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  1. Can somebody give me a list of toxic things for dogs?
  2. how do we get our puppy to ask to go out in a better more obvious way?
  3. How do I get over the loss of my dog?
  4. How often should i wash my puppy?
  5. help..will our puppy have problems?
  6. how could i make sure my dad doesn't take the dog?
  7. Why can't my puppy vet find the cure for my puppy coughing problem? Is the...
  8. is this dog a chihuahua or a miniature pinscher?
  9. Cleaning My Cockapoo puppy Ear's?
  10. my dog just got spayed recently and she hasn't eaten or drank water since should...
  11. what is wrong with my pregnant dogs brearhing.?
  12. can a dog break its ear?
  13. If your a vet or you know alot about dogs then look at this ?
  14. in southend (u.k) are you aloud dogs on the beaches ?
  15. My dog...short breath swollen stomach. Whats wrong with my poor puppy dog:(?
  16. Poll: What big breed dogs should i get as a sleeve tattoo?
  17. My dog doesn't bark.?
  18. which kind of dog should i buy?
  19. when will i know when my dog has finished her season?
  20. Has anyone purchased the "Pedi-paws" nail clipping tool for dogs and cats ?
  21. Where should I get a dachshund puppy that behaves well, is cheap, and is adorable?
  22. Puppy Cough/Gagging. How do I help? Is Vet a priority?
  23. What would you do (dog keeps getting injured)?
  24. Help! My puppy had poop stuck on his hiney, and I don't know what to do!?
  25. What is a puppy mill?
  26. Why does my dog hate cats?
  27. Cartilage recently broken in 4 month old puppy's left ear. How can it be healed?
  28. what can i do about my dog who keeps vomiting dont know whats wrong?
  29. Sims Pets 2, My puppy wont grow up. and I want A noter dog, any cheat to get...
  30. Why does my dog become very submissive when I put on his harness?
  31. iam asking about shiatsu puppy how big well get rightnow it lone 5month old?
  32. what should i feed my dog on?
  33. What is the personality of a Papillion puppy?
  34. my 11month old dog has had really watery diarrhoea?
  35. My dog puked on me I think?
  36. What is the name of President George W. Bush's dog?...& would you WRITE IT IN AS...
  37. What is wrong with my dog?
  38. Help please!! Orphan 9 day old puppy!!?
  39. does anyone know where I can find a picture of a australian shepard/beagle...
  40. what breeds do you think are in my mix dogs?
  41. Does Your Dog Snore .....?
  42. What are some tricks you could teach your dog?
  43. Can dogs be mentally retarded?
  44. I put my hand in the fish tank after touching my dog please help!!!10 points!?
  45. My dog got skunked about a month ago and still smells?
  46. how do I get my friend's large breed, dominant dog to get along with my boxer?
  47. Help!!!! My dog is sick!?
  48. rickets in my dog.he has rickets when he was 4 months old?
  49. Puppy Crate training!!?
  50. How do you know if a puppy is sick? ?
  51. My dogs got swelling under her tongue?
  52. i also have a new chihuahua puppy that just started vomiting today.?
  53. How do I keep my dog happy?
  54. What can I give my dog?
  55. what do you think about me getting another puppy?
  56. What age do dogs tend to go into their 1st heat cycle?
  57. Can certain foods make dogs stink?
  58. my dogs itch and itch they have a yeasty type smell i have taken them to a...
  59. How much would you be willing to pay for a dog waste pick up service?
  60. My 10 wk old german shepherd puppy just growled at my 4 year old. What should I do?
  61. A dog question, please help.?
  62. dogs and the so called taste of blood?
  63. New puppy question? ?
  64. Can having puppies cause hip dysplasia ?
  65. Is my dog going to give birth soon?
  66. Can dogs eat beans,kidney,lima ?
  67. Is it possible that my puppy is experiencing an allergic reaction to Frontline
  68. So, my dog has NEVER done this before.... What do I do?!!!?
  69. Why should I have the tail of a Chihuahua puppy cut short?
  70. How do I get my puppy to like his crate more?
  71. can u help? my dog being sick?
  72. how to train small 4 year DOG and small 8wk KITTEN to get along?
  73. Why a dog (Shar Pei) would have hair loss on paws and/or face?
  74. Why does my dog smell so bad?
  75. Can I use Capstar while my puppy is on Frontline Plus? ?
  76. looking for lab puppies in Florida?
  77. What can/should I do to help my dog with her newborn puppies?
  78. Why is it there are so few low fat dog foods?
  79. Cat is jealous of dog?
  80. is a babby harder to care for than a puppy?
