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  1. puppy bleading from penis?
  2. will anybody be watching "Dog Soldiers" tonight?
  3. How to brush the fur near my Maltese puppy's eye. He moves too much that I...
  4. Trying to house train my puppy?
  5. How often should i bathe my dog?
  6. Help! My dog is constipated and vomiting?
  7. What can cause such good behavior in an abandoned dog?
  8. how can i choose the best doberman puppy?
  9. Need help/advice on crate training a puppy.?
  10. Can somepne help me find out the mix of my puppy?
  11. dealing with the loss of my dog?
  12. Okay what do you think of these dog names.?
  13. i need alota help my dog is pregnant! PLEASE HELP!?
  14. i cant socialize my puppy?
  15. How can I comfort my sad puppy/dog?
  16. If a small female dog gets pregnant by a large male dog will it hurt female
  17. My Boston Terrier puppy doesn't like to potty outside when it's wet. Help!?
  18. Why can't dogs take a bath after having a vaccination?
  19. Dr. Jek and Hyde 10 month puppy!!!HELP!!!!?
  20. Are wolf-dogs real wolfs or Dogs?
  21. What is your opinion on this dog food?
  22. My puppy died this morning :(?
  23. my dog ate 2 pieces of pizza yesterday afternoon and now she is shaking,
  24. Survey . dog and cat lover's ?
  25. Do puppy dog eyes work on you ?
  26. sick puppy,not eating for a couple of days and starting to vomit but she
  27. Why does my uncle's dog stare at me?
  28. My dog's puppy teeth...?
  29. Why does my puppy poop both indoors and outdoors?
  30. 8 Week Old Pit bull puppy sick?
  31. Can't walk my dog today. Is that a problem?
  32. Why is the dog food Old Roy bad?
  33. Dog is constipated for 3 days any advise?
  34. My puppy is just laying there?
  35. "What is a good squeaky toy for my Big dog?"?
  36. my dog got sprayed today. need advice!?
  37. A dog with no sense of smell?
  38. My dog has suddenly started peeing in the house in the middle of the night. Why?
  39. Problems training my dog.?
  40. Can you explain to mum why its not acceptable to punish a dog if you DID NOT
  41. suggest a name for my puppy?
  42. Can someone give me a test or something to see what kind of dog is mine?
  43. Can Dogs Eat Whole Pumpkins?
  44. puppy being sick in a morning?
  45. What is a good training treat for a puppy barely older than 6 weeks?
  46. Why dogs bite people.. see pic inside?
  47. is my dog a "teacup" chihuahua?
  48. If I get a puppy what supplies would I need?
  49. What type of dog should I get?
  50. Is it ok to leave dogs alone over weekends?
  51. my dog has started sniffing inside my work boots all of a sudden and i cant...
  52. Dog Question..................?
  53. dog behaviourist in dorset doing home visits reasonably priced and great results?
  54. how did you name your dog?
  55. Puppy has vaginal discharge?
  56. pete wentz's dog hemmingway's myspace.?
  57. What type of dog do you like?
  58. What is the name of that dog on The King Of Queens?
  59. Is my dog having seizures?
  60. i just baught a puppy today and he is not potty trained?
  61. In CoD4 why is there sometimes dog tags next to my name?
  62. Mc Gruff the crime dog is coming to my daughters preschool, do you think?
  63. How much would you spend on this puppy?
  64. If a puppy a still born, what do you do with them?
  65. What would cause a 7 year old house broken dog to begin to relieve himself inside?
  66. How do I make my mini dachshund puppy stop biting?
  67. how do i stop my nearly 5 month old puppy from jumping up on people?
  68. can a baby go deaf from a dog barking loud?
  69. How long does it take before you can notice a pregnancy in medium sized dogs?
  70. Dogs that get along with Golden's?
  71. Fostering a Service Dog?
  72. Need Advice on my dog?
  73. Is it to late to not let my dog...?
  74. I'm looking for a buff female Cocker Spaniel puppy.?
  75. my dog hit his head, will he be ok?
  76. Hey, ive been looking for a specific dog but i cant find out the name?
  77. Who would you rather train your dog and why?
  78. What was that movie where these kids blow up a womans mailbox? And one crazy
  79. It's Me or the Dog Poll: Now that dog trainer extraordinaire, Victoria Stillwell...?
  80. My Puppy is 8-9 weeks and has worms will she die?
  81. when do i neuter my female dog?
  82. when can you see the pups moving in a pregnant dog?
  83. can dog's have breast milk when they have never been pregnant?
