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  1. I have a question about my dogs behavior?
  2. Why is my dog not happy to see me?
  3. How fast can a dog's tooth rot?
  4. my dog molly is in heat how long will this last ?
  5. Question about puppy mills?
  6. what is the best way to Potty training a puppy?
  7. my puppy's teeth are getting really brown and gross, why?
  8. What is a dog breeders license?
  9. Why do some shelters charge so much for dogs,especially purebreeds?
  10. How to stop a Puppy from biting?
  11. could wet spaniel dogs give you the plague ?
  12. I think my puppy has Fleas. Help?!?
  13. Why does my dog roles all over the couches? ?
  14. Please help - dog had seizure - memory loss?
  15. Help! My dog always bark at small animals.?
  16. What can I do, sold our dog and kids miss him?
  17. Why does my dog do this..?
  18. is it cruel or cute to dress your dog for Halloween?
  19. 3 week old puppies mucusy stools?
  20. My dog, Zak, needs a companion, must be a smallish dog. Any breed ideas?
  21. Every time someone tries to rub my little puppy she backs away and dodges their hand?
  22. my puppy was throwing up clearish liquids and during the night there was ..?
  23. Crate training nightmare! we follow every direction yet somehow our puppy still pees
  24. My dog has heart worm. Please answer---10 points.?
  25. Why do dogs feel the need to bark continuously?
  26. help! my dog got loose yesterday and now she's acting weird.?
  27. my dog about a month ago she is now fat and her paps are big she is about 15
  28. what am type of dog am i thinking of?
  29. Puppy gets a runny nose and sneezes, but only at night?
  30. what are good male dog names?
  31. How can I stop my puppy from chewing on dead flowers ,leaves ,and paper ?
  32. my friends dog is sick. help?
  33. My puppy won't her food????
  34. my dogs breath is so bad?
  35. how do i take care of a puppy?
  36. A-What are the symptoms of of heartworms in puppies.?
  37. How do I introduce a new dog into my home?
  38. does my cat know my dog is pregnant?
  39. My dog and cat attacked a lizard HELP!?
  40. My puppy keeps attacking other dogs, what should i do?
  41. how old does a toy breed puppy need to be to give him a raw hide bone?
  42. my dogs skin is flakey and he sheds alot how do i solve this problem?
  43. how can u take a dogs temperature without a thermometer?
  44. question to dog owners/lovers?
  45. my puppy thought everything is a tree so he pee on it? how can i stop that?
  46. my dog might be getting abused!!!?
  47. Is my dog mixed? (pic included)?
  48. How am i goin to convince my mom to get me a puppy?
  49. have a puppy would like a kitten as well. is this a good idea?
  50. My dogs seems to be depressed after loosing his friend..is there anything we can do?
  51. My puppy has been wizing in her crate?
  52. train a pitbull puppy?
  53. Old English Bull Dog puppies. x-rays show 35 mm skulls and 8 inch spines...?
  54. how to teach a dog confidence?
  55. What should i give a nursing dog?
  56. My friend and I want to start a dog walking business?
  57. my son found this puppy and we throught she was going to have babies but the...
  58. Help with aggressive puppy?
  59. How to make a homemade puppy costume for my 4 yr. old daughter?
  60. Looking for a puppy name...?
  61. (pitbull puppy bone agression) thank for ur tips?
  62. Sizing my puppy..............?
  63. I really need help with my puppy?
  64. how old does a puppy have to be before it is washed ?
  65. My dog doesn't eat for awhile and then eats all at once?
  66. What are these spots found on my dog's elbows?
  67. My puppy has one white pimple on her neck. What is it?
  68. My dog pees when me or my boyfriend get home and also when new people visit. Help?!?
  69. I found my eleven month old puppy dead. Does anyone know what could of happened?
  70. my dog is pregnant, how do i take care of her?
  71. question for dog owners....?
  72. Is it safe for my small dog to eat pecans in moderation? He loves them!?
  73. My dog has a growth on the inside of her mouth?!?
  74. Do dogs get cold too?
  75. Does anyone have tips on how to introduce a new puppy to a current dog?
  76. Why does my dog bury her bones?
  77. How can a blind person show their dog that they are incharge?
  78. Why do dogs attack cats ?
  79. How can I convince my dad 2 let me get another dog?
  80. Why would my dog's behavior suddenly change?
  81. Dog will do her business outside only?
  82. can dogs eat parboiled rice ?
