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  1. If you have got an adult dog from a shelter do you find that it fits into your
  2. HELP! My pregnant dam has had 3 puppies,now nothing for 3 hours?
  3. My my puppy is 5weeks old and the mommy died what do i do about the milk need help?
  4. Dog is mysteriously vomiting, even under vet care?
  5. Has Anyone read Puppy Parenting: An Expert Guide to What to Do and When to Do...
  6. What dog breeds can be carried on to an airplane.?
  7. Vet bill for your dog with a vestibular disease?
  8. Whats a good thing to distract an11 week old puppy? He has tons of toys
  9. the direct line advert (uk) where the guy asks the dog if there's anything
  10. How do you trim a dog's toenails?
  11. My 1 year old dog is friendly and well behaved with other dogs when off lead .....?
  12. How much does Petco charge for dog shots (in MA)?
  13. My new 6 -month old puppy threw up yellow stuff and pooped yellow poop after
  14. my dog weighs 20lbs how much benadryl for itching ?
  15. what can i feed my dog that just had puppies?
  16. Dogs watching owners making love..?
  17. My Family are thinking of getting a dog, which breed is best?
  18. My dogs head is shaking and hes throwing up...?
  19. Dog pounds in Melbourne, Victoria?
  20. What's the best way to get my puppy leash trained?
  21. My dog doesn't have a 'master'?
  22. After being sick my dog was put on canned food, now she won't eat dry?
  23. What size dog house should i build for my puppy?
  24. If My Mum Is Scared Of Dogs She Cant Change Right Or Can She ?
  25. POLL: what is the funniest story about your dog?
  26. my puppy is 15 weeks and dident get her shots is that bad will she calm down if
  27. my dog has sores on his nose and testicles, im not sure what they are.?
  28. i have a weinie dog that has a bunch of bald spots and knots on him any
  29. how do i get my puppy to stop whining when i leave it alone?
  30. do these dogs look similar...as in may share some similar breeds?
  31. Good games for 4 months old puppies?
  32. King Of Queens - What Breed Of Dog Is Rocky? ?
  33. My puppy's eye again?
  34. How do i keep my puppy from digging holes?
  35. Small to Medium dog breeds? ?
  36. What Happens When A Dog Eats A Slug?
  37. are fish smarter than dogs?
  38. Shipping a dog to another state...?
  39. Is Dog Training The Same as Dog Rehabilitation?
  40. What's wrong with my dog's nose?
  41. Do you agree with someone breeding dogs only to use their hides for leather?
  42. Cute names for a boy maltese puppy?
  43. who thinks Dog the Bounty Hunter's son Leland is hott!? :)?
  44. help.. my dog has just had puppies and she keeps trying to cover them up with a...
  45. Why is my dog throwing up?
  46. Why Are Men Such Dogs?
  47. is it true that dogs responed more to names that ends with a 'Y' at the endd? ?
  48. Beagle is aggressive towards big dogs!?
  49. Does anyone have any info on Puppy Farming ?
  50. Do dogs go to Heaven?
  51. i need tip to potty train my 14week puppy shes a puggle help?
  52. How do I know my one week old puppies are getting enough to eat and are
  53. Dog's scratching A LOT!?
  54. My dog's eye is red and puffy, just on the outside corner, of one eye. I
  55. my dog will come if he is in the yard, BUT if he gets loose he won't listen he...
  56. Please help my puppy is having hard time making po?
  57. How do I get my puppy to accept my kitten?
  58. why does my dog......................?
  59. Female Pitbull puppy name?
  60. My dads dog keeps attacking my TINY yorkis?
  61. How to stop my dog from licking/kissing?
  62. Are dogs really color blind?
  63. How do I stop a 8 month old puppy from chewing on cables etc?
  64. Survey - Dog Person or Cat Person :}?!?
  65. Has anybody ever had there dog eat a bottle of advil.?
  66. are dogs colour blind ?
  67. Dog flight.......................?
  68. Need new name for a male puppy! ?
  69. Would it be too cold to fly my dog with me in December?
  70. How can I prepare for my puppy raiser home interview?
  71. ommmg i need help finding a puppy ?
  72. my puppy keeps peeing and pooping inside!?
  73. I have a sick puppy question?
  74. making your own dog treats?
  75. Out Neighbor's Dog Won't Stop Barking!!!?
  76. 2 week old puppy didnt poop 2day and lookz a little bloated?
