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  1. my dog is in heat and i have questions.?
  2. Stray dog showed up and had puppies. She has no milk. Help!?
  3. Getting a second dog ?
  4. would i have to put my dog to sleep?
  5. How can i calm my dog down?
  6. Any suggestions?? my dog swallowed a mouse!!!?
  7. how do i get my puppy to let me know when she needs outside?
  8. How do I get a puppy attached to me?
  9. Do you think someone hurt my dog?
  10. Help my dog must be going bald ,,,, do you have the answer?
  11. need a vet's help!! parvo in neighborhood and new puppy?
  12. Girls Next Door: Holly's Dog?!?
  13. Which shots does my dog need? Moving to Germany?
  14. what about my shepherd puppy he has 6 toes on each hind leg?
  15. Will you help me with my puppy, please?
  16. What breed is Paul Anka - the dog from Gilmore Girls?
  17. help with my puppies please?
  18. How do I get my Dog used to a new puppy?
  19. Is my baby ok after my dog jumped right on my stomach?
  20. Why is my puppy acting like this now?
  21. My dog is, i think spying on me. What should I do?
  22. moving with a rotty/lab mix puppy whose 8 1/2 months old?
  23. Why does my puppy still nudge her moms nipples?
  24. do you prefer this breed of dog with our without a tail?
  25. Corn Dog @ home recipe?
  26. how often should you change/clean the water in a dog dish?
  27. Im looking for a small puppy. Can anyone help?
  28. I wanna dress up my dog for halloween this year...?
  29. New puppy! Crate training! HELP! 10 points!?
  30. what should I do about my itchy dog?
  31. What can I give my dog to keep the mosquitoes at bay ?
  32. My dog keeps pooping in her crate, she has never done this before?
  33. What age should i get my dog spayed?
  34. dog owners who are skilled help?
  35. whats up with my dog?
  36. i have a puppy that was not taken care of very good. she seems to itch alot...
  37. I feel like having some fun-- dog photo captions?
  38. Is toy poodle puppy full grown in 5 months, or not yet?
  39. what are limitations of yellow dog linux for ps3?
  40. have you heard of yummy chummies dog treats?
  41. When two dogs met for the first time....?
  42. Did you ever get a pair of those bunny or puppy slippers?
  43. What do you do when a dog swallows Ny-Quil?
  44. Im in a puppy situation and need MAJOR HELP please !!?
  45. Just adopted an ADORABLE puppy?
  46. my dogs getting old, need some advice please?
  47. My dog has a swollen leg what can it be?
  48. Is my dog sick or is this normal?
  49. Names for my puppy, i have changed my mind?
  50. service dog registration?
  51. Is there any other way that can teach my puppy to walk with me?
  52. Can anyone Help me with a puppy problem?
  53. Werewolf costume for dog?
  54. syptoms of iron overdose in dogs?
  55. where could i get a free dog.?
  56. Can dogs sense your emotions like other humans can?
  57. How can I fix a part of the furniture that was eaten by a dog?
  58. How can I test my dog to know how bad his vision is?
  59. Where can i find cheap needs for my puppy?
  60. help my bulldog puppy has pheumonia and keeps regurgitating her food?
  61. Cute baby girl names for a new puppy?
  62. How can we stop our dogs fighting? Please help! ?
  63. Is this a good apartment dog?
  64. is it against the law for an under 16 year old to walk a dog when not accompanied...
  65. What are these dog breeds?
  66. how much food should i feed to my puppy?
  67. I Cut My Dogs Tonail Too Short And It Won't Stop Bleeding Help!?
  68. getting a british bulldog puppy tomorow?
  69. Children and Dog's Attitudes?
  70. What is the best youngest age to get a puppy and don't give smart answers!!?
  71. Any suggestions? Dog help with whats compatible!!?
  72. My Dog Poo Should I Be Worried (Raw Diet)?
  73. Can someone help? My dog just got spayed...?
  74. My Puppy wont stop doing this?
  75. How can I help my dog and his annoying behavior?
  76. How do I stop Puppy aggression?
  77. My dog is diabetic, can she also use human novalog?
  78. What dog breed is the most unique and why?
  79. Is it normal for a puppy to lose 2-3 teeth at the same time?
  80. can a dog get ear mites from a cat?
  81. Any ideas to stop a smelly little dog from stinking so much?
  82. My Dog Wont Stop Shaking?
  83. What is worse to step into human or dog s**t?
  84. POLL: Do you have a dog, cat, both, or neither?
  85. How is the bitch meant to leave her puppies cord?
  86. How do you make a dog friendly cake?
  87. what kind of comb should i use on my 6 month golden retriever dog?
