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  1. im starting my own dog wash and grooming business!?
  2. Do you know of any safe and naturals ways to prevent ticks, mosquitoes,...
  3. How can I get a 5 month old puppy to stop groling?
  4. Removing dog hair from clothes?
  5. potty training a puppy?
  6. I'm picking up my new puppy in 2 weeks, any ideas on names?
  7. My dog stinks, any cheap remedies?
  8. How to pull out a dog tooth or homeremedies for infction?
  9. I need advice on my Puppy Crate Training.?
  10. my dog bit my nephew part 2?
  11. Safely bleaching a dog's hair?
  12. problem with dogs "begging"?
  13. Is your dog as spoilt as this dog?
  14. Is it ok for these puppies to be sleeping outside?
  15. are there any dog agility tracks in lancashire that i can take my dog to try?
  16. my dog is drinking lots of water recently why is this?
  17. my freinds dog got hit in the neck then stoped moving and foaming and having spasms?
  18. Whats your favorite hybrid dog? PLeassse answer!!!!!?
  19. My puppy became lethargic, pooped blood and died in two days, Parvo? When
  20. What is a good lap-sporty dog?
  21. if my dog is off leash, runs up to another dog on leash the dog on leash goes crazy?
  22. How will I know if my dog is pregnant?
  23. Traces of blood in my puppy;s stool?
  24. my dog came in season last month and then came in season again this month is...
  25. My dog got anesthesia to get his ears clean. Its been 3 hours and he is...
  26. how can i make my dog gain weight?
  27. I am having trouble house training my first puppy!!! Can you help?
  28. What's wrong with my dog?
  29. My dog had a litter............?
  30. Anyone have any dog treat recipes?
  31. why do I need to pluck my dog's hair?
  32. do you think it is mean to dress dogs in clothes?
  33. when my dog has her puppies how do I keep the area where the puppies are kept, clean?
  34. First DOG...Show me the Way?
  35. What do you think about this? About a dog.?
  36. why is it so easy to be a dog owner?
  37. What do you think would make a better whelping area for my dog?
  39. Dog Trainer/training message boards?
  40. My dad got me a puppy!! What should I name it? ?
  41. Who is the best dog registry?
  42. does my dog have a cold?
  43. Tale of Despereaux & Fancy Nancy & the Posh Puppy?
  44. My dog gets scared and hides at night.?
  45. Where to stay in the Blue Mountains and take our two dogs with us?
  46. Is it normal for my neutered 3 month old puppy to be humping things? ?
  47. Dog experts in favor of keeping dew claws?
  48. Why do people get SO uptight about dogs fur being dyed?
  49. Housetraining a puppy. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
  50. My dog has these little black dots in his fur.?
  51. Help! My Dog wont quit humping my head!?
  52. Is this normal for a dog's paw? (check photo in details)?
  53. Does the USA watch Dog Borstal ( UK ) on TV or have their own version of the
  54. watch video, and help these dogs!?
  55. Another puppy died.......?HELP!!!!?
  56. In the book "To kill a mockingbird" how does the mad dog represent prejudice?
  57. Is Your DOG...if you have one.....A lover or a fighter?
  58. how in the world do you use silent dog whistles?
  59. Will My Dogs Get Confused?
  60. why was my little puppy trying to hump my leg?
  61. why are my dogs boobs so big?
  62. My dog keeps panting or beathing really hard?
  63. help with my dog? is she ok!?
  64. Getting a dog??????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
  65. Why does my dog scratch the carpet?
  66. My new Puppy is sick. help i took him to the vet but she didnt diagnose him
  67. whats dog breed is the most popular dog breed?
  68. getting a puppy !!???!!?
  69. Toy Suggestions for my puppy?
  70. What type of dog is this?
  71. who is in the dog house with tna creative?
  72. how does my dog look :)?
  73. My dog was attacked and is scared now.?
  74. What is like another dog-like animal?
  75. Is it ok to leave a puppy home alone?
  76. What rights do buyers have when buying a sick puppy?
  77. Please help me with this! My mom is looking in to buying A Chihuahua puppy... ?
  78. My 10 week old Puppy is crying and running around the house...?
  79. Why is my dog digging?
  80. How do I know if my dog is pregnant?
  81. I m getting a puppy were can i get them?
  82. Puppy on Beta Blockers?
  83. I'm trying to find a chihuahua puppy, does anyone know of good reputable breeders?
  84. where can i baptize my dog?
  85. any one have any experience looking after dogs following an op?
