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  1. Has anyone else gotten very slimy Sabrett's hot dogs lately?
  2. my dog has hives all over his body?
  3. can anyone make dog harness for disabled dogs needs two handles one by neck one by
  4. airsoft bb help for my dog?
  5. Which animal is more expensive to keep? Dogs or Cats?
  6. Help!! Puppy names!!?
  7. What happened to the Costco Hot Dog?
  8. r u a cat person, a dog person, or both? ?
  9. Are you a cat or a dog person?
  10. For the dog-eat-doggers, could Obama's helping the less-well-off be to
  11. What is a good dog for my family?
  12. How do know if a dog is blind? and can you put eye drops in?
  13. Is there another alternative to dog shampoo?
  14. I have a female dog and have only had her for 2 days and she is in heat, i want...
  15. whats good for dogs with itchy skin?
  16. what to do about my dog's health?
  17. Please help me name my dog?
  18. Shall I get her a puppy for her birthday?
  19. My puppy is scared and doesn't like being pet?
  20. Nasty Diarrhea She Has Had It Since A Puppy?
  21. Are boxer dogs good pets?
  22. Sick dog, need help!?
  23. Help Please! My Puppy?
  24. How should i train my puppy to hunt ringtails?
  25. what types of dogs are charcoal/dark gray?
  26. If a wild mouse eats poison (bromadiolone) and then a dog catches the...
  27. Problem with my dogs knee... (staffy)?
  28. How on earth do you get a puppy to stop peeing and pooping at night?
  29. What kind of dog is this...in movie "Seems like old times"?
  30. Why does my dog refuse to go outside now?
  31. Has the british bull dogs physiology&temperament changed much over the years?if so...
  32. What do you use to get rid of blood worm? on dogs neck?
  33. pit bull puppy skin problems?
  34. Is my dog still at risk of embolism?
  35. controversial Q. Don`t shoot the messenger.. Do you allow your dog on your bed
  36. How do you toilet train puppies?
  37. People who have their FEMALE dogs neutered... I need advice?
  38. My Dogs Barking Is Becoming A Problem!!!?
  39. My 13 week old lab puppy eye lids are a little swollen.?
  40. I need puppy help desperately please!?
  41. Will a puppy choke on a eatable bone about 2 inches long?
  42. how do i know if my dog is pregnant?
  43. What do you think about Pitbull Puppy cropped ears?
  44. Why is my dog suddenly shaking?
  45. my many puppy problems...?
  46. Please help! Ticks on my dogs!?
  47. my dogs face is swallon on right side?
  48. puppy training question!!!?
  49. Need some advice in puppy training...?
  50. what kinda of dog should i get!?
  51. dog sick question!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  52. What dog treats can I make with these ingredients?
  53. My dog is limping a bit. HELP!!!?
  54. why do people care about dogs but not chickens?
  55. Would it be ok to mix beef gravy in my dog's food?
  56. Any Idea's On What My Dog Could Be?
  57. Sudden Whining and Behaivior Changes In Dog?
  58. Any suggestions for assuring my dog does not jump out the bed of my pick up truck...
  59. spiked dog training collar?
  60. Are There Any Jobs Out There That Allows My Dog To Come With Me?
  61. Help stop my dog chewing!?
  62. What should a puppy started kit include?
  63. Has anyone had any problems with Durvet dog and puppy wormer?
  64. I have an 8 month old puppy who is urinating frequently and crying when she pees.
  65. Do dogs teeth like babys? my dog is chewing up toys and blankets and i wonder if
  66. What do you think about a field trip to a puppy mill?
  67. dog saves the couple from burning home (yahoo news)?
  68. I have a bassett/beagle mix dog 1 1/2 years old. She has had all her shots. Just
  69. i have a dog and he's really scared of the gun at athletics what can i do to
  70. Why wont my puppy's chest congestion go away?
  71. is it okay to feed my dog..?
  72. My 8yr old son found a puppy and sprayed painted it, should I take it away from him?
  73. how to properly toilet train a stubborn puppy?
  74. Home made Dog Biscuits Recipe?
  75. Which is a good dog for my family?
  76. is my puppy gonna be okay!?
  77. Please help me with this I really need some advice!! The puppy I got for my little...
  78. unactive dog and doesn't eat or drink?
  79. any tips on dog training?
  80. My puppy doesn't like her toys?
  81. I have a question about dogs?
  82. Puppy toilet trained but cannot hold it - advise needed!!?
  83. is my dog too small for a bark collar?
