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  1. What are some small dogs?
  2. My Puppy is driving me nuts!?
  3. I found a puppy 4&half to 5 weeks and am not sure what to feed him. will kitten
  4. My puppy ate some of my houseplant!?
  5. how to help my newly adopted dog who was abused in the past?
  6. Our new puppy has a serious problem with his kennel. He freaks out every time
  7. How do I teach my puppy not to bite?
  8. My dog has bloodshot eyes?
  9. How to persuade my dad to let me have a dog?
  10. Have you seen Nick Jonas' new puppy?
  11. My dog just accidently...?
  12. Urgent help! dog with blood in poo! help! x.x.x?
  13. Looking for a better "burr repellent" for coated dogs?
  14. my dog chewed up my childhood toy!?
  15. white westie dog help?
  16. castrated dog can't stop licking?
  17. What kind of games do you play with your dog?
  18. Matching dog costumes?
  19. my dad just gave away my puppy?
  20. Could my puppy have an illness?
  21. Puppy ate a dried up dead snake!?
  22. How could I make my Maltese puppy white.....?
  23. puppy training spray?
  24. What would be a better choice for dog agility?
  25. How can i stop my puppy from biting me?
  26. Could someone provide some information about growth plate injuries in...
  27. how can i stop my new dog from biting people?
  28. How soon should you neuter a puppy?
  29. If my puppy(5 months old)?
  30. Obese, indulgent puppy-lover Robert Sanchez's negligence killed 24; how do...
  31. Help - Yorkie rescued from puppy mill - won't walk through door to come inside?
  32. My neighbors are not properly caring for their dog, what should I do?
  33. My puppy is chewing on the wall! Help?
  34. how do i fly my dog with me from the states to germany?
  35. german shepherd puppy! help!!?
  36. How can I get my dog to stop barking at me?
  37. What did Nick Jonas name the puppy he got for his 16th Birthday?
  38. Am I the only one who thinks the Dogs could upset Geelong tonight?
  39. what kind of dog do you have?
  40. Do dogs go to heaven?
  41. Once house trained dogs having frequent accidents, help?
  42. We need to move and i cant keep my dog what can i do?
  43. Building a Dog kennel out of metal?
  44. Where can I keep my 10 week old German Shepherd puppy while im at school?
  45. Is It Normal For This 2 Happen When You Worm A Dog?
  46. Have you seen that performing dog that was on 'Britains got Talent' since ... ?
  47. How do I keep mosquitoes away from my dogs water bowl outside?
  48. Can a dog sense that an electrical cord is plugged in?
  49. Should I wash my dog with Dish soap or Kitten shampoo?
  50. my good 'ol dog!!!! hahahaah..... bet you'll laugh!!!?
  51. Who let the dogs out?
  52. How do I clip my dog?
  53. Can a mushroom make my puppy sick?
  54. How do i put my dog on a diet?
  55. Is our puppy normal ?
  56. My dog always poos when she's out!?
  57. Just got a dog, any tips?
  58. Question My Roomate Has A Dog Already!!!?
  59. Where can I find Akita puppies near Lexington, KY?
  60. my dog had puppies! plz plz help me?
  61. why can i legally own a dog but not a cat?
  62. Where can I post a classified for free to sell some puppies?
  63. What do you think the name for my new puppy german shepherd?
  64. Does anyone else think this dog's legs look fake?
  65. How do you deal with a dog hater at work? Happy a dog might be put down!?
  66. My puppy broke his canine tooth and it is bleeding a little and sould be worried?
  67. How do i teach my puppy to fetch?
  68. how can i get my puppy used to loud noises?
  69. help with my dogs aggressive behavior!!?
  70. what breed do you think my dog is?
  71. Those who show their dogs in America?
  72. I think my sister messed up my dogs...?
  73. Name needed for Puppy!! I have two puppies and we have named one but I
  74. why is my dog licking his feet?
  75. My roommate got a puppy without thinking about it!!! Help!!?
  76. If a scene in a movie lasted a few seconds, and showed a policeman chasing a
  77. im getting a puppy (jack russel, male) what shall i call it?
  78. On last night's Bones, should this dog have been put down?
  79. I am looking for a picture of an album cover from the 1970's maybe early
  80. How can I re-home my two dogs?
  81. Who's the Hero? Dogs or Us?
  82. what's the big deal with nick jonas's new puppy?
