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  1. could i get another dog?
  2. how do i convince them to let me get a puppy?
  3. My dog is having problems, Help!?
  4. How much does yearly vaccination for dogs cost?
  5. if my puppy has a dry nose, does it means hes ill?
  6. Why is my 6 month old puppy not affectionate?
  7. my moms boyfriend told her to give my puppy away but i don't no why:(?
  8. Just for fun. When approached about your dog you?
  9. how long before puppies their eyes and walk on their own?
  10. I have a 7 month daschund and this is the first dog i have had so i am still
  11. How do I get my dog to stop licking everyone!!!?
  12. Do dogs smell more as they get older?
  13. My dog has had fleas for a couple weeks now ?
  14. new series of dog the bounty hunter?
  15. My son brought home a puppy german shepard/pitt bull mix. He walks and plays...
  16. did my dog have a stroke?
  17. Registering a dog for Field Dog Stud Book and AKC?
  18. Puppies will be 12 days old tomorrow, but I fear they are in horrible living
  19. my puppy had diarreah!!!?
  20. Are dogs allowed on elementary school campuses in California?
  21. Can 3 female dogs live in harmony?
  22. How Do I remove my dog's tangled up coat?
  23. Why is chocolate harmful to dogs but not humans?
  24. Is my dog having internal bleeding after being neutured... please read...?
  25. Sound alert dog training?
  26. how can i easily cut my dogs fur?
  27. My puppy just got spayed?!?
  28. How do I convince my parents to get me a puppy??
  29. what can i feed my dog?
  30. can puppies get heartworms thru birth?
  31. can someone tell me how to get rid of dandruff on puppy?Gave him bath with...
  32. My puppy demon humps my other puppy?
  33. Why do we love dogs so much?
  34. What kind of puppy should I get?
  35. Grapes and puppies? what to expect?
  36. My 6 month old puppy can't stop puking!?
  37. What are signs of a pregnant dog?
  38. Has your dog or pet ever given you a dirty look?
  39. Should I get another dog?
  40. Is my dog acting strange to you?
  41. Puppy is potty trained to go outside, but will not go in the rain. Will using pads...
  42. How to get dog under control with cattle and horses?
  43. Can my dog get prengnant even though they didn't get stuck ?
  44. Can Hush Puppies make a noise when you walk? would you recommend them?
  45. Thinking of starting a dog kennel and would like to have a website?
  46. will my dog die ??????????
  47. We just got a puppy that is getting better after contracting parvo from his mother?
  48. I am having a stressful day today, could anyone feed the dog?
  49. Cat people and dog people?
  50. What Breed Of Dog Is This?
  51. Who would know about training lab puppies and housebreaking them?
  52. Smelly Dog Problem - Pah What Does It Stand For?
  53. Is it ok if I sleep with my dog in bed?
  54. How can I teach my 6 month old labradoodle puppy to pee outside?
  55. Is it ok to walk 6 month old puppy in the rain?
  56. who has leagsdo dogs have lags?
  57. I just moved and my dog keeps peeing in the new house! Any advice?
  58. anyone done the Top Dog Trading course by Barry Burns ? ?
  59. Have you had your dog's teeth cleaned in the Downriver area of Michigan?
  60. Temporary playmate for my dog to ease boredom?
  61. My puppy is 8 wks old and has not had all her shots yet. My co-worker...
  62. What does it mean when my dogs and my neighbors dogs race up and down the fence?
  63. Would love to get a puppy but both work full time...?
  64. Suggestions on what breed of dog this is?
  65. Help with puppy names...?
  66. bear baiting.dog fights.what can we do.?
  67. what is the best way to keep hush puppies (food) fresh?
  68. I dropped my puppy....?
  69. how sick would a dog get after eating rabit poop?
  70. Have you ever gotten a Free puppy?
  71. i think im allergic to my dog?
  72. Pit Bull Puppy Question?
  73. What type of dog is on my 360 page avatar ?
  74. I have a question about a dog attack? Please answer this is serious?
  75. Two Puppies- normal behavior or aggression?
  76. When will this Crazy dog stop!!!!!?
  77. How can I get my dog to stop peeing?
  78. My 10 month puppy eats a lot but does not gain weight. What, if , anything...
  79. Do mosquitos bite dogs,and if so,can it be harmful to them?
  80. How do you get out of the dog house?
  81. Do you have a xolo dog?
  82. Qualify a dog for medical reasons?
  83. my dog is due anyday.. today is her 59th day from the "tie". the puppies are...
