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  1. (Please help if you can.) What kind of dog would be a smart choice for me?
  2. my dog is gay do you know how to fix this i mean its wrong humps teddy bears?
  3. I was wondering if there are dogs or any animals that are homo?
  4. was i wrong not been able to watch my dog put sleep.?
  5. Vinyl dog bed..........?
  6. When can switch a puppy from being fed 3 times a day to only 2 times a day?
  7. A good cruelty free dry dog food please? I use Iams but not since abuse revealed.?
  8. My 7 month old chihuahua puppy will not jump. Is it a problem or not?
  9. Help with my puppy please?
  10. Why's my dog do this?
  11. dog lovers i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  12. I Can't Get My Puppy Pottytrained?
  13. crate training a puppy ?
  14. dog urine smell help?
  15. HELP NEEDED, dog whines after eating?
  16. my dogs take a poop in side the house can someone help me?
  17. My adult dog will be having dental surgery with possible removal of all teeth....
  18. Was my dog's death caused by choking?
  19. Should I put my Dog to sleep?
  20. Australian Cattle Dog, Smithfield Blue Heeler?
  21. my dog's tooth came out and he's 5?
  22. How do i stop my dogs from barking all the time?
  23. do you think my dog will survive?
  24. will hell have all pizzas , burgers, hot dogs and heaven just icecream and juices ? ?
  25. Why does my puppy poop in her crate after 10 minutes of being in there?
  26. Dog scratching so bad he's whining?
  27. How can I get my dog used to crowds?
  28. Feeding raw food to a puppy slows down growth?
  29. Where can I take my puppy in public?
  30. so my firend was dogged out by an arse?
  31. People with two or more dogs, how do you do it?
  32. a dog diet?diet only dry food?
  33. Unable to potty train puppy....?
  34. How many breeds of domestic dogs were there in 1800?
  35. Why is California so dog UNfriendly?
  36. How do I get my older dog to except the new puppy?
  37. How does a Buddhist order a hot dog?
  38. how to stop dog licking paws?
  39. My puppy loves to eat grass and dirt...?
  40. How much fish it okay for a dog?
  41. help me stop my puppy from pooping in the kennel?
  42. best dog food brand for puppies?
  43. do i need documents for my dog to travel with me,from UK to Italy?
  44. My dog has become aggressive towards other dogs. What do I do?
  45. What does it mean if my dog's mouth gets a little foamy while she's eating?...
  46. my puppy is not eating as well?
  47. Naming a new puppy help?
  48. How Can I Get My Dog To Be Potty Trained?
  49. How can i stop this dog?
  50. how to join 4-H with dogs?
  51. Help! My dog is bleeding.?
  52. sore on the puppy's belly other dog wont stop sniffing it.?
  53. Would a dyslexic Christian really have Dog as his copilot?
  54. what kind of puppy is thiss?
  55. Alaskan Husky Puppy Ears?
  56. Could my dog have cancer or something else?
  57. How can I help my 6 year old get over his fear of dogs?
  58. Can dogs/pets feel love? ?
  59. the curious incident of the dog in the night time?
  60. Wondering If My Puppy Is In Heat?
  61. 15 week old italian grey hound puppy bee sting to face?
  62. I have a sick puppy, she's lethargic, may have a fever, and it came on very
  63. Question about my lab puppy!!!?
  64. Neighbour's dog poops in my yard!?
  65. Please someone help with advice!!!!!!! My dogs have not eaten anything for 5 days?
  66. What days do they have puppy socialization at Petco? ?
  67. witch dog should I get?
  68. Survey: Have you ever seen a dog with a mobile phone?
  69. Citronella in my dogs eyes?
  70. My puppy is not very active?
  71. What exactly is catching your puppy "In the act"?
  72. puppy acute vomiting?
  73. What Does It Mean When Your Dog Is Biting The Base Of Their Tale?
  74. what kinda dog is this?movie?
  75. Where is the best place to get a puppy?
  76. anybody know somewere in miami florida were i can adopt a puppy not a dog ?
  77. Do you support a law that requires the Vocal cords to be removed from all dogs?
  78. Will I ever get over my dog's death?
  79. Why does my dog prefer someone in particular?
  80. My dog is sick, anyone know what this is?
  81. I want to get a chihuahua or miniature pincher. Is it bad to leave a dog alone
  82. Why do dogs hold their toy and push up against people?
  83. How much on average does it cost to have a dog per year?
  84. Coonhound Rescues...Do they take a dog that bit someone?
  85. Serious dog problem - need some serious help?
  86. My dog has bladder stones?
  87. i and my 2 children each got a puppy today. (actual question follows below) ?