  81. The puppies are crying.......?
  82. is it cruel to leave a dog alone all day?
  83. I need a formula for yeast and garlic mixture for pug dog?r=1223814992?
  84. Can dogs eat salmon? If so, how should I cook it?
  85. Does anyone know what breed of dog this is?
  86. Dog question we are taking the dog to the park what is a good command to...
  87. What should I name our puppy? (pic included!)?
  88. Is it time to go after the Demcorat Blue Dogs? Are they doing what they...
  89. My dog is looking at me with his sad "puppy dog eyes" as if he wants my last can...
  90. Does anyone know what breed my puppy is?
  91. is my dog ok i think he is very sick?
  92. did your dog or animal get freaked out?
  93. What is a safe dose of Tramodol for a 25lb dog?
  94. 15lbs puppy question?
  95. Disable dog's nose so he doesn't get into my garden anymore?
  96. How can i train my puppies to do this?
  97. Anyone Know where i can get a Good Hot dog in Toronto?
  98. How long should we let my dog live? / Is this animal abuse?
  99. Need help feeding rescued dogs?
  100. I've just noticed a black spot in my dog's eye. Can anyone tell me what that is?
  101. What are these bumps on my puppy's stomach??? :(?
  102. what can i do to make my dog feel better?
  103. I went to look at a possible pet and ended up with an almost dead puppy!?
  104. Can I Give My Dog A Banana?
  105. what should i call my dog?
  106. miniature lassie dog?
  107. who please can give me practical experince with this kind of dog AIREDALE TERRIER...
  108. When is it too much spent on a dog?
  109. Crossbred dog- Dachshund & Jackrussle, both hunters-dogs.?
  110. Where can I watch the entire episode of dog towns saving michael vicks dogs?
  111. Why are our terriers so mean to each other? Us? our other dogs?
  112. Do dogs get put to sleep if they bite someone?
  113. Dog with excessive thirst?
  114. Dog Walking How Much Sould i Charge?
  115. I need some advice about my dog who is very pregnant.?
  116. How can we get our dog in the water?
  117. Im really worried for my dog :(?
  118. what dog breed(s) should i get?
  119. how to cope with my dogs death?
  120. Who lets a puppy get beaten up at the dog park and why?
  121. What are the chances of a litter of 7 puppies all looking the same if they are mutts?
  122. Dog breed quiz! ... ... ... Can you win 10 pts?
  123. what costume would my dog where?
  124. can my dog get pregnant if its her first time blading?
  125. my dog is acting strange after a week at a dog hotel?
  126. Puppy personality test?? Useful?
  127. help with my puppy dog?
  128. so what if i don't want a purebred puppy?
  129. My 2 year old puppy has been getting outside by digging holes. How to stop?
  130. My malamute just had puppies?
  131. is my dog in labor? if not is it gonna be soon?
  132. what is a good name for a puppy?
  133. dogs or cats? or animal hater?
  134. When should you get a dog spayed?
  135. is anyones dog on here on metacam?
  136. My dog is all of a sudden terrified.?
  137. my puppy pants alot, does anyone know why?
  138. What is the technique for homemade hot dog waffles?
  139. Hi, I am getting another puppy & I want to name it something that goes...
  140. Does anyone know a website that shows pictures of puppies of all the different dog...
  141. how do i get my dog to stop smiling?
  142. Can I be sued if my dog bites someone on my property but it didn't break their skin?
  143. My dogs skin has an odor is this normal?
  144. the best place to buy a dog?
  145. Could I feed my dog a vegetarian diet?
  146. Why do my dogs get so hyper and don't listen?
  147. How do I make my puppies paws soft again?
  148. fergie a first time mom, just had puppies yesterday in labor for about 12hr....
  149. Is giving "human" foods to dogs really THAT bad?
  150. Do I have a mix personality dog?
  151. Registered mini-pin and cocker puppies?
  152. Very Very skinny dog wont eat!! Please Help!!?
  153. How to amuse a 7 month old puppy?
  154. My Puppy ?
  155. Help name the puppy...?
  156. Itchy Pimples on Dog?
  157. presa canario puppy....?
  158. How can you tell if your dog has a broken leg as opposed to sprained?
  159. Is my dog's diarrhea related to her bladder infection?
  160. When will dogs be in heat again?
  161. how should i start to train my pit bull puppy?
  162. How much will it cost to get shots for my dog in OHIO?
  163. which puppies stay small?
