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  1. HELP PLEASE!!! How do I stop my puppies from going to the bathroom in my house?
  2. what should i name my chiweenie puppy? =]]?
  3. Unique/cute dog names.?
  4. How do I stop my dog from biting?
  5. Dog puts her paw on anything?
  6. can you help?? me and my puppy?
  7. My dog was bit by a pitbull~?
  8. Is a 7-week-old puppy always too young to leave its mother, even if home...
  9. My Boxer boy dog has taken over as my new puppies Mother?
  10. How much is customary to tip a Mobile Dog Groomer?
  11. can my puppy of 7 weeks get parvo if he is injected with vanguard last week?
  12. Dog costumes for halloween?
  13. I just got two puppies, what should I do first?
  14. Can't Figure out what to name my 3 week old puppy....?
  15. Can I Feed My 4 Month Old Puppy Raw Meat?
  16. what can i do about a Scabby dog?
  17. How should i get on to breed my dog? Proffesionals please.?
  18. what is the name of the actor that won the greatest american dog show?
  19. Substitute for Flea shampoo for dogs ?
  20. whitch small puppy is cuter ????????
  21. How do teach your puppy to feel less afraid to go up and down your stairs?
  22. I got a puppy 10 days ago, but I now feel that I don't have the patience
  23. Can dogs recognize their blood relatives...?
  24. A dog named sex! Funny?
  25. My puppy's eye again?
  26. How do you house train an impossible puppy - tips suggestions desparately needed ?
  27. stronghold/revolution for dogs?
  28. Another Dog Food Recall Please Read!?
  29. cocker spaniel puppy..need a good middle name?
  30. What does it mean when a dog is a guest foster?
  31. How do I get my new puppy to stop humping?
  32. What is the colorless, odorless fluid my elderly dog seems to discharge when she...
  33. Is Wysong a good dog food?
  34. a site or online dealer that sells Chicken Soup For The Dog Lover's Soul...
  35. dog fights...how to stop them.HELP?
  36. Names for a Pomeranian puppy?
  37. What causes dog seizures?
  38. My dog shakes way to much, what is it?
  39. new puppy what's wrong?
  40. How do you know if your dog took an overdose in HUMAN medicine?
  41. My seven week old puppy has a runny tummy and there is some blood in her stool.?
  42. American Boxer VS German Boxer dogs?
  43. What (outside) dog should I get?
  44. My dog died, how do I cope with that?
  45. How do i stop my puppy from biting me?
  46. How does a vet determine how bad arthritis is in a dog?
  47. How can I get my dog to go outside and eat normal dog food?
  48. Hi! I have my 1st puppy (4 1/2 mos) & we took her to the dogpark yesterday,?
  49. My 6-month old puppy is housebroken...at my house...?
  50. my dog has red spots all over his stomach and chest ?
  51. my dog has ant bites?!???
  52. my dog called sex???????????????????
  53. my dog loves only wine?
  54. Imbreading dogs question ?
  55. What is scaring my puppy?
  56. What breed is this puppy, it has erect ears?
  57. my 3 and a half month kitten got bit by a rabid dog last night:( how long
  58. PUG NAMES . male pug puppy needs a name ?
  59. Does anyone know a good website(not scam) for free dogs?
  60. My pregnant dog has not been eating?
  61. How much for spay/Microchip/licence 4 a GR puppy and Kitten? Phoenix, Arizona?
  62. how to estimate the adult size of a dog?
  63. yorkie terrier puppies & adults?
  64. any good dog trainers in london help please?
  65. EMERGENCY: dogs at borax curing salt!!!!!?
  66. how to get urine stains out of a dogs fur?
  67. Had a pup my older dog wont eat?
  68. Has anyone's dog had problems with skin itchiness, rashes, etc. when being fed
  69. Is it ok to shoot the neighbours dog or the neighbour with a spud gun?
  70. How to organize a Dog Olympics for charity?
  71. How old is/are your dog(s)?
  72. concerned dog drooling ?
  73. just had puppies 1 arrived late?
  74. My Puppy Jumped From My Arms!!!?
  75. I`m planning on a getting a cocker spaniel puppy, best advice please?
  76. " Emergency "Does my dog still have any left over sperm in him?
  77. getting two new puppies wondering if i should get them or not ?
  78. would it confuse my puppy to let her use the puppy pad when im gone, but go...
