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  1. I getting a new puppy?
  2. why do dogs always......?
  3. How can I get my brother's Maltese dog to get along with my Quaker parrot?
  4. What dog breeds that are kid friendly and generally good dogs?
  5. What temperament traits are necessary for a dog to be "naturally protective"?
  6. Could a change in diet cause a dog to drink/urinate excessively? ?
  7. Can the Saliva of a dog (not injected with anti-rabies) can still cause rabies?
  8. How do people start dog buisnesses/breeding facilities like this?
  9. My puppy has just had its first vaccination (both doses split over two weeks).
  10. PLEASE!!!! Best way to keep my dogs fractured leg comfortable?
  11. When is it time to let my dog go with cancer?
  12. my dog and my mom wtf!?
  13. Different dog breeds and eye shine?
  14. what would you do? dog park?
  15. What is wrong with my puppy?
  16. I have a 5 1/2 month old male shih tzu puppy. Overall he is a good puppy but he
  17. Dog scratching after urinating/defecating?
  18. My girl dog gets confused for a boy, what are the best kind of earrings to
  19. Name and breed identity for my new puppy please?
  20. i don't know what is wrong with my dog.?
  21. Are there any low cost vet clinics (for my dog) in Orange County, CA? Not just...
  22. hypoallergenic bed for large dog?
  23. Is their a such thing as a chilli corndog? "kinda like a chilli dog"?
  24. Why do dogs always wait until you've sat down to scratch on the door?
  25. how can I teach my dog to sit?
  26. What kind of dog does Ashley Tisdale has?
  27. If I get my 8 months old puppy neutered will he stop weeing on everybody and be
  28. MY DOG IS GAY and is having a EXTREMELY disturbing effect on me HELP?
  29. do puppies that grow up together breed together?
  30. how to stop a puppy from nipping?
  31. New puppy now two dogs. Is it supposed to be this hard to handle??? ?
  32. Where's the best place to find a puppy?
  33. Why so many 'what's wrong with my dog' questions at weekends?
  34. What dog should i get?
  35. One puppy has put on weight but not the other.?
  36. My puppy i throwing up spit and won't eat her food?
  37. What breed of dog should I get?
  38. choosing a breed - second dog?
  39. How to make my dog stop barking?
  40. I have one year old dog. Never crate him. Want to start...few problems.?
  41. I think my dog has problem?
  42. I have a 7 wk. puppy, when does a puppy start to sleep through the night?
  43. i have been doing research on this dog?
  44. How do you toilet train a dog that already is toilet trained for another part of
  45. can someone help me with my dog? im kinda confused?
  46. People, if you, puppy dog & TAAKE are travelling in boat , and one needs to be...
  47. Whats wrong with her dog?
  48. How old does my dog have to be?
  49. how do i teach my dog to shake paws?
  50. Do you believe your dog can understand every word you say?
  51. Is my little dog pregnant?
  52. dog pregnancy???? help plz?
  53. any one going to see hound dog movie?
  54. Ok which puppy food shall I use for my 10 wk old puppy?
  55. My new puppy is eating grass and vomitting?
  56. My dog wont listen (question re-asked)?
  57. What's wrong with my dog?
  58. i am getting a puppy but...?
  59. Cheap Dental Cleaning for Dogs ??? ?
  60. hound dog by dakota fanning has finally made it to limited theatures, gonna watch it?
  61. I have two questions What is a good over the counter wormer? And what who be a
  62. online dog contests???????
  63. Kidney failure in dogs?
  64. A small dog can be carry on luggage right?
  65. How Would I Go About A Raw Diet For My Puppy?
  66. Vet said my dog had a stroke?
  67. Anyone familliar with treating Puppy acne?
  68. What is a F1B puppy?....?
  69. are those dogs happy?
  70. Snapping puppy.... Help???
  71. Information on Leukemia in dogs?
  72. how come if you blow in a dogs face and it goes mad?
  73. Whats a real good puppy food?
  74. Why does my puppy keep limping? =(?
  75. my puppy keeps bitting my toes how do i get him to stop?
  76. What happened to my dog and how do i fix it?
  77. is it a good idea to get a dog?
  78. my dog ate a plate of brownies!! HEELP!?
  79. What are the signs of my puppy?
  80. is my dog sick can you help? please?
  81. NEW PUPPY potty training HELP?
  82. Parvo? Could my puppy have parvo?
  83. My dog has a huge knot on left side of neck and won't turn head that way. Very...
  84. My dog has broken out in hives/rash all over his body, what is it?
  85. How do I introduce my overexcited puppy to children?
  86. designer dogs with stupid names...?
