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  1. What food should I feed my puppy?
  2. How can I make my Dog chew Quietly?
  3. Cage training my puppy, but she keeps potting in her cage?
  4. Seperation problems between 2 dogs?
  5. Considering new puppy!! Help!!!?
  6. My puppy always throws up after running around for a little bit, is he sick?
  7. How to convince my parents to get a puppy? HELP NEEDED!!?
  8. What is the cutest nonshedding dog?
  9. Please help me decide what to do with very loved family dog's ashes?
  10. dog temperature drop before having puppies?
  11. If I find a pump on my dogs side. What should I look for. She is old...
  12. Nervous about getting puppy! Any tips ?
  13. How can I get my puppy to tell me she has to pee?
  14. Swollen puppy paw!! (need help)?
  15. are the dog breed papalons good with children?
  16. So I think my neighbors took my dog?
  17. My Dog wont stop whining?!?
  18. the dog from the viva ad with horns?
  19. Average Price For A Golden Retriever Puppy?
  20. please help the side of one of my dogs eye is red?
  21. can i spread a cold to my puppy?
  22. i have a dog with long blackish fleas or mites crawling on his underbelly near...
  23. is it alright to feed my puppy ofcut meaty bones?
  24. Will a male dog hurt puppies?
  25. Questions about Maltese puppies!?
  26. how to calm my puppy?
  27. Why is it that when my boyfriend holds our puppy shes still and quiet..?
  28. When can i give my puppy the whole cage.?
  29. My puppy is only 10 weeks how early should I start to spank and discipline her?
  30. What breed of puppy should we get?
  31. Can dogs eat Porkchop bones?
  32. My dog is always licking "herself," is this normal?
  33. Is there anyway that you can tell when a dog is about to have pups?
  34. why does my dog look like she shivers when i run my hand down her spine?
  35. I kicked a dog in the ear what now?
  36. do these puppies look sick (link)?
  37. What would be best for my puppy? Am I doing the right thing?
  38. 8 week old puppy acting wierd.?
  39. help installing puppy linux?
  40. What age can i get my puppy michrochipped?, how much food should i be feeding him?
  41. my sisters dog was on a chain, he started choking, blood was coming out
  42. often fights between a dog and a cat,they are getting on my nerves?
  43. Dogs for people with allergies?
  44. Should I put my dog on NuVet?
  45. What makes a dog a pariah ?
  46. Does your chihuahua purr like a cat when you are kissing your dog?
  47. Has anyone dealt successfully with Clarida yeast infection in a dog?
  48. My puppy is not improving?
  49. what can we do if one of our dogs keeps looking for the other one after he died?
  50. My dogs tits starting leaking. Vet said it was a false pregnancy, but I disagree....
  51. Chinese Crested Dog??
  52. Can I return Nutro Ultra Puppy food?
  53. Potty training my Dog! Help!?
  54. my dog he doesn't have a appitite sometimes?
  55. This isn't a question. I just know alot of you have been reading my post about my
  56. omg my dog might be preagnant and Im flat broke, what to do?
  57. I really want a dog! help, dont be mean! READ!?
  58. My dog is so scared of people?
  59. How could I dress up my dog as Snoopy for Halloween?
  60. Can i get a job as a dog walker at 13?
  61. My dog is having REALLY REALLY bad eye boogers!!! ?
  62. how to stop my gsd pup biting my older dog?
  63. Saw an animal of what seemed to be dog-like size that had glowing orange eyes by...
  64. My Dog died in his sleep he was 14 years old?
  65. why does my dogs breath smell so bad all of a sudden?
  66. What can I do for my dog who was hit by a car a week ago?
  67. dog names dogue and st bernard?
  68. we have a litter of puppies they are 4 days old?
  69. Puppy with fleas...wat to do =[?
  70. What's your favorite breed of dog?
  71. pitbull puppy food/bone aggression?
  72. How can I get my dog to nurse?
  73. How do I house a puppy?
  74. What's your favourite dog breed?
  75. Puppy problems....how can i get her to pee outside?
  76. need help! Dog has FLEAS! what should i do?
  77. Relationship between Gender of owner and Gender of preferred dog?
  78. why does it cost more to take mt dogs on a ferry to france than me?
  79. My dog has a drinking problem...?
  80. Dogs biting ??Please help?
  81. Will it hurt to give my dog flea medication if im not sure he has fleas?
  82. Do dogs have fast metabolisms?
  83. brother attacked by a dog on the job?
