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  1. Can I mix cheap supermarket kibble in with my dogs' good quality kibble?
  2. I just got my puppy today!!! Yay!!! So, help me out please...?
  3. Vets or ppl who know a loooot about dogs!?
  4. I have a 9 week old puppy. He is always going to the bathroom.?
  5. If a pregnant female has heartworms, will the puppies have heartworms, as well?
  6. my dog scratches all day?
  7. should my german sheperd puppy be an outdoor dog ?! and my other dogs in the future ?
  8. How Do I get My Dog To Behave?
  9. Adopt a dog.........????? What difference does it make?
  10. how do i get dog urine smell out of rocks in my yard ?
  11. What should I name my dog?
  12. if your dog is gonna have hip displaysia are they born with it?
  13. what causes sores on a house dog that starts off little then gets big with hair loss?
  14. help with my boxer puppy!?
  15. Opinion on dying a dog's fur?
  16. Ever read Dog star, Cask of Amontillado, or the most dangerous game?
  17. how do i teach my 4month old labrador puppy to do paw?
  18. puppy vomiting,diarrhea 2 days now?
  19. What is a good name for a new puppy?
  20. Does anyone else feel that their dog is more human-like than others?
  21. my dog bit me - get rid or keep him?
  22. What is a cute dog Breed...?
  23. my dog just ate my pop tart, is she going to get sick? ?
  24. I think a coyote got my dog?
  25. Can a Japanese Akita be an protective dog?
  26. Doberman with a puppy....?
  27. my dog wont go to h bathroom?
  28. My dog is all of a sudden pooing in the house?
  29. Safe/earth friendly way to get rid of my dogs daily presents?
  30. dog registration in victoria?
  31. Does a shiny coat mean a healthy dog?
  32. If you were a hot dog and you were starving to death, would you eat yourself?
  33. Where does your dog sleep at night?
  34. Is Febreze safe on plush dog toys?
  35. What is your dog doing right now?
  36. What can I do to keep my dog busy?
  37. Is this way too much for this puppy?
  38. Why is my dog bleeding from his penis after having sex with the neighbors dog?
  39. What is the cutest type of dog in the world?
  40. My puppy has a cold, should I do the following?
  41. new 6 month old golden retriever dog tomorrow, two questions?
  42. need a new puppy name?
  43. What is the scariest name for a dog you have ever heard of?
  44. What should my lab puppy be for Halloween?
  45. My dog the poodle or the Bichon?
  46. stye in my dogs eye? ?
  47. Is this safe to do with my dog?
  48. What Does my Dog Look like to you? (Pics)?
  49. Does my puppy even look like hes grown?
  50. 10 month old Puppy how can I stop her.?
  51. What is a good name for a female dalmation puppy?
  52. my dog scotty died 2 years ago how do i get over it?
  53. how do i know if my female dog is done having puppies?
  54. a dog question....need advice?
  55. Dog with extreme dry skin?
  56. Any dogs needed for commercials or movies?
  57. SHould I be concerned about my dog?
  58. my dog had a puppy and she has more but she stopped labor its been 4 hours is that...
  59. can or how to put a dog into labor?
  60. Why isn't my puppy over his Kennel Cough? ?
  61. When a dog rubs there ass on the floor wah does that mean?
  62. How much Money To Take Care of Dog?
  63. My dog had surgery for mast cell tumor in March of 2008. ?
  64. Dog acting very Strange.?
  65. I found a weird bump on the back of my dogs neck and I don't know what it is?
  66. My puppy just got his worming treatment for the first time?
  67. how do i stop my crazy dog who is fixed ,from humping everthing?
  68. Help me find a name for my puppy?
  69. Can you help me settle my dog's stomach? He is sick.?
  70. Do Dogs know when they are full?
  71. where can i buy dogo argentino puppies in the philippines?
  72. Cropped dog ears?
  73. What dog breed out of these should I get next?
  74. early morning yapping puppy ?
  75. Parvo can be carried home on your shoes to infect your puppy?
  76. What are the laws for selling dogs in Iowa?
  77. sharing needles with my sick dog?
  78. I love everything about my dog but i dont like the the color my gave it to...
  79. can pregnant dogs get shots?
  80. Dog Barking at Night...please help!?
  81. My dog is always taking my things..?
  82. How do I teach my puppy to sit?
  83. my dog likes to eat tissues. is this normal?
  84. What are the dogs that doesn't fight with other dogs?
  85. Puppy naming??? puppy name?
  86. my new puppy is depressed?