  87. How much does it cost to reclaim dog from RSPCA?
  88. Need help my dog is trying to bite me!?
  89. What sort of metal are Military "Dog Tags" made from?
  90. I have a 6 month puppy that barks at everyone and everything what should i do?
  91. My dog has possible yeast around his mouth, what are the causes of yeast.?
  92. 6 Week old puppy threw up!?
  93. What are the bumps on my dogs chin/genitals?
  94. Can my puppy eat two different kinds of dog food?
  95. How much does it cost to fix a dislocated hip and torn knee on a dog?
  96. What is wrong with my dog?
  97. My puppy was killed. I need help identifying her breed - Italian greyhound,
  98. We got a "new" cat and she has fleas, but my dog has some too, yet they look
  99. Dog getting Neutered Late?
  100. mud puppy water dog fish bait?
  101. Is There Any Hope For This Poor Sick Puppy?
  102. how can I get my cat to accept my new dog?
  103. what puppy is this?!?!?
  104. What dog breed? Please help?
  105. Are there any beaches in Hong Kong that allow dogs ?
  106. Where can i donate a dog in brooklyn N.Y beside the ASPCA?
  107. how do you remove dog urine stains and odors from hardwood?
  108. My dog has a rash on her stomach...help!?
  109. how can i make my puppy stop barking when i leave the house?
  110. my dogs have a chewing problem what do i do?
  111. How much would you charge for a dog walking service?
  112. What are some cute puppy names for my MALE jug :)?
  113. Need help with dog breeds?
  114. My Dog Has A Barking Problem.?
  115. What Can I Do To get My Puppy To Get Bigger or Grow Faster?
  116. What kind of dog is this? English bulldog / pitbull? English bulldog/
  117. My dog has unnatural anxiety around other dogs? He almost sings around them?
  118. How soon can a 8-week puppy stay in their new crate overnight?
  119. Can puppy play biting in park cause sores/bumps around my dogs neck and back of ear?
  120. I think my neighbor's dog came down with mad cow disease...?
  121. What size collar should I get for my new puppy?
  122. What should i do with my dog??!! urgent please!..?
  123. Do you give your dog any human food for treats? If so, what do you give?
  124. Will you please vote for my puppies?
  125. Buckeye Tree fruit and My puppy?
  126. what can be a better kind of dog for me?
  127. Is it ok to take my puppy camping?
  128. My new puppy does not know I am the new owner. What do I do as she came from a
  129. Do you think you would have shocked the puppy in Sheridan's replication of...
  130. my puppy wont "go" outside?
  131. My dog's tooth fell out! It was the bulking molar one, is this normal?
  132. What breed is my puppy?
  133. After my puppy poops he drags his butt on the floor...What's wrong..?
  134. Does my puppy have Parvo? ?
  135. I have six dogs and I walk them all on leads, till we go into the mountains....
  136. i need cute puppy names?
  137. HELP! my dog! and my neice...?
  138. Any cute ideas for dog names?
  139. Why is my dog whimpering so much lately?
  140. which puppy breed should i choose?
  141. Does anyone know about Llasa Apso puppies?
  142. Puppy intestinal obstruction?
  143. How do you train a puppy?
  144. feeding dogs pineapple?
  145. I have a 11 wk old puppy and we are having a hard time training her not to pee
  146. Why is your dog the best?
  147. Darkrai, Shaymin,Mew, Celebi, Legendary dogs, pokemon diamond trades?
  148. When should I get my puppy spayed?
  149. How do you become a dog trainer?
  150. Do puppy kongs make a mess?
  151. What kind of dog is this?
  152. HELP, I regret having my dog neutered!?
  153. Halloween costume for my dog?
  154. help bug bite on puppies tummy.pic included?
  155. Problem with my dog's fur?
  156. anybody in/near nj have a puppy that needs a home?
  157. What dog foods are the best for Pitbulls?
  158. How can you know the difference from your dog having worms & needing their anal
  159. What does it mean to "socialize" a dog? ?
  160. My puppy's stomach looks really big, I think he may be bloated. What should I do?
  161. Could someone sue for a dog-bite?
  162. What kind of puppy is this?
  163. How to get my dog to climb stairs!!! HELP!!!!?
  164. I gave my dog (lasa) lamb rib bones and she gobbled them up. I couldn't...
  165. How do you replace lost military dog tags?
  166. Getting a Pug puppy in 3 1/2 weeks... Need name help!?
  167. Dog eating bird seed?
  168. Why does my dog have soft stools?
  169. how can you finance a dog!!!?
