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  1. would you trust you're toddler with you're dog?!?
  2. What kind of puppy should I get my disabled father?
  3. my dog keeps growling at everyone, why ?
  4. Can dog saliva heal a deep surgical wound?
  5. giving crate trained dog more space but hes peeing on the floor?
  6. Do you think dogs can count?
  7. :o i dropped my mp3 in my dogs water dish?
  8. Can you vote for my puppy?
  9. Giving Shots To Your Dog at Home?
  10. how do i keep a puppy tell tomorrow?
  11. Puppy swallowing everything on walk...please help?
  12. my dog's nipples? sorry, i know that sounds odd?
  13. Kitten and dog, I need help. =/?
  14. How do you deal with a dog running away?
  15. Dog owners only. Anyone know an eco-friendly way of disposing of dog poo?
  16. What is the right alimentation for my dog and how can my dog get more aggressive?
  17. what kind of puppy is this?
  18. My dog's driving me mad, need help!!!?
  19. how do i know if my puppies still have tape worms?
  20. My dog will never stop barking! What do I do?
  21. Dog and Kitten question? ?
  22. My puppy keeps peeing in her crate!!?
  23. i have a puppy food question?
  24. dog jumps and cries at night?
  25. Does a puppy who's 7 weeks old normally bite A LOT?
  26. What has happened to Paul O'Grady's dog Buster?
  27. does my dog have a uti ?
  28. How do I train my puppy to stop jumping on me and other ppl?
  29. what kind of dog do you think this is?
  30. Should I find a different Vet for my dogs and tips for a good vet?
  31. how do i get my dog to stop marking everything in my house?!?
  32. I accidentally dyed my dogs hair?
  33. whats that sad country song, with the two friends and the dog?
  34. Dog drooling and can't close his mouth?
  35. "What is a good squeaky toy for my Big dog?"?
  36. Java Juice Friday up in here! Waz go’in down wit da puck dog pound? Woot-woot!?
  37. vomiting in puppy after eating maize flour toasts by accident?
  38. Is this normal for my dog?
  39. Are all of those bones and treats at stores safe and healthy for dogs?
  40. Help! My condo doesn't allow dogs !?
  41. Please tell me any dog which can stay silent or an indoor dog ?
  42. My dog has a growth on her left hind-leg. Is it a blood clot? ?
  43. My dog will not stop eating her poop!?
  44. can dogs get sick from humans?
  45. Hello everyone. Im the one that watches my sons puppy ?
  46. Keep dog warm while backpacking?
  47. Why does newfoundland dog have such short life? its very sad and depressing. How...
  48. is it alright to give a three month old puppy a bone...?
  49. My dogs tail goes in a complete circle instead of back and forth, why?
  50. Do dogs mount eachother to get dominance?
  51. Is My Dog Being Aggressive Or Dominant?
  52. how to get my dog to go potty outside without me standing out with her?
  53. Need help naming new puppy. ?
  54. how do i make my dog poop faster?
  55. How can I keep stray cats from pooping in my yard? It stinks and I dont have a dog. ?
  56. Best flea meds for dogs?
  57. Who has more then 3 dogs?
  58. whats the best small dog that you would find at a S.P.C.A?
  59. Dog dental care products?
  60. When can i take my puppy out for a walk?
  61. If people wear corrective lenses why don't dogs?
  62. Dog C-Section Surgery for free?
  63. Why is my puppy acting so strangly?
  64. dogs are fighting what do i do to stop it?
  65. My Puppy does this weird thing?
  66. What breed are these dogs ? [Pictures] ?
  67. What do u like on ur hot dog?
  68. New cute puppy really sick (i think) I love him to death, he's my best friend...
  69. Texas Law "requires" me to neuter my dog, do I have to?
  70. fool-proof way to introduce my new puppy to my 2 cats?
  71. Question about dogs!?
  72. Whats wrong with my boyfriends dog?
  73. Male dog interested in pregnant female?
  74. Dogs sense of smell? 10 POINTS!?
  75. My dog hurt his paw, what can I do to help?
  76. Why does my 9 month old, female dog, who has been spayed, try to hump my
  77. How do dominant dogs become the alpha?
  78. My dog had a seizure, will she be okay?
  79. Check this ad out Is this a good person to get a Pit Bull puppy from?
  80. puppy just started new bad behavior?
  81. whats wrong with my puppy?