  84. What Could be done with my dog who the vet says to be aggressive?
  85. should michael vick be hung by his ba!!s for having the dog fighting ring?
  86. What is the Difference between puppy love and real love?
  87. How do I stop my puppy from playing in the rain while we are out? ?
  88. How long should you crate dogs?
  89. What kind of dog is this?
  90. Shelter Dog had puppies?
  91. Do dogs get pimples............?
  92. Why are my dogs and cat always scratching at their neck?
  93. Does a full moon make dogs hyper?
  94. Help!!!!....my dogs urine!!!?
  95. If you don't have a garden for your dog to toilet in,?
  96. Puppy's Chewing my house!?
  97. My dog was bit by a friends dog, who pays?
  98. My dog & we're moving again... ?
  99. MY dog bites alot helppp!?
  100. How can you remove dog urine from an lp cover?
  101. Do you think dogs can go through "seperation anxiety"?
  102. Puppy chewed my helmet!!?
  103. Is it always better to leave with your head still full of kitty cats and puppy dogs.?
  104. What breeds do u think my puppy is?
  105. How do we get this dog to trust us?
  106. Do adult dogs have diseases they are immune to, that can be harmful to a puppy? ?
  107. What dog breed is good with new borns?
  108. when do i know if its time to put my dog to sleep?
  109. For great dane owners who compete in dog shows?
  110. so we are getting a puppy?
  111. Who would you go about bringing a Swedish Lapphund puppy into the UK from...
  112. How do you stop a puppy from biting constantly?
  113. How Do I Persuade My Mom to Get a Dog?
  114. omg i need help convincing my parents to let me get a dog i try alot and...
  115. should i get my friend a pet dog for her bithday?
  116. Dog hasn't eaten in 11 days.......?
  117. what gets your dog going? ?
  118. Dogs or Cats - your preference?
  119. how many different types of toppings for hot dogs are there?
  120. My dog is 6 months old Cavalier KCS, seems to be unhappy?
  121. could any body tell me what kind of dog this is?
  122. what breed is my dog?
  123. who do you prefer to watch cesar millan the dog whisper or victoria stilwell...
  124. how many times have drug sniffing dogs been wrong?
  125. Why are Boxers considered one of the best dogs?
  126. Can anyone recommend a good pub in South East London that allows dogs?
  127. How do you prevent your house from smelling like dog when you own one?
  128. im looking for free puppies in or near el paso texas?
  129. when looking for a puppy?
  130. Helping abandoned dogs?
  131. How can i make my dogs collar glow in the dark?
  132. Can anyone tell me why my Yorkie Puppy is Scratching even though she has no Fleas?
  133. Dog Etiquette? Weird question?
  134. my dog is really small and cant hav babies or will die how do we stop her...
  135. Am I Making My Husky Puppy Aggressive?
  136. is my dog stupid because she pees in her food bowl and ate her pee pad?
  137. Anyone ever had their dog debarked?
  138. Dogs and Puppies with worms?
  139. Are there any dog breeds that look like wolves?
  140. What is a suitable punishment for arrogant chavs who tease dogs?
  141. What are these bumps all over my dogs face?
  142. what does puppy whooped mean?
  143. Will things ever get easier. My dog is sick and so young (please I need some
  144. How can I get my 1-1/2 year old puppy to stop chewing/eating my sheets?
  145. 4-5 week old puppy, is this fine? ?
  146. Wnat are some good dog breeds for me?
  147. how do i make my dog sweeter she is really mean?
  148. What should I do if my dog chewed up the top of my driver's permit?
  149. ever know of a dog that died from eating too much chocolate?
  150. My puppy pooping in his cage....?
  151. How do the underground electric fences for dogs work?
  152. im trying to convince my dad to get me a dog for my b day it needs to be quick...
  153. I have a male Maltese puppy whose age is 10 weeks old and weighs about 750...
  154. My dog trows up when I put him in the crate?
  155. help its about my dog?
  156. Can Clavamox cause any side affects besides allergic reaction? Also will it make
  157. how do i make my cat and dog comfortable traveling a very far distance in a truck?
  158. Which is the best dog......?
  159. Its raining cats and dogs outside!?
  160. is it safe to ship a dog?
  161. Older dog's reaction to female dog in heat?
  162. Just got a new puppy?!? (( names? ))?
  163. Can supplementing a dog with omega fatty acids aggravate a Candida(or...
  164. Why do some people critise other for feeding other brands aside from ULTRA...
  165. is this poem about my recently passed dog a good one?