  86. Any female puppy names?
  87. John Mccain has 14 dogs as his pets. How and why a person will have this many dogs?
  88. Puppy training problem.?
  89. What dog should I get for the kids?
  90. Pet Store Crates & Puppies?
  91. How can I make my dog more comfortable?
  92. my dog is due any day. why are her tetes red?
  93. wat should i do.My dog is throwing up maybe 5-7 times a day and had diarrhea ?
  94. How can I create a natural deoderizer spray for my dogs coat?
  95. Will my rabbit and dog ever get along?
  96. What kind of dog should I get?
  97. Does my puppy really not have kennel cough?
  98. Can a licensed cosmetologist be a dog groomer?
  99. hot dog ?
  100. ungroomed shitzu dogs subject to infection?
  101. my 5 month old puppy is still biting- should he be past this stage? ?
  102. dog aggression help!!!!!!?
  103. Do you believe an owner can understand their dog?
  104. my dog was hit by a car and she now a cast on, she is eating regulary
  105. Real, real die hard and tried and true dog lovers, please answer?
  106. for nintendogs i have to choose 3 dogs but i chose 1 dogs its no option for
  107. My puppy can not catch anything?
  108. Where can I order Ivermectin (for my dog) online?
  109. is this okay for my dog?
  110. My dog has no fear of cars and has gotten hit twice in the past year?
  111. puppy is biting hands please help?
  112. my puppy is suffering side effects from dew claw removal, what would you do?
  113. My Dog Got Stung Help Me Please?
  114. Where can I get a photo of my actual dog embroidered onto coat and bag? - UK?
  115. does your puppy ever do this?
  116. Does anyone know where I can get a very small dog? I think someone tried to scam me.?
  117. Any ideas for making my dogs the seven dwarfs from snow white?
  118. What can I do about this dog?
  119. Does anyone have a female german shepperd Puppy in N.C for sale of 200$or less?
  120. Where can I get a cheap Halloween costume for my Chihuahua Puppy?
  121. My dog has sand fly fever 0.o?
  122. My dog was desexed 3 days ago?
  123. Please please help me with my dogs? 10 points best answer!?
  124. Help me convince my dad to get a puppy!?
  125. Why don't dogs like the smell of nail polish?
  126. con dog's have arthrithus?
  127. 4 week old puppy aspirated milk and has difficulty breathing...?
  128. what should i name my dog?
  129. Hide and seek with my dog.?
  130. Will a dog walk on a broken leg?
  131. worms in dogs dropings?
  132. what do i feed my <1 male pit-bull puppy?
  133. My cousin's dog??????????
  134. Is this a puppy mill?
  135. How to socialize a scared puppy?
  136. i need girl puppy name please!!!?
  137. New Zealand Huntaway? Its a breed of herding dog?
  138. Does anyone know of breeders that breed this puppy?
  139. Best dog food for my golden retriever?
  140. What should I name my new female saint bernard puppy?
  141. I'm trying to remember the named of a cartoon my son used to watch, about a dog...
  142. I need affordable DOG dental car in the Los Angeles area, anyone know anyone?
  143. How many puppies will they have?
  144. Can anyone give me advice on puppy bathroom training?
  145. Why does my Lab mix puppy keep licking my neck?
  146. Why does my puppy have puffy eyes?
  147. Dogs of the molloser breed?
  148. Traveling with dog from Hungary to USA?
  149. Is it normal for puppies to salivate alot?
  150. My dog ate a smartie?
  151. Removal of problematic dog warts?
  152. What Breed of dog do you have?
  153. Buying German shepherd puppy in Brisbane?
  154. Do butchers clean the shop front with something to repel dogs? Our dog gets in a
  155. My dog just got nuetered. It seems like it hurts him. ?
  156. My dog was left un-crated for the first time today... what should I expect?
  157. Is It Normal For A Puppy To Vomit In The Morning?
  158. how can I stop my dog?
  159. My puppy has a fever, what can I do to reduce it?
  160. Why do dogs hide their bones?
  161. Why does my dog drag his privates across the floor all the time?
  162. Frequent Urination in 14 week old puppy Red Cattle dog cross?
  163. I Feed My Dog Grapes Sometimes....is That Okay?
  164. Dog Help!!! =]=]=]:D?
  165. Puppy Linux boot / wireless internet help?
  166. Can you bread a dog the first time they go into heat?
  167. Tug of War contest for dogs? Sound interesting?
  168. I have a Sick 12 week old Puppy?
  169. dogs with knee ligament problems?
  170. dog got ran over. Will she be okay?
