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  1. I have a female beaglemix in a collie everytime she gets around another dog she
  2. Diarrhea in new puppy, excitement or problem?
  3. Nintendogs what dogs learn tricks better?
  4. Have you ever seen a dog with an eye color other than brown?
  5. dogs and disney-name do u like them?
  6. I found a baby stray kitten and its really really cute and even my puppy
  7. How can i know if my dog is dying?
  8. Will dogs remember you?
  9. What is your favorite name for a labrador puppy?
  10. How can I stop my dog from howling in the morning?
  11. What should me and my friend name our dog?
  12. new puppy (Easy 10p) What'd ya think? picks?
  13. what small dog would suit us?
  14. Do dogs know when a human is upset?
  15. smelly belly puppy HELP ME?
  16. Are Blue Pit puppies (razors edge) good for homes with small children?
  17. How can I get a puppy?
  18. How do I train my Yorkie puppy to use the bathroom outside or in a certain area?
  19. can anyone help me with my dog?
  20. I found a lost dog. What do I do?
  21. Help me find a puppy?
  22. My dog met a porcupine and had 2 quills in her nose.......?
  23. Why do dogs really howl?
  24. Can I teach my dog to play more?
  25. My dog hates his cage i need other ideas like yours!?
  26. How much claritin can I give my 80 lb dog she suffers air allergies and
  27. House training a new yorkie puppy?
  28. mobile home vet put my dog to sleep but?
  29. How should I punish my dog when he has a jealousy prob with another dog.?
  30. dry skin on 9 week old puppy?
  31. how can i get my dog to stop freaking out when i blow dry him after a bath?
  32. Would you rather have a Boxer dog or Poodle?
  33. What dog bread is good for me?
  34. Should I neuter my puppy?
  35. i want to get a big dog!?
  36. Is it confusing to teach dog commands in multiple languages?
  37. How to get my older dogs to get used to our new puppy.?
  38. Bringing home a puppy and having my older dog accept it?
  39. Advice on training a dog that "mouths" a lot?
  40. Puppy 9 months old Has heat happened yet?
  41. What breed(s) dog do you think this is?
  42. My dog is biting his hind leg?!?!?
  43. What's wrong with my dogs eyes?
  44. shih tzu puppy barking question?
  45. what kind of dog is scooby doo?
  46. Bracco Italiano puppies?
  47. What is the correct way to avoid out of control dogs on walks?
  48. buying a boston terrier puppy in Norway?
  49. My dog slipped a disk? (or at least I think she did)?
  50. Suggestions on shutting up an annoying dog!?
  51. A good way to train a puppy to not pull on the lead - question deleted?
  52. Dogs like border collies?
  53. Heart/respiratory rate for a puppy?
  54. my dog has bad skin probs. tried everything. vet too. any home remedies?
  55. Are My Puppies Purebred?
  56. do dogs have zodiac signs?
  57. is it ok to walk a dog without a leash? ?
  58. Do you think that this puppy is cute?
  59. I did not know my little doggy had parvo when her baby puppy was born. Please advise?
  60. Recommendations for a dog door for cold weather and one that seals good?
  61. Dog died unknown reasons... Any feedback?
  62. Can you think of any good dog names?
  63. How can you tell if a dog is deaf in one ear?
  64. When can you wash puppies?
  65. My dog is really starting to make EVERYBODY angry....?
  66. What should i name my puppy?
  67. what is that red thing that keeps coming out of my dogs weiner?
  68. My dog barfed on my mother in law, will my wife ever forgive me?
  69. My dog can get sick from squirrel?
  70. How and when do I license my dog?
  71. Potty training your dog ?
  72. Medication for dog immune system?
  73. Please help puppy training!?
  74. What should I name my new puppy?
  75. what is the dog's name in the UK Oreo advert?
  76. Why is my dog shaking?
  77. Are dogs at shelters tested for diseases?
  78. Why won't my puppy eat from a bowl but instead on the floor?
  79. Trying to train my 10yr old dog to bark on command?
  80. How can I keep my house smelling fresh with two dogs?
  81. Where can i buy xl dog costumes...for Halloween?
  82. Grass problems from dogs...how to fix? ?
  83. help with walking trouble with boarder puppy?
  84. What is your favorite dog breed?
  85. my puppy is 9 weeks old and weighs 20 lbs, how much will she weigh full grown?
