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  1. What color puppies can my light red/american cream piebald female produce with my...
  2. where do indoor dogs pee?
  3. How many of your dogs attack porcupines?
  4. what would you name my puppy?
  5. Does anyone kow of a good puppy training resource (beside schooling, etc.) for
  6. Can worm medicine make your dog cough?
  7. dog has diarreah and has no appetite...?
  8. Help me find a dog for my little cuzz?
  9. Does your Dog love it's food? If so what kind of food do you feed it?
  10. My dog is not feeling well she's eating but very slowly and sleeping a lot could
  11. LOOKING for a scottish terrier puppy?
  12. My dog, is she in heat?
  13. my dog is obsessed with hoses?
  14. When do you think she will have puppies?
  15. Getting A New Puppy Help!!!!?
  16. I have a dog, and we are trying to introduce a cat. How can I get them to coexist...
  17. dog parks near buena park?
  18. where should i dog sleep during the night read all detail?
  19. What is a better name for a golden retriever puppy(girl)?
  20. Puppy trouble, see if you can help.?
  21. Help, my dog is jealous of my boyfriend?
  22. Why do dogs lick you?
  23. I just got an 11 week old puppy and every time i see him he pee;s on the floor?
  24. Sick Puppy.... No mother.... What might I do?
  25. Does anyone in San Francisco know of a good puppy social for smaller dogs? ?
  26. What is wrong with my little dog?
  27. have a jack russell dog 12 mon months old but i cant stop him getting...
  28. what are some of your dog's weird mannerisms?
  29. Dogs or cats???????????????
  30. HELP!!! question about my dog!!!?
  31. dog keeps weeing on my bed?
  32. Does Poise for Dogs work on Humans..?
  33. how do i stop my dog digging up our plants?
  34. How do i get my puppy back?
  35. Is The a Dog that Suits Me?
  36. Will a freeze-dried treat cause an obstruction for a puppy?
  37. What are some good dog names?
  38. What is the most ugliest/ weirdest dog breeds out there ?
  39. I shut the end of my dog's tail in the door.?
  40. my dog has a dry raspy cough?
  41. yesterday I asked for help to get 2 dogs out of India. What regulations do...
  42. just wondering,what makes the human body pass gas,is it the same with animals,like...
  43. Are Cats and Dogs Suited 2gether?
  44. Utah - Where is a good place to get a dog fixed?
  45. era cropping for dogs?
  46. Good Breeder vs. Puppy Mill...your experiences?
  47. Serious Help needed My JRT was attacked by 2 big dogs!?
  48. how do i cut my dog's nails?
  49. How can I train my dog to stop soiling the carpet?
  50. Where should the dog sleep at night help me plz??
  51. My dog has been to Vet 2x after a broken leg a week ago. She still is crying,...
  52. whats a good age to tape my dogs ears?
  53. does anyone knows what a Spanish Mestizo Dog look like.?
  54. Sudden aggression in dog?
  55. My Yellow Dog- from the book LOVE THAT DOG!!?
  56. My dog has black dots on her skin and some burrowed under making it look
  57. a question about girl dogs?
  58. Dog used to be sweet.?
  59. Is my dog sick or is it normal?
  60. my dog is old and leaks on herself and now she has like a rash on her stomach...
  61. i want to get a dog but how would i get it to get along with my cat?
  62. My Dog Acts like threes something in his throat?
  63. can dogs get tourettes syndrome?
  64. Where should a dog sleep at night??
  65. What do i need to do to get puppy ready for winter?
  66. When will my dog go into heat again?
  67. Need a name for my black Labrador puppy?
  68. very worried about wound on my dog's leg?
  69. cost of cavalier king charles spaniel puppy?
  70. What is the name of this snoop dog song?
  71. The dog had a seizure?
  72. What Kind of dog is this?
  73. Is this okay for my puppy to do?
  74. How can I help my dog live a longer life?
  75. My Dog Keeps Jumping Up?
  76. What dogs are really small and stay that way?
  77. My dog understands me spiritually?
  78. Do blind dogs have seeing-eye humans?
  79. What's the longest lifespan of Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  80. My Puppy Has Survived Parvo But Has Not Passed Stool In 2 Days Is This Normal?
  81. what's wrong with my puppy?
  82. My puppy is everyonce in a while vomiting a clearish liquid!?
  83. How do i become a Guide Dog Trainer?
  84. I have no pet insurance, what happens if my dog gets hit by a car?
  85. If you have a dog, what breed is it and why did you choose that certain breed?
  86. are dogs gay please help?