  83. What would you like on your hot-dog?
  84. Young dog on Rimadyl?
  85. Is there a site that has the complete list of Dog Breeds?
  86. How long can you leave a german shepherd puppy alone?
  87. are beagles gun dogs?
  88. do you think my dog is cute?
  89. my dog keeps itching where he was neutered to the point that it is red,...
  90. Large Breed vs. Regular Puppy Food? (Blue Buffalo)?
  91. my puppy is lame, is it growing pains?
  92. Okay, you're walking the dog at night ...?
  93. what kind of dog is it?
  94. puppy trouble can anyone help?
  95. If a dog puking up food and has diarhea gooey like the blob is it worms or parvo?
  96. my puppy has parvo what do you suggest i should do?
  97. Anyone have a dog that has had a staph infection?
  98. what type of small dog should i get?
  99. How old does a male puppy have to be to get neutered?
  100. My friends dog is losing her hair?? Not fleas or mites or lice...?
  101. POLL: If diamonds are a girl's best friend and dogs are a man's best friend;...
  102. fleas on a small puppy?
  103. Would you be for or against this (re: dogs )?
  104. Dog pee in hardwood floors?
  105. What's the difference between "puppy love" and real love?
  106. Is it dangerous for birds to eat from my dog's food?
  107. Are you scared of dogs?
  108. How to make a three headed dog?
  109. Staffordshire Bull Terrier attack - is the mother right to ask for muzzles on
  110. What's wrong with my puppy?
  111. Is it normal for puppies to have hiccups?
  112. Dog eats himself...........?
  113. How do you calm down an adult dog?
  114. Is there any way I can stop my puppy from barking when I leave my apartment?
  115. Help!! Need Answers Fast!! About My 4 Week Old Puppies.?
  116. My Female dog is having difficulty urinating?
  117. Will there always be dogs hanging around when a dog is in heat?
  118. Is this normal for a dog?
  119. my friend (jamie) would like to know when is it safe to breed her dog she has
  120. Miniature Wiener dog puppy ?
  121. New Puppy Arriving!!!! What Do I Need In My House!!!!!?
  122. I have a new puppy (4 mos) and have 3 cats, who are mostly in my bedroom,?
  123. Should i be worried about this strange spot on my dog?
  124. My dog when she was a little puppy was attacked by another dog and now she
  125. Has any one ever used bo dog ?
  126. lump in puppy's testicle?
  127. What is this bump on my dogs back?
  128. How often should I bath my German Shepherd puppy?
  129. I found this puppy in the street before I left for work, what breed is it?
  130. I lossed my dog today ?
  131. Why is my fixed female dog humping my male dog(not fixed) ?
  132. My dog has a swollen ear..what might it be?
  133. Has a Prairie Dogs given you advice lately?
  134. How much milk should a 1 1/2 week old puppy eat?
  135. dose any one remember a movie with a crystal skull, cowboy ,and a worm dog in it?
  136. whats your favourite breed of dog?
  137. Who should have to clean up after the dog?
  138. UK premium reduced calorie dog food? ?
  139. my kitten is sucking on my puppy's neck will it cause a knot on it cause now...
  140. What breed is my puppy?!?
  141. How to change bad behavior in an older puppy, pee's & poops on carpets?
  142. Taking Your Dog For A Walk?
  143. why wont my dog gain wait?
  144. why has my dog started itching/biting himself over the past 4 or 5 days?
  145. Help for my dog!?!?!?!?!?
  146. Any recommendations for detergents to use to wash my puppy's bedding and toys? ?
  147. My dog got into an ant trap today?
  148. Large breed puppy crate training? animal cruelty?
  149. help! my dog keeps ripping up my couches!?
  150. Puppy emergency. pleasee help i'm desperate ?
  151. New puppy throwing up ?
  152. What breed is my puppy (update from last time)? ?
  153. Doberman breeding. How to get brown puppy?
  154. good puppy halloween costumes?
  155. What's the difference between San Diego fans and a puppy?
  156. i just got my puppy...?
  157. Help me find out what these dogs are?
  158. 6 month old puppy not eating?
  159. Switching dogs Food and What to Switch To?
  160. What do you think?? Dog owners ?
  161. My dog goes crazy when I whistle. Why?
  162. Want to change my dog's name??? ?
  163. When i try walking my dog its hard because other dogs come out!?
  164. PLEASE help, my puppy is home alone without food?
  165. Help determining which breeds my dogs have in them.?
  166. PLEASE help, puppy problem!?
  167. What dog breed sheds little, is small/mid sized, easily trainable and good for a
  168. I am considering a German Shepard for a dog, are they worth it?
  169. severe case of dust mites on dog?
