anything I can do for her at home?
  117. Puppy will go outside, but not on wee wee pads!?
  118. we're dogs hung along with people during the salem witch trials?
  119. my dog doesnt like to be left alone...?
  120. I think something is wrong with my puppy! Please Help!?
  121. women what would be your ideal gift from your husband? does a puppy sound good?
  122. My 9 week old puppy has fleas?
  123. My dog ate a chicken bone? Please help!?
  124. can my dog have breast cancer?
  125. How To Stop Male Neutered Dog From Mounting Female Puppy?
  126. Pet sitting/dog walking?
  127. what authorities do i report a dog breeder to if they have poor conditions...
  128. Why is my puppy doing this? ?
  129. If everyone spent a month on Y!A Dogs, do you think the world would be...
  130. How long does it take for a dog to rid itself of worms?
  131. I found flea dirt on my puppy.?
  132. How do I stop my dog from urinating on my bed?
  133. American Cocker Spaniel Service Dog?
  134. If a dog holds their pee too long can it damage their kidneys?
  135. I Think My Dog Has Worms Help?
  136. what can you give a puppy for pain from a snake bite?
  137. most suitable apartment dog?
  138. hey i need puppy help(papillon)???
  139. my dog likes to jump up on tables what can i do to get him to stop?
  140. i have 2 staffordshire bull terriers a bitch and a dog, brother and sister. domino
  141. my dogs have bad fleas?
  142. How come my dog can still get an erection but he's been neutered?
  143. Dog allergic to flea medication?
  144. fun games for puppies?
  145. Puppy with foot fungus, or skin condition?
  146. What kinda of puppy doesnt grow to be big and doesnt shed hair?
  147. Puppy Shots can she get early?
  148. Dogs that can live in high heat?
  149. Why does my girlfriend bark like a dog?
  150. Does anyone have a recipe for homemade puppy treats that are easy on their
  151. how old do German shepard puppy has to be to take its first bath?
  152. Poll: In your opinion, what is the cutest dog breed?
  153. what age does dog quit coming in heat?
  154. I am looking into ing a family daycare in my home and I have a dog.?
  155. My dog barks like crazy at EVERYTHING... what can I do?
  156. Work has changed, should I find my puppy a better home?
  157. What is the name of the sack puppies are born in?
  158. Is peanut butter bad for my dog?
  159. Should I purchase a puppy who has a heart murmur?
  160. How do dry 6 week old puppy without giving them a cold?
  161. What is a good brand name for dog clothing?
  162. My dog has been acting really weird?
  163. Whats the best way to introduce a dog to your home?
  164. How do I get my dog to focus on me when outside?
  165. Do you think it's possible for me to get a free puppy somewhere?
  166. How do I housebreak a store bought puppy?
  167. A couple of ??? about the puppy I just brought...?
  168. Will this help my dog's separation anxiety?
  169. How do I stop my dog from eating poop?
  170. Is it against the law to give your dog marijuana and alcohol, my neighbor gets...
  171. Is it safe to give a dog cephalexin?
  172. Should I have reported the bus driver who ran over a dog because he was running late?
  173. my father is thinking about getting a pit bull puppy, but we already have a
  174. how can i get my 5month old puppy to do his business in a certain area of...
  175. Which is better a cat or dog?
  176. If your dog has smelly ears what does that mean. ?
  177. Dog going to the bathroom in my house?
  178. I'm trying to get a dog, Is this a good idea?
  179. How did the kid die in the movie "the alpha dog"?
  180. potty train and stop jumping and bitting my other dog. ?
  181. What type of puppy???????
  182. my dog has been being sick since yesterday and has been to the toilet today and it
  183. my dog is depressed...?
  184. A dog who is aggressive over cage?
  185. What type/breed of dog is this?
  186. What should i call my new puppy? (pics included)?
  187. How do I get my dog to stop obsessing over socks?
  188. Getting a second dog...What should be considered?
  189. Puppy Recieved First Shots?
  190. Dog breaks out in rash!?
  191. Okay someone please help me with this. How do I keep my dog from peeing in this
  192. Do dogs have loose bowel movements when in heat?
  193. why do my boxer dogs pumps smell so bad?
  194. I want my puppy to do tricks!?
  195. Korean Dog Farms.Information? And documentary?
  196. PUPPY HELP! He squeals and is a little less playful, he might be tired but just
  197. I can't seem to find the right people to buy my SBT puppies, or can I... and I...
  198. What is a good name for a HUGE white dog? He is 75% German Shepherd and 25 %
  199. crate training our dog?
  200. Thunder storms & dogs?
  201. can anyone recommend a good dog trainer?
  202. Can I limit my puppy's water intake?
  203. dog ate a circus peanut answer please!!!?
  204. can a dog have a mental stress?
  205. Would it be safe to bring cockatiels into a house with 4 cats and a rowdy dog?
  206. If your dogs poops in the house, do you throw it in the trash or flush it?
  207. Is it too late to spay my dog?
  208. Good names for a male golden retriever puppy?
  209. it is right for a female dog to start bleeding before she has the puppies?
  210. My puppy suddenly died?
  211. Saw this in the dog section.So I changed it to Horses?
  212. what kind of dog should i get?
  213. Has something upset my dog?
  214. help with a dog nationalization?
  215. 9 month old puppy has one testicle?
  216. Small Fashionable Dogs ?
  217. New dog worries??? :( PLEASE HELP!!!?
  218. 5 week Puppy check up questions?
  219. why does my dog bring stones ?
  220. Introducing a dog to a puppy ? ?
  221. Help! My puppy keeps biting me and other stuff/people! How do I stop this?
  222. I would like to crate train my puppy can you help?
  223. What is the oldest dog you have ever owned?
  224. My puppy has fleas what should I do to rid him of them?
  225. so my puppy got spayed and his stitches are supposed to dissolve but he
  226. found a couple of fleas on my dog and...?
  227. Has anyone else had a small puppy swallow a plum pit with there being no...
  228. male dog guarding ability's ?
  229. When your dog reached maturity did it happen suddenly ?
  230. Homemade Dog food and treats?
  231. How can I train my puppy?
  232. What should we name our new puppy?
  233. police dog vs cocaine>>?
  234. My dog had bloody stool this morning...?
  235. Do my Lab puppy "sneak" attack his toys?
  236. Where can I get a kids size 7/8 costume for spongebob? & Where can I get a kids...
  237. what kind of dog is my puppy, most likely? *photo*?
  238. a puppy mill? what the?
  239. Best type of dog to get along with my minpins?
  240. Does anyone remember the name of the stuffed animal puppy from the early...
  241. How do you correct your dog?
  242. please pray for my angel dog?
  243. Why is my dog getting a bald patch?
  244. Protecting our new baby from our old babies (the dogs)?
  245. mucus coming out my puppies penis what is going on its clear and when he
  246. The Dog Island Game Cheats?
  247. My puppy ripped through our screen door and got in the house how do i teach him
  248. what to do with 2 flea and tick infested dogs?
  249. Puppy Separation Anxiety Help Please.?
  250. Anyone heard of this online dog training manual?