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  1. Which Dog Food Should I choose?
  2. Help! My Dog keeps chewing up one area of the carpet!?! ?
  3. Is there a cheap alternative or getting my puppy's shots?
  4. My dog Is a mix but with what please help?
  5. This is my first time away from my puppy for four days HELP QUICK!!?
  6. My neighbor has 2 main dogs that KEEP having puppies. Can I get them spayed
  7. What would be a good name for my puppy?
  8. Is it possible for my dog to be in heat after being spayed?
  9. How do I make my dogs like each other?
  10. Best way to introduce a new cat to a household with a 6 month old puppy?
  11. If a dog owner can be charged with murder when his dog attacks and kills someone...
  12. how do i get my 7 week old puppy to stay outdoors?
  13. our lhasa apso puppy has hick ups since last night. what can cause this? ?
  14. Is it normal for a puppy to not have a bowel movement for 24 hours?
  15. What are puppy mills?
  16. Poll: My Puppy (mutt) Or Pure Bred Chihuahua. Which Is Cuter?
  17. What breed of dog makes the best assistance dog?
  18. Help! My dog gets really car sick!!?
  19. New puppy already sick?
  20. My dog ate his leather collar. please help!?
  21. It sounds crazy but its true Paris Hilton's dog bit part of her nose off?
  22. I am thinking about getting a puppy? please help?
  23. waht is the worlds biggest dog breed?
  24. What's the alternative to getting a dog from a breeder?
  25. Controversial Dog Barking Bylaw???? What do you think?
  26. Why does my dog take his food and eat it in a different room?
  27. should there be a law in the US that if you own a dog you have to have it spayed
  28. PUPPY NEUTERING question?
  29. A good name for a dog ?
  30. The only reason that I'm not walking my dog for a month is "I'm sick and...
  31. My dog has been throwing up, what should I do?
  32. How Long Till A Dog Is Yours?
  33. Help?! My dog has a sore on his lower lip. What is it?
  34. Best dog for family ?
  35. 3 week old puppy won't nurse?
  36. Looking for movie that has talking animals in it with a dog as a main character.?
  37. how old does this puppy look?
  38. Why would a dog do this?
  39. Why is my dog scared to eat and how do I get him to eat?
  40. New puppy needs really good name!?
  41. why does my dog howl at sirens?
  42. My 2 year old puggle has scabs on her nipples and i am a little worried she has
  43. What should I do!!! puppy mill?
  44. my puppy licked bleach?! ?
  45. What's that medicine called for dogs?
  46. Any Ideas on what type of collar to buy for my dog?
  47. A good dog kennels in Brighton/Hove? ?
  48. If you were a dog what kind of dog would you date?
  49. can I teach my pup to be like a star dog or is it not worth the effort?
  50. 4 month old Puppy recovering from Parvovirus?
  51. What are some good toy ideas for prairie dogs?
  52. My neighbors and there loud mouth dogs.?
  53. I just got a puppy and can't think of a name, what do you suggest?
  54. My sisters dog is 10 and growls everytime I bring my puppy home. I think...
  55. what should i do about these dogs?
  56. I think my dog is pregnant?
  57. why does my dog flirt with me when im sleeping?
  58. is this normal for a 3 month old puppy?
  59. my dog lunges at other dogs when being walked in park, but he doesn't...
  60. when should i get my dog neutered?
  61. Need help naming puppy?
  62. Best dog for family ? ?
  63. Woman whose dogs mauled neighbor gets 15 to life?
  64. How do I nip my puppy's nipping problem?
  65. Mum bought the wrong dog food?
  66. how to get knots out from behind dogs ears?
  67. How to get a previously beaten dog used to being petted by men...i dont wanna...
  68. i need a guard dog!!!!!?
  69. it's like my 6 month old puppy cant brealth?
  70. what is the nearest horse racing track or dog track to the belfry golf course? ?
  71. I have a puppy Golden Retriever with a curly/twisted tail. Aside from surgery,
  72. What's the 3 most popular dog breeds on your street?
  73. My boyfriend broke up with me because I have dogs what the heck....?
  74. My dog has dry flaky skin........?
  75. How do I stop my dog from chewing on his tags and charms?
  76. what dog makes the cutest puppy?
  77. would it be better to leave my dog...?
  78. Dogs To Survive The Cold?
  79. About to purchase a maltese off someone. Dog is on antibiotics. Should I buy...
  80. Cynical dog owner tendencies...?
  81. What dog breeds do you personally think have the most attractive walk....?
  82. can a havanese dog be left alone for the weekdays from 7:00 am to about 5:00?
  83. 2 years of waiting and searching for a puppy!?