  79. Halloween Costume for Big Dog Ideas?
  80. Which dog would win the fight saint Bernard or Staffordshire bullterrier ?
  81. What is wrong with my puppy and what can I do to help?
  82. Dog with swollen eyes and mussle and sneexing?
  83. I got my dog's flea medicine on my hand...?
  84. I am fostering 2 boxer puppies for our local pound so they would not be put to
  85. my dog keeps shaking his head and wining?
  86. Is is ok to mix plain yogurt with puppy food?
  87. is there such a thing as cream for irritated skin for dogs?
  88. They said my Boxer puppy's ear cartilages broke?
  89. What breed of dog do I have?
  90. Could Anyone Please Tell me How I get Dog Urine Stains out of under my carpet?
  91. What should i name the 2 puppies i am going to get.?
  92. Reasons to get a dog?
  93. my dogs eyes are swollen and snout to? a few days ago we found out she had a
  94. My dog has diarrhea and it's yellow, dark brown with blood What could it be?
  95. what does dog spell backwards?
  96. My wife just brought home a puppy that has been dewormed 3 days ago .She
  97. What should I name my new Puppy?
  98. my puppy had his injections last week ?
  99. How do I teach a recall command to a dog with attention deficit disorder?
  100. Why is my dog hyper and crazy?
  101. Could my dog have allergies?
  102. Growth on my dog's face?
  103. Love Puppy Webkinz question?
  104. Do girls walk their dogs in parks to pick up?
  105. Highest Dog jump record in the UK?
  106. where can i sell my Jack russell terrier puppy!?
  107. 5 month old puppy starting to have accidents again?
  108. Can you help me with my new puppy?
  109. my pregnant dog is not eating? help me!?
  110. I Love My Dogs ..... ?
  111. dogs look like their owners?
  112. help with my new puppy's name?
  113. Why does my puppy attack me when we walk?
  114. if i cancel a date 3 days before the date, would i be a bit of a dog?
  115. Has anyone ever used Angel Eyes for their dog?
  116. Question about our new puppy..?
  117. does this mean my dog is blind?
  118. How long do we need to feed our puppy three times a day?
  119. I'm getting a new puppy?
  120. What dog should i get?
  121. German Shepherd puppy.?
  122. how young can you train a st bernard puppy?
  123. Patterdale dogs????????
  124. what can i do to make my dog gain weight?
  125. Do sugar gliders get along well with dogs?
  126. My puppy has parvo, please help?
  127. Anyone tried feeding their dog Addiction brand Perfect Summer Brushtail...
  128. should i be worried about my puppy?
  129. My Dogs Is Picky With His Food Help me Pick Please?
  130. what outdoor temperatures can a dog tolerate?
  131. What dachshund clubs allow you to show neutered dogs?
  132. How do you make sure your not getting a puppy from a puppy mill?
  133. i have a dog in Portugal, how do i do to get him over here(USA, Boston)?
  134. Why does it seem like my puppy is having bad dreams?
  135. Grain free dog food for puppy?
  136. Help my puppy needs some training?
  137. My dog is on her period.?
  138. How do I stop my puppy from chasing my cat?
  139. What is the meaniest dog there is?
  140. Is it true of you breed a runt they can create genetically unsound puppies?
  141. Would it be ok to have a boxer dog around an austistic child at age 4?!?
  142. animal got malled by an dog plz help?
  143. I would like some help with my Maltese dog. ?
  144. Is it worth to get rid of a dog for a rat?
  145. My dog is a terror when he wants me awake. What to do?
  146. URGENT!!! It's about my dogs.?
  147. concerned about vet and puppy shots?
  148. Does it hurt a dog to trim the whiskers?
  149. How do I puppy pad train my puppy?
  150. Puppy separation anexiety?
  151. Is your dog sleepy on rainy days?
  152. Puppy Help!! Please!!?
  153. My dog is aggressive? (pt 2)?
  154. Did my dog have a heat stroke?
  155. puppy needs help plz!?
  156. Why did my puppy lose the use of her back legs?
  157. How can I persuade my folks to get a dog?
  158. How big will my dog grow?
  159. help puppy dewormed.....?
  160. does my dog have cancer?
  161. do you think its cruel to let a dog live outside?
  162. my dog is really sick.... does anyone know what's wrong with her?
  163. I really want a dog, but..?
  164. is ther a dog breed that is bigger then a gray wolf?
  165. I just got a 11 week old Maltese puppy, all she does is sleep and im worried.?
  166. Dog Issues. Info Anyone?
  167. How to make a dog collar?
  168. Dog Grooming Experts, Please?
  169. Which Zoo allows dogs in the usa?
  170. Eagle Pack or Eukanuba for 8 week Puppy?
  171. How do you train a dog that doesn't like water to swim?
  172. 5 dogs to sleep outside for the first time?
