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  1. what pet stores sell zip-lines for dogs? ?
  2. My dog is giving off milk?
  3. boxer/pitt puppy.........1 month old.?
  4. dog breeders ,how often a stud male can be with a female ?
  5. which breed of dog do you think can run faster?
  6. Puppy nips when I run?
  7. what type of dog do you think he is?
  8. how do i stop my dog from chewing on everything in sight when we are not home?
  9. dog vomiting with diarrhea and frequent stomach cramping?
  10. does anybody know where i can find redbone coonhound puppies for sale?
  11. Are you addicted to "Puppy breath"?
  12. how to treat cut on a dog's bottom lip ?
  13. Are Beagles good dogs to have?
  14. My 10 week old st bernard puppy will not sleep at night?
  15. Dog DNA breed testing in UK?
  16. How many dogs do you think my dog will have?
  17. How to get paint off my dog>?
  18. what is the behavioural repertoire of a wolf, or more specifically a dog. ?
  19. where should a new puppy sleep at night?! Help!?
  20. Questions about your dog!?
  21. It's been 4 days since my roomates dog had her pup and she is bleeding from the
  22. I want to get a pet dog, what breed should I get?
  23. how do i know if my dog is pregnant?
  24. can dogs eat........?
  25. What are the consequences of not having an SV registered working puppy? ?
  26. What is the best puppy food to use?
  27. What religion is your dog?
  28. Dog agility, the weaves?
  29. Names for Pit Bull puppies!!?
  30. how many puppies are there in a litter?
  31. Will my ten week old puppy grow to love his crate?
  32. How do you ensure that a dog and cat get on if they live in the same house?
  33. My dog just got attacked by bees and we cannot find the stinger?
  34. Help Dog afraid of people?
  35. Is it normal for a dog to continue nesting after she has already whelped?
  36. puppy potty training help?
  37. I Need Help With My Puppy!?
  38. False Pregnacy in dogs?
  39. When your dog runs away, to return months later, do you recognize him and does he
  40. I need help naming my puppy! (female) ?
  41. How should i prepare my dog for our move?
  42. What Do You Think Of My Dog?
  43. My puppy won't stop coughing, is his kennel cough back?
  44. My dog has a dry scalp and has small bumps on his head. What is this? ?
  45. Best way to section off puppy crate?
  46. What kind of dog is he?
  47. what do i do about my dog's walking problem?
  48. Is it natural for young dogs dominate older dogs?
  49. Oh No My Dog Got Potty Training All Rong =/?
  50. Please Help Me & My Dog!?
  51. my older dog plays with pup but then growls and snaps at her she is fussed an...
  52. VETS! PEOPLE,Who can tell me, Whats wrong dog won't eat?
  53. my dog has a yellowish/brownish discharge?
  54. I have a 5 week old female Boston terrier puppy. It doesnt look like she...
  55. what can make a puppy hardly able to walk after a 8 in 1 shot?
  56. What is your dogs name?
  57. Do you think it's ok to name one of your dogs Home Dog?
  58. What is it like fostering kittens and other baby animals(puppies)?
  59. if you wanna save a dog read this!!!?
  60. what was happening to my dog?.....?
  61. Will an un-nursed puppy have a healthy life?
  62. can you show a dog if they aren't neutered?
  63. What are Dog Tags necklaces?
  64. What's one of the craziest thing you've done for your dog?
  65. new puppy with another dog Question?
  66. I am interested in writing this horror dog book.?
  67. puppy yelps when i carry him.?
  68. My dog has a swollen area above his anus and right below his tail?
  69. Did Palin dogged her own grave on this last interview?
  70. How can I tell if my dog has a concussion?
  71. How to introduce our new kittens to our dogs?
  72. Is this just because my dog is tired?
  73. Puppy pimple or somthing more?
  74. Are crackers for my dog OK?
  75. Crocheting: Sizing dog sweaters?
  76. My dog is nursing and won't drink water, what do I do?
  77. Does anyone else's dog do this?
  78. My one year old dog started pooping near the new puppy's crate. How do I stop this?
  79. Why does my dog do this?
  80. Ibuprofen and dogs is there anything else we can do?
  81. Has anyone ever heard of a puppy being..?
  82. How do I train my Jack Russell puppy not to be aggressive?
  83. please help - my 4 month old puppy got a hold of a Yumbar cereal bar with Nuts?
