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  1. Would My 1 Year Old Kitten Be Ok With A Puppy?
  2. Need help with my new puppy.?
  3. What is your favorite medium, large and extra-large dog breed? Why?
  4. What breed of dog is right for my family?
  5. nintendogs tell bout yourselfe and dogs?
  6. Is 7 and a half weeks too early for a puppy to leaver her mother?
  7. Whats the deal with people not liking - dogs?
  8. self defense against dogs- tearing heart, a myth?
  9. My dog Sammy!!!!! hmmm?
  10. What do i need to feed my puppy in order for him to gain weight?
  11. how do i know when my dog is about to give birth?
  12. I am a New Dog breeder Please HELP!!!?
  13. why does my dog runaway when were in public crowded places?
  14. Dog anal glands question?
  15. What should I do with my eight week old puppy?
  16. Puppy name suggestions ? PLEASE HELP!?
  17. What should i feed my 5 month old pug puppy?
  18. my dog shakes when it sees my rabbit in the cage... .she also will not go
  19. HELP!!! puppies nose is runny and its coughing and it sounds like its choking...
  20. How Do You Make 1 Of Your Parents Get You A Dog?
  21. What happens when my dog?
  22. does anyone worry if your dog growls at them?
  23. My Puppy Has Swelling On Stomach ?
  24. Should dangerous dogs be destroyed on the spot if they are out in public...
  25. Is there racism between dogs?
  26. what can i use for my adult dog to gain weight beside puppy food ?
  27. Sick 5 month old puppies?
  28. I have an older dachshund, and we decided he needed a playmate, but he doesn't...
  29. Help! Skin allergy in bulldog puppy ! What to feed until I can get to the vet?
  30. What kind of job would suit my dog?
  31. Going to states and have 3 dogs (not virtual mind you)?
  32. How soon after your dog has puppies can you get her fixed?
  33. My dog ate a pack of cigarettes last night. today she has green spots or lumps...
  34. How to stop my puppy from eating POOP!?
  35. my dog is majorly lethargic cant afford vet !!!?
  36. To all you Dog section regulars... ?
  37. Neutering your dogs ?
  38. Why is my dog doing this?
  39. Should I report stepmom for hitting my dog?
  40. Prednisone and behavioral changes in your dog? ?
  41. Have you ever had A dog that saved you life?
  42. what type of dog should i adopt?
  43. Does an adult dog always mean a more calm dog?
  44. My dog is having puppies !!!!!!!!!?
  45. why does my puppy have dark stool?
  46. Dog problems........?
  47. HELP! 9 mon puppy with 104.5 fever?
  48. I got an email from Purina today with puppy facts saying they only see blue,
  49. What type of dog should i get?
  50. Question about my Boston Terrier puppy!?
  51. Has anyone used pedi-paws to trim their dog's nails?
  52. Chicken Soup for the puppy lovers soul?
  53. Keeping dogs out of litterbox?
  54. Feeding my neighbors dog with bread?
  55. have you found that off brand treats cause ur dog to get sick?
  56. Poshie puppy...does it look like a fox?
  57. Puppy Vaccinations????????
  58. How will my puppy be when it arrives by plane, in a crate?
  59. Can adult dogs be taught to go outside?
  60. Has anyone tried "pedi-paws" on their dogs nails?
  61. Is it ok to give a puppy baby teething tablets? what if they are all natural?
  62. my puppy has a lump after vaccination?
  63. Does my dog still have worms?
  64. Why do people hate mix breed dogs?
  65. How can I get my puppy to quit jumping on people?
  66. Puppy and existing dog playing very rough?
  67. Dog an "animal person?"?
  68. how to rid puppies of fleas?
  69. cute boy puppy names...anyone?
  70. can anyone help me with my puppy?
  71. I'm not quite sure what breed my dog is, how can I find out?
  72. Dog was spayed a week ago and now has developed very large bulge around stitches?
  73. Dead Dog Beach- Does any1 care?
  74. why should I sponsor a dog?
  75. how much should i feed my puppy?
  76. what are some good big-dog breads?
  77. How to take care of a 4 week old puppy?
  78. My dogs lift their legs and pee on the furniture when I leave the home.?
  79. dog citronella spray?
  80. What are some careers containing dogs?
  81. What Would You Help First???Dog,Cat,Horse,Bunnie Or Human?
  82. My puppy sometimes puts my hand in her mouth...?
  83. General Medical Questions about Cats and Dogs?
  84. Flies in my dogs food what can I do?
  85. My puppy pees everywhere when she gets excited?
  86. adopted a puppy.anyone owned a staffy x sharpei?