  87. What are the chances of a 7 week old puppy recovering from roundworms and parvo
  88. How long can a puppy who is 15 weeks of age, be crated at a time?
  89. good or bad dog bones(treats)?
  90. Is there any temp. fix to help my male dogs while my female is in heat?
  91. How Can i get my dog to not be afraid of the vacuum cleaner?
  92. What are the early symptoms of heatworm disease in dogs?
  93. Looking for a very small dog?
  94. my dog barks tooo much all the time how do i make him stop.?
  95. Dog help........ I need help.?
  96. Could you please tell me the prices of the different slush puppy drinks themselves?
  97. Do cats/dogs go "mad" if water enters their ears? ?
  98. Kids begging their parents to let them have dogs?
  99. Children scared of puppy.?
  100. Can anyone recommend a dog harness?
  101. what are some "need to know" facts about visiting a dog park?
  102. How Old Do You Have To Be To BuyA Puppy ?
  103. Can pregnancy in dogs cause bladder control issues?
  104. Which breed of dogs will get along most with a cat?
  105. house training my shih tzu puppy?
  106. What kinda dog is this?
  107. Ok Guys! Need a name for my dog grooming business?
  108. whats wrong with my puppy!?!?!?
  109. My dog has black dots on her skin and some burrowed under making it look
  110. What does dreaming about dog and human feces everywhere mean?
  111. How can you tell if a dog is def?
  112. is there anything you can feed a dog to keep fleas off the dogs?
  113. My dog has an sore. Puffy, red/pink, and hot. It's growing.?
  114. Why hasn't my 1 year old chihuahua lost her puppy teeth.?
  115. My dog has a tick :( we're taking him to the vet, but I'm scared that it could...
  116. how do you take care of 4 puppies?
  117. How can I convince my parents to let me get a dog?
  118. our dog has strange dark stools?
  119. My family got a new dog and I think it killed our 14 year old dog....?
  120. When an American Pit Bull Terriers has ROM after it's name, does that
  121. Sick puppy and no money?
  122. why does my dog pull out its fur?
  123. my dog wont her mouth nor will she let me every time i try she
  124. When do toy dogs mature?
  125. i almost shot my dog she has a life threatning disese HELP ME!!!?
  126. My Dog Has Something White In Her Eye?
  127. Why has my 5 month old puppy started peeing when she gets excited? ?
  128. I have a new puppy and need help?
  129. My 6 month old dog and my 1 year old female have just tied!!!?
  130. Should we get our puppy a buddy?
  131. My dog had been teased and tormented by a 9yr. old girl he did bite her.Do we
  132. how can i find my dog?
  133. My dog has little sores?
  134. Thins to do with dogs in the winter time?
  135. Help..what is sentence variety?...and how can i put myself in a college...
  136. Will a female dog remember her son who she'd been living together with, since born,
  137. Why is my dog drinking so much water and acting weird?
  138. How should an 8 week old puppy act when it first comes home from the breeder?
  139. Do dogs have to learn how to play?
  140. Is my dog unwell or is she just old?
  141. What are some differences between these 2 dogs?
  142. Do you a puppy more or a kitty?
  143. Introducing a new dog to the household?
  144. why is my dog peeing and pooping in kennel?
  145. I think my dog has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
  146. ive still been working with my puppy with outdoor training so naturally hes had
  147. How can I stop my dog from peeing on himself?
  148. Could I find a foster family for my puppy?
  149. How do you stop a dog from barking?
  150. spitting on puppies!!?
  151. Is there a vet in the house? My dog has these bumps..?
  152. Can My Dog/puppy Be Pregnant?
  153. My dog is scratching at doors at night ?
  154. Do dogs prefer to be an only dog or have a playmate?
  155. Prosthetics legs for dogs in Canada?
  156. When does a pup turn into a dog?
  157. Getting a Chihuahua Puppy?
  158. What are those fence/cage like things called that go in SUV's to keep the dog
  159. what is the best name for this dog?
  160. Okay, Seriously strange question about dogs...?
  161. why does my dog hate all others?
  162. about dog neutering...?
  163. lots of questions..Whats up with dog zigaler shaking hands...wow Lilian garcia.?
  164. what is the best little dog to get?
  165. How to ease my puppies itching?
  166. Whats your faverout type of dog ?
  167. what is nessesary to keep a dog in georgia?