  88. What Dog Should I Get ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  89. How good are a dog's senses?
  90. How to train a puppy to slow down?
  91. Dog terrified of Fireworks - anywhere quiet in UK could take him to stay
  92. 12 week old puppy eating his own poo.......?
  93. What type of small dog would make a great family pet? ?
  94. How do you get dogs froming peeing in the house?
  95. what caused death of my dog?
  96. Good citizens test for my dog?
  97. My dog has a large lump on her foot the size of a ball.?
  98. Did my dog have worms?
  99. should her dog go on a diet?
  100. I need help naming my puppy. ?
  101. I'm worried about my 4 week old puppies.?
  102. If u have a talking dog that talks about nothing but everything bad about...
  103. Puppies are escape artists!?
  104. My dog is 6 weeks pregnant..i think?
  105. do dogs have healing powers in their tongues?
  106. help me choose a good dog?
  107. How to handle an slightly aggressive puppy?
  108. can cat fleas be transfered to a dog?
  109. How do I get my dog to stop running away from me when I go to put her in her...
  110. How can i help this dog, i need ideas?
  111. Why did someone throw a dog in the salvation army bin ? no joke.?
  112. I have a small pair of puppies to look after tomorrow night for a friend?
  113. Best Vitamins for my Dogs?
  114. How much corid do I give my puppy?
  115. Did you ever watch the Droopy Dog Cartoons?
  116. How do you teach puppies how to.....?
  117. Does anyone know what breed of dog this is by this description?
  118. One week old puppy constantly crying -- please help!?
  119. when i get the hiccup my dog freaks out ?
  120. What breeds make up the German Shepherd Dog?
  121. Why did God call himself dog spelt backwards?
  122. My 10 week old puppy swallowed cocos palm tree seed, but he is still going to...
  123. Has anyone heard of "old dog vestibular syndrome"?
  124. I have 3 dogs and we are having a problem with spiders and I have heard
  125. Why did my puppy pee in this situation?
  126. How can i get my (dog)...?
  127. HELP! I have a one week old Jack Russell Puppy with no Mom. What do I do to take
  128. Why do dogs bark at people on bikes, but not at passing cars?
  129. Why is my dog going bald?
  130. Dog that resembles a fox?
  131. My 6 month old dog is sick?
  132. why dose my dog do this?
  133. Serious question....Have you ever put a life jacket on a hot dog?
  134. My puppy keeps biting me!?
  135. accused of my dog bitting someone?
  136. What kind of dog is this? It's sooo cute!?
  137. When can my bitch (dog) get pregnant?
  138. how can i find out whats wrog with my dog if hes throwing up but its white saliba?
  139. Should i get a puppy at 2 weeks of age?
  140. Sometimes when my dog goes poop she cant get it out.?
  141. Where can my Mom and sister stay with their dog?
  142. Need dog names 4 new puppy!!!?
  143. my dog keeps barking all the time ?
  144. How to make my dog more comfortable after being spayed?
  145. Is there anything over the counter that will get rid of ear mites in a dog? ?
  146. Does This Dog Look Pretty? :D?
  147. Is taurine ok for dogs?
  148. Is it normal for male dogs to become more aggressive after being nurtured...
  149. A house next door to mine got a small dog that barks nonstop, what can I do before...
  150. Why do people dock the tails and ears of non-working dogs?
  151. What will your dog be for Halloween?
  152. Where can I buy a i cybie robot dog?
  153. when do German shepherds loose their puppy hair?
  154. Is there a natural way to get rid of fleas on a large dog?
  155. Have you just given up and resigned yourself to adopting 100 dogs and...
  156. My little dog swallowing all the time!!!!!! Why!? ?
  157. What do you think my puppy has? ?
  158. Dog having trouble with birth. Help now PLEASE!!?
  159. Can my dog eat 2 kinds of dog food?
  160. I am hand raising a puppy and she is 11 days old. Do I worm her when she is...
  161. Do you have a good puppy name?
  162. what breed dog is
  163. When will a puppy be immune to the parvo virus?
  164. On Dog the Bounty Hunter, which son got him in all that trouble last year?
  165. Should our family get a dog?
  166. I just rescued a puppy 3 days ago now her stomach is making loud gurgling
  167. We just had twins and shipped the dog off to stay with family. Is that wrong?
  168. My puppy just ate 2 raw steaks?
  169. Why does my dog, or dogs in general, HATE doggie clothes? ?
  170. How do I take an untrained dog to a dog park?
  171. What Puppy Should I Get!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  172. how can I get my puppy to stop biting everything ? ?
