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  1. Why won't my dog use the bathroom outside?
  2. has anyone ever heard of a spider attacking a puppy in this area before or know...
  3. Why is my dog not pregnant yet?
  4. where can i get a dog for free in merced california?
  5. My dogs decided to switch their names?
  6. What do you think about dog trainer Victoria Stilwell?
  7. Thinking about getting a dog. What breed should i get?
  8. my dog is limping around.. i think she jump off the sofa and jammed her leg....
  9. Sweet Old Dog Some issues?
  10. Canine Good Citizen Test- Reaction to Another Dog Training?
  11. big red bump on my dogs thigh?
  12. I have a neighbor who has three dogs,and all of them like to rub their...
  13. Pig to Hot dog, how is it processed?
  14. whats the best kind of dog?
  15. Training my dog to heel properly?
  16. Chronic Dog UTI, How to prevent?
  17. help on information about puppy mills?
  18. Looking for Puppies.?
  19. My puppy just growled at my mother. Is it a challenge?
  20. My dog has blue pupils why?
  21. Help with a new puppy?
  22. anyone who knows about puppy food!?
  23. i have to give my dog away, how would you feel?
  24. My rottweiler puppy(5 weeks ) diet problem?
  25. what should i feed my 1month old puppies?
  26. Why does my dog Lick all the time?
  27. Who are YOUR dogs? Tell me about them!?
  28. My friend has a dog and she does not know what it is.?
  29. what breed has the cutest puppies to you?
  30. Bring a older dog into a puppy's home?
  31. i think im addicted to dog food what can i do?
  32. my dad was trimming hedges and my dog got hit in the nose/lip with the...
  33. Is there any online dog shop aside from amazon and ebay that ships internationally?
  34. can dogs help drive if they have trainign?
  35. How can I convince my parents to get another dog?
  36. my dog is kinda old and crying alot, i need help?
  37. My Cavalier KC 6 months old puppy poo's 6 times in 24 hours?
  38. is it bad to blow in a dog's ear?
  39. how to introduce a puppy to my alsation help ?!?
  40. What kind of dog should I get since my Black Lab died?
  41. New puppy/litter box...?
  42. What should i do if my dog is scared when people pick him up?
  43. Where can i get a puppy for free/low price?
  44. My dog was diagnosed...?
  45. How much should a 9 wk old puppy eat?
  46. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? Maybe a beagle/shepherd mix?
  47. What about a plastic bowl causes puppy acne?
  48. what month should I stop giving my dog flee medication in NJ?
  49. Why does my puppy hide her treats?
  50. Describe your Dogs personality in three words.?
  51. What's wrong with my dog? Please Read.?
  52. what should i name my pitbull puppy?
  53. are eggs good for dogs ?
  54. Why does my dog growl when someone tries to fight me?
  55. my pregnant dogs temperature?
  56. what to get a german shepherd puppy?
  57. how old does a german shepherd puppy start ear taping?
  58. Should I wait on getting a new puppy?
  59. What kind of dog is this?
  60. my german sheperd puppy is biting the guinea pigs?
  61. whats a good name for a new pitbull dog?
  62. Why is my puppy getting diarrhea after a few hours of getting his shots?
  63. My Dog has sex with 2 different dogs, what are the results likely to be?
  64. what is bad about puppy mills?
  65. what kind of dog do you have?
  66. Am I mean to my puppy because?
  67. i have a pekepoo expecting puppies ?
  68. Why does my dog pick one dog at the dog park to harass?
  69. How much does it costs to keep a dog if you live in an expensive city like London?
  70. puppy allowed in garden yet?
  71. Would you attempt to live in an apartment with a dog and kids?
  72. I would like to start my own Chicago style hot dog stand/restaurant, any advice?
  73. Can pleural effusion in dogs be caused by ehrlichiosis?
  74. How can a person leave dogs in such horrid conditions?
  75. what kind of dog is this?
  76. do humans eat dogs in mexico today?
  77. Has any one herd of a fox breading with domestic dogs?
  78. Should the cost of dog food be such a problem?
  79. Is it illegal to have your dog ride in the front seat?
  80. I'm getting a new dog, any advice?
  81. Phlegm in dog diarrhea?
  82. cute name for a male miniature pinscher puppy?
  83. My dog is odd, but is this normal?
  84. is there anything to make a dog stop shedding hair?
