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  1. are there any dog friendly places in oceanside besides pet stores and dog parks?
  2. i have a pregnant lab. her temperture has dropped to 97.6 but still no...
  3. what to do when dog gives birth?
  4. how much should a puppy weigh and not feeling good?
  5. Puppy is really itchy and won't stop scratching?! ?
  6. When can my puppy get a bath?
  7. I'm going to study at Parson, in Manhattan...Which is the cheapest way to live at...
  8. Does anyone know a good Dog Breeder?
  9. How to teach a dog to turn on/off lights?
  10. will my dog of 15yrs be ok?
  11. How long do i have to wait for the puppies to come out of there mother?
  12. Puppy wont stop whining during crate training, normal?
  13. which dog name is better?
  14. Can dogs love or not?
  15. This Dog Has A Home- But Where?
  16. my dog swalowed a bone that was kinda big what will happen?
  17. Well Im thinking of adopting a male dog named kirby... easy 10 points?
  18. A song from back in the 1990's called "All men are dogs"?
  19. Do All American Bull Dogs Have Leg Problems?
  20. i have a 2 month old akita puppy who's 20lb now! is that good?
  21. Golden Retriever Puppy litters!?
  22. My dog knotted a teddy bear?
  23. My dog just ate a fly ....?
  24. How can I get my dog to potty outside when I'm not with her?
  25. what a good name for a male dachshund or wennie dog?
  26. My dog has alergies and its affecting mostly around the eye, any relief ideas?
  27. Introducing our new puppy to our other dogs?
  28. Any recommendations on dog treadmills: dog-powered or motorized?
  29. how much does a puppy cost?
  30. A good dog for the first time?
  31. Is my puppy's diarrhea serious?
  32. What type of dog should I get?
  33. 15 week old puppy pooping inside after coming back from outside.?
  34. Im getting a puppy, any good names and advice?
  35. Why do cats and dogs suffer from compulsive disorders during their owners...
  36. Help with my tank i touched my dog and then put my hand into the water please help!?
  37. do u have a dog . . . . ?
  38. My dog has a small bump on her tummy i'm worried i'm going to take her
  39. Will you please vote for my dog?
  40. what do you guys feel about dog insurance (VPI)?
  41. how do i stop my puppy peeing in the house?
  42. Why do you think owning a dog helps you live longer and have less stress? ?
  43. Dog targeting behavior...?
  44. Has your dog ever had Cruciate Ligament Surgery?
  45. What's wrong with my dog?
  46. My aunts dog keeps licking herself, is she in heat?
  47. female puppy's first heat?
  48. buying a dog please help?
  49. my dog is shaking for some reason and won't quit?
  50. getting a german shepherd puppy. IDK what to expect im a first time owner?!?!?
  51. what should I do if my dog is ill?
  52. What can I make for my dog at home?
  53. Up to how old can a Golden retriever have puppies?
  54. Does anyone have suggestions on challenging your dog?
  55. my dog has a shot gun pellet in his leg?
  56. How can I get my puppy to stop biting?
  57. I Need A Good Dog That Can Be Around Chirden Will Some One Help Me?
  58. how can i get my dog to stop chewing?
  59. What breed of dog is this?
  60. POLL: Big dogs vs. Small dogs?
  61. could my dog have been poisoned?
  62. are all purebread golden retriever puppies golden? because i have 11 and not all are
  63. help my dog lose weight?!?
  64. How do dogs laugh or show that they are happy?
  65. my 3 old month puppy has a cherry eye?
  66. What silly habits does your dog have?
  67. Dog Question for Syberian Husky Puppy?
  68. Who is going to take the dog Meaty on the show Rob & Big?
  69. Dog has slimy poop!?! Help! I'm scared!?
  70. What is wrong with my dog and how can I help him?
  71. what can i do to change my dog attitude? ?
  72. i'd like to know which beaches are dog friendly this time of year, i'm sure...
  73. My 5month old puppy is shy, what do I do?
  74. my friend lost her dog plz help?
  75. why does my dog bark at dogs walking down the street?
  76. Why is it when I eat a Veggie dog i don't feel full but when i eat a...
  77. Other dogs peeing on mine?
  78. Puppy Crate Advice PLEASE !!!!?
  79. I think my dog has whip lash...help?
  80. Does your dog wake you up at the same time every morning?
  81. how much exercise do you give your dog/dogs?
  82. do you dislike dog the bountyhunter as much as me?