  84. What can you do when your parents are jerks towards your dog???????
  85. can dogs catch parvo more than once?
  86. what does it mean when one female puppy tries to hump her puppy ---sister----?
  87. Is Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs/puppies?
  88. should i ask for a puppy or kitten.?
  89. has anyone ever heard of diesel fuel curing a dog of otherwise incurable skin...
  90. Why do dogs generally have fur and we don't?
  91. Advice on What Breed and Training a Puppy!.?
  92. My dog was given one dose of the drug Metacam yesterday- still very out of it...
  93. How much should I feed my new puppy?
  94. I'm looking for a Maltese female puppy in Malaga region, costa del sol Spain?
  95. fostering dog can you try to answer these?
  96. How Can I Convince my parents to get a dog?
  97. what would happen if i brought in a puppy?
  98. Halloween ideas for our dog?
  99. when does puppy stay in the crate?
  100. Is A Puppy Worth All The Work ?
  101. Spot on my Dogs Backside...?
  102. Puppy needs dog toys!?
  103. My new boxer puppy is twelve weeks old. This morning he was unable to use...
  104. What breeds of dog can you get in the artist dog collections PS2 game,...
  105. fOOD FOR MY DOG??????????
  106. what should i get at the pet store for my puppy?
  107. how to discipline a puppy responsibly?
  108. Does anyone know what breed my puppy could be?
  109. My dog Cocoa is really mean today. She is normally really nice. What is wroung
  110. What could be wrong with our limping dog's leg/ankle?
  111. Can puppy's ears, which usually stand up, fall?
  112. Is there a product I can use with my carpet that will keep a dog from marking there?
  113. My dog has a cluster of small black specks on her back, what is it?
  114. A small dog, cute, small, see inside..?
  115. How can I get my puppy to stop biting?
  116. please help my dog!!!?
  117. How to make dog stop snapping at cat? ?
  118. Should I let my mom name my dog this?
  119. why is my dogs fur turning blonde?
  120. Pregnancy termination for my dog. ?
  121. My dog just had a seizure for the second time?
  122. Puppy may have died from 7 in 1 shot?
  123. my 12 wk puppy has bad diarrhea? ?
  124. How do you tell a child a dog died?
  125. Survey: About your dog(s) grooming?
  126. Who is the Alaskan Malamute on the 2008 Animal Planet Championship Dog Show?
  127. What's it take for a dog to be a therapy dog?
  128. My dog has a tick attached to his testicules...aarrgh!?
  129. teach puppy to stop chewing?
  130. how would i keep my dog from jumping on my bed after i leave for work?
  131. what kind of dog is this?
  132. best cheap products to get puppy pee out of my carpet?!?
  133. How to calm down a dog?
  134. I got Another puppy ?
  135. How do I teach my dog it's name?
  136. Do dogs get itchy when they are nervous?
  137. rubbing a dogs face in his poop... effective or cruel?
  138. Does anyone have any good recommendations on dog food brands that are
  139. why dose my dog pee everywhere!!!!!?
  140. My dog had a bad flea infestation and we used advantage?
  141. my puppies aren't getting the attention they need?
  142. What are the best 'farm dog' breeds?
  143. Dog Agility Help Please?
  144. How many dogs have you had through out your life?
  145. how do you ask do you like dogs in german?
  146. my dog has not barked?
  147. How many puppies does a Boston Terrier usually have?
  148. Can I breed my dog, opinions?
  149. Is my puppy ill, scared or cold?
  150. I am looking for a show dog. What breed should i get?
  151. A question about my injuried dog?
  152. Questions about a puppy?
  153. From time to time my puppy shakes her head and throws up just a little?
  154. POLL: Whats your favourite dog?
  155. How do you calm a puppy?
  156. Puppy housebreaking training help?
  157. My dog has large welts on its body and is not right.?
  158. How much Benadryl do I give my dog?
  159. English Bulldog Puppy?
  160. can u teach a dog to let u know if the doggie door is not accessible?
  161. What fish is best for my dog?
  162. My neighbor can't keep hold of a dog!!?
  163. What is a good puppy name?
  164. whats rainbow bridge ???????????dogs?
  165. what does annual preventative veterinary care for a dog cost?
  166. I have a 9 month old puppy, who has been potty trained since 6 months - no
  167. My dog keeps misbehaving!!!?
  168. My dog ate a whole chocolate cake and has only had diareah should I be worried?
  169. How long did it take to Domesticate Dogs?
  170. My 6-8 week old puppy sleeps all day. Is this normal?
  171. What would be best or better for my puppy?
  172. cant stop thinking about dogs!!!!!!!!!!?