  84. Question about first time my dog's in heat?
  85. Two Sister Puppies ALWAYS fighting....?
  86. what is the best way to potty train a dog?
  87. How do I stop my puppy from barking?
  88. Puppy potty training with bell & cat?
  89. How can I stop my puppy from whining when I leave? It's killing me!?
  90. I kicked my neighbor's dog, and my dog got poisoned 2 days later. Should I...
  91. Strange mark on my dogs tongue?
  92. What is the coolest trick you have taught your dog when it comes to...
  93. is my dog going to go into labor soon?
  94. Any Suggestions on where I could get a chow chow puppy?
  95. vets/docs please answer my serious question about my new pitbull puppy..?
  96. where can i find a puppy?
  97. Please Answer These Questions About Puppies ASAP!!!?
  98. Why won't my dog eat?
  99. My dog is loosing fur and has very dry patches of skin?
  100. What kind of dog is in the Beastmaster movie?
  101. my dogs have tied i need help?
  102. Can dogs suffer from brain damage?
  103. Why has my dog stopped responding to his name?
  104. I need an apartment but I believe I have a dog that is pit mix?
  105. My 10 week old puppy's paws twitch while awake?
  106. Question regarding dog breeders?
  107. What is the best dog for home?
  108. Why does my dog bite me so much ?
  109. Yes another question about puppy's that howl during the night...?
  110. Why is it so bad to feed your dog Human food?
  111. What should I look for when choosing a Japanese Chin puppy?
  112. why do dogs drag their behinds on the rug?
  113. can silver sulfadiazine cream be used on dogs?
  114. Why is www.puppyfind.com bad to buy a dog for showing ?
  115. Question about dogs and their actions.?
  116. Great Pyrenees dogs? Question?
  117. My dog has really bad fleas?
  118. How can i bond with my puppy?
  119. How can I tell my dogs real age?
  120. My little dog doesnt eat dog food?
  121. I recently adopted a 4 month old shut in shephard pup. How do I get her to...
  122. When to start feeding puppies?
  123. How long will it take my German Shepherd dog to calm down?
  124. Help who's my daddy? We don't know what breed our puppy might be.?
  125. My dog recently starting to eat it's own feces...why?
  126. I'm thinking about getting a dog. Yorkie ?
  127. Bringing home the puppy?
  128. My dog has a red bumpp....?
  129. neighbors chained dog, anything i can do?
  130. My dog has become violent. What do I do?
  131. Is tile grout toxic to dogs?
  132. where can I take my dog if I cant care for her tonight?
  133. My dog was on the loose and attacked another dog. Whats going to happen?
  134. Why is my 11week female puppy "humping"?
  135. Dog Agility: What is Two On Two Off And How Do You Teach It?
  136. my dog wont stop peeing in my house.?
  137. im getting a puppy!!!!?
  138. Is my puppy sick??? How do you stop a whining puppy?
  139. Why is my dog shaking like mad?
  140. How do I get my dog to stop stealing socks and toys (chess pieces) and chewing on
  141. Can I give this to my 9 week old puppy for late night snack.?
  142. You found a puppy on the side of the road?
  143. How can I prevent my 8 week old puppy from eating its feces?
  144. What should I name my new puppy? (pic included!)?
  145. What's the best way to teach a puppy not to bite?
  146. What is your favorite dog breed?
  147. is glendale humane society a dog shelter?its on ivy street,glendale california.im
  148. German Shepherd dogs?
  149. How to keep my new dog warm in the winter?
  150. How do I make my three year old Terrier mix dog "use the facilities" outside?
  151. Cost of owning a large dog breed?
  152. Why are some dogs Destroyed and others Put Down?
  153. i hav a new puppy, and two big dogs?
  154. what are hot dogs made of?
  155. is my dog confused....with 20 characters?
  156. Teaching My Pomeranian Puppy?
  157. my dog is coaughing and shacking, why is that?
  158. New dog is constipated. When should I worry? What should I do?
  159. My puppy is sneezing and coughing....?
  160. I just got a 3 week old puppy, what do i need to feed him and how often?
  161. How do you keep a really smart dog occupied?
  162. i have a dog game and i brought a dog boy german shepard but can think of a name ?
  163. If my new puppy has kennel cough can my other dog get it?
  164. Will my German Shepherd puppy destroy a Kong toy if left alone with it?
  165. does a neutered dog still reach sexual gratification?