  83. What can i start doing to motivate my dog to walk with me?
  84. Best ground cover for two large dogs?
  85. Is my dog pregnant,they are doing it alot and i dont know when its supposd to happen?
  86. is my dog going through menopause?
  87. puppy names for a female yorkie?
  88. What should i consider when i see the dog?
  89. one of my dogs is sick! no vets are today!?
  90. Taking a 14-week old puppy outside of Canada?
  91. Someone please help, how do I stop my puppy from crying at night?
  92. Can someone give me steps to take to take care of my dog's flea's?
  93. Dog help!!!!!!!!!!????? I'm really worried.. please help!!?
  94. Need help with my dogs!?
  95. what happens if a puppy don't their eyes in 17 days?
  96. What can I add into my dogs dinner to help her want to eat more. ?
  97. My dog is losing weight .. Need Help?
  98. Whats the name of that Beatles song with the dog sound?
  99. Getting a Newfoundland dog to realize his size..?
  100. does my dog have a cold?
  101. games to play with your dog?
  102. Dog's heat cycle question?
  103. Whats your favorite breed of dogs?
  104. Good female dog name?
  105. My dog just ate through the cord to my electric tooth brush!!?
  106. Why do my Dogs do this?
  107. Aggressive Dog Issue. Help?
  108. Can my dog still Parvo at 10 months even with all her shots ?
  109. How often should I bathe my puppy?
  110. The best off-leash dog park in Brisbane?
  111. Bump on my dog's leg?
  112. My dog is shedding,What can I do?
  113. When will my dog's stitches dissolve?
  114. dressing up your dog???????o_O?
  115. do dogs have shoulders?
  116. When should i stop crate-training my puppy?
  117. what could be the best ans to "every dog has its day" phrase? ?
  118. What kind of dog is good for children?
  119. What king of puppy is this?
  120. please help! should i get a puppy or dog ?
  121. Halloween themed Puppy names...all ideas welcome plz?!?
  122. how to introduce a fearful puppy to her normal environment?
  123. How do I come to terms with losing my fifteen year old dog.?
  124. what is a good name for a puppy?
  125. Is it safe to use normal sunscreen on dogs?
  126. What UK university campuses in the UK allow pets such as dogs?
  127. Why is my dog eating excrement/poop?
  128. why does my dog hate cats, only cats?
  129. My Puppy ate a Pizza Roll!?
  130. My puppy was chewing on a marker?
  131. I'm an only child and I can't have a dog...i feel totally left out and am
  132. My Puppy has become extremely bloated ?
  133. What breed of dog am I?
  134. How Much Excersise should an Dog Need?
  135. lure courses for dogs?
  136. who has a pameranians dog/puppy ? ?
  137. can someone give me a good dog site?
  138. How can i get rid of fleas on my dog? ?
  139. How to get an adult dog to stop peeing in the house?
  140. what type of legal documents do I need for my dog?
  141. Thinking of getting another dog?
  142. My puppy got hit by a car and died, I'm blaming myself and the person who...
  143. My dog ate a piece of corn pops cereal. Will he be OK?
  144. How old are toy poodles when they start mating other dogs?
  145. Questions about my puppy?
  146. Movie With Moving Silver Dog Head On A Cane Mesmerizing Children?
  147. Pills for puppies with runny bowels?
  148. how do you know if your dog has fleas?
  149. Why did my dog's hair grow back like this?
  150. When will my dog go in heat?
  151. I'm thinking of 2 dog breeds?
  152. How do you treat dog's asthma ?
  153. My dog has a psycological problem.?
  154. Hot dogs WAY past the expiration date?
  155. How do you integrate a new puppy with a dog you have had for 4 years and is a...
  156. Girl Shihpoo puppy names?
  157. My dog is 5 ys old and his rectum seems to hurt when deficates. What could be wrong?
  159. what happens if you put glow in the dark paint on your dog?
  160. Puppy Name 6 choices to chose from?
  161. When can you start training puppies?
  162. Will my puppy mellow out after she's fixed?
  163. I have a question about my dogs oder, please answer!?
  164. what are good names for female bull mastiff puppy?
  165. How do I keep the smell down on my female pit bull dog?
  166. Pregnant bitch changes in dogs behaviour?
  167. Dog freaks out when she is startled.?
  168. my puppy swallowed a tiny peace of cardboard?
  169. how do i keep my dog still when using the peticure?
