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  1. Why are puppies so darn cute?
  2. does anyone know where i can get a free puppy in riverside, CA ? ?
  3. Help please! I have a nine week old puppy who just yelps and yelps when I...
  4. What does dreaming about dogs mean?
  5. doberman puppy............?
  6. my dogs ear iss all red inside.....please help asap!!!!!?
  7. My dog has black spots on his back what do I do?
  8. Where should i put my puppy when i go to school?
  9. Is it healthy for a dog to be obsessed with a toy?
  10. What do i feed a newborn puppy?
  11. my dogs have lumps on them and one of my dogs has lumps all over the top of...
  12. Hyper Hyper Hyper Puppy... Any Tips?
  13. How much bleeding is too much bleeding when a puppy loses his teeth?
  14. What breeds do you think this dog is?
  15. my dog lays down alot in the other room?
  16. How well do Dachshunds behave with other dogs?
  17. Dog help with puppy and flashlight?
  18. me and my dog nearly drowned please advice ?
  19. Need Help With Dog Fleas!?!?
  20. How do i convince my mom to let me get a puppy??
  21. Problems with walking my dog?
  22. Have you offered your dead dog to an Oriental restaurant?
  23. what kind of puppies are these?
  24. runaway lurcher, if our dog escapes he cannot be caught?
  25. how do i get my 3 1/2 week old puppy to drink the puppy formula?
  26. Help my dog has really smelly breath!?
  27. What age does a puppy grow out the blue shade in its eye?
  28. jack russell puppy bitting our feet?
  29. When do puppies usually....?
  30. Does anyone know of a fake, edible, blood that won't stain my dogs white muzzle?
  31. my puppy wont go on walks?
  32. Hunting for sport v.s. dog fighting ?
  33. when would be a good time to get another puppy?
  34. online dog breeder troubles..... :/?
  35. maltese dog gets poo stuck on him...ugh!?
  36. A 7 month old collier puppy that bites and is aggressive?
  37. My dog farts. This is not a joke. What is wrong?
  38. whats wrong w/ my dog is she gay?
  39. Does anybody else with a dog (especially a lab) feel like their dog is just a...
  40. Can a dog have no drives to work with?
  41. Please help, I think my dog is sick!!!!!!!!?
  42. How to teach my dog to stop barking?
  43. Is it Hip Dysplasia? Why is my Dog in pain?
  44. Is my puppy a Siberian husky or Alaskan malamute?
  45. what can i do to get my puppy to stop biting his feet?
  46. My dog barks way to much HELP?!?
  47. my dog is pregnant and went into labor on monday she is still passing like a...
  48. my dog has black crispy stuff on his ears?
  49. My friend has 8 day old puppies that have fleas ?
  50. Is it normal for my new dog to pee every 15 minutes?
  51. why is my new puppy like this? HELP!?
  52. Anyone heard of Dogpro - dry dog biscuits?
  53. How do I stop my dogs chewing the wall?
  54. Can you get back my dog and return him to me?
  55. When you purchase a vehicle, do you keep your dog(s) in mind?
  56. If you rearrange the letters "CARNEF", you would have the name of? a dog, a
  57. What is the laziest way to exercise a dog?
  58. What should I do about my puppy?
  59. is there a home remedy for fleas on my 3 month old puppy ?
  60. Why does my puppy keep getting diarrhea?
  61. I have a 9 and half week old Corgi puppy, and he has been so good with his crate...
  62. How long does it take for the rabie virus to enter the dogs nervouse system?
  63. difference between puppy dog eyes and doe eyes?
  64. my puppy scared around other dogs, help?!?
  65. I missed getting my puppies 3rd booster shot!?
  66. Will my dog be aggressive?
  67. i need some help on what to do with my dog!!?
  68. tips on how to raise a dog?
  69. My puppy is hilarious she bucks her head and pulls when she has to poop does...
  70. Dog Tricks: Best way to teach "shy" or "paw to nose"?
  71. The vet said our dog was in labor on monday but she still has not had any pups.
  72. why the dog is mor faithful?
  73. Dose anyone know if there is a LAW about Puppy Mills or Animal ABuse?
  74. my dogs eyes seem to be runny and goopy.?
  75. 2 dogs, 2 large problems, any ideas?
  76. 2 Puppies Better Than One? ?
  77. are wiener dogs fat and hairy and mental?
  78. puppy hernia question?
  79. Is it worth it to ship 2 dogs to hawaii for $3000?
  80. Should my puppy get the lyme vaccine? Why or why not?
  81. puppy vacc certificate?