  86. Swiffer Wet Jet Harmful to Dogs Causing Liver Failure?!?
  87. are these symptoms of after worming a dog?
  88. Behavior of a 10 month old puppy.?
  89. still in need of puppy name!!?
  90. help my dog keeps running away?
  91. how do you clear nintendo dog meomory for r4?
  92. Anyone have good information on petstore and puppy mills?
  93. Poll: Dog or Cat........?
  94. the skin of my dog's paw is peeling off and bleed. what i can i do?
  95. How do I stop taking my anger out on my dog Lilly?!?
  96. How do you get a 5 month old puppy to stop jumping up on you and everyone they see?
  97. My puppy won't eat..?
  98. What to name my new puppy?
  99. older dog hates new puppy...?
  100. why does my dog run away, and my lab follows?
  101. My dog just had 9 puppies tonight what do I do?
  102. a problem with my dog?
  103. New dog is over protective of me?
  104. Do you think Dogs have a culture? and why?
  105. My dog's ear is smelling and he's shaking his head a lot. Hubby says use
  106. My puppy,just adopted yesterday,will not let me out of his sight...?
  107. When will my male dog learn to lift his leg?
  108. what breed dog is this?
  109. Puppy food supplement?
  110. Dogs are sooo cute........?
  111. my new blacl/brown/cream coat lab puppy....?help..?
  112. What is a better guard dog?
  113. How is your dog toilet trained?
  114. Why this current "cult of the dog" ?
  115. A 5.0 kg puppy rushes out of the house to greet it's owner at 2.0 m-s....
  116. New Puppy throwing up, hasn't really eating. ?
  117. What is the best pet insurance for my puppy?
  118. HELP!!!! 2 Male Aggressive, 10 month old Shih Tzu dogs.?
  119. Do you think Our puppy knows we saved her life?
  120. Need help with Dog Insurance?
  121. Why do people like to eat things the shape of a hot dog?
  122. I'm Thinking Of Getting A Puppy??! Whatt do u think?
  123. Selena,Demi and me want a dog?Anyone know where a good place to go is?
  124. did anyone watch designer dogs today?
  125. I have a pitbull puppy, male. NAMES?!?!?!?
  126. how to look after a newborn puppy?
  127. I just got a new puppy. When I take it outside to poo it rarely does it....
  128. Puppy problem!! Help!?
  129. question about getting puppy?
  130. Why does my dog limp when she gets up in the morning?
  131. Best dog to get ?
  132. when should I get the puppy?
  133. Deaf Puppy and spaying?
  134. HELP!!How do I get my dog Cooper to stop barking at my dog Sydney?
  135. When Will My Puppy Be Fully Potty Trained?
  136. My puppy nips alot how do i stop it?
  137. Im very worried my poodle and my chiwawa croos each other do yall think...
  138. is sunblock safe for dogs?
  139. Dog Ate Ant Poison. Help?
  140. My dog has not eaten for 2 days and her feces is dark like there is blood in it....
  141. how can you tell if a dog is....................?
  142. My puppy just ate some chicken bones!?
  143. Why is my older dog afraid of puppies inside but not outside?
  144. My dog started limping yesterday. I checked his leg and didn't see anything...
  145. Are little dogs alright living with a senior who can not exercise them?
  146. Hello, i am going to view a 6mth old puppy in a few days but have been...
  147. My puppy keeps biting?
  148. Are you going to dress your dogs for halloween?
  149. How can i get my dog to stop pulling on his leash.?
  150. My dog started pooping on our porch. ?
  151. how do i stop my dog from biting me when we play? AND ETC!?
  152. desperate bichon dog troubles?
  153. To the Dog section Top Contributers....I need your input. I/D or raw?
  154. My dog has bugs on him. advice?
  155. What can I do about my dog panting so much, and not letting me be physical
  156. Old dog, first seizure, worried?
  157. Can I Give My Dog Ibuprofin?
  158. "Dog Whisperer" or "Its me or the dog"?
  159. Innova puppy food...???..?
  160. exercise for my dog!!!?
  161. how can i teach my dog to shake?
  162. question about 14wk female yorki poo puppy?
  163. My dog has kennel cough, what do I do?
  164. When will my dog have her puppies?
  165. can you use calcium that is for humans for dogs?
