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  1. Is this normal for a female dog?
  2. ??? Question about Yorkie puppy?
  3. Do 2 corn dogs constitute a nice healthy breakfast?
  4. Is there a chemical with the same properties as in the retina of cats and dogs?
  5. Why does my puppy whimper when he plays with his toy?
  6. Names for a puppy Labradoodle? HELP!!!?
  7. Can anyone help me with my puppy problems?
  8. Is this dangerous for a dog? ?
  9. my dog is throwing up yellow foam several times a day and wont eat or drink?
  10. How Long Does A Dog.....?
  11. my dog was neutered but still has testicles?
  12. Mean man feeds nails and glass to neighbors dog.?
  13. Does the regular de-worming of your dogs also prevent tick infestation?
  14. Dog mites question please help?
  15. Done anyone know what breed this puppy is?
  16. Renal failure in dogs?
  17. Where can I find a copy of The Dog That Bit People by James Thurber?
  18. why my dog won't stop barking and crying in kennel?
  19. i have a dog on my nintendo and i have a boy german shepard dog but cant think
  20. Neutering my dog.............?
  21. My dog just died and I don't know what to do?
  22. How can you tell if a dog sore is infected?
  23. yo why my dog keep humping every doggie bed i buy?
  24. I want to get a dog, but I don't know what to get.?
  25. Poll - How do you prefer your hot dog? Grilled, fried, or boiled?
  26. Hi..How do I add a permanent icon (such as a picture of my puppy for ex) to
  27. I'm Gonna Call My Dog Stay..?
  28. Okay, McCain, his attack dog with lipstick and his supporter has called Obama
  29. chocolate poisoning for dogs??
  30. Got a dog from the pound. She's not home yet. I've realized I don't have the time?
  31. If swallowed whole is the product "everlasting treat" easy for my 11 week old
  32. My puppy is 4lbs, his crate is for 1-10lbs, is it too big?
  33. Anyone else's dog have valley fever?
  34. My dog has vomited approx 5 times in 12 hours, should I seek medical advice?
  35. Can you have a duck and dog as a pet?
  36. Why does my puppy bite my nose when I'm asleep?
  37. I am looking for a dachshund puppy?
  38. Puppy and Kitten getting along?
  39. what byproducts like gluten shouldn't be fed to dogs? ?
  40. Are my puppies fighting or playing?
  41. What are some kinds of homemade dog food/treats I can make?
  42. Does My Puppy Have An Allergy?
  43. help please. how do i know if a puppy is sick?
  44. Whats a good toy that my puppy wont destory?
  45. Is My Puppy Cute Or Ugly?
  46. What breed is my dog (picture)?
  47. how can i convince my parents to let me have a dog?
  48. How do I get my puppy to obey my boyfriend?
  49. anyone know specifics about grape toxicity and dogs?
  50. Dog's Swollen Privates...Help!?
  51. Which dog is best for myself and my my family?
  52. one of my dogs either a baset hound, german shepard,r blue heler got a box of...
  53. Is it normal for a dog to shake a little the day after a rabies vaccine?
  54. What kind of human food can I feed my 12 week old pomeranian puppy?
  55. What do I do about my new puppy? He really likes to play, but it really hurts...
  56. How to introduce two dogs?
  57. What small dog its the best to get?
  58. How do I stop my dog barking all night?
  59. Is My Dog In Labor Know?
  60. is licorice bad for dogs?
  61. What Breed of dog for me? please help?
  62. can dogs smell and/or sense the presence of spirits?
  63. What to name my puppy?
  64. i wont to find a dog in selmacan you help me?
  65. Another "dog in heat" question?
  66. Does my dog need license?
  67. Do you think this is kind of messed up? About a dog.?
  68. My girlfriends house smells of dogs need advice?
  69. greedy husky puppy since i've got another puppy?
  70. OMG!! Is it true that its a illegal for a dog.....read!!?
  71. Any good names for a male yellow lab puppy?
  72. My dog was put to sleep today, how do I feel better?
  73. If you spay a female dog, does she still get her "period" thing?
  74. After pulling hair from a dogs ear if they don't stop shaking their head what...
  75. is my dog dying???? ?
  76. Hey i need some money for an iphone and maybe a puppy do you think you can help?
  77. My dog got nuetered 10-8-08. It seems to hurt him.?
  78. Why is my puppy crying constantly?
  79. pedrigee dog recall?.....?
  80. Why do dogs try to hump humans?
  81. I saw this yorkie puppy on a website thats selling for 250 dollars, but without
  82. Why does my dog smell?
  83. My 14 month puppy just pee'd on my bed.?
  84. i have that attacks other dogs shes a small dog she plzzzz leave your email...
