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  1. Will my puppy and my friends puppy fight forever?
  2. What might cause my dog to start toileting in inappropriate places?
  3. Why is it that particularly in 'dogs' people ask a question as if they need
  4. HELP! My dogs just mated!?
  5. Survey: Now that we have Joe the plumber dogging Sen.Obama...?
  6. Does your dog or cat love you?
  7. whats it mean when a 4 week old puppies poop is runny?
  8. Does anybody know what kind of dog is this?
  9. puppy peein in her crate ?
  10. Do dogs prefer their water to be: cold, warm or at room temperature?
  11. need some help with new dog?
  12. What is the best "cheap" dog food?
  13. Why would a dog do this?
  14. Why did England tax people that owned dogs with tails and didn't tax people with
  15. what are some of the dogs that cna have blue eyes?
  16. How can I get my dog to stop ripping everything?
  17. my mother dog died on thursday and now i have to take care of 3 puppies what
  18. Nintendo Dogs Contest Help?
  19. Is it common for a puppy to backtrack with potty training.?
  20. How much canned pumpkin to give a 8 pound puppy for loose stool.?
  21. Need puppy names?all girls!?
  22. new puppy and older puppy...sibling rivalry?
  23. I have a 6 month old puppy that urinates quickly and is hard to house train, is
  24. Any body do Agility with there dog?
  25. i have an older dog very spoiled, how do i gt her to accept the new puppy?
  26. What breed of dog is this?
  27. Does anyone know where i could find a Yorkie or Maltese puppy in Maryland?
  28. New puppies....... any ideas on names?
  29. Any tips for bonding with a new puppy who is under the weather?
  30. How much does it cost to take a puppy to india By air?
  31. Can cats, dogs, giraffes and other animals get headaches?
  32. How do i get my dog to stop crying when someone enters the house? ?
  33. reintrodcuing my dogs to the neighbors very hyper puppy...can some one help?
  34. What should I do if my 8mo. old puppy ate part of the wall and has diarrhea now?
  35. 3 year old dog with anxiety problems help!?
  36. i have a great dane puppy who eats my porch, fence and trees around the yard...
  37. Anyone know a website that shows a dog's internal organs?
  38. needed 8000 pound for dog opp?
  39. hi can you help its about dogs?
  40. What is your dog's favorite ?
  41. my sons dog drowned in the pool last night and i dont know how to help him cope?
  42. dog book???????????????????????????????
  43. Where In the BayArea can get my dog ears clipped?
  44. Does my dog have worms?
  45. house breaking for puppies?
  46. How do i stop my dog running around the yard all the time?
  47. How old was your puppy when he could do all of this?
  48. What should/shouldn't I feed my Golden Retriever puppy?
  49. Is my puppy alright if the bottom stitch comes out 10 days post-surgery? The...
  50. How can we prepare our JEALOUS dog for newborn baby?
  51. Blood in my dogs ear?
  52. Do you believe that certain dog breeds are "more aggressive" than others?
  53. my dog keeps licking herself?
  54. What should a 9 week old puppy eat?
  55. Do my dogs really look that mean?
  56. would i be able to get a dog?
  57. Are there any dog breeds that resemble a wolf but are okay with allergies?
  58. Dog will not pee anywhere but puppy pads what can I do?!?
  59. Good Nutritous foods for dogs?
  60. Help!! I just got a puppy today and she is almost 6 weeks old. All she...
  61. I just got a shih-tzu puppy what do I need to know?
  62. Why would a female dog lift her leg up to urinate?
  63. I growled at my dog when she growled at me and she shrank away from me....is...
  64. The new dog is jumping the fence.?
  65. How often should dogs take baths?
  66. Hierarchy of a pack of Dogs?
  67. Has anyone ever googled the Panda dog? Do you think it is real?
  68. why would my Pit Bull, bull dog mix puppy be throwing up bile... ?
  69. whats wrong with my puppy?
  70. What should I switch my puppy to?
  71. I was hoping for choices, not an advertisement for electronic dog fences!?
  72. Unstoppable howling puppy?
  73. Are Iditarod musher's responsible for cleaning up after their dogs? ?
  74. Why are you paying alot of money for puppies right now? We have the puppy mills on...
  75. what is a good boy puppy name?
  76. diarrhea in puppy after deworming.And correct weight?
  77. My dog keeps pooping in the house, even after I have just taken him outside. What...
  78. What is wrong with our dog?!?
  79. what good puppy is best suited for me?
  80. what can I do to get the dog next door to shut up?
  81. what is your personal favorite type of dog? Why?
  82. im having some troubles teaching my dog to sit.?
  83. what kind of dog is this?
  84. do dogs get warts on their areas when theyre pregnant?