  85. What is a good breed of dog that is nice and playful for kids to be raised with
  86. what makes your dog better than somone elses?
  87. Choose: Laptop or Dog?
  88. What is the name of my dog and the breed?
  89. Why does my dog act so retarded?
  90. Has anyone got any information about antique mohair dogs?
  91. How do you know if your dog's fur is matted?
  92. Plz Help Me. My Dogs Face Is Swelling Up!?
  93. Where do Military Dog Handlers carry their pistol?
  94. my dog got spayed 3 days ago, there is a red lump....?
  95. Introducing aggressive dogs...?
  96. i am planning on getting 2 small toy sized puppies. is it better to get
  97. what are some home remedies for dog conjunctivitis?
  98. Will Puppy biting stop eventually?
  99. Puppy delivery from another state = scam?
  100. Does anyone else have a one-eyed dog?
  101. Opinions on Puppy Mills?
  102. What breed are my dogs?
  103. There is a dog near my house who keeps on barking sometimes for no reason at
  104. my dog still mouths ?
  105. My female dog is in heat! :( No money to get her spayed?
  106. when my dog died my parakeet started to pluck at his feathers?
  107. whats wrong with my dog?
  108. what are yout thoughts on dog fighting?
  109. How to get a dog not to bark when left alone, or when he is in his crate?
  110. Do dog shots prevent your dog from getting worms?
  111. can my dog be allergic to cheeze-it crackers and/or her flavored nylabone?
  112. whats a good filipino name for a dog?
  113. Dog enema Help......?
  114. is now the time to get a dog?
  115. Cartoon Dog Question ?
  116. How much should you feed your puppy?
  117. Puppy habits...is this normal...?
  118. How soon after a dog has spay surgery can they be allowed to resume normal activity?
  119. My 7 month old puppy is shaking, vomiting, and is very weak. what could be wrong?
  120. Is it ok for me to steal a dog?
  121. Some wrong with my puppy's legs...?
  122. Seven Week Old Puppy - Growling & Biting all the time?
  123. What else can I do to hlep my sick puppy? stomach infection or worms?
  124. Dog experts please help!?
  125. my 4 month old puppy has gone missing?
  126. How to stop puppy from being aggressive?
  127. Blind and disabled owners, and their service dogs' poop?
  128. Can dogs eat mushrooms?
  129. amstaff jelous of puppy?
  130. Help house training my puppy!!?
  131. Blind/Disabled dog owners and their service dogs' poop?
  132. How Much Is To Much To Pay For This Puppy ?
  133. HELP ! My puppy ate plastic wrap?
  134. I need some help with my new puppy! Please!?
  135. How can I make my dogs coat shinier?
  136. My dog eat her own poops and is this genectic?
  137. Any types of dogs that won't get lonley when left home alone during the day?
  138. I took my puppy to the vet to get shots and checked because he wouldn't eat...
  139. how many puppies do you think my dog will have?
  140. Crate training a puppy?
  141. Dog Problem Please Help!!?
  142. Dog Troubles... Please help!?
  143. My puppy broke out in a hive like rash ?
  144. What is that weird sound coming from my puppy?
  145. If I have two dogs, is it bad to put them in the same crate?
  146. how do u teach a dog too smile?
  147. ugh i really hate dogs.?
  148. Whats wrong with my dog? Please help, Im scared!?
  149. Cocker spaniel service dog?
  150. i think my puppy may be aggressive?
  151. My dog has been vomitting all day, what could it be?
  152. My dog won't pee and poop in the same place.?
  153. how long do dogs teeth take to grow back after they drop?
  154. My dog is limping....?
  155. If a dog runs so far its feet get raw and bloody do all 4 get the same...
  156. At how many months is a puppy's color fully developed?
  157. animal trouble((bird n dog))?
  158. HELP ME, my dog hates my dad!?
  159. my dogs ear has a swollen area on it....?
  160. dog grooming apprenticeship?
  161. Eating cats & dogs in America?
  162. what should i name my 6 puppies?
  163. how to get my dog to sit and stay ?
  164. how often do i have to bath my dog ?
  165. How do you get a dog to stop marking their territory inside?
  166. Dog The Bounty Hunter,?
  167. Adivse My Dog Has Parvo!!!?
  168. my dog s treatment with the insurance has gone to limit?