  85. how to make my dog stop barking ?
  86. rabid dog bite,human exposure,response time?
  87. Can you use cat flea drops on dogs?
  88. Dogs...................?
  89. My dog has bad diarrhea. What can do i do?
  90. the dog ____ me in the____ by the______on______?
  91. why does my dog eat away from the bowl?
  92. what is your favorite dog?
  93. Why is my dog suddenly clingy?
  94. You see a moribund dog on the road..........?
  95. A question about female dogs in heat?
  96. What does your dog(s) do that makes you laugh?
  97. Survey: Do little dogs in handbags annoy you?
  98. medicating separation anxiety dog?
  99. Know your dog breed's?
  100. what are these rings on the skin of my puppy? ?
  101. How old should my dogs be before I breed them?
  102. Registering puppy with CKC.?
  103. what kind of puppy would get a long with a maltese? ?
  104. dog beaches in phillip island?
  105. What do I do about my dog?
  106. Would you get a small dog or big?
  107. Help needed! Dogs gone mad!?
  108. I need help potty training my puppy. Can anyone help?
  109. Getting a puppy, need mill/breeder info?
  110. my dog has cataracts...?
  111. How can my elderly grandmother avoid another dog bite?
  112. my dog barks at other dogs?
  113. Is Blue Buffalo a good brand of dog food?
  114. my 1 month old puppies cant walk.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  115. Is gizmoe a cute name for a dog?
  116. how to stop a 5 month old labrador puppy weeing in the house?
  117. Is my dog too old to be pregnant?
  118. Orange specs in my dog's fur?
  119. Since the AKC does not recognize the term "teacup" as official, how large can a...
  120. Is it bad for 7 day old puppies to be chunky?
  121. Breeder sold breed of puppy and is not what we requested.?
  122. Any idea for a halloween costume for me and my dog?
  123. my dog is limping, what's wrong?
  124. What two dogs did Noah put on the ark? Was it two of each breed?
  125. beverly hill chihuahua dog?
  126. my dog has had a gray coat since we got him is he old?
  127. What is the average lifespan of a dog or cat?
  128. What's your dog's name? Cual es el nombre de tu perro?
  129. Can composted dog poo castings be safely used in the garden?
  130. Anybody have any of the dog breeds from this list?
  131. Lethargy VS Just being an older dog?
  132. My puppy keeps ing her incision after her spay!?
  133. omg!!!!!!! (Topic=dogs)??
  134. what is your favorite dog?
  135. How can i train my puppy to go outside?
  136. How do I get the neighbors dog to stop barking?
  137. How do you approach a dog when meeting for the first time?
  138. names for german sheaperd pitbull puppies?
  139. ok, my dog just ate a large cooked chicken wing , i don't think she chewed it up
  140. My dog (she was outside all day)?
  141. How much would you spend on your sick dog? I just spent $1500. Where would...
  142. Do You think That since Mustard has died out that people will be putting
  143. Has anyone else had this problem with their cat and new puppy?
  144. Coccidia in puppies....have you experienced this?
  145. Who won the Animal Planet Dog Championships from October 4th?
  146. If i needed to rehome a dog, where could i advertise?
  147. i'm certainly aware not to feed dogs chicken bones?
  148. What is a good dog name that goes with Lexi?
  149. Hey All You Agility Dog Owners?
  150. Dog has 4pins in leg....Can they stay in?
  151. how to get my dog to bark?
  152. dog gets on the counter?
  153. my dog doesn't play with toys?
  154. Has neutering/spaying helped your dog stop humping?
  155. My dog keeps tucking in his leg under his body whats wrong?
  156. Do I need anything else for my new puppy?
  157. talking dog ~~!!!!! star if u liked it ~~!!!!!!!!?
  158. where can i find Dalmation puppies in or near South Carolina?
  159. White dot over my dog boxer's(Kaliko) left eye, any help?
  160. Will getting my dog spayed curb her sexual aggression?
  161. my doberman puppy 7 weeks old has got boils all over his body?
  162. how do you teach your dog to stop licking you?
  163. Does anyone know where to get friendly puppies or has anyone got a pup
  164. Which one is correct (has/have)from the below..Mum and Dad have/has bought my...
  165. Names for a small brown dog?
  166. are there any UK owners of dogs of the band breeds on the exemption list on here.?
  167. Can a puppy catch a cold?
  168. Do Dogs Have Souls???????????????????
  169. neighbor threatening our one dog?