  173. What's the general relationship between Dogs and Birds?
  174. Why does her dog hate motorbikes so much?
  175. my one year old dog ?
  176. does any one know where i can get dogs nails trimmed for cheap the dog is going...
  177. How do you teach a puppy?
  178. help me find information about puppy mill's brokers?
  179. What dog is good for me?
  180. What should I feed my Cavalier King Charles puppy?
  181. my puppy has a mite problem, need help please?
  182. I have a dog that pees everywhere for no reason. Can anybody help me fix this.?
  183. Will my dog most likely be in labor within next 24 hours?
  184. Is Obama dangling another bone to another attack dog (Hillary Clinton)
  185. What should I do with my dog before I have to put her down?
  186. Is my dogs water breaking?
  187. Red build up around dogs whoo?
  188. why my dog after 4 years of roof life start folling from it? ?
  189. Please Can Some One Help Me Top 10 Free Pets Classifieds So That I Can Sale My...
  190. How long does it take to potty train a puppy?
  191. Aren't dogs the greatest?
  192. Is there a bar (pet friendly) that you can take your dog to in the Los Angeles area?
  193. how cold is too cold for a puppy?
  194. How much more will my puppy grow.?
  195. My aussie has very vigorous dreams. Do your dogs dream?
  196. help my there might be somthing wrong with my dog!?
  197. my dogs has seziure.... agian wat should i do?
  198. three days ago i had my dog neutered, since then on two occasions his penis has...
  199. My dog ate a Hot coal!!!!what should i do!!!?
  200. why do some dogs drink out of the toilet?
  201. No One is cleaning up after their dogs and its really bothering me...do you have
  202. I think my dog was bitten by a vampire!?
  203. Is something wrong with my pregnant dog?
  204. my dog ate dish washer detergent?
  205. How can i stop my male dog from marking his territory in my house?
  206. Conformation - under what circumstances could/should a dog show be re-judged?
  207. my puppy wont eat what should i try to feed him? he is on antibiotics and needs
  208. where can i get a dog sweater this small?
  209. Does This Mean My Puppy Is Sick?
  210. help with puppy! vaccinations!?
  211. Calcium Pills for a large/giant puppy?
  212. Is this normal behavior? I have a pit bull, a very nice one but when he sees
  213. How do you tell a runt from a puppy who's just smaller?
  214. DNA Samples for Dog Cloning?
  215. Blister like thing on puppies chin?
  216. Do pekingese dogs shed a lot?
  217. how do say sandwich & hot dog in french?
  218. Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. A true unappreciated classic?
  219. we have to put my dog to sleep tomorrow ?
  220. My dog is 4 years old, i took him to get fixed yesterday. since then he has
  221. How much will my puppy weigh full grown?
  222. parvo in puppy's. When is it safe to take out my other dog?
  223. affenpincher puppy? ?
  224. What's the best place to get dog vitamins?
  225. My dog is scared to go outside. What can do to stop this behavior?
  226. overdue shots for dog?
  227. What are the causes and treatment for a dog with "air in his colon"?
  228. my neighbors has a dog that they keep in a pin the dog has no house to go in
  229. my possibly new dog is about 9kg?
  230. my dog barks like i'm stepping on her to get her way!?
  231. My dog has been either lost or stolen, what else can I do?
  232. My dog pulled apart her rope toy and ate some, should we call the vet?
  233. If I bring my dog to the vet for getting bite by a wild racoon.will they
  234. Names for a boxer puppy?
  235. My bf cheated on me...with my dog!HELP!!!!!! ='(?
  236. How do I get ahold of the dog rescue grp outside Petco?
  237. How much time in prison can you serve for killing a police dog?
  238. My puppy just killed...?
  239. Dog urine stains and smell?
  240. help me with my one year old dog ?
  241. Dont you love watching your puppy grow?!?
  242. My puppy is getting a little agressive? Help? He's 4 months old.?
  243. Do dogs know what day it is?
  244. I need help coming up with some captions for some pictures of our dogs?
  245. how do i get my puppy used to traffic?
  246. can my dog get pregnant?
  247. Is it safe to walk your dog with the leash attached to the tag collar?
  248. Is it possible to get a dog...?
  249. Can My Dog Take Out A REVERSE MORTGAGE LOAN On His House ...?
  250. This is kind of urgent. I was walking my dog and there was this little stray?