  87. My dog keeps weeing when he's excited?
  88. Looking for a calm lap dog that can walk for a mile or so and is good with loud...
  89. Why is my dog's head caving in?
  90. Would you fight a shark to save your dog?
  91. How to get my dog to come.?
  92. i want to get a dog but i don't know what kind?
  93. is it ok to play tug of war with my pitbull puppy or will this make him mean?
  94. how to get rid of puppy urine odors in carpet?
  95. what can be done about neighber's dog running loose?
  96. New chihuahua puppy won't eat!!?
  97. Does my puppy have a cold?
  98. Can you vote for my puppy?
  99. someone please help me! its about my dog!?
  100. what dog could this be?
  101. Why do my dogs eyes water when he eats?
  102. How to get rid of dog getting older?
  103. Is Wellness CORE dry food only for adult dogs?
  104. Are German Shepherds typically really mellow as puppies?
  105. can i buy a puppy if i'm a minor?
  106. i want a puppy but i cant convince my parents help?
  107. anyone used a bell to train your puppy to alert you he/she needs to go out?
  108. Easier to have a male, or female dog?
  109. Does anyone have a kennel or like a playpen for sale for a puppy?
  110. Question about possible false pregnancy in dog?
  111. Should I call former friend to ask to return dog tag?
  112. I want a puppy, and i want to call it ollie what breed suit's the name?
  113. Is this normal on a female dog?
  114. How to stop a dog from digging holes in your yard?
  115. what happens when a dog or cat or any animal goes near a venomous snake?
  116. Puppy is twitching wen sleeping?
  117. My dogs deliberately crap in the house?
  118. What Breed Is This Dog?
  119. Which animal is better for me: a cat or a dog?
  120. Just adopted a 5yr. old yorkie who is not use to other dogs. How do I introduce
  121. which one of these dogs are cuter?
  122. How old does my puppy have to be to start training.?
  123. How to get into farmers house (past the dog) on Shaun the Sheep on NDS?
  124. Where Can I Find Dog Tags Like This?
  125. My 2yr old dog urintates in the same spot everyday when I am not home.What
  126. How Can I Convince my landlord to allow me to have a dog? ?
  127. what to do dog running loose ?
  128. CBB! What are your opinions on this guy going in there? Do you think he may
  129. I can't stand having pet dogs?
  130. Dog poops on everything.?
  131. How many days apart should I shower my dog?
  132. Puppy Mill's recruiting!!?
  133. If you hunt with dogs, I REALLY need some input...?
  134. My dog wont walk with me on a leash..?
  135. my family wants our dog to have puppy's but don`t know if its safe for...
  136. How do you balance an extremely busy life with a dog?
  137. do dogs use the same shampoo as human?
  138. Why, when you walk like a monster, your dog knows you are fooling around?
  139. Ticks on puppies HELP?
  140. My dog pees to much?PLEASE HELP?
  141. how to get my dog on dogy food??? i need help 911?
  142. What's a good cat/dog urine removing product?
  143. My son's puppy is favoring her left hip. She still runs and jumps around so
  144. Is there a vet clinic that will neuter my dog for free? ?
  145. My stepmother wants me to smack my dog?
  146. If your dog bites someone...?
  147. Umbilical Hernia In A Dog?
  148. How long until a puppy gets used to crate?
  149. would you marry a dog?
  150. How do i get a refund on my puppy?
  151. i need a name for my dog?
  152. Are we doing the right thing with our beloved dog?
  153. Does anyone know any cool tricks I can teach my puppy...?
  154. I am feeding puppy 200 gms of pedigree food at 14 weeks?
  155. How do we stop our dog pooing in the night.?
  156. P&S:Rate my puppy's name?
  157. What to do when an epileptic dog has a breakthrough?
  158. Do you know who sang Puppy Love?
  159. Is my sleepy puppy ok?
  160. would children like a book about a surfing puppy?
  161. what should i do with my dogs?
  162. How often should i walk my puppy?
  163. magnesium and vit. B12, wht's the dosage for 18lbs med. dog? and where to get them?
  164. new puppy...cats spraying?
  165. My dog has began to demand attention more and more- How can I fix this?
  166. help the neighbour as complained about dog barking what can i do?
  167. Should I buy a puppy that has been diagnosed with puppy strangles?
  168. what dog makes the cutest puppy?