  77. Books for this kind of dog?
  78. Dog Medication Question?
  79. PLZ help! What breed of dog is this?
  80. Can my puppy get sick from eating cheap dog food?
  81. what is the name of the song where 2 cartoon animated men go to a factory in
  82. New puppy with worms?
  83. How should I go about ridding my whole house of the smell that makes dogs keep
  84. How many baths can a dog take?
  85. My dog went from vomiting to diahrrea to just pooping blood....is it parvo? He is...
  86. Where can I adopt a retired police dog in Delhi?
  87. What dog will I be able to get next?
  88. questions about what kinda collars to wear on my dog?
  89. Can my landlords make me get rid of my dog?
  90. POLL: is your dog an inside or an outside dog?
  91. Intruducing a new puppy to an older dog?
  92. what do you think of zamboni for a german shepherd puppy name?
  93. my puppy broke her paw 2 weeks ago today she got the bandage and staples out. ?
  94. Afraid friend's dog will attack someone?
  95. Please Help me! What's an easy way to give a puppy liquid medicine?
  96. What does it mean when your dog howls like a wolf at you?
  97. Should i build a dog house or buy one?
  98. what puppy food is good for my maltipoo?
  99. Why does my puppy soil her bed?
  100. Dog Behavioural problem (separation anxiety)?
  101. One of my 2 dogs has had diarrhea for about a week and I am getting
  102. Need help with puppy behavior in a 20 month old retriever?
  103. Dog Issue ! ?
  104. What would be a good law to stop the animal(cats &dogs) over population without
  105. How do I get my puppy to poo on his pee pad?
  106. House Breaking a Pitbull Puppy?
  107. Which Dog Should I Get?
  108. Is it safe to bath my dog?
  109. Has anyone every adopted a dog?????
  110. Ive spayed my female puppy?
  111. How do I clip my dog's nails without hurting her?
  112. dog got stung by bee?
  113. Pitbull Dog Question!?!?
  114. if i took my dog to akc place ?
  115. Will my wolf dog turn on me when he is around 5 or 6 years old?
  116. My dog's ears are irritated, what should I do?
  117. is it ok to put neosporin on a dog?
  118. How to excersise my puppy?
  119. Puppy behavioral issues. Ugh! ?
  120. Questions about dog breeds and dogs?
  121. dogs barking why is this happening ?
  122. What do you think would be a good name for a boy Choc Lab puppy?
  123. How do I make my dog stop chasing cats?
  124. How big will my dog get?
  125. which puppy is cuter in your opinion. answer soon.?
  126. My dog is currently eating Eukanuba dry food. Are there any other suggestions?
  127. Can A Puppy Be Eaten By A Snake?
  128. My Maltese shitzu dog yelps for no reason.?
  129. is it bad that i hear some high frequency soundslike my dogs can? D:?
  130. My dog ate chocolate oatmeal bars with peanut butter bar would it harm her?
  131. I have a puppy-pee-problem.?
  132. My 4 month old puppy keeps scratching my doors. Please help!?
  133. I am thinking about getting a dog,preferably a yorkie, and I'm kinda feeling
  134. My male dog top lips are geting swollen and he is puking?
  135. is this dog crate big enough for adult sized jack russell?
  136. Is he a dirty dog or just an idiot?
  137. Healthy and tasty dog food?
  138. How can you tell if your dog is pregnant?
  139. Is an 11 hour flight too long for a dog? The cargo hold is air conditioned.?
  140. What would make a house-trained dog have "accidents" in the house? ?
  141. Pet Insurance for a pure breed dog ?
  142. Did Nick Jonas get a new dog for his birthday?
  143. a stray dog bit me. should i go doctor?
  144. Benefits of exercising my dog?
  145. What should I name my pitbull puppies?
  146. Can puppies transfer worms by kissing?
  147. Any ideas on how to find this dog?
  148. are common house spiders venomous to dogs?
  149. Does it bother you that ppl think that they can bring there dogs into any store...
  150. What are good Dog names?
  151. Best dog for my family ?
  152. Why are these kind of dogs so cute?? :)?
  153. Do all boxer dogs like to sleep in the bedroom on the bed?
  154. My Jack Russell is aggressive towards other dogs?!!?
  155. How do i install Linux Puppy on my portege 3020ct?
  156. what kind of dog food should i feed a 90lb alaskan malamute?
  157. Which dog for my kid? It's Labrador vs. Golden?
  158. i cant get puppy linux working on my laptop...?
  159. How can I get my dog to stop being so spiteful?
  160. omfg help my dog is gonna die from poison help!!?
  161. How can I keep my puppy from being so aggressive when he plays?
  162. How much do I have to pay when I take my dog to the vet for a checkup?
  163. any puppy name ideas?
  164. my male dog top lips are geting swollen please help?