  88. What Breed Of Dog Do You Own?
  89. My dog has a red raised bump behind his ear... what is it?
  90. is this ok for my dog?
  91. Dogs will never obay?
  92. is there a way to get your dog to stop drooling ?
  93. Can dogs have asthma?
  94. My puppy is eating her poop!?
  95. How can you potty train your puppy?
  96. my puppy just got spayed and some of her stitches are coming out. Cant...
  97. What happened to my puppy?
  98. Puppy didn't eat his treats this morning! not normal what's wrong?
  99. $120,000 protection dog from "Lifestyle Pets"? Anyone seen this?
  100. I got bit by a dog about 1 hours ago...?
  101. How do you help a dog with separation anxiety and learn how to be more
  102. Honestly, tell me folks.. do you always pick-up after your dog? or let it...
  103. Are dogs allowed to be in Petsmart?
  104. Do dogs go through puberty?
  105. teach dog to come in unfenced front yard? No electrical fence please!?
  106. puppy .. lil help :)?
  107. My last question on feeding a RAW diet to your dogs?
  108. how can i train my dog on a pad?
  109. IS MY MALTESE DOG CUTE? (pic)?
  110. how big are shitzu puppies normally when they are born?
  111. What is the average salary for a professional dog trainer? ?
  112. Why does the dog eat plastic?
  113. well my puppy just died and i dont kno wat to do im soo sad. ;[ wat do i do?
  114. What's the best thing to do with two new puppies?
  115. My puppy wont let me sleep! any suggestions?
  116. Does anyone else's dog/dogs fake an ear infection?
  117. Is it possible that dogs can see ghost / spirts?
  118. what is your position on taking it from a dog?
  119. Ran out of Dog food...?
  120. Math HELP!!! 95% of the dogs for adoption at the local pound are
  121. How do they "microchip" a dog?
  122. Which one these dogs are cuter?
  123. Why did my female dog pee on my roommate's bed?
  124. My dogs chain freezes during the winter, what can I do to prevent it?
  125. Would it be weird to have a dog in japan?
  126. 8 week old puppy with hives?
  127. My dog has bad liquid poop the other night, puked, and had liquid green poo today....
  128. I need some advice on training my puppy to use a wee wee pad?
  129. Is it unhygenic to let my 2 puppies sleep on my bed with me?
  130. My 4˝mth puppy's stomach gargles. So loud at times (especially at night) normal?
  131. want a dog thats causesfew alergys PLESE PLESE HELP?
  132. My Dog Bit My Girlfriend?
  133. I want to bring my dog to America from Afghanistan? Where would he have to be
  134. what breed of puppy should i get?
  135. How can I stop my dog from digging holes all over my yard?
  136. At what age do you take a puppy to the vet?
  137. What could my puppy possibly have?
  138. how to house train a 6 week old puppy?
  139. Puppy Teething Help :( ?
  140. Kind of Dog for a party?
  141. Does your dog prefer your wife/husband, over you?
  142. looking for small hypoallergenic dog breeders and info on dog i explain more ?
  143. how can u bring two male dogs up together ?
  144. My dog 7 week pregnant dog cant walk in the mornings. why?
  145. why is my Puppy not eating her food?
  146. Why doesn't my dog mark?
  147. Is it okay for my dog to still have milk without her puppies anymore?
  148. My puppy is poorly following 1st parvo injections, how can I help her?
  149. where can i find cheap tiny tea cup maltese puppies in raleigh?
  150. how to stop my dog from moulting?
  151. Did you know that today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day?
  152. do dogs have taste buds?
  153. dog report on puggles?
  154. pregnant dog in labor?
  155. please help me figure out the best dog for our family!!?
  156. what do you think i should name my new puppy?
  157. Is there anything for my dogs itching?
  158. My dog keeps barking at other dogs on TV?
  159. How many times should I be cleaning my dogs ears?
  160. what does it mean when a dog is slobbering a lot?
  161. What can I do to stop my dog from randomly biting and growling at me?
  162. My dog howled for the first time?
  163. I was thinking about getting my 6 mo. old puppy microchipped, but I have a question.?
  164. need to know everything and anything about these dog breeds?
  165. how long does a dogs period last?