  166. my dog is a little over 6 weeks pregnant and she is breathing rapid/heavy. is this...
  167. My dog has just been stung in the mouth by a bee! Help! ?
  168. Hi, I want to get a spoodle, but already have a very demanding burmilla
  169. my dog got sick a few days ago and i dont know whats wrong?
  170. 6 1/2 month Basset Puppy bladder/kidney infection please help ?
  171. How high is the risk getting a dog spayed?
  172. Which breed of dog is right for me?
  173. What is the best food for a Yorkie puppy?
  174. My mother works from home as a beautician. Is it legal for me to get a dog?
  175. I have a question about my dog attacking someone?
  176. What is Your Opinion On Dog Clothes? ?
  177. My mom and dad want a new dog what breed would be best for their needs?
  178. can dogs tell if you are pregnant?
  179. Rice for dog question?
  180. HELP ME!!!! My puppy!?
  181. Dog has a tick bite!!?
  182. i need to know if my dog is pregnant?
  183. Help, my dog is biting like crazy!?
  184. Omg!!! I Lost My Sister's Dog!!!!?
  185. Puppy Pads??????????????
  186. How can you tell when puppies know you love them?
  187. So I was out walking my dogs today?
  188. my dog has an eye problem?
  189. Most aggressive dog breeds?
  190. puppy 7-9 week gap "vital"?
  191. My puppy not acting the same.?
  192. my dog has too many allergies?
  193. Am I ready for a dog?
  194. Mommy Dog won't feed her puppy ]: ?!?
  195. What type of dogs are light brown with green eyes?
  196. How do you convince your 40 yr. old mom to get two Shar Pei or one puppies for...
  197. What type of food should you feed your puppy?
  198. My new Puppy and her Poo?
  199. How do underground electric fences for dogs work?
  200. why is my lab ignoring her newborn puppies?
  201. How do I keep my puppy from pooping at the bottom of our front steps?
  202. Please Help My Dog Is Really Sick And I Dont Know Whats Wrong With Her?
  203. Why has my dog started peeing in my room?
  204. Domestic Dogs & Cats Compared?
  205. My dog just got kicked to death!!!?
  206. Q-Tip or Phife Dog? ?
  207. Why did my puppies didn't like each other?
  208. What would you do if you adopted a dog and it turned out to be....?
  209. Will my dogs... hump?
  210. Behavioural problems with 9 month old puppy.?
  211. Dog Mites........ Question and story...?
  212. why does my boyfriend like dogs noses so much?
  213. Does anyone have a dog with diabetes?
  214. What kind of Dog do you think I have?
  215. how can i stop my dogs from digging?
  216. How do we stop our male puppies from humping our female puppy?
  217. Will my puppy choke on a 2 inch milk bone?
  218. My lil puppy just had an..?
  219. does anyone know if a bitch is always in heat when it locks with another dog?
  220. Do you that michael Vick is wrong for the whole dog situation?
  221. Our elderly dog drinks loads of water and then throws it up!?
  222. My puppy whines at night.?
  223. How often should i give my dog a bath?
  224. My Seven year old Dog does something strange, she grabs my ?
  225. Dog question! please help!?
  226. k puppy prpblems.............?
  227. My 5 month old dog humped me?
  228. Should I have my dog tested and how accurate are the tests?
  229. What ever happened to your "Puppy Love"?
  230. need help my puppy is sick?
  231. I Think My Dog Is Blind??
  232. Which dry food for dog is better?
  233. Please help, my dog's tooth is red?
  234. fatal things for dogs?
  235. My puppy is limping, what can I do?
  236. is the dog having her puppies yet?
  237. Can you get sick from the fumes of dog urine?
  238. how can you tell if a dog is marking his territory or just being a pain and peeing
  239. What to do if dog is lost?
  240. please help my puppy is attacking?
  241. How do I convince my parents to let me get a dog?
  242. is the dog skin infection Mange contagous to humans or other dogs?
  243. Puppy Head Trauma And Hind Leg Help Asap!!!?
  244. Which U.S. cities have the highest number of dog obedience schools?
  245. What happened to my puppy's eye?!!!!!? (photo) Please help!!! Urgent!!!?
  246. My puppy stop peeing on his training pads?
  247. Older dog and new puppy?
  248. Where do you shop for you dog?
  249. Our dog barks a lot. Can anyone help?
  250. What do i need to know about getting a heartworm positive dog?