  168. Roxy my dog is acting crazy wen shes at the park!?
  169. my chihuahua's puppies died!! what do i do for her health?
  170. I have a golden retriever pup 15 weeks and I am feeding him pedegree puppy dry...
  171. Hi again! I have some questions about dog registration?!?
  172. Can dogs eat jasmine fragrant rice?
  173. When my dog pees he pees blood!!!?
  174. what kind of dog does perez hilton have?
  175. How can i stop my puppies from doing this?
  176. is it normal for a dog to eat their own poop?
  177. my roommates puppy is already potty trained?
  178. Dog Problems - Need Help!!!?
  179. my black lab puppy keeps jumping through our patio screens!!!!?
  180. Toy Poodle Dog - left hind leg "Seed"?
  181. Old 1920s or 1930s show/movie with dogs that wear clothes and talk like humans?
  182. Dog routine for nursing home?
  183. is it cute to name your dog paris?
  184. How often does a dog's anal gland need to be popped?
  185. my puppy is 12wks old and hasnt had any shots where can i get him his shots?
  186. Can mixed breed dogs compete in rally obedience at an akc event?
  187. where can i find a greater swiss mountain puppy?
  188. Chihuahua puppy , help?
  189. Why is my female dog mounting our female puppy?
  190. My dog screams at 4:30 AM. Help!?
  191. Maltese puppy help...?
  192. Whats the best dog chow ?
  193. How long does the pain last in dogs who have pancreatisis?
  194. Meeting on-line and the movie "The truth about cats and dogs". ?
  195. puppy getting neutered?
  196. puppy mills?..............?
  197. How do you litter box train a puppy that is already housebroken?
  198. Pomeranian Puppies 4sale?
  199. do shelters let people watch when dogs/ cats get put down?
  200. Does my dog have a problem?
  201. What breed is this dog?
  202. If they had the Dog winter Olympic what events would they have?
  203. New 12 week old Shih Tzu puppy keeps barking at my mum?
  204. Dog whining and crying (8 year old untrained lab...) while in the bathroom or out...
  205. what about "Fool Dog" poem...? otteri selvakumar !?
  206. dog harness which size?
  207. puppy problem pleaseeee help?
  208. How can I help my puppy?
  209. How accurate are dog food "feeding recommendations"? Puppy eats less than...
  210. Aggressive Dog Behavior?
  211. How should I start off my essay on dogs?
  212. Should I get another dog? ?
  213. I am afraid of leaving my dog alone with her friends to play...?
  214. Why are people so against dogs sleep or even being on their beds?
  215. Kitten Or Puppy?
  216. Who should get "custody" of the dog?
  217. What has your dog/puppy eaten?
  218. my dog keeps rubbing her rear on the floor?
  219. My dog only hates my boyfriend when I'm gone. Insight?
  220. What breed of dog is known for ?
  221. Is it okay to have two yorkie puppies alone at home for 6 hours?
  222. How can I train our 2 puppies to be not so aggressive in their chewing?
  223. Maltese Puppy Help!!!!?
  224. I have a situation with my puppy when he is in his crate?
  225. Help!! My Dog Has Bad Diarrhea!! Is It Parvo? he had his injections when he
  226. whats up with my dog?
  227. What breed of dog would you be based on your personality/appearance?
  228. My dog died in less than 10 minutes?
  229. How do I get my dog to walk on a leash?
  230. How do I stop my dog from pooing all over our back yard? He even does it at the back
  231. What is the price range for a Saluki Dog?
  232. Help i think my puppy is gonna die!!?
  233. Information on Havanese dogs?
  234. i just got a kitten but having trouble introducing to one of my dogs?
  235. My dog maybe infected with Ehrlichia is it too late for her?
  236. I used flea drops on my dogs but?
  237. How old do you need to be to dog sit?
  238. Who hear thinks that their dog has a better attitude about life than they do?
  239. Baby's safety and our dog. Your opinions please?
  240. my puppy is like whoa!?
  241. I have a question about my dog.?
  242. Do you cut your dogs claws?
  243. do u spit on puppies?
  244. i just found out my puppy has roundworm?
  245. Help on Crating a puppy.?
  246. What should I do, my dog's become a Classical music nut?
  247. What do I need to do with puppy seperation?
  248. just bought my puppy dog an bone for family dollar now bone was red blood
  249. What is your favorite dog breed and why?
  250. dog on jon and kate plus 8?