  87. Puppy's First Vaccination!?
  88. Cuter name than Cinnamon for a puppy?
  89. Puppy/Dog Care Fun Survey!?
  90. Do U know the Recipe for Coney Island Hot Dog sauce?
  91. where to get help when your vet misses the problem and you had to put your dog down.?
  92. How Old Are My Puppies ?
  93. I have a little dog and What is the food of the puppy`s?
  94. Where could I find a double dog leash to walk my two Westies togehter?
  95. do you let your dog sleep on your bed?
  96. We have a 3yr old dog and we just got a puppy and she hates the puppy, please help!?
  97. My dog is emaciated! Help! ?
  98. Has anyone dealt with canine parvovirus in puppies?
  99. I need someone like a kennel that can watch my dog for me for two months.
  100. Is it haram to be chased by dogs and scream your head off while being chased?
  101. my puppy is 1/2 rhdesian ridgeback and 1/2 pitbull. he is 4 months old and way...
  102. I am getting a puppy but I don't know what to name him?
  103. How often do you bath your dog?
  104. Introducing a new dog to the family?
  105. How large should my puppy get?
  106. Puppy apparel stores.?
  107. Our puppy gets hyper at night time and rolls and runs around the apartment...
  108. My dog has no enery.?
  109. My dog seems to jump on anything that moves?
  110. How can i Stop my Dog from Eating Poop.?
  111. 1 year old puppy barking when we come home?
  112. I have a 6 years old German Shepherd dog who will not and has never eaten his
  113. Got a new puppy 2 days ago, and now she is sick. If I take her to the vet...
  114. at what age can i spray my dog with frontline?
  115. how to crate train a puppy?
  116. My 6 month old puppy cries and barks at night. ?
  117. a dog who has two moms ?
  118. Do you think some men are dogs?
  119. Dog Training Advice Needed?
  120. How long does a puppies teething process take?
  121. does music affect a dogs behavior?
  122. What mid-large size breed of dog has the longest lifespan?
  123. Hands up, those who like the smell of wet dog in their car ?
  124. help! dog skin problem!!?
  125. The Dog Whisperer....still on?
  126. Are pedigree and/or KC registered dogs healthy dogs?
  127. What dogs are the best guard dogs and are not overly aggressive?
  128. How do I get my new puppy used to my 12 week old puppy?
  129. How do i get my dog to be potty trained not only in my room but whole house?
  130. why people in everywhere like dog?
  131. has anyone used rescue remedy for dogs?
  132. What breed of dog is this?
  133. What kind of non-sheading small dog should I get?
  134. In Trouble Dog In Labor?
  135. 12-week old puppy growled at my daughter. Should I worry?
  136. why is my dog not eating?
  137. My neighbor's dog attacked my dog. What do I do?
  138. I have a small puppy he bites the infected yeast area...I cannot sleep all
  139. My dog is due on Oct. 11th, would it be safe for her to run at an aglity
  140. my dog has a broken pelvis due to getting hit by a car can it survive? if so how...
  141. i would like LOTS of tips for training my puppy.?
  142. My dog eats dirt? Help!?
  143. Is it ok to crate two dogs together?
  144. AWW crap my puppy had her first accident in 4 weeks and I feel horrible....
  145. Can All dogs swim if they really had too?
  146. Anybody know of a duo from upstate NY called Mud Puppies?
  147. My Dogs Coat ???????
  148. What should I feed my dog with?
  149. are german Shepperd's easy to train as puppies?
  150. My dog seems to be short of breath, what could it be.?
  151. what does this mean when i walk by my dog?
  152. I have a question about puppy shots?
  153. dog question thats hard 4 me 2 xplain lol?
  154. my dog never had anyone to mess with her when she was younger now she's 6 mo...
  155. Need advice on housetraining a dog i thought was housetrained?
  156. What would you name these puppies?
  157. Dog with Ringworm - got it from Cat with hardly any symptoms?
  158. Dog chews up Air conditioner.?
  159. I am getting ready to take my puppy on a long car trip (4 hours). Any tips?
  160. Are Jack Russells bad for someone with dog allergies as a child but recently
  161. Still need a name for my puppy, any suggestions?
  162. How cute is my puppy!?
  163. why do my puppy's ears feel sandy?
  164. puppies not getting enough milk?