  82. How do my dog and I get started in Dog Agility Competition?
  83. I am broke and a hot dog or pizza from costco sounds good?
  84. What is my dog?I heard she was a lab mix,but mixed with what?
  85. Why did a strange dog scale my block wall and walk on it?
  86. If a dog is bite by a animal with rabies if they get a rabie shot before the...
  87. When weaning my alaskan malamute puppy, what type of adult food and when?
  88. help me with my dog she has clear stuff coming out of her vagina?
  89. How to prevent dogs from pooping in my yard?
  90. My daughter's new puppy is so whiny when she isn't home?
  91. Is this my dogs belly button or what?
  92. About puppies, and their cuteness.?
  93. Puppy name help plllleeeeease!?
  94. what is wrong with my dog?
  95. How long until my dog has her puppies?
  96. My Dog has an eye problem?
  97. any cute puppy names?!!?
  98. Can someone tell me what type of dog this is?
  99. Puppy Linux won't connect Wireless network!!!?
  100. Will My Puppy Ever Learn?
  101. Was my dog in the wrong?
  102. What breed of dog do you own or want and what is your favourite breed.?
  103. Will you Please help me; I'm a Human with a Dog?
  104. how did lennie accidentelly kill the puppy?
  105. My Next door neighbors dogs.?
  106. What kind of dog should I get?
  107. Can dog kisses make you sick?
  108. I have a boxer dog..is this normal?
  109. How can I stop my puppy from being so needy?
  110. Can I bring my dog to Germany on Lufthansa without USDA stamp? ?
  111. does anybody know what kind of dog this is? (picture)?
  112. Does my dog need stitches?
  113. when a dogs chases his tail is he just playin or does he ?
  114. Why are there never zombie dogs, birds, etc in these zombie flicks, just people?
  115. what are good puppy names ?
  116. Need Help With Dog Lice?
  117. Can puppy paw size determine whether it will be a smaller or larger adult?
  118. i just got a new female black lab puppy...cant think of a name!?
  119. My dog won't let me take food out of her mouth. What can i do?
  120. Is it normal for a puppy to sleep most of the day?
  121. help I can not find my dog and he just got....?
  122. Gave puppy round worm med, do I have to give a second dose and if so how long till?
  123. How much do you trust your dog around children?
  124. How much food per day should an 8 week old 4lb puppy be getting?
  125. Serious question about a dog eating. ?
  126. Where should i put my 5 month old puppy when im at work ?
  127. Can cardboard harm my puppy?
  128. Puppy hates lying on back?
  129. What could this bump on my dogs chest be?
  130. Female dog-lumps, cough, stiff legs?
  131. How Do I Get My 2 Dogs to Stop Fighting Viciously? I Don't Want to Have...
  132. My dog likes to sleep under the covers with me.?
  133. What can i do to help to ease arthritis pain of my large breed dog?
  134. My dogs love edible chewable dog bones. they do not like hard rubber toys
  135. My dog is talking trash about me. Do ya think its time to kick him outta my house.?
  136. why won't my pregnant dog leave her whelping area?
  137. How can I stop my dog from barking at night?
  138. Please help. me and my dog nearly drowned ?
  139. What more could I do to make my puppy the happiest puppy possible?
  140. My dog is pregnant, what should i do?
  141. I have a 9 week old puppy. He pees all the time! HELP!?
  142. my dog has 2 things that look like infected pimples?
  143. I say female dog is called a "bitch" son says it's just the female
  144. Why is my dog so miserable?
  145. Does my dog seem sick?
  146. is my dog in labour, ?
  147. Had B. Hussein Obama ever owned a dog?
  148. question about puppies?
  149. at what age is a puppy usally fully potty trained?
  150. Has anyone ever used the Calming Face Wrap for their dog?
  151. my dog has tumors and arthritis help !!!!!!?
  152. Hello, I'm looking for a sm. puppy in or around Bellingham Wa. Please...
  153. New puppy barking all night long?
  154. what can you give dogs for a uti?
  155. My husband's puppy gets too excited and tail bleeds?
  156. What do if i do if my dog is whinning ?
  157. What kind of dog is this?
  158. What dog should I get?
  159. Do you think dogs can feel guilt?
  160. My dogs Head shakes Uncontrollably! ?
  161. My dog just had surgery and is crying. What can I do to keep him from crying
  162. my bulldog puppy keeps vomiting up her food why?