  83. My dog is sick what is wrong with her?
  84. How does a puppy get worms ?
  85. What do you prefer Hot Dog or Hamburger?
  86. My new puppy has started coughing?
  87. Where's a good place to get rid of a dog?
  88. im going to spay my dog tomorrow is there going to be any change in her
  89. can i leave my dog outside?
  90. What does it mean when your dog is humanized or "acts human?"?
  91. My puppy is trying to fight parvo?
  92. My wife and I are debating having a baby or getting a puppy?
  93. Any information on my new puppy's mixed breed ?
  94. Trying to figure out whats wrong with my puppy?
  95. Rob And Big's Dog! what is the breed name!!?
  96. I was on craigslist on the pets part lookin and this woman had a
  97. My dog has been known to "destroy worlds," and I'm jealous of him. What should I do?
  98. Why did the soldier named David M. throw a puppy off the cliff? The only...
  99. A question for dog lovers?
  100. I have OCD can I get along with a dog?
  101. Is it safe to give Frontline plus to your dog after three weeks from the...
  102. what if the dog is gone and not the puppies What to feed themnow at three weeks?
  103. what kind of dog should i get?
  104. chamomile tea for dogs?
  105. If someone enters your yard, and your dog bites them,can they sue?
  106. My Dogs Chew everything in sight!?
  107. Is it mean to change a dogs name? I am adopting a dog whose name is Mecca.?
  108. How do i benefit from my dog?
  109. My dog suddenly quit wagging his tail, he won't sit down, and I think somehow he...
  110. Name for the new puppy?
  111. I have a9yr old boxer dog. She had large growth on neck which appeared to be
  112. My dog won't stop barking!?
  113. is this normal behavior for a male puppy?
  114. what should an alaskan malamute 7 week old female puppy eat?
  115. Does anyone have a recipe for the hard yogurt or carab coating used on dog treats?
  116. Why has our dog started doing this?
  117. What are the requirements for cats & dogs entering South Africa?
  118. What should i name my dog?
  119. Will my dog get pregnant ?
  120. moving a puppy from hawaii to florida? how long?
  121. what kind of puppy is this? [adorable!]?
  122. 8 week puppy, not overweight but fat.?
  123. Why does my dog keep licking his paw?
  124. What to do if reason to belive the wrong breed of AKC puppy was sold ?
  125. Are Catahoula bulldogs good dogs to have?
  126. Rotti mixed with Lab puppy?
  127. I'd like advice about me and my dog!?
  128. my dog has a upset stomach and have been throwing up is there any home remedy to
  129. Dog collars under 10?
  130. Is peanut butter good or bad for dogs?
  131. Are these normal symptoms for a dog in heat ?
  132. "JAH" my new lil puppy?
  133. how do i get a dog/buy one .i also want a big dog?
  134. Who would win in a fight: Korean Jindo dog or a Grey Wolf?
  135. my dog came in heat about a month ago she is now fat and her paps are big!! i
  136. Little dog help please?
  137. The best way to get a Dog used to Rats?
  138. Good idea to help socialize fearful dog or not?
  139. Seizure advice about my dog.?
  140. my friend's dog is going away and they are sad.?
  141. I know that dogs have different body temperature than us humans, but is...
  142. help with a name for a new puppy?
  143. What breed is my dog? It is a lab mix but what is it mixed with?
  144. need help with a dog costume!?
  145. what should i name my dog?
  146. Wet Dog food? Suggestions please.?
  147. My dog goes nuts for ice cubes!!!?
  148. Muslims, why are pet dogs considered unclean?
  149. What's your favorite dog?
  150. Dog breed questions help me?
  151. What are some intelligent games to play with my dog?
  152. Quantify how much smarter we are than dogs and add that from us to a new
  153. my dog may have eaten poison, whats going to happen now?
  154. my sons jack russell,when i take him a walk ,he has this thing about smelling
  155. What is difference between Shih tuz puppy and Maltese puppy?
  156. what causes a puppies eyes to look hazy and cause her to not be able to see?
  157. Help, my 4 month Pom Puppy broke her bottom right tooth (the sharp one)?
  158. I need to post a picture of my dog?
  159. Puppy barks at anything out of the ordinary.?
  160. Dog just ate 6 english muffins and 5 bagels...?
  161. Puppy feeding,Staffy/Red nose?
  162. What is a good dog breed for a single person?
  163. Clothes for dogs????
  164. puppy help..please someone?
