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  1. Do u think my dogs are cute?
  2. How do swiss dogs cope with heat?
  3. I need help with my dogs?
  4. How much should my new 6 week old pitbull puppy weigh?
  5. how can i prevent my pitbull puppy from being aggressive?
  6. How much food do I feed my puppy?
  7. my best friends, my loves ,my dogs. . .?
  8. Dog health problem ..? [details]?
  9. How do I clean dog urine out of a sofa cushion (the foam on the inside)?
  10. My dog has a lump on her side?
  11. Can someone give me some info on dog DNA testing to find out the breed?
  12. why does my puppy do this?
  13. My dog had pink feces this morning. What could it mean?
  14. We spayed my puppy a few months ago but just now there is a huge bump!!!?
  15. how can i stop my puppy from jumping up?
  16. Is a bell collar good for dogs or not? as we step on my puppy always?
  17. Dog smelled dead squirrel ?
  18. Is it really true that some Chinese immigrants in America steal dogs and...
  19. When did your puppy stop wolfing down its food?
  20. how did my dog do that?
  21. Why do dog owners insist on taking their mutts into town centres on busy days?
  22. My dog just won't speak English?
  23. Think about getting my german shep dog a new friend? ?
  24. What sex shall our new puppy be?
  25. Why dont we see white dog poo anymore?
  26. im pregnant and im toilet training a puppy is that bad?
  27. What do you think of Papillion dogs? Do you think they are cute, smart, and friendly?
  28. Looking for free pet food samples, products for my dog.?
  29. I've been away for a while and my dog's been dog sat by a friend...?
  30. Regarding your questions, I would like to have a lot of dog, but I live in...
  31. have you watched the HBO documentary "dealing dogs"?
  32. What is your favorite dog saying?
  33. Dogs NEVER cease to amaze me, have you seen this?
  34. Survey - What breed of dog...:}?
  35. How do I teach my dog to sit? He's a poodle, if that makes any difference.?
  36. Persuading my Parents into letting me have a puppy?
  37. dog nose dry and hot! any idea?
  38. female puppy names ? ?
  39. Do u know what breed is in Purina commercial with the puppy running under...
  40. Which dog is better for me?
  41. im so excited about getting my own dog?
  42. Why does my 3 1/2 year old dog keep peeing on my bed?
  43. can any one tell me were i can send dogs and cat blankets i knit to in hull?
  44. buying puppies from where ?
  45. How do i potty train my 3 puppies?
  46. Panhandling with a 3 legged dog next to me. Do you think that would increase my...
  47. Dog behaviour towards me?
  48. can a dog get aids or and HIV?
  49. A question for people that have used the on-line dog DNA testing?
  50. How can I make my dog's poop firm?
  51. can i give my teething puppy oragel or anything that can help her with the pain?
  52. What kind of a Dog is suitable for my lifestyle?
  53. I think my dog is too young for cavities?
  54. Martin Clunes dogs - what happened?
  55. How do you know if your dog is depressed?
  56. potty training a puppy?? ?
  57. Is it true that Dog breeders in Oklahoma can give their dogs vaccinations?
  58. My dog has Canine Tonic-Clonic Seizures...what to do?
  59. how do i fix my dog from peeing inside the house?
  60. is it ok if dogs/puppies eat/ chew on REAL CHICKEN BONES?
  61. my dog will not take any of her medicene without me forcing it down her...
  62. Do you think my puppy is cute?
  63. Dog issues..........?
  64. Why wont my dog leave me alone?
  65. Dog is chewing on his paw a lot.... help?
  66. My Boxer puppy cries all night in her crate, any advice?
  67. Puppy ate poo...help!!?
  68. Whats wrong with my dog??!!!?
  69. McCain has admitted he doesn't know much about the Economy. My question - can you...
  70. Does anyone know of any cool tricks to teach a puppy?
  71. What kind of dog should i get?
  72. Seperation Anxiety in my Dog?
  73. Can I use dermoplast pain relief spray on a dog?
  74. Can anyone suggest remedies for dog itches ?
  75. Do you ever find a dog's love to be a bit suffocating?
  76. I might be getting a dog for christmas, i already have a dachshund so what breed
  77. Rottie dog. my friend has taken in a neighbours rottie?
  78. Evil naughty puppy on the loose!?
  79. What antibiotic for humans I can use to treat my dog's infected wounds. There are...
  80. What kind of pet could we get thats not a dog or reptile?
  81. My dogs dont like that new dogs?
  82. help.. puppy question.?