  173. Dental clean for dogs!?
  174. Maltese with bad puppy breath?
  175. How is this for a 'Cool Dog' ...?
  176. My dog chews on everything!?
  177. Whats wrong with my dog?
  178. My 5 month old puppy has diarrhea and has thrown up 2 times today what do i do?
  179. Please help, so torn, not sure what to do. 2 female puppies will not stop fighting.?
  180. Boston Terrier puppy weight?
  181. dog issues is she hurt help please?
  182. A fart-puppy
  183. What would be a good name for my new female pit bull puppy?
  184. How can I get my puppy registered?
  185. i have an old lab/border collie mix dog. at 14 of course she's dying, but w?
  186. Do you and your dog have a secret language that only you 2 understand?
  187. why would my puppy have weakness in her back legs and be lethargic?
  188. My Puppy Got Sick could mold cause it?
  189. when do dogs begin to see?
  190. we have a puppy that is half rat terrier and half mini doberman?
  191. Before I become a dog walker...?
  192. When my female Rottweiler has the puppies, when is it safe for my male (Hannibal)...
  193. pitbull puppy (3 months old) raw food? homecooked?
  194. How to completely house train my puppy.?
  195. In Agatha Christie's "Labors of Hercules" a char. called "William Higgs"
  196. My dog had vomiting and diarrhea and now he can't move at all, he's breathing very
  197. Does a dog understand house foreclosure?
  198. Easiest Way To Clean Dog Poo Of Concrete Seriously Need Help!!?
  199. Is there any over the counter heartworm medicine for dog tha i could get?
  200. My puppy is sick(throwing up)?
  202. how much will a Weimaraner vizsla german shorthair pointer mix puppy will sale for?
  203. What Foods Will Tighten Up My Puppies Loose Stools?
  204. What kind of breed is my dog?
  205. Will a ph urine testing strip designed for humans work the same for dogs?
  206. what about these Puppy mills?
  207. What should I do about my husband's harsh treatment of our puppy?
  208. Can dogs get depression?
  209. my dog just got flea(s)?
  210. what temperature (fahrenhiet) is too cold for a puppy to be outside?
  211. Potty Training my new puppy. Help ?
  212. How do I approach my dog?
  213. dogs and bugspray? help!?
  214. What dog name should i have?
  215. I live in Mentor, OH, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy puppy
  216. Poll: Dog or cat..........?
  217. Can a dog live off of processed meat and cheese?
  218. How do you teach a dog to fetch.?
  219. Puppy Peeing All the time in the house, bladder infection? strange help please?
  220. Can I cut my dogs hair with my boyfriends hair shaver?
  221. How do i help my dog's bottom get better without surgery?
  222. Does science diet puppy food for "large breeds" make puppies smaller?
  223. Can My Puppy Eat The Raw Bones With Her Raw Chicken Legs?
  224. My dog is stoned! What should i do?
  225. ...
  226. can you be allergic to only puppies?
  227. Can you vote for my puppy?
  228. My Puppy Ate A Snickers Bar?
  229. can 2 dogs still mate if the female dog already went into heat 4 months ago?
  230. where abouts can i get my dog a kong toy from?
  231. My chihuahua puppy doesnt like people?
  232. I got a new puppy 3 days ago and yesterday I took her for her 2nd
  233. how do i potty train a 12 week old puppy?
  234. Sniffer dogs-how people get away with it?
  235. My Puppy Wont Stop Crying!?
  236. Where can I get some dog make up for the mother in law ?
  237. Would you spend $20 on a product for your dog if it helped them during thunderstorms?
  238. Dog borstal yesterday with the 2 dalmatians!?
  239. Any Weight Gaining Diets For Puppy? - Raw Foods Only Please?
  240. Pregnant Dog, due anytime soon.?
  241. To Lose The Puppy Fat?
  242. Please vote for my puppy?
  243. My dog barks at strangers and the bell?
  244. How do I stop my dog from digging?
  245. Why does my dog whine ?
  246. Sick puppy? Need help(pics)?
  247. whats the cutest pic of your dog andt he cutest that you saw on google?
  248. Do you like Cats or Dogs better?
  249. Stopping dog gas, what have you tried that works?
  250. Dog won't stop peeing in house?