  165. I am researching about large breed dogs, will you guys help me figure out...
  166. My dog is 2 years old. He cries every nigt so badly at 2 or 3o;clock.PLEASE...
  167. Has your dog (or any pet) developed any unusual habits...?
  168. I have a 6 mth old puppy who weighs 25 lbs. I am planning on getting him
  169. Dog having serious problems...please help ?
  170. I am looking for a Labradors Puppy a female a any one who is donating their
  171. Puppy teething/biting?
  172. what kind of dog breed is the best type for me?
  173. Will dog crap come out of new carpet?
  174. What type of bed can I get for my dogs that they wont chew up?
  175. Dogs that can be left at home a few hours each day?
  176. My dog growled at someone?
  177. How do I get rid of Fleas (I do not have cats or dogs)?
  178. German Shepard puppy names?
  179. my pitt bull just dont get along with other dogs! PLEASE HELP!?
  180. Maltese Puppy Help!!!!?
  181. dogs that dont shed anyone help me please?
  182. Can u tell if a dog can lock their jaws?
  183. Is it possible for dogs to catch diseases from humans?
  184. cutting the quick of a dogs nails on purpose?
  185. Aggressive Border Collie puppy?
  186. Dogs treated at vets with capster, program plus and then prac-tic, no...
  187. should we have a dog owners test permit on set time?
  188. how do i get my dog to stop peeing when she gets happy. some people say
  189. Do you ever buy your small dog a really big bone lol?
  190. Which dog breeds are not for beginner owners?
  191. A rich mans Dog dies?
  192. my english bull dog is itching?
  193. I have a german Shepherd puppy about 5 mos. old we found a kitten will they get...
  194. What is a good name for 2 Yorkie Puppies?
  195. Young puppy Help!!!!!!?
  196. Can dogs get the Flu ?
  197. How long does it take for a dog to reach it's full adult size?
  198. Should I let my lab pup interact with my properly vaccinated dog? ?
  199. my dog ate some chicken bones and is pooping and vomiting blood?
  200. My senior dog just had a seizure? ?
  201. How do I know that my dog won't hurt my kittens?
  202. IS THIS a good name for a dog?
  203. What are some good dog toys besides squeeky toys and kongs?
  204. Describe your dogs..?
  205. My dog, cat and parrot have stopped talking to each other.?
  206. Dehydrated Dog is in pain...?
  207. I just got my puppy her shots and she is very sleepy which the doctor said she would?
  208. puppy shots question?
  209. Do you believe our dogs know when we feel bad?
  210. Specific questions about finishing up with the dog potty training.?
  211. i have a 9week old labrador puppy how much do i feed her?
  212. Have you ever heard a dog fart?
  213. where can i find a maltese puppy for sale?
  214. Im really craving hot dogs but im not sure I can eat them or not....help?
  215. What could I give my puppy to keep from dehydrating.?
  216. I can't resist giving my dog a bite of my dinner, is that bad?
  217. Is this dog cute? pic included?
  218. What Is The Breed Of The Dog In The Pepto Commercial?
  219. my 5th old puppy :) question?
  220. How do I get my male dog to "tie" with my female dog?
  221. Does anyone know what type of beautiful dog this is?
  222. My dog just had 12 puppies!?
  223. Hot dog sauce recipe from Zimbabwe?
  224. puppy training question?
  225. growling puppy meaning?
  226. my dog is about 6 months old and does not come back when you call it .My...
  227. can somebody tell me what kind of dog this is?
  228. what can i do to stop my dog from whining and destroying everything while im...
  229. How can you keep spiders out of a dog house?
  230. My dog goes crazy because of these things?
  231. my dog is showing odd GSD behavior...?
  232. My dog is constantly urinating and has a rash starting on her chest...what could it
  233. My dog is terrible at Tetris! What should I do?
  234. Puppies for sale on website-your thought.?
  235. My dog, 1/2 rhodesian ridgeback & 1/2 pitt, 5 1/2yrs old is having problems walking?
  236. My dog is really sick. She's lost her appetite, her eyes, ears and belly have...
  237. My puppy ran away please help me?
  238. Best ratting breeds of dog ?
  239. What is a GOOD dog food besides raw?
  240. Am I going all wrong by doing this with my new puppy?
  241. dog sniffing good or bad ?
  242. How did you pick you dog?
  243. What breed of dog is she?
  244. Puppy had diarrhea and threw up, but still eating and acting fine?
  245. i don,t know why my dog keeps getting a?
  246. Growing lump on puppies belly?
  247. Dog Trivia easy 10 pts for corect answers!!!?
  248. whats your favourite dog breed?
  249. How harmful is lead-paint (and the dust created from remodeling) to your dog?
  250. How do I cope with the death of my dog?