  84. My 10 week old puppy's paws twitch while awake?
  85. Is butter harmful to dogs?
  86. Why does our 10-month Anatolian shepherd puppy now bark after we put him in
  87. Our 3 week old puppies has fleas. What can we do to get rid of them?
  88. I need a little info on a rescued dog!?
  89. 5 month old puppy still peeing in house, even after he was just let out! Why...
  90. Sick dog. What do you think he has?
  91. wat can i call my puppy?
  92. i need help on some closure on my dogs death.?
  93. Whenever I try to pet my 13 month old puppy (boy) he goes for my hand...?
  94. feeding 8 week old puppy... 10 points!!!?
  95. help my dog is crying whats wrong?!!!!!?
  96. please help with my mischievous puppy?
  97. What's the worst thing your dog has eaten?
  98. Aggressive rotti puppy?
  99. is their a way you Can tell if a dog is pregnant real early in her pregnancy?
  100. Do you wonder what your dogs are up to?
  101. i need some dog help!?
  102. The fet gave my puppy Virbantel for worms and she just vomited four times?
  103. Where can i download a cd crack to the disney four wheeler game PURE? MY
  104. questions about puppies and fleas?
  105. Can my dog die from a sinus infection?
  106. How to keep dogs out of my yard?
  107. wat kind of dogs is this?
  108. I need to find a teacup yorkie puppy for under $1000 anyone know anywhere?
  109. How can I see if my dog would be nice to a kitten and how can I get them
  110. how can i feed my 6months old puppy?
  111. My Puppy Doesnt Go To Puppy Classes?
  112. Does Getting Your Dog Fixed Stop Them From Having Heat?
  113. Can you register full blooded pit bull puppies with just a photo of the mother and
  114. Is it normal for a puppy to growl and nip at the owner repeatedly?
  115. My dog is crate trained but thats it?
  116. are Pomeranians XSMALL in dog clothes?
  117. our 12 week old puppy is showing at times aggressive behaviour biting and
  118. my dog just made her whatucallit? box..?
  119. When will i know to put my dog down?
  120. will this hurt my puppy?
  121. my dog went into heat 6 days ago when is the best day to start breeding? ?
  122. Which Dog should i take?
  123. New girl puppy with a 2 year old boy dog...?
  124. Does anyone know the best way to get the smell of vomit off of a dog?
  125. Why wont my dog move or eat?
  126. is always peeing is it normal to a 4 monts puppy?i have a 4 month
  127. my puppy is 9 weeks old ive had here for two days can i flee and worm here
  128. Do I leave my 7 week puppy in the crate or leave the door and put the...
  129. I need help with my dog!!!! Please?
  130. how harmfull is it for a puppy to eat a baby diaper? ?
  131. What should i do my dogs been trying to vomit for the past couple of days?
  132. my dog has a bump on her butt. (got shots)?
  133. can a dog still get pregnant if the male dog doesn't get stuck inside her as
  134. how do i make puppy mush and how often should i feed my orphan puppy?
  135. Please Answer These Puppy Questions ASAP!!!!PLEASE!?
  136. I have a pit mix puppy trying to fly to Germany?
  137. My puppy hates her crate! Help!?
  138. one month old puppy, suggestions?
  139. How to train my elderly dog to go potty inside?
  140. tiny little worms in my dogs water bowl!!!?
  141. How many times does a 7 week old puppy usually go #2?
  142. got home found dog not moving and shaking?
  143. How do I get a 4 month old puppy to stop pooping inside?
  144. Should I use treats to housetrain puppy?
  145. what age does a puppy have his first injection,worming and fleeing?
  146. I'm getting a female smooth coat daschund puppy. Probably black&tan color. I
  147. Could your period effect your dog in any way?
  148. Puppy is driving me NUTS any suggestions?
  149. help me with my dog s dental problems?
  150. Flying a puppy from Arizona to Germany ??Help?
  151. your dog and you while pregnant!?
  152. How can I help my dog breath?
  153. Mom dog bit puppys tail off?
  154. I just watched Dog Whisper and i saw a new grey puppy that Cesar Millan had
  155. What should the Obamas name the White House dog?
  156. what dog should i get for my birthday?
  157. How do I deal with my dogs leaving dead fleas on the floor? ?
  158. my puppy farts alot is he ok ?
  159. why does my dog keep itching and she doesn't have flea's?
  160. How do you convince your mom to get two Shar Pei or one puppies from a rescue?
  161. Okay my dog is sick and the vet has him on a RX diet but....?
  162. ok,well my lab just dropped out a sac of water.no puppies. did her water...