  164. chocolate poisoning in dogs, how long does it last?
  165. boy puppy names needed!!! please help!?
  166. bobcat vs dog, any dog?
  167. how can i stop my puppy from peeing when he is excited?
  168. Is it normal for a 4 day old puppy to........?
  169. why don't dog fighters?
  170. My dog had a dark brown toad in her mouth, is it deadly?
  171. Convincing my dad to get a puppy?
  172. Puppy info appreciated?
  173. German shepherd female puppy?
  174. Do dogs/puppies fart?
  175. How often must puppy eat?
  176. How can i keep my dog from jumping the fence?
  177. my dog keeps licking himself.we feed him GOOD food,have not changed it in
  178. Has anyone used Don Sullivan's Perfect Dog Training system one small dog? ?
  179. How do I get my husband to let me get a puppy?
  180. Why do dogs bite their own feet?
  181. how can i persuade my parents to let me have a dog?
  182. Dog food for allergies ?
  183. How much can my puppy eat?
  184. My puppy won't gain weight and won't eat very ?
  185. Why Do Dogs Hate the Mailman?
  186. Suggestion on a good dog food for Boxer's?
  187. Can dogs die of loneliness?
  188. my shi tzu dogs ate avocados?
  189. My dog will not leave my Turtle alone help?
  190. I have a golden retriever and she is about 11 months old. She eats
  191. Dog with Swollen Muzzle?
  192. Why does my dog do this?
  193. Do heat cycles differ from whether they have had a litter of puppies or not,?
  194. Please help, what is wrong with my dog? Is it serious?
  195. What is my dog is line breed with sister to brother can my puppy be register?
  196. Is there any Experimental/Research for Cancer Treatment on Dogs? ?
  197. Name this type of dog...?
  198. My dog is drooling exessively?
  199. Changing puppies food gradually and still loose stool? What do I do?
  200. My dog keeps running across the street!! How do I make her stay in the yard??
  201. Can a dog drink something other than water?
  202. How many dogs do you have?
  203. Whats the breed of this dog [pic]?
  204. Dog Survey-please take it! =)?
  205. Why are my dogs gums dark red?
  206. Can someone help me name my puppy for AKC registration?
  207. how do you know if your puppy is recovering parvo? ?
  208. Will bee eating and/or bee egg eating hurt my dog?
  209. Moved into an apartment after being told dogs allowed only to find out i was...
  210. urgent advice about my 5 month old puppy?
  211. Momma dog not eating!?
  212. Why does my dog follow me round?...?
  213. How do I convice my parents to adopt a dog?
  214. My dog died but my other dog ?
  215. if a dog has a puppy and that puppy has a puppy how many puppy are there?
  216. A Hanging by George Orwell, what is the effect of the incident involving the dog?
  217. can my dog pregnant in nintendogs?
  218. is it legal to have a puppy chained up in California?
  219. My 7 year old dog had surgery on Wednesday. How long am I supposed to leave her
  220. How/what to feed a 5 week old puppy?
  221. What should i name my dog?
  222. What should I name my puppy?
  223. What do u think is smarter a cat or a dog?
  224. Are heart worm pills harmful to dogs?
  225. My dog is dragging his butt, howcome?
  226. Can anyone help me with my dog's aggression?
  227. how do you train your puppy to not bite you?
  228. What does it mean when your 5 month old puppy throws-up?
  229. I heard a TV "expert" on CNN say, "The ordinary American is like a whipped,...
  230. Need help with dog! please!?
  231. My dog just ate some mushroom?
  232. How do i introduce a puppy to my agressive dog?
  233. dog with neck pain, don't get pain till friday! help?
  234. my doberman puppy is not eating?
  235. 1st puppy shots were 8/28/08. When are the next ones due?
  236. does this dog looks like a prebreed?
  237. What can I do about Dog aggression and biting?
  238. my sister in law is expecting baby but we are planning to have puppies to our
  239. My Dog is going to quarantine..?
  240. Are puppies mainly born in the spring?
  241. Can my dog really be on heat again so soon?
  242. Is there a CD with a 1930's story "What Killed the Dog"?
  243. Do you think that men are like dogs?! Do you think they go to all sorts of lengths
  244. Does anyone have any suggestions for a dog with separation anxiety?
  245. Which dog breeds dont shed?
  246. puppies have been spade?
  247. When my dog has sex why does it cry?
  248. Why is my female dogs butthole protruding?
  249. Do you use your dog as a walking trash can?
  250. Where are some dog parks around the 48170 area?