  83. r pom dogs good choice?
  84. dog aggressive small dog? ?
  85. Could I leave a dog alone during the day?
  86. Is it immature to take my neighbors dog poop back to them?
  87. HELP i think my dog is allergic to something , her face is swollen ?
  88. tips on puppy potty training?
  89. Is Pedigree a real bad dog food? ?
  90. Can dog's and cats catch conjunctivitus(Pink eye) from humans?
  91. i need the perfect puppy name?
  92. i just got a puppy from a couple and they had three dead dogs in a cage ,,, ?
  93. anyone have any ideas for good puppy name??
  94. My puppy has diarrhea, HELP?
  95. how in the world do i get my dog to poop/pee outside?
  96. Please help me name my puppy!?
  97. pig or a dog????????????????????????
  98. Questions about a sick dog?
  99. Did my dog have a seizure?
  100. how can i socialize my puppy?
  101. What do you think of the artists on Show Dog Nashville?
  102. How do I deal with my puppy's first heat cycle?
  103. what to write on a dog walking flyer?
  104. Dogs being left on their own?
  105. i just got a puppy this morning n when he pooped it didnt look normal it
  106. how can i stop my dog from fighting?
  107. I am bringing my puppy to meet my parents..lol?
  108. my dog is sick, in houston, no electricity?
  109. Puppy Flight Help please?
  110. My dog breathes funny at night...?
  111. how much can you get sued if your dog bites someone?
  112. Names for my new puppy?
  113. help with puppy house training from wee wee pad to outside?
  114. My mom hates dogs! What should I do?
  115. Do you think I'm ready for a dog?
  116. Golden Retriever puppy troubles.?
  117. What was wrong with my puppy?
  118. What color are a dog's eye pigment?
  119. how can i remove dog urine odor?
  120. My puppy's eye again?
  121. Is cancer a low risk in a 10 month old boxer puppy?
  122. Fun question about your dog! ?
  123. help my vaccum smells like dogs?
  124. How can I tell if I'm allergic to dog saliva?
  125. should I adopt a dog?
  126. My Roommates Dog!!!!!?
  127. Why is Palin upset about being called a pig, when she referred to herself as a dog?
  128. ok i get it i promise not to breed my puppy?
  129. Has anyone had a puppy who recovered from parvo?
  130. what do puppy kicks feel like?
  131. Just got a new puppy?
  132. The puppy's 10 commandments.?
  133. where can i post puppies for sale at i have eight Saint Bernard's I'd like to sale
  134. In what ways can Vitamin E benefit a dog?
  135. Can anyone recommend an effective dog trainer in the east bay?
  136. how to make your dog be protective ?
  137. which is a better dog food?
  138. puppy about to arrive?
  139. clumps of white bits in dog feces (2mm in size cotton like) ?
  140. my dog died.. please help me figure out why :( id really appreciate it please :(?
  141. What do u think i should dress my puppy for Halloween?
  142. I notice onion and garlic are added to some Ceasar dog tins..?
  143. I'm excited to start a small doggy day care business, can any dog lovers...
  144. Dressing a boy dog up in girl stuff.?
  145. k9 dog vs cocaine bag in water could it be detected?
  146. What kind of dog is good for me?
  147. my pit puppy became a pit male today!?
  148. What are some dog friendly beaches?
  149. I need cute dog and puppy pics ?
  150. at what age does a puppy or dog start to bark when strangers enter the home?
  151. Second dog introduced to resident dog?
  152. Can anyone give me a list of the top ten dogs with the best temperaments?
  153. which small/medium dog breed should i get?? plz help?
  154. should i take these dogs in?
  155. Anyone have any dog treat recipe's?
  156. Why do dogs roll on dead things?
  157. Is it a sign of desperation that Biden is now a negative attack dog?
  158. should I let go? my puppy needs me though.?
  159. Why do all these young women ask if they're overweight when they weigh less than
  160. How to keep a puppy shot record?
  161. Puppy and poop question?
  162. When do puppies stop biting?
  163. HELP-Crate Training my 3 month old Puppy!?
  164. My dog will not eat!! HELP!\?
  165. how many months before dogs give birth?
  166. Is it cruel to chase your dog around the house with a vacuum cleaner?
  167. my puppy has a sore on his lower back near his tail. he keeps itching and...
  168. how do you speak dog?
  169. dog eye infection help please?