  163. Do you think Basset Hounds are the best dog or Pugs?
  164. What should we nme our puppy?
  165. Why my dog get attacked only because he was wearing Obama 2008 vest?
  166. Help Me! Stray Dog!!!!?
  167. lately my dog has been acting really weird.?
  168. How big will my puppy get?
  169. Why is my dog having diarreah? ?
  170. my dogs keep getting ticks-tick prevention questions?
  171. Do dogs remember their parents and siblings?
  172. How do I get to my dog to go potty outside when it is raining?
  173. Why do dogs continue to do bad things even though they know it is bad?
  174. What do I feed my dog?
  175. How do I get the smell of shit off my dog?
  176. Cutting female puppy hair...?
  177. Is my puppy sick???!!!?
  178. if my 13 year old dog missed 2 months of heartworm medicine can or should I return...
  179. Dog Shock Collar Promblem?
  181. my dog neck is swollen?
  182. My dog won't stop barking at night what can I do?
  183. Can a dog run faster than a human?
  184. My dog! youtube video! please watch!?
  185. my Dog is weird lol bathroom and eating?
  186. would you put your dog to sleep or spend thousands on surgery?
  187. At what age does a dog go on heat & for how long?
  188. Someone please help. My small dog got bit or stung by something, on the bridge
  189. when people are advertising puppies how come.....?
  190. I live in California (Bay Area) My German Shpard 6 years old dog sleeps
  191. Putting my dog up for adoption in So Cal .... I am devastated!?
  192. Can a 12 year year old daschund still have puppies?
  193. How Do I Break A Puppy From Chewing Up Everything In Her Path?
  194. How can I get my dog to stop chewing things?
  195. What kind of dog is this?
  196. how can i get my dog to stop scratching he is a shytzu he lick him self all
  197. I need help getting a puppy!?
  198. Which is cuter?-Puppies or kittens?
  199. How can I measure the height of my Akita puppy?
  200. What bred of beagle mix does my dog look like?
  201. Homemade dog food help??!!?
  202. How often do you evaluate the weight of your dog?
  203. What do you think of this name for my puppy?
  204. why do dogs always lick their private parts?
  205. what is a mellow dog, that is protective but isn't known for turning on...
  206. How long does it roughly take to crate train a puppy?
  207. Dog going to the bathroom in the house?
  208. Can a puppy who hasn't had it's injections yet go near an older dog who is
  209. whats my dog doing?!?
  210. HELP! So there is this dog.?
  211. Dog throwing up after eating?
  212. Puppies chewed on my 2 year apple tree trunk. Help?
  213. How much food is good for my puppy?
  214. Help! it's my first dog what should I do?
  215. What should I dye my puppy like for Halloween?
  216. Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier Dog?
  217. I need a place to look for puppies?
  218. Playing fetch with a puppy?
  219. Deskunking a dog's face ?
  220. I wante to be A dog for Halloween!!How?
  221. Natural or mild puppy shampoo any ideas please?
  222. dogs and taxonomy (scientific naming)?
  223. if my dog is in heat, will the other dogs hate on her? i was told that...
  224. Need help with 4 month PUPPY!!?
  225. My dog has been to vet 3 x's and can't find anything. She keeps vomiting all
  226. how do you know if your puppy is fat?
  227. Is it normal for dogs to sleep with their eyes ?
  228. What is your favorite kind(breed) of dog?
  229. What should i name my new puppy?
  230. how often can i bath my puppy?
  231. What is the best way to train a puppy?
  232. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?
  233. If you were a dog....?
  234. my puppy has DIARRHEA!!!! HELP!?
  235. I finally admit failure with my dog....?
  236. Can a Dogs tail be swollen? plz need advice?
  237. i ran out of dog shampoo...?
  238. How lazy has your dog become?
  239. Hello everyone today I saw two dogs that were sex with a cat, but it is normal?
  240. I have a very old dog. Her breath could kill a goat. What can I do?
  241. Mastiff or dog sanctuaries...my dog needs to go to a place where they can help him?
  242. How much does your puppy/dog weigh?!?
  243. Flecks of blood in my dog's vomit?
  244. My dog has some sort of skin infection?
  245. Where did the name for the HOT DOG originate? ?
  246. Is there anywhere i can get a webkinz love puppy,sherbet bunny etc...in between
  247. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels or Reservoir Dogs?
  248. Why does my dog go crazy at the lights moving?
  249. chudleys puppy complete?
  250. how much does robot dogs cost?