  169. My chihuahua is having puppies in about a week and she is vaumiting some foamy...
  170. my dog has swallowed a bouncy ball 2 days ago and i don't know wot to do. ?
  171. I think my dog might be taking steroids ????
  172. Why is my dog pooping so much now?
  173. Can puppies heartbeats be heard w a stethoscope?
  174. I need a guard dog, preferably from a shelter?
  175. Is Natural Variety a good dog food?
  176. Dexamethasome have any of you ever given it to your dogs for Pain?
  177. any suggestions on what to feed my two dogs?
  178. What is the oddest thing your dog has done?
  179. starting a dog boarding business?
  180. When will the puppies be born?
  181. Could a dog get sick if he kills a kitten?
  182. Need names for new puppies?
  183. My dog likes to eat peanuts?
  184. When you can start your dog training?
  185. pregnant with aggressive dog?
  186. Dog afraid of Flea Medicine?
  187. Translate I walk my dog in Spanish?
  188. My dog won't eat. He vomited white foam last night. He will still drink water, but...
  189. any puppy name ideas? small dog (pic)?
  190. My 8 week old puppy is limping after his 1st vaccination is this normal?
  191. what is your dog thinking?
  192. I need a name for my maltese puppy!!?
  193. how do i convince my mom to get me a german sheperd dog?
  194. how can i get my dog to come to me when he runs loose?
  195. McGruff The Crime Dog address?
  196. Is Congestive Heart Failure In Dogs Painfull?
  197. When will my puppy recover from parvo?
  198. Help with puppy biting behavior and tearing up carpets ?
  199. how do you get your dog from running away?
  200. Dog agility, the contacts. I'm really stuck! ! !?
  201. puppy chase tail..(aggression??)?
  202. HELLP!!! My Puppy Keeps On Biting US?
  203. Advice, Opinions and Wisdom needed on Dog Allergies!?
  204. Help With Puppy Potty Training: Rescued Boston Terrier from Puppy Mill and she is...
  205. need to help my dog!?
  206. Any idea's what the bump on my parents dogs head is?
  207. Is it ok to spank puppies?
  208. Is there a chocolate that taste like hot dogs?
  209. my new dog is jealous of my old dog ?
  210. Help... We have had our puppy over a week, what should we name him?
  211. my dog has addisons and we got a puppy to help him?
  212. Homemade Dog Food: How much meat, vegetables, and starch is needed per day
  213. Why micro chip your dog?
  214. how do i stop my dog from going up the stairs?
  215. Is this harmful to dogs?
  216. Names that will suit my new puppy's?
  217. How many hours can I leave my 9-week old puppy home alone?
  218. New dog(1yr old) afraid of going up the stairs, any advice?
  219. What is a good name for a girl puppy that involves the names Coco and Pebbles?
  220. Can My Dogs Get Taken Away??????? Please Help!!?
  221. Looking for a vet for my dog in Tempe/Scottsdale AZ?
  222. new puppies????????????????????
  223. Should i sell the puppy?
  224. does a dogs temperature go up again after it drops for labour in pregnancy?
  225. How do I reintroduce my puppy to my friends dog after one got injured?
  226. Nick Jonas Dog Elvis!?
  227. Will worms kill my 7 - 8 week old puppy?
  228. HI, I am planing on getting a cane corso puppy, but ihave to leave it home...
  229. What is your favorite small breed of dog?
  230. How much should i be feeding my puppy?
  231. I want to take my puppy back to the UK from China!!?
  232. Does my 2 week old puppy have mange?
  233. Missing my dogs...is this weird?
  234. Keeping dogs out of the litterbox?
  235. My puppy wont leash train?
  236. Help with my puppy's dog food?
  237. Puppy has diarrhea - from peanut butter treats? What do I feed him to stop it?
  238. where can i get a basset hound puppy?
  239. whats the best food for puppies?
  240. Does anyone know of a crate large enough to hold 4 dogs?
  241. can a dog produce milk and lnot have puppies?
  242. can older dogs eat puppy food?
  243. My dog had puppies on monday is it possible to have more puppies on wednesday?
  244. Which size dog would be best.?
  245. Looking for a TY Sunny puppy.?
  246. legislation of banning dogs & guns?
  247. Aggressive dog, opinion?
  248. Any one have REALLY good tips on how to train puppies?!! I need help NOW!!?
  249. How are dogs put down in animal shelters?
  250. I need help with my dog?