  165. My Puppy poops in her crate and then walks in it, will she stop?
  166. What Should I Do For My Dog If He Has Blood In His Stool?
  167. Im looking for an american bulldog puppy?
  168. Buying a new puppy tomorrow and want your thoughts please:-?
  169. my dog stinks really bad?
  170. Could I put a diapers to the puppy for the night only?
  171. If my english bullterrier puppy (2 moths) has a bad bite, the lower jaw is too...
  172. what dog breed is.....?
  173. my small house dog bit a kid?
  174. Black lab puppy help?
  175. How do i stop a puppie from fighting another older dog?
  176. Would you support mandatory requirements for owners of aggressive dog breeds?
  177. my 5months old puppy has vet yesterday..and he look alike having pain?
  178. My Pomeranian & Shiatsu just mated...will they have puppies?
  179. What is the best condiment to have on a hot dog?
  180. How can I get my dog to not be afraid of puppies?
  181. Help with an Idiotic Dog?
  182. What is the race of this dog?
  183. My dog was limping, Now she has lots of hard lumps forming on her hips. whats wrong?
  184. How can I make my dog eat his new food?
  185. Hound dog in an appartment?
  186. Which dog would be best for our family?
  187. My Father Has Two German Shepard Dogs. They Are 1yr Old. How Can We Get Them To...
  188. How do I get my dog to eat more food?
  189. Im looking to get a pure american bulldog puppy?
  190. The Dogs Bollocks................?
  191. what do you think of my puppy?
  192. my dog died how should i cope?
  193. any body have one of these dogs?
  194. How do you make a dog go meow?
  195. Whats the best way to get fleas off a dog?
  196. can my dogs get new born sick?
  197. How do you stop a dog from barking?
  198. Socializing a puppy.?
  199. has anyone heard of rats attacking and killing small puppies?
  200. my dog ate effexor xr 150 mg (2 or more) I think.I don't know what to do....
  201. Help me pick 2 puppies dogs out of these dog breeds Rottwiller,Doberman and German
  202. Used Sergants on my dog and now she's spazzing out?
  203. Leash training a puppy...?
  204. How do I train a 6 week old puppy to use the bathroom on a doggy pad?
  205. Is there a website where I can find out how many dogs I am allowed?
  206. my dog is pregnat and its peeing all over!!!???!!?11/!?1?
  207. If you dog could talk, what would they say?
  208. I need help finding a name for my puppy?
  209. can you give a 6month old puppy ?
  210. 6 week old puppy - crying habits **productive answers only please**?
  211. My GF is studyin Animal Managment National Diploma and her dream is to run her own...
  212. Why has my dog started growling at my wife?
  213. Why is it that cats have the instinct to clean themselves but dogs do not?
  214. Should I feel guilty about putting our dog down?
  215. Is my dog going to die?
  216. Unique names for my new puppy?
  217. Dogs eyes watering??????????????????????????
  218. how old does a puppy have to be before he can reproduce?
  219. new puppy keeps crying at the door?
  220. Puppy potty training question....?
  221. Injured Dog am going to crate him?
  222. My dog just ate my Mach 5 razor?
  223. How can i help my dog?
  224. Did you know that me and my dog are famous?
  225. puppy with diarrhea? [please help]?
  226. Which dog should I get?
  227. HELP!! Last night my dog loss control of his motor skills and his eyes
  228. what do you think happend to my dog?
  229. What are some holistic ways to cure allergies for my dog?
  230. Does anyone use Peticure to trim their dogs nails?
  231. My dog has an obsession with trashcans!!!?
  232. can sum1 suggest a variety of dogs for me?
  233. Why is cock fighting and dog fighting illegal?
  234. What's happening to my dog??? pls answer ASAP?
  235. shih tzu puppy fur....?
  236. When spaying/neutering a puppy?
  237. I'm thinking about getting a catahoula mini shephard mix puppy ?
  238. What to put on military dog tags?
  239. What kind of small dog would be good for me?
  240. why is it considered horrible to eat a dog in the western world?
  241. My dog has little needle like objects growing from her nose and on one side of
  242. DO DOGS need to be put into QUARENTINE to move over to IRELAND ?
  243. Thinking of making my own dog food...?
  244. What breed(s) of dog would be best for an elderly woman, as a good,...
  245. Do shelters adopt puppies to the first person who applies?
  246. Does my dog know something nobody else does?
  247. Is a vegetarian dog a bad idea?
  248. What are some good questions to ask when re-homing a dog?
  249. 6 week old puppy cries at night?
  250. How much should my 10 week old lab puppy weigh?