  166. I have a few questions about our dog and her feeding/going to the bathroom schedule?
  167. What's your favorite breed of dog or cat? ?
  168. Dog Years - Human Years?
  169. Will spanking my puppy with a newspaper make them mean?
  170. Retained deciduous puppy teeth in show IG prospect?
  171. my dog was microchipped in greece 2004. how do i register her here in usa?
  172. I have a slim slender dog?
  173. Help Training my puppy?
  174. What's best between a male and a female dog ?
  175. What should I name my new puppy?
  176. Is my puppy going to die? Please help..?!?
  177. Whats your favourite dog breed?
  178. i have a puppy i need help with it eating its poop have tried spanking and
  179. Why do dogs act like this?
  180. Are there any quick, and natural ways to sedate a dog?
  181. The Size of my Five Month Old Puppy?
  182. treating fleas on dogs with sevin dust?
  183. Do AmStaffs make good lap dogs?
  184. ARE Impatiens harmful to dogs?
  185. dog lymph nodes ???/?
  186. Don't you hate taking your dog out when................?
  187. How can I train my puppy?
  188. Do you let your dog sleep inside your house?
  189. my sister wont listen to me and shes putting our dogs in danger.?
  190. shoes for puppies?? ?
  191. When dogs are left home alone with the radio on (or TV) do the voices...
  192. Does My Dog Have Worms? >> She's Scooting..?
  193. New Puppy- any suggestions?
  194. What is the definiton of a friendly dog?
  195. Do you brake for DOGS?
  196. How much does it cost to take care of a puppy?
  197. which of our politicians deserve to sell Hot dogs on steet?
  198. How do I protect my patio cement from dog feces?
  199. Serious question...... Is catnip ok for dogs to chew on?
  200. Do you dream sometimes about your dog?
  201. How do you suggest a dog for the police department?
  202. Do you have to buy a special dog door to put in a wall instead of a door?
  203. Are golden Retrievers good dogs?
  204. The tortoise the hare and the puppy....(Guys in my life)?
  205. has anyone heard of a condition in which the iris in a dogs eye is just a
  206. What should I do for my dogs birthday?
  207. Can dogs catch a cold or flu from humans?
  208. i no someone with a over weight female dog.....had all stillborn puppies?then
  209. i woke to my 4 day old chihuahua puppy suffocated by its mother laying on
  210. what does adopting a puppy mean? do u only get it fo a small amount of time?
  211. is it okay to leave my puppy home while i go to work?
  212. My dog was running around the living room and he ran into a table leg.Theres a
  213. Dog threw up and pooped on carpet, how to quickly clean it?
  214. Have two dogs that are outside dogs. We are considering getting a small
  215. Dog run built on boundary fence?
  216. On Family Guy, Who can hear Brian (the dog) or Stewie (the baby) speak?
  217. What kind of dog food, Avo or Natural Balance?
  218. How do I keep my dog from barking while chained up?
  219. Just Curious - Question relating to dog breeding?
  220. my older dog eats all my puppies food?
  221. My brothers friend that's living with us hits my puppy?
  222. does my dog weight to much?????????
  223. How do dominant dogs become the alpha?
  224. my dog keeps pacing at night ?
  225. POLL:: Have you ever accidentally hurt your dog?
  226. Do you live in australia? Do you keep your dog's indoor or outside?
  227. Is my toy poodle puppy normal?
  228. Puppy's fur please help?
  229. I`m Immigrating To Zambia and want to bring my dog with me.?
  230. I have a 6 week old puppy that was dropped of at my sister-in-laws house at 4...
  231. How long will my dog live without treatment for cushing disease?
  232. What is the most popular breed of dog?
  233. HELP! my neighbors' dogs are ruining my life!!!?
  234. how much gravol should i give my puppy?
  235. Has anyone else noticed Dog food prices going way UP? ?
  236. My 5 month old puppy has had loose stools for over 2 weeks.?
  237. List of hypoallergenic dogs!?
  238. My dog ate ear drops,should I be worried?
  239. my dog recently had fleas but i don't know if i killed them all?
  240. What is normal behavior between a mother dog and her puppies?
  241. What can we do? We have an overly aggressive dog?
  242. my dogs sick i need help?
  243. what is the most affective way to house train a 9 month old dog?
  244. hi i have a fearful beagle girl dog that was abused by its former owners can
  245. How in the world do i get it thru my dogs head that she cant chew on my children?
  246. puppy gets car sick and we are going on a long car ride what should i do?
  247. dog euthanasia - When do you know the time is right?
  248. How can I find a dog park In my area? ?
  249. best place to buy a german shepherd puppy; i want a working dog breed.?
  250. Why does my puppy (Yorkie) scoot his legs back whe we are playing?