  170. I have a German sheherd rescue bitch 4 years old. lovely with people and cats but
  171. pomeranians as a dog?
  172. Female dog lifts her leg!?
  173. Should I have my dog put to sleep?
  174. my dog was hit by a car?
  175. Cool dog tricks? How about dog dancing?
  176. are peanuts good for dogs?
  177. Crazy Ex-girlfriend stole puppy?! what now!?
  178. Update on parvo puppy (see previous posts)?
  179. How can I get accepted into a house with my big dogs?
  180. Dog hair on my bed sheets?
  181. my friends small son ed my 1 1/2 week old puppy's eye will my puppy go
  182. Dogs keep getting tapeworm.?
  183. Need advice about dog with dry cracked nose & dry skin.?
  184. Opinion poll: Black men that dog out women in their music?
  185. How much would it cost to feed 4 dogs a raw diet>?
  186. I can't sleep with my new puppy crated?
  187. do all new puppies have worms can my 3yr old pom get them?
  188. POLL: What do you prefer Cats of dogs?
  189. Does my puppy have a heart murmur?
  190. Where can I go to get my dogs ear pierced in Sacramento?
  191. How do I stop my 8 week old puppy (lab/sheltie mix) from nipping and growling?
  192. dog/puppy/attention help!!!!?
  193. How Much Do I feed My 2mo. Old puppy?
  194. how can you tell if my dogs stool has blood?
  195. Pet stores that sell puppies in the bay area/san francisco?
  196. My puppy ate a headband... What will happen?
  197. I saw a live worm in my puppies poop this morning - we took him to the vet 3...
  198. Which puppies would best get along? Same sex or opposite? One is a chihuahua...
  199. Why do people say "It's raining cat's and dogs"?
  200. What kind of dog is this?
  201. Can someone help with an aggressive dog?
  202. Is it cruel to keep a dog outside the family home?
  203. Puppy-Mill supplied or Good breeder?
  204. A Good Puppy Website?
  205. My friends dog had just died. Advice on what to say?
  206. Why so many short-haired dogs on Petfinder.com?
  207. what breed of dog would be good for a family?
  208. When is my dog going to get her period?
  209. How do I introduce a Cavalier puppy (16weeks) to a 2year old border collie?
  210. how do i aviod cuts to a dogs skin while shaving out arm pits?
  211. Can you help me with a halloween costume and a puppy name?
  212. Dose any one know any good pet stores in New york that sell puppies?
  213. Can your dog dial 911?
  214. How to introduce a fiesty puppy to a 2 year old dog?
  215. My 5 month old puppy doesn't like being left alone, can anyone help?
  216. Medical Dogs In Apartments...?
  217. What can I FEED my dog to make her breath smell better?
  218. Is there a reason so many "puppy" bones say they are only approved for dogs...
  219. New adopted puppy afraid of us?
  220. What is the best Flea Medicine I can use on a dog weighing over 135lbs?
  221. how old is my puppy based on her teeth ?
  222. Spade / Neuter a dog? ?
  223. what would be the best brand and type of food for a puppy maltese and yorkie.?
  224. i have a new puppy & i need help picking out his name :] !?
  225. Would it be inhumane to mussle a small dog that barks too much at night?
  226. how can i declaw my dog?
  227. Best guard dog ? For family?
  228. Cats and dogs confused?
  229. Which kibble is better for my dog?
  230. My dog has a swollen wound by his neck.?
  231. Why would a dog's nose change colour?
  232. Why are grapes bad for dogs?
  233. What dog food would you recommend?
  234. Red bump on dog. Please help! ?
  235. Dog obedience help!!!!?
  236. Halloween dog collar?
  237. Why does my dog's pee smell so bad?
  238. How common are pitch black dogs?
  239. Why doesn't my dog put his leg up when he's peeing?
  240. What kind of dog should I get?
  241. My daughter dog had puppies 7 weeks ago When should we get the dog spaded.(fixed)?
  242. 10 week puppy had diarrhea on my rug how do i get the smell out?
  243. my dog's behavior, any ideas?
  244. What do dogs dream about?
  245. are their any intentional communities in australia that allow small pets like
  246. How long should it take to get papers for a dog who had been microchipped?
  247. how can i get my dog to stop barking?
  248. My puppy licked the sponge that had just cleaned her cage with. disinfectant...
  249. Puppy w. sudden loss of balance?
  250. What should I do if my dog is biting her newborn puppies?