  163. Which Dog Section TC has been here the longest? who is your favorite dog section TC?
  164. Is My Puppy becoming Aggressive?
  165. i love my dogs color and everything about her i want find something safe...
  166. Introducing a new bigger dog to our current little dog, and having a...
  167. puppy has blood in her pee?
  168. my dog!!! NEED HELP!!!?
  169. Pros and cons on neutering male dogs?
  170. Please help my dog is always crying!?
  171. Charging me $500 extra to get puppy papered?
  172. Kidney failure in dogs?
  173. When should puppies be microchipped ?
  174. My puppy ate a slug! Is it poison?
  175. Taking home a puppy.?
  176. what kind of dog is this ?
  177. what two breed of dog make a really cute dog lol?
  178. how to get rid of the smell of dog pee on the floor ?
  179. My dog hates the car. Any advice?
  180. how do i discipline my dog when he growls? He usually growls because he is scared or
  181. How do I get my dog harness on?
  182. 2 weeks after spay dog's bleeding?!?!?! HELPP!!!?
  183. Do dogs have birthdays ?
  184. Have you ever boarded your dog somewhere when going out of town?
  185. we want a little puppy so bad...my dad says no!!?
  186. How do i get my Beagle puppy to attach to me?
  187. 9 month Maltese puppy humping?
  188. I can't seem to get milk out of my dogs nipples after whelping?
  189. any natural remedys for dog fleas?
  190. how to install puppy linux?
  191. Help... My puppy has peed 6 times in the last 15 minutes?!?
  192. Why does my dog has diarrhea at least twice a month?
  193. What type of dog is this?
  194. Don't treat/pat the dog without asking ~ does it bother you when people do?
  195. Is it ok to give dogs tuna fish?
  196. Who is Snoop Dog sampling? ?
  197. puppy fat or what???
  198. Can anyone please help me out with my dog?
  199. What is wrong with my dogs elbow?
  200. how do i keep my two dogs from fighting?
  201. DOG HAS breath SO BAD ?
  202. how to introduce my dog to my new cat?
  203. My 5 month old puppy has an odd peeing problem?
  204. Getting Puppy to eat dry food again.....?
  205. A question about my puppy?
  206. How young is too young to take a puppy to the dog park?
  207. My puppy is scared of everything, How do I stop this?
  208. my puppy won't eat from the bowl?
  209. My dog got ran over by a car what to do HELP! part 2?
  210. looking for article in ann landers or dear abby regarding euthanasia of dog,when it
  211. Our dog has been in labor for three days according to the vet but there r no
  212. how heavy should a new born puppy be?
  213. how do i put my 03 plate civic type r into alarm learn mode as my dog has eaten...
  214. I ate these things that looked like hush puppies but they taisted like onion...
  215. How often should i bath my dog ?
  216. My dog has a cut on his foot... What can I do?
  217. Getting a dog from the pound?
  218. What type of dog is this plz?
  219. Heart murmer on puppy?
  220. my little puppy doesn't get along with me?
  221. what breed does my puppy look like?
  222. any puppies for adoption in massachusetts?
  223. I raised my puppy since it was born, will it be any different from other dogs?
  224. looking for free puppy..boxer dog..or bulldog?
  225. what can i do for my 5 month old puppy's constipation?
  226. Pavlov's dog? please help?
  227. Mast Cell Tumours in Dogs?
  228. I think my cat has been attacked by a dog ?
  229. Could somebody please tell me what kind of puppy this is?
  230. Do you have a dog? Do you think it's weird...?
  231. who has the best small dog name?
  232. People have said my dog might have a fatty tumor.?
  233. how do blind people get home with out a guide dog?
  234. why cant i get attached to our puppy?
  235. Can I get a puppy to bond with me more than other family members?
  236. Any dog breeders?? i have questions?
  237. which dog should i get? :)?
  238. How can I tell my dog Im the dominant one!?
  239. my new puppy has had worms really bad, hes treated nowand seems to be all...
  240. giving my puppy a vaccine ( VET TECH ANSWER PLEASE )?
  241. introducing new puppy/friend?
  242. Why does my dog lick a lot?
  243. have you ever taken a dog breeder to small claims court?
  244. How long can puppy's and dogs stay alone at home?
  245. How can I get my new puppy to stop being afraid of my dad?
  246. crate training a puppy?
  247. Name for ouy new puppy?
  248. I think my puppy has the hiccups?
  249. i am getting a puppy who has recived all her shots and is 8 wks old already in
  250. Any cool puppy names?