  165. My dog is afraid of everything help????!!!!?
  166. My little puppy does not like to be held does this mean she does not like me?
  167. 11week old puppy had to go to vets today was throwing up and diareah i really
  168. My puppy has had loose stools and a small amount of diarrhea.?
  169. Dogs and vegetarian diets?
  170. 6 day old puppies- If they won't eat, is it okay? See details, please.?
  171. My dog has been panting whenever I put her in her cage?
  172. What Should I Feed My 3-Month old Puppy?
  173. how much should i feed my dog?
  174. Emergency Help For Puppy.?
  175. how can you tell if a one week puppy is more likely to have long or short fur ?
  176. PLz Help!!!!!!!!! i need help quick!!!! puppy?
  177. how do i teach my dog not to jump on the tables in our house and get food!?
  178. Any ideas what could be wrong with my puppy?
  179. neat/amazing tricks 4 a puppy?
  180. how much does the average rescue center dog cost?
  181. Dog bleeding for 2nd time when in season?
  182. can i walk dogs at 14 years old?
  183. will a huckleberry kill a dog?
  184. How to make my dog comfortable in our new house?
  185. Germand Shepherd info puppy?
  186. how many hormones does a human got and how many hormones does a cat or dog have?
  187. How old should a puppy be before he is neutered?
  188. Guess this small dog breed! (pic)?
  189. Dogs and flaxseed - good or bad?
  190. How much do you think should be paid for cleaning a nice sized 3 bedroom, 2...
  191. breeding rhodesian ridgeback dogs?
  192. What goes well with fried shrimp and hush-puppies?
  193. If you were going to buy a small fluffy dog what breed or cross breed would...
  194. what is my puppy trying to do?
  195. How can I housetrain my 5 month old puppy?
  196. How do I get my neighbor to put her dog on a leash? And clothes on her kid?
  197. How can you tell if your dog might have a fever?
  198. do you like/hate dog crates??? plz answer 10 points best answer?
  199. POLL:what breed of dog do you have?
  200. My dog is on an antibiotic because he tore his nail off (his do-claw) but now...
  201. My 8 month old puppy still pees in the house.?
  202. Can you help but think what do dog think?
  203. What breed of dog is this?
  204. Would you rush your dog to the emergency vet or not?
  205. Will my puppies forget about me?
  206. What mix does my dog look like?
  207. puppies + Dada help please!!!!!!!!?
  208. When Is the best time for puppies to leave their mother?
  209. when will i be able to tell if my dog is pregnant?
  210. which brand of puppy food is best for a Australian shepard?
  211. Why do they keep censoring me? I'm not swearing just using the proper
  212. Do you pat or massage your dogs?
  213. How old does a dog have to be?
  214. My dog never stays in his bouderies. what to do?
  215. HELP, my dog might be going! :(?
  216. My dog is aggressive?
  217. Gettting a American Eskimo Dog?
  218. what can i feed my staffy puppy?
  219. what breed is my dog?terrier mix?
  220. Looking for a more natural dog food for my boxer! My vet told me that the...
  221. my puppy won't stop peeing whe he gets near her?
  222. Looking for a dog in the northeast......?
  223. My dog get tied in her first cycle, will it kill her, should I get the...
  224. How do I potty train my blind puppy?
  225. I need to correct mistakes made trying to housebreak my Rott puppy?
  226. Convincing parents to let me get another dog...?
  227. Help with my dogs season?
  228. Rice and chicken diet - puppy?
  229. Who can name our puppy? I need some ideas 10 points to the best ?
  230. My dogs dont like the new dogs?
  231. Should i get a second rescue dog.?
  232. Good breed of dog for a 63 yr.old lady.....?
  233. I am looking to buy another dog...?
  234. I am a dog groomer and this morning argued with a long standing customer?
  235. How can I make my puppy quit barking?
  236. My dog has lyme which keeps returning. He did 30 days of Doxcyclone and
  237. My dog keeps shitting on the living room carpet ...?
  238. Mushroom poisoning in dogs ?
  239. Great dane questions and dog showing?
  240. Do you think my puppy is too chubby?
  241. what is a good exotic name for a puppy?
  242. Need help with my dog!!?
  243. My dog will not go to the bathroom and it drinks alot of water?
  244. My dog has milk from her teats her eating habbits changed?
  245. getting a puppy soon. how do i introduce him to our home?
  246. Do dogs like being with humans or dogs more?
  247. NO need to treat a dog for worms when you get an infected puppy if the...
  248. Does my dog feel good?
  249. is it normal for a dog to fart all the time?
  250. Recently moved and got a dog, cat acting out... Help?