  170. does it seem they grow up too fast? Also do you miss the cute puppy stage...?
  171. Treatment for dogs with e coli?
  172. My dog is a BIG ass problem?
  173. how big are my dogs going to get? ?
  174. I have 3 puppies that I need to get rid of. I took them up to the humane so. where...
  175. Help me name my puppy:)?
  176. Should my puppy have a night light?
  177. How long should a puppy stay with it's mom?
  178. My Husband Wants A Puppy. Advise Needed Please?
  179. do dogs get "surprise" aggression?
  180. What are the medical causes of pica in dogs?
  181. can i walk my puppy after1st injection?
  182. My dog has an air bubble under his skin in his right ear, is this something I...
  183. If I've outgrown my dog allergies, do you think I've also outgrown my cat allergies?
  184. Dog ate plastic knife when taken out for walk?
  185. My dog never plays with any toys?
  186. Multi-dog parents: Do you prefer having the same breed or do you have different...
  187. Preperation for a new puppy? :) ?
  188. our family just got a new puppy yesterday. we took him to the vet today and his
  189. What size dog should I get for my family? I have pre-school age children. ?
  190. can you give an 11 week old puppy a cap of bleach for kennel cough?
  191. What should we name our new husky puppy? its a 8 week old female, with one
  192. has anyone tried Cutter plus drops for dogs,are they any good? ?
  193. My dog keeps attacking his legs making them bleed.?
  194. cat and dog fleas the same ?
  195. my dog is constipated........help please.?
  196. What is wrong with my dog?
  197. adopting a second dog?`?
  198. any idea of games to play with my puppy?
  199. Are there condoms for dogs?
  200. My dogs/puppy's vagina is bleeding...?
  201. My dog has Dandruff!!?
  202. Parvo?? Could my little puppy have parvo?
  203. Why won't my dog go poo/pee in our backyard?
  204. How to help a puppy with dandruff?
  205. Can ink kill my dog??
  206. What dog breeds make you think of rich people?
  207. does any have any tips for cutting my dog's hair?
  208. My neighbours dogs barks and yaps all day & night? What can I do?
  209. what if my puppy has a swollen stomach??
  210. What do i do with my new puppy?
  211. Do dogs that are fixed really have more behavior problems? ?
  212. Need name ideas for my puppy?
  213. What is crueler? Docking a dog’s tail or neutering! ?
  214. What is a good name for our new dog?
  215. What Do Your Dogs Look Like Wet?
  216. Do my 2 month old shih tzus need to drink puppy milk?
  217. How do you get your puppy fix? ?
  218. We had our dog spayed. now she can't her pee. is this normal?
  219. is msm and condroitin good for dogs with hip displaysia. My dog is lame the
  220. My dog has not lost his top canine teeth...im worried!?
  221. Which puppy should I get?
  222. Can a male dog that has been neutered be de-neutered? If so, is it expensive?
  223. Anyone elses dog act this way towards them being pregnant?
  224. what is the biggest and smallest breed of dog?
  225. is dynamic lifter bad for dogs?
  226. how do i convince my dad to let me have a dog?
  227. My friend found this puppy and gave it to me. A quick question?
  228. Flesh eating dogs!!!?
  229. Am I covered for the antics of my dog?
  230. I Really Want A Dog.... How Should I Ask For One?
  231. how much do cadaver dogs rent for?
  232. Any tips about grieving a family dog?
  233. Are dog parks a good idea?
  234. My dog is acting very strange..Please help?
  235. Dog constantly is licking everything?
  236. your dog and Halloween ?
  237. how do i get my two month old puppy to eat out of his food bowl? ?
  238. Help me and my Puppy please!?
  239. New puppy.Don't know if he's healthy...?
  240. What does this dog look like?
  241. Need a the main breeds that people try to say have teacups puppies?
  242. Is soy sauce and onion spring bad for my 7 week old puppy?
  243. What is the best top spot and or dip flea treatment for dogs? Advantage,
  244. 10 Weeks Old Pappy, Had Vaccine,wormed, Advocate For Dogs,has A Runny Poos Skinny...
  245. what's wrong with my puppies poop?
  246. Big dogs and little dogs?
  247. the first dogs on the moon ?
  248. My Dog has a Licking Problem?
  249. Is What I Am Feeding My Puppy Good?
  250. Yar, are land lubbers infatuated with the lass Palin because she be nicer looking...