  170. How do I keep my dog off my new sofa?
  171. good dog names for these 2 dogs?
  172. My dog has fleas whats the best thing to use to get rid of them?
  173. how long do dogs stay in heat and bleed for?
  174. My 9 week old Shuh Chon puppy stopped eating and threw up twice. Have been...
  175. how can i teach my dog to stop playing ball when i say?
  176. If my puppy keeps scooting his butt around on the floor, then what does that mean?
  177. why does my dog weigh so much?
  178. How do I get my dog to stop going to the bathroom on my carpet?
  179. who thinks dog the bounty hunter is a muppet?
  180. My dog sometimes gets in the trash that is inside the house.?
  181. How can I have both dog and cat?
  182. Do you really have to be home 24/7 with a dog or can u leave him for an hour?
  183. what should i feed my dog?
  184. Why do people think they can tell by looking at someone whether they need a service
  185. Why is there a bump on my puppy's middle lower lip?
  186. Is my 6-month-old puppy normal? ?
  187. there is sumthing rong with my dog and idk what it is!?
  188. Please help my small dog is constipated ?
  189. help with my dog please?
  190. My dog wont stop coughing?
  191. How do I stop my 4 year old cat from being scared of my 3 month puppy?
  192. Courage The Cowardly Dog can talk, right?
  193. Will my dog have to have surgery HELP :(?
  194. dog whistle not working?
  195. puppy keeps having accidents!!?
  196. How to get rid of mange on a dog?
  197. Help with a sick dog, I dont know what is wrong?
  198. good dog to get with a westie?
  199. my puppy has dandruff ?
  200. intoducing 2 male dogs?
  201. What is a good dog for a 13 year old Boy?
  202. In your opinion which dog has the most animated face? throught their whole lives?
  203. shih tzu puppy teeth problem ?
  204. The best small dog for first time owner ?
  205. Why is chocolate poisonous to dogs? ?
  206. Can I expect all brown eyed puppies when mom is bi-eyed and dad is double brown eyed?
  207. How do I get my dog to focus on me during puppy classes!?
  208. what kind of puppy would you prefur?
  209. Why is my dog not eating?
  210. When is mitosis used in a dogs body?
  211. my puppy has very loose stool - like pudding almost. ?
  212. can dogs catch pink eye?
  213. This Is Concerning Adopting Puppies From Victoria Cameroon ?
  214. why is my 8 week old puppy humhping everything never seen this?
  215. have you heard of coyotes spreading parvo last week 3 dogs died of this ?
  216. Are apple seeds toxic to dogs?
  217. Does any one know where I can get a dog bone shaped cookie cutter?
  218. What can I do with goats milk??? Can I make soap or give it to my dogs?
  219. How do i get my dog to be more comfortable around strangers?
  220. Why Does my Rottweiler Like Jumping On The Couch And Sitting On My Lap. I...
  221. my dog smells and its not his coat its his breath but its so bad if you
  222. Some GOOD dog names ?
  223. I have an abused small puppy in the street. What should I do with it?
  224. My dog started to growl at me aggressively and bit me.?
  225. dog in early delivery?
  226. What Kinda Food Should I Give My Puppy?
  227. when do puppies start losing their teeth?
  228. my blue nose pit puppy has a rash on his belly, what could it be?
  229. Burns Dog Food......?
  230. How often should my Boxer dog be walked/ran for each day?
  231. What do you think is wrong with my dog?
  232. a question about boarding kennels for dogs, about putting dogs with a "buddy"?
  233. How do i get my dog to stop peeing in his food bowl?
  234. My Dog Might Be Pregnant?
  235. should i shave my dog? she has dandruff and scabs all over she scratches like crazy?
  236. My mother said I could get a dog.?
  237. My dog is pooping and blood comes out?!?!?
  238. What kind of puppy should I get?
  239. is it ok for my dog to have the bone....?
  240. is it bad to give my dog pizza?
  241. What companies make this hot dog chili product?
  242. i am getting two dogs a black one and a red one any suggestions on names . Need...
  243. My adopted dog was supposed to be crate/kennel trained but he hates going in there
  244. Is it possible for me to change me dog's name? How do I do it? Any name suggestions?
  245. what breed of dog is this?
  246. Quality leather dog muzzles in the UK?
  247. does oatmeal make a pug dogs stomach feel better?
  248. what is wrong with my dogs ears he is a chow?
  249. My dogs keep scratching their ears!?
  250. can my dog stay outside....?