  171. my 3 month old puppy is bleeding?
  172. what foods are unsafe for dogs?
  173. puppy pad (wee wee pad) training, feeding, and names?
  174. i gave my dog ibuprofen before checking yahoo answers..?
  175. the ugly stray dog smells of decaying waste, I extended my hand and the bitch...
  176. where can i find a german shepherd puppy?
  177. Would it be safe to use human hair conditioner on a dog? Expert advise only please.?
  178. Why are my puppies ears all red and scabby?
  179. My Sheltie just had puppies! Is it unusual she only had 3 when she had 4 in her
  180. Is this a puppy mill?
  181. is there a difference in the temperament between pure breeds and mutts?dog?
  182. My dog is terrified of hot air balloons! what can i do?
  183. my dog does not like neighbours dog?
  184. What can I do if somebody's dogs dug into my yard and killed all of my rabbits?
  185. What is the right watts to use on a dogs shocking collar ?
  186. What can I do to make my puppy beautiful?
  187. I have black Labrador retriever and she is a little jumpy anyways are those...
  188. Is my puppy deranged? ?
  189. How much should I expect to pay for a puppy's first visit to the vet?
  190. Why so judgemental towards other dog owners?
  191. When doe puppies teeth fall out?
  192. Do Dogs know that a Puppy is a "Puppy"?
  193. how many puppies can a 5lb mommy have?
  194. I'm getting a new puppy?
  195. how much for a dog to be put down?
  196. Dogs have tied 3 times- Is she pregnant?
  197. At what age do you generally stop crating a puppy?
  198. Help! An 80's movie\cartoon and it starts with a momma dog getting her...
  199. Puppy toilet training.. tips please!?
  200. will my puppy catch parvo?
  201. is there a rescue shelter who will take my diabetic puppy to care for and not kill?
  202. I put my puppy in her crate for the first time yesterday and she messed in it.
  203. Is there any virtual Pet specifically dog online game?
  204. Is there anyway to help a dog have puppies without taking them to the vet?
  205. how can i get my dog to urinate outside? she will only use the paper and
  206. my dog was ran over by a car!?
  207. My Puppy Has A Dry Nose...What Should I Do?
  208. My dog is vomiting straight mucus!!?
  209. My dog has been constantly twitching?
  210. Are Dogs really Color-Blind?
  211. My dog likes to hog everything? Does your Dog(s) do this?
  212. Do male puppies get depressed or something when they are hitting "puberty"?
  213. How can I deal with separation anxiety in my dog?
  214. are puppies in any given litter considered twins...does one egg seperate or is there
  215. how can you control a 5 month old puppy that take a poop in the house instead of
  216. My puppy is matting on his plush toy like a kitten does on the mother for milk. why?
  217. Our 8 month puppy is having her front left leg amputated today. What am I in for?
  218. I am looking for a dog breed?
  219. Grooming tips for a long haired dog?
  220. What's your dog's name? Cual es el nombre de tu perro?
  221. My puppy is losing his teeth and there cracking is this part of teething?
  222. Puppy problem can anyone help?
  223. The Day After Puppy Neuter?
  224. How can I seal laminate floors to prevent dog stains (urine) from ruining it.?
  225. Dog wouldn't let me put leash on him , and he tried to bite me as I was...
  226. I've been asked to research Pavlov's dog? Is he the dude that invented pavlova?
  227. I need more info on these dogs?
  228. Our dog has skin irritations that start out like zits and result in red...
  229. Cryptorchid Puppy..................................?
  230. I Think My Dog May Have Worms?
  231. When is my dog going to have her puppies?
  232. dog help....need to know about wauzers?
  233. Why do some dogs howl when they hear sirens?
  234. How can I convince my mom to get a dog?
  235. I need to put my dog down. Any suggestions?
  236. What puppy would be good for someone with allergies?
  237. Why does this always happen to me? (8 week old puppy Q)?
  238. my dog has anxiety and wont stop licking me when shes stressed, help?
  239. What type of puppy should i get?
  240. How to handle an aggressively playful puppy.?
  241. What breed of dog is this?
  242. Best way to get a puppy to eat?
  243. What kind of dog does Eva Mendes have?
  244. question about my puppy?
  245. My dog barks every time someone knocks on the door or whenever he's excited?
  246. What dog should i get?
  247. Help with German Sheppard puppy?
  248. Strength of Electronic Fence Dog Collar?
  249. I am overwhelmed with my new puppy and regretting my decision.?
  250. what toys for a puppy?