  166. Why do people want to say that their mixed breed dog is not a mutt when it...
  167. Why does my dog circle me?
  168. My Dog smells bad even afeter baths what should I do?
  169. Why does my puppy eat her own feet?
  170. what to do if a puppy has something caught in his throat and the vet is closed. ?
  171. How can i lower the price of a breeders dog?
  172. How long does it take for a dog to give birth after conception?
  173. My dog has freckle-like spots on his testes, is that okay?
  174. Who else loves the smell of puppy breath after they eat Purina Dog Chow?
  175. What breed of dog is my new puppy?
  176. Mess when dog drinks water?
  177. What Breed of dog do you think will be the next Target of the media?
  178. House Train German Shepherd Puppy?
  179. My puppy doesn't eat Wellness?
  180. how long does it take for my dog to have her puppies?
  181. Ok. Stupid Question. But Can Dogs Cry?
  182. Cool name for my dog?
  183. Any dog riders out there?!?
  184. what type of dog is this?
  185. What could I name my puppy?
  186. Help Needed!!!! I Have Another Puppy To The Household Of Another Dog.
  187. What dog breed is for me?
  188. Can dogs have asthma?
  189. My puppy may have a rash?
  190. can a dog leave behind fleas and eggs if it were to enter and then leave a home?
  191. my dog ate chocolate HELP!!!!?
  192. how do i teach my dog to not hurt my cat?
  193. what do you do when your puppy get its period?
  194. why does my dog take so long to do her "duty".?
  195. getting a new puppy....?
  196. Will playing with my dog make her worse?
  197. What breed of dog is Brian from family guy?
  198. Serious question, does your dog prefer your wife (or husband), over you?
  199. What should I name my new puppy?
  200. How can I prepare for my puppy raiser home interview?
  201. is my dog clinically obese? ?
  202. My puppy? What could he possible have?
  203. where do I find a dog breeder thats in the area?
  204. does the Boundary Repellent Dog & Cat From Lambert Kay really work?
  205. My dog barks randomly and will not stop for some time. what can i do to stop this?
  206. i am getting a puppy but...?
  207. Are these deadly to my dog?
  208. I am 14 and i'm lonely as a stray dog?
  209. Where can I take my puppy to get her socialized?
  210. how much does it cost to bring a dog to an airplane?
  211. My Dog Ate Half Of A Clorox Tablet!!!!!!?
  212. no one will take my dogs if this problem is not fixed!?
  213. Whats the best way for an indoor dog to pee and poo?
  214. Why do small dogs think they are big and macho?
  215. Why don't my friend puppy like my pup?
  216. What goes onto dog tags?
  217. free dogs in indiana?
  218. Which puppy should I get?
  219. I was the kind of guy to try to dog you out but I ain't that kind of guy u tried...
  220. what is a good name for a dog for a cubs fan ?
  221. My puppy chews when I'm gone, but a crate freaks him out?
  222. I have two dogs and a cat. which one crap evey where?
  223. Why doesn't my puppy play with me?
  224. How do I get my dog comfortable with me going to work?
  225. are pure bred dogs...................................?
  226. I found a puppy and don't know what to do with it?
  227. whitch dog is cuter? I just wanna know?
  228. can you feed a lab puppy house food?
  229. My dog throw-up a blue pill with brown powder inside how can I tell what this is?
  230. How much of a dose to give my new puppies of Strongid?
  231. Should I still be giving puppy milk at 4 months?
  232. Why do my dog's eyes glow?
  233. How to clean dog urine off of bed?
  234. my 9 week old puppy has red bumps on his stomach?
  235. Looking for the name of an old game with dog/beast chases you, slugs with
  236. I need the name of this song...the music video is about a man with a dog's head?
  237. Whick g-card is beter NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT ALFHA
  238. Big dog collar websites?
  239. We are trying to adopt a young dog and the adoption agency is coming to our house.?
  240. What song did the band Dr. Dog play on Craig Ferguson on Thursday Sep. 18 2008?
  241. Why is my 6 month old puppy limping. He is in good health and eats healthy?
  242. Has your dog ever had a silly encounter with the local wildlife?
  243. Training a dog in agility?
  244. how long did it take you to change ownership of your dog?
  245. Question about a six month old puppy.?
  246. i have two puppies (8 weeks) i want to potty train them inside and out?
  247. What is going on with my dogs?
  248. how to care for a dog that just had puppies?
  249. what breed dog is this?
  250. Health Problem with my Puppy . PLease Help anyone?