  84. What is a fun and easy way to teach my dog how to catch a frisbee.?
  85. By when does a puppy need to be spayed?
  86. Price of desexing a dog. Australia ONLY!?
  87. Does my dog have worms?
  88. puppy had shots, rabies so on.. acting very slow and tired..?
  89. am i allergic to my dog??please help!! ?
  90. How do you potty train a stubborn dog?
  91. how can I tell if my puppy ingested anti-freeze ?
  92. Does anyone know where I can buy a Tiffany style dog bobble head night light in San
  93. Question about Service dogs (not negative) ?
  94. my dog losing his teeth !!? more details inside !?
  95. What should we name our new puppy?
  96. My husband thinks he's a dog, and he takes it very seriously, what should I do?
  97. Help!!my Dog Wont Eat...?
  98. I am interested in buying a Xoloitzcuintli dog.?
  99. Are marshmallows safe for a dog?
  100. Common Mutt, or Wild Dog?
  101. dogs =] metaphor + simile?
  102. Looking for my dogs future MRS RIGHT?
  103. Obama Once Hit A Puppy?
  104. Should I be embarrassed by my dog's behavior?
  105. Separating my dogs, need advice...?
  106. I barely punctured my finger on my dog's tooth and now my finger is swollen and
  107. Names for a puppy (pic) ?
  108. Will my dog produce milk for the kittens?
  109. Is it mean to put my dog in a dog coat/sweater?
  110. When will my pit bull have her puppies?
  111. My dog played to hard at the dog park now on several of his pads are scraped and...
  112. If a dog, throws up, can a human get it or can he get it from a human?
  113. Dog liter box vs dog pads?
  114. How much would you spend to save the life of your dog?
  115. How do I stop my dog from rolling in foul-smelling things?
  116. dog shakes only at night?
  117. why does my dog slip on his paws when i go to put him down?
  118. Loud dog barking outside does not let us sleep all night. What to do?
  119. I need help with my dog?
  120. what are the signs of kidney problems in dogs?
  121. I don't know the breed of my puppy, and help?
  122. Who was your best mentor regarding dogs?
  123. Questions about my dogs?
  124. How can I train my puppy to be OK when he's alone?
  125. White Plush Dog With Blue Spots? Beanie Baby?
  126. What do you think of these puppy food ingredients?
  127. getting a 8 week old puppy is that a good age?
  128. Do I need to change my dog's food?
  129. when will i start to feel the puppies move?
  130. Should my puppy take naps during the day?
  131. What should I name my puppy?
  132. Which would you get, a laptop or a puppy?
  133. my puppy has fleas??
  134. Dog breed name confused..?
  135. My dog doesn't like other dogs! What do I do!?!?
  136. Is my dog pregnant and will she be ok?
  137. how do i stop my dog from taking off ?
  138. what puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  139. Is it mandatory for dogs to have an identification chip?
  140. Can dogs have false labors?
  141. Puppy needs help....?
  142. What do dogs really think......?
  143. what are some puppy names?
  144. Clipping Your Puppy's Ears and Left Ear Domination?
  145. How to stop my puppy?
  146. what can i give my dog to gain weight?
  147. can you help me find a puppy that stays small?
  148. Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for sale in my area?
  149. home remedies need help dogs dry skin?
  150. Can dogs have a intolerance to grain like people do (ie millet and barley)?
  151. Any people food and/ or supplements safe to raise my dogs iron level?
  152. Why do dogs love to chase cars?
  153. Could a dog have an intolerance to millet and barley - even though they are
  154. A good name for a dog ?
  155. Can my dog spread his flies to me ?
  156. Can my dog eat this treat?
  157. How can i get rid of my dog's fleas?
  158. My beagle was out side sniffing around like dogs do. She started sneezing like
  159. Dog Name for a puppy?
  160. What are the consequences if i get a 2 week old puppy?
  161. Help - new puppy. Seems to be choking and breathing hard.?
  162. is it necessary to train an adopted puppy?
  163. my sister got bitten by a dog help please ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!?