  166. Im abit worried about getting a new puppy with my cat?
  167. what is a good name for a maltese girl puppy named shiloh?
  168. My Puppy's getting spade...?
  169. Any dog breeders out there?
  170. short question long answer, need help with dog breeds?
  171. is my puppy going to be viscous?
  172. my dog hurt her back left leg?
  173. Why is my dog doing this?
  174. Need advice on how to re-train puppy for potty training?
  175. my puppy wont stop crying when i put her in her kennel?
  177. My dogs keep tearing the screen on my sliding glass door .... is there someone
  178. i need to declaw one nail from my dog is that possible?
  179. How much will it cost to get vaccines and de-worming for a lab puppy?
  180. Will my pitbull puppy turn out agressive/bad?
  181. im not sure what i want for my birthday,all i want is my old dog back?
  182. I live in saudi arabia and im looking for a puppy which is up 4 adoption or for sale?
  183. how do i raise a tough and strong dog?
  184. How old must you legally be to own a dog?
  185. my dog got bit or scratched by a squirrel. can he get rabies even if he is vacinated?
  186. is 2 concerd a young or a Adult for a dog?
  187. Why is my dog so picky? What can I do about this? ?
  188. Is there a song called "Dog Tags" from the movie Predator (1 or 2)?
  189. My dog has corneal ulcer, do I need to wipe the eye before I treat it everytime?
  190. Puppy has swollen red butt, looks like a small tomato, what do I do?
  191. whats the max dogs u can have in your house?
  192. whats good and whats bad????for dogs?
  193. Question about my very hyper dog?
  194. Things that make dogs sick...?
  195. When to "fix" my dog....?
  196. My dog henry just got his regular shots for the year and he's acting wierd?
  197. Why is my puppy's hair falling off?
  198. Dog or Cat which do you prefer?
  199. what kind of dog is this?
  200. my dog got attacked... what shall i do?
  201. Why does my puppy eat grass?
  202. my dog description...for flyer....help?
  203. would 2 dogs be able to mate with another dog around them?
  204. Small Dog Help - got any ideas?
  205. Dog riding ? need help!?
  206. I getting a new puppy?
  207. How come older dogs between the ages of like 6 and 14 hate puppies?
  208. what is the age of a puppy?
  209. what should i name this puppy (pics)?
  210. Courage the cowardly dog??? please help!?
  211. Do female dogs have a NEED to have a puppy?
  212. I am 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby. My dog hit my stomach and it hurt
  213. i saw a question about microchipping puppies?
  214. How to make a dog collar?
  215. everytime i get near my puppy she tries to bite me?
  216. How to I take care of my puppies teeth?
  217. do i need any documents if traveling to Italy from UK ,for my dog?
  218. My dog won't eat - any help?
  219. new puppy, and old dog.?
  220. Help.... Have got an out of control puppy!?
  221. Does your dog need to be on the Dog Whisperer?
  222. hi where can i get a puppy ?
  223. I am looking into buying a new dog.?
  224. Best small apartment dog?
  225. How to stop my puppy nipping?
  226. Can Dog go to Penn's Landing in Philly?
  227. What will lead to happiness: Super Hot White Chic vs Money, Power and my puppy?
  228. What kind of dogs do you think my puppy is mixed with?
  229. Different dog breeds?
  230. my dog likes to lick my other dogs pee?
  231. How do I give a 7 week old puppy a bath.?... Just water no soap...?
  232. how do you make a puppy to roll over?
  233. why does my dog get so scared?
  234. who are the character in the story marley a dog like no other?
  235. my dog has a very bad texture rash on his back , belly large bumpy surface which he
  236. What causes black marks on a dog's usually pink tongue?
  237. Dogs!!??!?!?!?!??!??!?
  238. I want to take a dog home to the USA from Portugal. How?
  239. Should I get a kitten or a puppy?
  240. Dog has excessive vomiting and ?
  241. Has your dog saved your life?
  242. Our dog was given to us 6 months ago and now the previous owners wants it back.
  243. why doesn't my 2month old puppy play or run?
  244. How do u measure the thickness and water resistance of a dog's hair/fur?
  245. boxers? easy to train? temperment? easy training? life span? get on with other...
  246. Which vaccinations are necessary for my puppy?
  247. can my puppy get sick from drinking dawn soap and water mixed together?
  248. can any one know were can i teach my dog protection traing online?
  249. My new puppy has Diarrhea?
  250. Do you agree that dogs are a man's best friend?