  173. How to get my dog to stop peeing in the house?
  174. Yorkie puppy names????
  175. Just curious, does this dog food seem alright to you?
  176. i found 4 puppy about 4 weeks old an they are eaten up by fleas?
  177. Transferring ownership of a dog with a tracking chip?
  178. 7 week old puppy aggression?
  179. How to stop puppy from whining when company comes over.?
  180. How far back do dogs remember?
  181. How can our kennel club encourage more dog show entries?
  182. what type of dog is perfect for us?
  183. What kind of dogs are these? help! (Pix Inc.)?
  184. My dog has mild diarrhea is there something i can do?
  185. Halo Spot's Stew Dog food Salmon or Chicken?
  186. How do i keep my dog from jumping? the kneeing him dont work and if i was to turn
  187. New puppy? (Minature Schnoodle)?
  188. Girl names for a dog?
  189. help whats wrong with my dog?
  190. What is the Right dog breed for me?
  191. estimating a dogs full grown weight?
  192. Why is my dog afraid of only 1 section of the yard?
  193. My dog has fleas, and it needs to be taken care of?
  194. can a dog lose its voice by barking?
  195. My Dog needs Frikin Therapy! (Maltepoo)?
  196. dog bite inhibition (help me)?
  197. new puppy HELP ASAP MISTER!!!?
  198. About how much does it cost to have a small dog neutered?
  199. HELP my dog ate dark chocolate and all the vet clinics are closed!?
  200. Why is my puppy breathing so fast?
  201. help me its urgent? my dog is pregnant and has fever?
  202. ive had cats and dogs most of my life so why in last few years am i allergic to them?
  203. Awesome puppy names!?
  204. Can't you register a puppy under AKC if both parent are just registered APRI?
  205. Abu Ghraib torture. I need a link to a story in which a US soldier allowed a...
  206. Picking Out A Puppy Need Advise?
  207. Can dogs get sick or die from eating....?
  208. How do I make my dog come out from under the house?
  209. Convincing my parents into letting me get a dog?
  210. Guess my dog! Picture?
  211. how soon should I stop walking my dog before she has her puppies. She has about
  212. Is there a breed of small dog that doesn't bark?
  213. Dog after surgery won't defecate ?
  214. why is my dog so stubborn when walking?
  215. My vet said that my puppy has an ear infection in her right ear?
  216. What can I use to make my dog stop sucking on his pillow bed?!?
  217. Dealing with jealousy of first dog when introducing a new dog?
  218. My dog has terrible fleas/bugs?
  219. i need help naming my newborn, male puppy?
  220. At what age do puppies stop peeing with excitement?
  221. My puppy has funny hips/back-legs? please help!?
  222. Why does my dog keeps getting erections?
  223. How do you socialize a kitten with your dog?
  224. If my dog I found by me do I still need to reward the family?
  225. Chex puppy chow recipe?
  226. introducing a 2 year old cat to a 4 month puppy?
  227. What should I name my dog grooming business? ?
  228. what makes it right to eat cows and wrong to eat kittens and puppies?
  229. puppy/dog/attention help plz!!?
  230. What is the difference between purina puppy chow :all puppies and purina...
  231. Those of you with cats and dogs dont you find that?
  232. my dog has weird bumps on her ears .?
  233. Why do women flock to ''cute'' puppies and newborn babies? ?
  234. Still potty training my puppy...?
  235. Is a Matte or Glossy photo finish better for a large 24" by 36" picture of my dog
  236. HELP!!! My dog just drank tiki torch citronella fluid!?
  237. why does my dog like bitting my leg and foot?
  238. How can i clean up my dog's pee?
  239. Cat eating dry dog food?
  240. Is this an alright living arrangement for my dog?
  241. My 9 wk old puppy has diarrhea!?
  242. Why would anyone choose an abusive boyfriend over a beautiful, loving dog?
  243. Does anybody but me admit to liking 3 Dog Night?
  244. Who has a dog????????
  245. my dog frequently urinates has yellow discharge and poops excesivly ?
  246. are old dogs nicers than puppies?
  247. TPLO surgery in dogs?
  248. Dog food brands?!?!?!?
  249. What are the best high quality dry foods for a golden retriever puppy?
  250. updated: 5 dogs to sleep outside for the first time?