  84. some people r so annoying... one of the dogs a little while back injured its leg
  85. What's best with dogs and new baby?
  86. What did Ivan Pavlov discover with regard to the digestive process of dogs?
  87. UKC PITBULL PUPPY in keller texas?
  88. Starting a Dog Walking and House Sitting Business?
  89. Please help... What do you do with your large breed dog when at work?
  90. my dog attacks my new puppy?
  91. my dogs both get so excited when they see someone so they jump turn in
  92. spots on dogs skin that are red and losing hair?!?!?
  93. How can I comfort my puppy so she wont cry all night?
  94. where can i make a blog for my puppies?
  95. How can I make my dog stop barking? Tried vitamin, collar, high frequency
  96. Help planning next dog food for my english bulldog puppy?
  97. Poll> Which dog is "better"? Which 1 are you?
  98. i got a new puppy he has worm so bad they are coming out his butt so i gave him
  99. I made a dog song what do you think? (long song)?
  100. my 10 month old puppy???????
  101. Poll: Would you have a dog or cat if....?
  102. Dog Won't Come Inside! (10 pts)?
  103. i need my dog to gain weight?
  104. What is a good dog for me?
  105. Help! My kitten is sucking on my stuffed dog!?
  106. what should i name my girl dog?
  107. what sort of toys would you suggest for a new puppy?
  108. how do you help a dog who ate a lot of fudge?
  109. I have a chain link fenced in yard and my dogs keep barking at the
  110. What is the best tablet to give a dog with severe anxiety problems?
  111. Is my mom's dog pregnant? ?
  112. can heart burns kill my dog?
  113. Why do people come on here to ask for help when their dog obviously needs to...
  114. If my dog licks my sore will it help or make it worse?
  115. What's your favorite dog breed?
  116. Need a veterinarian willing to donate part of their time for reduced $
  117. where to find tiny teacups puppies?
  118. How can I keep our dog inside the fence?
  119. I have my Dog Name list down to four names can you guys help me pick
  120. We survive on three meals a day, yet we feed dogs and cats two meals a day.?
  121. my boxer dog bitch is really nasty with other dogs?
  122. what are some really cute girl dog names?
  123. Top Reason to adopt an Adult dog over a Puppy?
  124. Really big problem with dog?
  125. What are the chances of my dog getting pregnant after they get stuck?
  126. can u least me the pros and cons of having a Yorkie puppy?
  127. what legislation would apply to a re-homing Centre for dogs?
  128. crying puppy! please help!!!!!!!!!?
  129. Is my dog sick? Needed 20 characters to complete question.?
  130. my dog has had its 2nd injection ?
  131. Why won't my puppy stop?
  132. can a 8 week old puppy go outside?
  133. What would Triple H do to me if I secretly replaced his dog's Pedigree dogfood...
  134. okay. so my dog was attacked?
  135. My dog has a huge tumor and we dont have money to take care of it.?
  136. How do I get rid of the urine smell in my yard from my neighbor"s dog coming...
  137. my dog won't stop growling!?
  138. jonasbrothersmerch.com dog tag?
  139. How do I get my dog to not tear things up?
  140. what UK legislation would apply to a re-homing Centre for dogs?
  141. Why do people value dogs over human lifes?
  142. Does anyone know of a no kill shelter in Dallas who is still accepting dogs and...
  143. Is travel overseas worth the trouble for me and my dog?
  144. i miss my dog's mischievous ways?
  145. 'Dog Watch' scheme underway ~ Would you help or look the other way if you noticed...
  146. To our surprise....PUPPIES!?
  147. I have a doxieshire puppy 1/2 doxie 1/2 yorkie she weighed 6 lbs at 15 weeks
  148. how difficult is it to take care of a 10 week old lab puppy?
  149. giving a puppy a bath?
  150. My dog is sick!please help me!?
  151. How to get the most out of my puppies young monthes?
  152. How should I introduce a new kitten to my dog?
  153. My dog makes this weird grunting noise....?
  154. Is Pocketbook Kennels in Hollywood FL a good place to purchase a dog. ?
  155. What dog for my granpa ?
  156. What are the similarities and differences between "cat people" and "dog people"?
  157. Do you like my new puppy?
  158. Where can I find a female yorkie puppy, that doesn't cost more than $200?
  159. How can i help my husband understand that dogs emotions and are not just a...
  160. Dog question, please help,?
  161. Question for people who have dewormed their puppies?
  162. To my contacts: Would it be better for my dog if I gave him up?
  163. Where can i find cartoons of Smokey-the Tennessee vols dog?
  164. What do you do for dog seizures?
  165. dog help???????????????????????????