  169. Amazingly taught my dog to play fetch but now?
  170. Dog bathing question?!?!? My dog really needs a bath, but it's 12:21 am where I
  171. What breeds of dogs do not moult?
  172. What is a good breed of dog for my situation?
  173. Can A Dog Be Declawed?
  174. What do i need to know for novice dog obiedence trials?
  175. I gave the wrong dog carprofen (rimadyl)?
  176. have you ever seen a heavy metal dog?
  177. Has anyone's dog have hematoma? (swollen ears)?
  178. Help! My puppy is chewing up my house?
  179. Can I take my 13 week old puppy for a walk between his 1st and 2nd injections?
  180. what music video is snoop dog and some other rappers in but its a rock song ?
  181. Have you ever been to the Salty Dog Cafe in Hilton Head Island and if so how did you
  182. introducing a puppy to an older dog, how did you do it?
  183. dog bitten, concerned about possible rabies?
  184. I can't keep my dogs anymore and I'm heartbroken?
  185. What is your opinion of "Therapy Dogs" on airplanes, spiritually?
  186. Why is it so hard to train my beagle dog?
  187. whats the latest i should feed my puppy?
  188. My puppy is doing brown mucus poo....Help!?
  189. How dirty is your dog? ?
  190. Dog insurance???????????????????
  191. My 8 week pregnant dog is scared of her whelping box?
  192. Should I feed my Golden Retriever puppy "Large Breed" puppy food? ?
  193. how long does a dog stay pregnany?
  194. Can a dog have allergies?
  195. My puppy doesn't seem to eat a whole lot. Wouldn't a puppy eat a good amount?
  196. Ugh! My dog bit my *favorite* leather boots, can they be repaired?!?
  197. what is the best name for dog?
  198. Puppy Wakes Me Up! Hellp!?
  199. still looking for info about puppies with leg tremors?
  200. True sad story bout dogs?
  201. Name for a puppy please?
  202. What to you think this dog would look like?
  203. Would you hire someone to loose leash train your dog?
  204. Flies at the dog park...?
  205. My Dog had fleas a while ago and we used that Advantix to get rid of them. ?
  206. In the dog house over instant messaging ?
  207. Bored, depressed dog.?
  208. my 3 year old dog has been crying while sucking and kneading a blanket?
  209. Is Pedigree the best dog food for a Yorkie?
  210. what would we do with out our dogs ?
  211. what should a king charles puppy weigh at 7 months?
  212. My puppy is 9 months now, she is a jack russell/llasho apso cross, when should
  213. When you got your puppy....?
  214. What dog is this? I need the breed name!?
  215. My dog seems to be having trouble making it to "her spot" to do her business...?
  216. Whats the least popular dog breed ?
  217. how can i get rid of the fleas on my dog naturally?
  218. puppy mills anyone ?
  219. Is it wrong to name a dog "Major Ugly-Breath"?
  220. why does my puppy growl?
  221. Can you clean a dog's coat with baking soda and water?
  222. Have you ever wondered what your dog would name you, had he/she the chance? ?
  223. Dog chewing problem!!?
  224. How do I know for sure if my dog is having a reaction to his stitches?
  225. How do i stop my dog from taking off ? continued ?
  226. Could anyone direct me to a site or please let me know how to build a set of
  227. What kind of dog should I get??
  228. What otc pain and/or anti-inflammatory meds can I give my dog for his knee...
  229. looking for a portmerion dog ?
  230. How Do I Convince My Mom To Get Me A Pomeranian Puppy?
  231. what is the better dog, red nose pitbull or a presa canario?
  232. My dog eating girlfriend gave me a nice surprise 4 days ago.?
  233. How is it, do you think, that dogs can sense good or bad in people?
  234. Something wrong with my dog?
  235. How to get genius (mixed-breed) puppy into dog show?
  236. Taking a dog overseas . . . .?
  237. My puppy is sick please help!? UpDate?
  238. How old is this Maltese puppy...(pic)?
  239. My dogs are sick, i think, HELP?
  240. my puppy bites too much.?
  241. HELP! my dog is loosing weight...?
  242. How do I stop my dog from bitting my feet when I leave.?
  243. One of my two Puppies isn't walking?
  244. Am i really in love? or is it just puppy love?
  245. Now that my dog diedm what can I do?
  246. Why does my puppy fart so much.?
  247. Please vote for my dog?
  248. Is it bad for puppies to lick your face?
  249. Why is my dog scratching himself so much like when he walks he will stop and
  250. My puppy wont go to the bathroom in the rain. what do I do?