  82. Puppy pees in his cage?
  83. What are the symptoms of a ruptured bawl in a dog?
  84. What should i name my female pit puppy?
  85. Dog Poll............?
  86. When can I bath my puppy?
  87. How do i prevent my two dogs from fornicating (intercoursation) during my...
  88. How long for new dog to adjust to me?
  89. My dog has some type of red rash on her skin and she keeps scratching?
  90. How can I stop my dog from clawing up my mail door when the mail carrier drops in...
  91. I am getting a new dog! I am hoping to get a very large breed?
  92. Is my dog gonna get any bigger than this?! pics?
  93. Does anyone have any cute stories about their dog?? 10 pnts!?
  94. My dogs breasts are leaking milk, but there is no way she can be pregnant.?
  95. Why do dogs lick your woond when it bleeds?
  96. Are you allowed dogs to have a dog if your thinking of becoming a child minder?
  97. Help! My dog has just been sprayed by a skunk, what should I do?
  98. Should I nuter My dog?
  99. Is It Okay To Change A Puppy's Name? Because...?
  100. do dogs die if you feed them cheese?
  101. what are some sure signs of a BYB/Puppy Mill dog?
  102. is my dog going tu have a water break?
  103. Dog skin turns pink ?
  104. What is the most aggressive dog breed?
  105. How can i get my Puppy to me if Its in another state?
  106. How do i stop my puppy from biting.?
  107. My dogs have dominace issues. Is this normal?
  108. What is this dog breed?
  109. How do i get my puppy to stop pottying inside when we're not around?
  110. Anyone having puppies?
  111. My dog always fall asleep. why? just lies down and sleep?
  112. Lonely depressed dog?
  113. Do you think my dog is a mutt....?
  114. Dog pregnancy....and vets....?
  115. Has anyone heard of/used athletes foot powder for a dogs ears?
  116. My dog has a rash, cysts, and pimples on her belly. What could it be?
  117. I want to get a kitten but I have a dog.?
  118. OMG Please help! my dog ate a wasp/bee/thing! Help!?
  119. dog lover do you find this ad offensive? ?
  120. Heimlich maneuver for dogs/cats?
  121. My dog has lumps on her face?
  122. how do i make my dog people friendly again?
  123. How do you make your dog less hyper?
  124. Why would the dog do this?
  125. My dog is sick but i don't know why and i have no transportation until
  126. Dog bleeding a little? cut dogs hair with scissors?
  127. Is it alright to give a three month old puppy a bone...?
  128. How do i get rid of my dogs Lip/Wind burn?
  129. Help with puppy and cage?
  130. its this puppy more maltese or shitzhu?
  131. My best friend's puppy died. Could you help me find a way to comfort her?
  132. my dog is very sick,i am on fixed income is there free help?
  133. My puppy and I were playing tug with his toy and one of his teeth fell out.
  134. Are glow sticks fatal to small dogs?
  135. My Dog has stopped eating for the last 3 days, could it be related to the...
  136. Joke: Dog's And Gas?
  137. Help! My puppy is stressed?
  138. What causes recurrent ear infections in a dog?
  139. Whats a good dog for a boy of 9 years of age and a girl of 7 years of age?
  140. I have a rescued pitbull who happens to be very well behaved, except she
  141. how to stop a dog barking at pasers by when out walking?
  142. Why is it that my two dogs seem to be the ONLY dogs in the neighborhood who don't
  143. How to stop toilet trained adult dog to stop peeing inside the house?
  144. My dog is about 2give birth in 2wks. Can some 1 help me?
  145. Where can I find a Halloween costume for my large breed dog?
  146. help!I was hired way befor dog came along.?
  147. what breed dog shud i get...?
  148. do they do abortions for dogs?
  149. Why does this dog keep itching her ear? ?
  150. where can I find links about training dogs for searching wolf's urine?
  151. How do I get my dogs to stop using my house as their personal toilet?
  152. What's the best way to teach my dog to be still in the bathtub, when I bathe her?
  153. What breed is this 3 week old puppy?
  154. is there a wal mart dog food recall?
  155. Is getting a dog good or bad?
  156. what does the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog mean?
  157. My dog's mouth had a spasm? What could this be?
  158. Is it ok to cut my "long haired" dogs hair?
  159. my dog wont stop humping my female!?
  160. i have two puppies of 9 and 11 weeks ..it seems that they got not poopin in the
  161. What are the best ways to release your dogs energy?
  162. Does anyone know where I can find a Australia Shepherd puppy?(near
  163. Does anyone know some good dogs names?
  164. Quiz Your Fav Dog Breed In The Whole Wide World?
  165. HELP, my puppy keeps peeing in her crate!?
  166. I'm really worried my dog has these raised white bumps on her jowels??
  167. What are the signs that we overdosed our 8 week old puppy with dog and puppy wormer?
  168. my dog has a red dot?
  169. will my mom and dad get me a pet dog for my birthday?