  170. Have you ever wondered how a dog drinks water just by their tongue?
  171. Is it okay for a dog to live in your backyard, and not in the house?
  172. My puppy freaks out at the groomer?
  173. My dog has strange bubbles ?
  174. I just bought home a puppy he's 8 weeks and the dog we have is 4 years old, both the
  175. What's a dogs NORMAL temperature?
  176. My dog has arthritis in neck, so I do not leash him anymore. However I get
  177. My dog allegedly bit my neighbor. I need some insight on what to do next! ?
  178. help! how to raise a newborn puppy without it's mothers milk?
  179. how do i get my puppy to eat food from her bowl?
  180. my baby dog...do i really need to put her down just yet?
  181. how could someone have dog's teeth removed to stop chewing?
  182. My dog's cyst fell off and is bleeding. What's the best way for me to care for...
  183. Is my dog sick because of this flea medicine?
  184. My puppy has Giardia and Roundworms. Is it ok to raw feed right now? Or
  185. How much does it cost to start up a hot dog or hot subs restaurant if you
  186. I want an American Eskimo dog but I have one concern?
  187. can my 6 year old westie still have puppies?
  188. Is it safe to give my pregnant dog her usual garlic supplement?
  189. i have a boy german shepared dog boy i need names HELP plz [yellow + black...
  190. my dog has smelly ears?
  191. If a stray DOG bites someone, and is CAUGHT, should it be put to SLEEP ?
  192. I have a problem with the neighbors dog...?
  193. arthritis in a large breed dog?
  194. My 8 week old puppy cries in her exercise pen.?
  195. How much should I expect to pay for a puppy's first visit to the vet?
  196. Clear mucus in puppy's fecal matter?
  197. What Is The Best Dog Breed? ?
  198. for yorkie and small dog owners .....?
  199. Why is my dog .......?
  200. PLEASE HELP. my dog has cushings disease and I need some good information.?
  201. My dog is acting violent?
  202. My dog 's leg seems hurt, whats wrong with him? old age? broken? sprained?
  203. what are good tips to get my dog into weight pulling?
  204. My dog is a year old and is peeing everywhere. I need puppy training..?
  205. Does this dog look real to you? {best gets 10 easy points}?
  206. how do i report a distressed puppy?
  207. my dog ate a cooked chicken bone is that bad?? and if it is what can i do?
  208. Does anyone know a good quality brand of wet/canned food for small dogs?
  209. My dog was rolling in a pea green liquid this morning...any suggestions?
  210. How can I convince my parents to get me a puppy?
  211. whats the best way to potty train a puppy?
  212. One of my dogs died, and the other is lonely and depressed...would you recommend...
  213. where can i find husky puppies for sale in ohio?
  214. In the backyard, my dog with a frog?
  215. How do I make my Giardia infected dog gain weight?
  216. Question about a coughing Dog?
  217. What's wrong with my dog? anyone please help.?
  218. can a dog travel abroad?
  219. How Can i get my dog to not be afraid of the vacuum cleaner?
  220. where can i post up a dog for free?
  221. I'm getting a new puppy I think that I have all I need but it would be helpful
  222. my dog just had surgery 3 days ago and today she has been doing ?
  223. My dog is in heat (Australian Shepherd) .. I have questions!!?
  224. What Are some Aggressive Female Dog Names For a Dog?
  225. my 2 week puppy has tail swollen end and feet?
  226. How do I get a new dog to stop attacking my other dog when he comes near...
  227. my dog shake as if he has got parkinsons just now and again?
  228. How can I stop my 14 week old puppy from pooping in his small crate?
  229. Help with walking dogs?
  230. When my puppy is chewing his toys he whines?
  231. My unicorn is attacking my dog?
  232. help! my dog keeps using the bathroom in the house?
  233. ok guys and gals what should I name my new puppy?
  234. What can I do to comfort my dog? My husband....?
  235. Toilet Training My Puppy -Help?
  236. Bringing a Shi-tzu puppy home.?
  237. When the dogs bite, when the bees sting?
  238. Why do dogs seem so attracted to one person, than another?
  239. black puffy marks between my dogs toes?
  240. Why are puppies on the Internet so much money and always "champion bloodlines?...
  241. Movie Poll: Turner and Hooch or K-9 or Top Dog?
  242. if a dog licks an olive branch how many seeds can a grasshopper kick out of a
  243. Is it normal for a 2 week old puppy to have a mild runny nose?
  244. how many puppies in a litter?
  245. What are some UNIQUE/CREATIVE puggle dog costume ideas?
  246. Are dogs really colourblind?
  247. why did my 5 months old puppy flinch while alseep......is it hiccups?
  248. Should I get a puppy or kitten?
  249. Puppy Has Fleas.please Help?
  250. Dogs And Baths How Do You Keep Them Still?