  164. My dog feels miserable and I'm starting to get worried. What can I do for him?
  165. I need a good decent price puppy chow?
  166. How am i suppose to feed my puppy?
  167. What should I do with my puppy?
  168. How can i convince my parents to let me get a dog?
  169. When can I take my new puppy to the park?
  170. What should i do about my puppy...?
  171. 2 Questions about my 4 month old puppy?
  172. does anyone know what breed of puppy katie prices buster is? ?
  173. What Are The Ingriediants Of A Street Vendor's Hot Dog?
  174. What type of dog should i get?? pics of the one i might get!!!!?
  175. Is it recommended to train a puppy with a litter box?
  176. What are the chances of my puppy making it?
  177. Helping soothe the itch to puppies who have mange?
  178. mad woman republican dog?
  179. what is your favorite things about dogs?
  180. What are some cute puppy names?
  181. Why wont my dog poop?
  182. Need help with a Dog coughing problem.?
  183. help about dog pregancy?
  184. can dogs see colors ?
  185. Working type dog boots, any good makes?
  186. I just got a new dog and she has an eye infection. What should I do!?
  187. Is it wrong of me to ask for a small deposit back I placed on a puppy that was
  188. why doesnt my puppy like me eating?
  189. Naming My Puppies!!!?
  190. Is It Bad If A Breeder Does Not Mind Their Puppies Being Non Kc Reg?
  191. My Mini Dachshund Is Sick! Please Help!!!!
  192. Which dog is the cutest?
  193. when should i gave my puppy her shots?
  194. What should I name My new Puppy?
  195. What is the best method for removing puppy pee from a carpet? ?
  196. what is the best breed of dog to get?
  197. Why is my dog throwing up every few days?
  198. Is this the cutest dog in the world?
  199. My dog ran away, is he coming back?
  200. dog questionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?
  201. What things do you need for a baby dog?
  202. what is a puppy create?
  203. Can you guess my favourite dog breed? (game)?
  204. Is this typical/routine with a dog being spayed?
  205. why do my puppies shake?
  206. dog ate a paracetemol tablet.?
  207. help! i kind of have a dog, and the dog likes to sniff my bf, then my bf
  208. How to let your dog know you are in charge?
  209. Why does my dog do this?
  210. im planning to get dogs but do u need to get a license to breed them in the UK?
  211. Can I still breast feed if I bathed the dog with flea shampoo?
  212. What do you use when your dog pees on hardwood?
  213. What to ask before i take the puppy home ?
  214. 2 dogs with constant diarrhea and mucus in it ?
  215. Puppy Problems.. cant get him to poop ouside.?
  216. I need a Dog name...?
  217. My puppy ate some toy stuffing...?
  218. How did you help your dog recognize her own name?
  219. How long before I can bring a puppy into my home after Parvo has been present?
  220. I just got a new puppy!?
  221. How do I get my dog and my new puppy to get along?
  222. Does Dogs like human urine?
  223. I have a dog who is giving milk and she has no puppies?
  224. do dogs have umblyical chords when born?
  225. which dog should i pick?
  226. What happened with Mars Inc. and the dog food recall?
  227. What happens to new born puppies that have human contact? (touched)?
  228. my dog has a soft small lump under her left front arm she is a staff
  229. I just dropped my puppy at the vet..?
  230. Which puppy should i get?
  231. if you could only save one dog who would it be?
  232. Dog the bounty hunter? ?
  233. What other breed do you think my puppy is?
  234. My dog is hot, is he sick?
  235. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy has diarrhea. He is 11.6 weeks old....
  236. Can dogs love, or do they just respect the human members of their pack?
  237. How to keep a big dog from chasing a kitten?
  238. My girlfriend said when her dogs die she will too.Is this normal?
  239. In refference to earlier question about my dog being sick,,,,,?
  240. What type of breed is this dog?
  241. Can my girl dog being on heat make my boy dog sad?
  242. Were is the cheapest place to vaccinate your dog?
  243. Did you hear there is a new dog food recall?
  244. my son had a friend over that i don't like at all...and my dog is chewing ?
  245. Why does my dog destroy things only when we leave the house?
  246. I need to play with my puppy more!?
  247. What is your favorite thing about your dog?
  248. i just asked a question about breeding dogs?
  249. whats the best dog shampoo and conditioner?
  250. What caused this for my puppy to die?