  170. Is it normal for a dog in labor to have a bloody show before she has the puppies?
  171. I have a Pit Bull puppy?
  172. Dog lovers I need your help?
  173. Is there a real breed of dogs called "hell hounds"? What are they like?
  174. My Dog Is Really Clingy!?
  175. My dog has a rash...any help with ideas what might be causing it?
  176. Dog has face infection, what is it?
  177. why is my 3 month old puppy licking uncomon objects?
  178. Help with 5 month old puppy peeing in his crate at night!?
  179. Does anyone know what breed this dog is? (pic)?
  180. I would like to start rescuing dogs... ?
  181. Is this an appropriate way to discipline a dog?
  182. what kind of dog is affordable but is very cute and almost kind of rare?
  183. how do i stop criyng she gave my puppy away and i can't stop?
  184. I have a 9 year old cat and want to get a German Shepherd puppy?
  185. How can I get my dog to stop barking?
  186. Puppy Potty Problem! HELP!?
  187. if your midget cats and dsh cats and dogs knews physic of o decreasing would you...
  188. Will leash training a sled dog ruin their sled dog habits.?
  189. My 6 month old male dog is peeing on my bed and carpet!!?
  190. Help with my Dog, Well Bitch, she is in the process of having a litter of puppies ?
  191. My male mut apparently got his female offspring pregnant, she has had one male
  192. Adopting dog - male or female?
  193. what is the origin of the idiom "sick as a dog" ?
  194. how to prevent homemade dog treats from expiring?
  195. My puppy has soft,sour stool....?
  196. My Dog Is Pregnant Price Questions...?
  197. My dog cut his foot between his toe nail and in between his toe.?
  198. Guys: your house is on fire and you can only save either your wife or your dog?
  199. Dog showing Affection?
  200. how can I get a dog.. even though I have allergies.. 20 points!!!!!!?
  201. I need help with a Siberian Husky puppy?
  202. How can I put a bow on my dog?
  203. jealous dog help needed!?
  204. I know it's not just me who noticed, any thoughts on why "Mad Dog" Mc.Cain...
  205. What is the best heart worm and flea prevention med for my dog?
  206. how to stop a dog from running out the house all the time?
  207. What kind of dog breed?
  208. Can breeding a dog too often result in her puppies getting hip dysplasia?
  209. A question about puppy potty training?
  210. My Dog Was Attacked..... ?
  211. my dog is 58 days pregnant she got up this morning and went to her...
  212. any ideas on how to stop my puppy from biting?
  213. any home remedies to get rid of worms in your dog?
  214. we looking to adopt a puppy boxer, has anyone purchase one from Greenfield...
  215. IS it true that dogs die from eating chocolate?
  216. i need help with my dog ?
  217. If you saw an abandoned DOG or CAT, would you take it HOME or straight to the
  218. Does anyone know of any web sites that sale very small dog clothes?
  219. House training my 8 week old puppy?
  220. Does my dog have allergies?
  221. Where can I socialize my puppy in Portland Oregon?
  222. 2 weeks old puppy help needed?
  223. Do you prefer male or female dogs?
  224. why does the puppy keep peeing in the cage and when i let her in the house ?
  225. i have been dying for a puppy, i need websites ?!?
  226. What's The Difference Between Real Love And Puppy Love?
  227. Are the random brown spots of hair on my black haired dog bad?
  228. I might get a dog, but at school and no one can let a dog out of the crate mid-day.?
  229. what do you look for in a dog house?
  230. How can i get my dog to retrieve? She doesn't like guns!?
  231. My dog needs surgery… please help!!! ?
  232. My dog seems healthy, but is a bit "down". Any ideas?
  233. how to convince your parents for a dog?
  234. Non-Traditional dog toys and treats? ?
  235. i am looking for a tan/red female jindo puppy if any one has one please call.?
  236. Dogs on the bed--I need to get them off to keep peace?
  237. When I go up stairs the dog doesn't stop whining?
  238. How can I make my dog take treat nicely out of my hand?
  239. How to you get rid of a dog's smell without bathing?
  240. How can I encourage my dog to play?
  241. what should i do about my dogs bad wind,its stinking my house out.?
  242. how can convince my parents to get me a dog?
  243. My Dog Has A Pudgy Stomach Whats Wrong?
  244. How Would You Say, " I Adopted a Puppy" In French.?
  245. I need to know the similarities between apples and dogs???!!!?
  246. My Dog has a red lump on the top of his leg?
  247. Adopting a second puppy?
  248. Dog is tearing up backyard?
  249. What Dog Should I Get?
  250. walking a 4 year old female dog on a leash?