  170. Eye Medicine for my Dog?
  171. My Dog Poops On My Carpet! Help!?
  172. Putting My Dog To Sleep Tomorrow?
  173. if im looking to get a purebred puppy, would i be able to find one in a...
  174. is it okay to neuter my dog at this age?
  175. homemade dog treat recipes ?
  176. just had my puppy spayed?
  177. Dog coughs everytime she drinks, is this normal after labor?
  178. how do you make sure you don't leave 1 of the dogs out?
  179. What dog is better for kids a norwegian elkhound or an akita?
  180. does my dog look evil in this photo?
  181. My dog started pooping on our porch. ?
  182. Why does my dog tell me to kill people?
  183. Need an ironic name for my new 5 lb Maltese puppy...?
  184. Should I get two Beagles puppies or One? If two from the same litter or...
  185. Serious Dog Injury Need Help?
  186. What can I do to prevent my dog from...?
  187. Will My Puppy Change After Getting Fixed?
  188. Do you take your dog to dog parks?
  189. where can i find puppy coats?
  190. my dog has a big callus on his leg is there any thing i can put on it to...
  191. Puppy wakes up in middle of the night, pees/poops on the floor. Help?
  192. Excited but nervous about getting a puppy?
  193. Puppy Park Etiquette, what do you think about this situation?
  194. What is a Webkinz Dog ?
  195. Why is my 3 month old chocolate lab puppy getting a white tail?
  196. My dog keeps peeing, little bit at a time. What can I do?
  197. my dog is vomiting and he is constipated?
  198. eye problems in dogs?
  199. When should puppies be microchipped? ?
  200. How can I keep my dog (puppy) from crawling under the fence and getting out?
  201. Financial assistance for dogs?
  202. How do I stop my mum's dog from attacking me?
  203. My 8 weeks kitten biting my 2 years old dog's leg?
  204. can a human get e coli from their pet dog?
  205. Why does my puppy always get diarrhea?
  206. I caught my puppy chewing on one of the insect bait stations ! What should I do.?
  207. does anyone know how to keep a male dog from marking. My dog lifts his leg...
  208. Does anyone know of the dog breed the Bully Kutta ( Indian Mastiff)?
  209. What do vegetarians feed their dogs and other animals?
  210. What are the dog tags in Call of Duty 4?
  211. Does anyone know any movie with a dog switching or possessing a man?
  212. can fleas kill puppies?
  213. Have you ever had a puppy shipped to you?
  214. Dog scratch infected?
  215. Ihave just seen a flock of Bananas flying by when walking my dog have you seen
  216. How old does a puppy have to be before?
  217. My dog ate about half a dead, small frog or toad and is now vomiting? URGENT?
  218. Why does my puppy start coughing when she exercises?
  219. How can I make certain **WE** own the puppy?
  220. Help ! Neighbors just got a dog and its huge and frightening our daughter!?
  221. Why is my puppy so annoying all night?
  222. My girlfriends puppy has possible UTI?
  223. Do they make X-Back harnesses for dogs THIS small?
  224. Neighbors let their dogs roam the neighborhood. Help!!!?
  225. Question for people who have cat(S) & dog(S)?
  226. what can u use to get rid of bad dog breath?
  227. Getting a puppy in 4weeks..any ideas for puppy names?
  228. can you worm a dog just before mating her?
  229. My dog is always staring at me!! :)?
  230. how can i train my jack russel puppy?
  231. Why does my puppy get hiccups and how do I help her?
  232. My dog, a yorkie-poo, is soooo hyper!?
  233. Can my guinea pig get fleas from my dog?
  234. which dog food was recalled yesterday?
  235. I puppy gets car sick?
  236. What do you think my dog is...?
  237. What age is best to socialize a puppy?
  238. What is my dog doing? This freaks me out?
  239. Which dog do you think is cuter?
  240. puppy neutering questions ?
  241. Does age matter when breeding dogs? ?
  242. Worried about my dog, please help?
  243. what do i do after my dog has an epileptic attack?
  244. is my puppy sick?what can he possibly have?
  245. am i stupid whats wrong with my dog?
  246. do you need to be 21 to adopt a dog? is it 18 anywhere?
  247. New Born Puppy Help ?
  248. im looking for a black small breed dog..HELP PLEASE!?
  249. Does Dog castration eventually subdue dogs aggression? ?
  250. dog scared of a helicopter?