  166. Is there a vet or someone that knows a bunch about dogs here? because....?
  167. How to pluck puppy ear hair!?
  168. Math HELP!!! 95% of the dogs for adoption at the local pound are puppies. If...
  169. Which Breed of dog do you think is over bred?
  170. Dog food comes in many delicious flavors for us? While McCain has.....?
  171. Do you like cats or dogs?
  172. My neighbor has 2 dogs that KEEP having puppies. Can I get them spayed while...
  173. My almost 2 year old neutered male dog has been mounting objects a lot.?
  174. front-line for small dogs?
  175. What's the best way to deal with my dogs and new baby?
  176. is a pom a good dog or A chihuahua?
  177. my dog is not drinking?
  178. when is the latest time to give a puppy its first vaccinations?
  179. If My Puppy Alredy Has Fleas Or Ticks?
  180. why do dogs eat their poop?
  181. Help! My Dog Just Got Squirted With A Toad!!?
  182. I am interested in adopting a dog or puppy but I need some help.?
  183. I need to hear how people who live in apartments, or small homes, and have
  184. My dog has a bad stuffed nose!?
  185. My dog has a white film on his nose...is this a cold?
  186. My new puppy I just got and my other dog I have had for 3 years have not eaten in
  187. I have a dog with serizures, is there anyting i can do?
  188. Is your dog surprised by its own farts?
  189. Name my new greedy puppy!?
  190. Can dogs die from an allergic Reaction?
  191. male dog acting strange today walking on his hind legs?
  192. I purchased a English Bull Dog puppy at a pet store 2 days later it had...
  193. what can i do with hot dogs?
  194. what is a good way to teach my puppy not to bite?
  195. am i a bad dog owner?
  196. How much are puppy shots?
  197. Black lab puppy training?
  198. Three week old puppy has watery poop and threw up once, he is still eating...
  199. Whats your favorite kind of dog....?
  200. Hypothetical but still important: If you get a dog from a rescue and something
  201. Puppy attacking my fingers!! Why?
  202. my 14 week old beagle puppy has just been for a number 2 and a long white work...
  203. Why does my puppy copy me?
  204. you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
  205. Can I bathe my puppy?
  206. do pitbulls get along with other dogs and animals?
  207. should i take my dog for a walk?????
  208. Puppy coming into first heat?
  209. My Chihuahua puppy is 8 months old.?
  210. How much should a Great Pyrenees puppy weigh at 4 months old?
  211. Can you tell what breed my dog is?
  212. I am looking for a site that has free puppies?
  213. How to help Puppy stop peeing inside his crate.?
  214. The dogs can eat what eat bone or dog food?
  215. My Dog has little black worms as small as fleas crawling around her skin?
  216. i got my pet dog and baby sister drunk?
  217. MY Dog is shaking after vaccines?
  218. Which do you prefer: Dogs or Cats?
  219. Would a reputable breeder make spelling errors in her updates about the puppies?
  220. My dog's face stinks?
  221. I've had a dog for going on 3 years, should I get another puppy?
  222. I want my OWN dog my family dog is so dumb and dosent like me?
  223. Looking for medium sized dogs, any suggestions?
  224. my dog disobeys as soon as I leave?
  225. do you think my dog was abused?
  226. How to get my dog to stop eating the trash?
  227. Should I still be seeing fleas on my dog if I have done the following:?
  228. Can a dog survive a Water Moccasin Bite ?
  229. How to take care of dog's wound?
  230. Would you recommend Morkies (maltese yorkie) puppies?
  231. Do you think i should get a puppy?
  232. Dog has Diarrhea what can i do?
  233. wondering when pregnant dog might whelp?
  234. What should I feed my sick 11 week old puppy? Or what should I do?
  235. Introducing new puppy to my aggressive Cat?
  236. What is the general process to go through if I want to use my dog for stud service?
  237. When does a male dog become fertile?
  238. What to do about my mom's whining and yelping dog?
  239. What to charge for dog walking (pitbull puppy)?
  240. what is a good name for my male dog?
  241. So my dogs have fleas... and nothings working?
  242. two puppies a Rottwiller puppie and Doberman puppie when u allready have a 5 year
  243. Should I reapply Advantage after washing the dog.?
  244. When is it too soon to eat hard dog food?
  245. hi is there anyone out there who has stopped their dog from pulling by him wearing a
  246. Is there any boxer puppies for sale?
  247. where can i get custom Dog Tags?
  248. I just got a 8 week old puppy.. ?
  249. what is the VERY SMALLEST dog breed?
  250. My dog always barks and we let him out about 5 times a day. He gets walks...