  85. Goats milk & puppies. Please help?
  86. Is is safe for a dog/cat to eat a fish right out of the ocean?
  87. Can my dog adopt a puppy?
  88. my dog has been vomiting for over 24 hrs. she is listless and feels very warm. ?
  89. How can we stop puppy biting?
  90. shi poo dog has a little paw injury.what to do?
  91. If you had to choose which dog would you choose?
  92. dog grooming genital hair area question?
  93. HELP ME! My family is in total disagreement. What is a good name for a
  94. What's the name of the book with the blind dog?
  95. DO Nintendo Dogs act really stupid?
  96. Spiritually speaking, what should I name this adorable little puppy?
  97. What is this rash in the corner of my dogs mouth? How can I treat it?
  98. Dog won't drink his water?
  99. Does dog poop on the pavement drive you crazy?
  100. Do you know of a good dog sitter in Upland, CA?
  101. my dog used to be super well behaved and sweet, but she's being awful lately! why?!?
  102. When I call my Puppies name, he wont come to me.?
  103. Dog Issues?? Please help!?
  104. Is it normal for puppies?
  105. What breed of dog is this?
  106. My dog bit the neighbors dog, but the neigbors dog came under the fence?
  107. Dog the Bounty Hunter..its a bit,well.....gay, isn't it?
  108. please help me i dont know what is wrong with my dog!!!?
  109. My dog is panting and shivering?
  110. Is it true a dog house should only be a couple inches taller than the dog?
  111. If a barking dog w erect ears is mated w a droopy eared dog that keeps silent, what
  112. Housetrained dog is peeing inside. How to stop it?
  113. What breed of dog was her dad?
  114. my 4 month puppy doesn't like going inside?
  115. I just got a new dog, Chinese Crested - Powder Puff. Can anyone tell me
  116. is this dog trapped in metal jaws or tied with a roap at that place?
  117. Can a dog "wake up" after being euthanized?
  118. New puppy house trained now peeing and pooping in the house! Help!?
  119. I have a Pit Bull puppy, how much more weight is he going to put on?
  120. my 9 week yr old puppy has heart murmor. ?
  121. Charities needing dog sweaters?
  122. How long will my dog morn a loss of a puppy?
  123. feeding dogs ?
  124. puppy just got spayed, question! help please!?
  125. help my hair :(:(:( ????pwease *puppy eyes*?
  126. Dog harnesses that fasten using velcro?
  127. Pros and Cons of getting dog spayed?
  128. my dog ate some hair conditioner? Will it hurt him?
  129. I need help with our new dog we adopted from the Humane Society?
  130. is my dog too old to be spayed?
  131. My Dog and running away from me?
  132. can you help my puppy win this campaign? Thanks!?
  133. Puppies Born, Mom Chew 1 Pups Cord OFF! What To Do?
  134. my vet told me this when we got our puppy?
  135. OMG...My eight week old puppy! So sad. ?
  136. What's your favorite type of dog? why?
  137. Why do spayed dogs still go into heat?
  138. crochet a dog sweater?
  139. What is a nutritious inexpensive dog food?
  140. Can they legally put this dog to sleep?
  141. I noticed something strange about my dog?
  142. How can I pamper my puppy?
  143. do chinese people really eat dogs?
  144. could a dog be in heat if she shows no singes of being in heat?
  145. My dog is getting cold at night...?
  146. My puppy is sooo itchy!! help!?
  147. Where can I adopt an English bulldog puppy?
  148. my dogs are getting tear stains?
  149. I bought a Yorkie puppy at 5 weeks and now i think he is having nightmares! What...
  150. my dog died and i need help?
  151. Nine month old puppy licking paws excessively! Help!?
  152. What is that smelly fluid coming from my dogs anus?
  153. How to get rid of the horrible wet dog smell in my kitchen?
  154. What kind of puppy is this?
  155. Symptoms of my puppy?
  156. I got a German Shepherd puppy today and he is acting sick hes real thristy
  157. Will an owl attack a small Chihauhau dog ?
  158. Puppies born yesterday!!?
  159. Anyone with female rescue dogs that have previously given birth?
  160. I Got a new puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  161. Is it safe to shower with a small dog?
  162. In a response to an issue some people had about vets and about there dogs?
  163. What's the deal with my brothers dog?
  164. dog tricks?? small dog?
  165. Help Please! Puppy!!?
  166. Help me get through this with my dog?
  167. Puppy Names for my friend?
  168. What are some solutions for dog depression?
  169. Just brought home puppy and he is puking, what do i do?
  170. is vegetable oil good for my dog?
  171. Looking for guidance on the right dog for me?
  172. How can you train your dog to stop growling and snapping?
  173. how do you draw dog fur .. making it look realistic ?
  174. How can I get my dogs to play tug of war?
  175. How often does a dog have to get the Rabies Vac?
  176. my best friend made out with my dog and now i'm really creeped out. Now she wants
  177. Roommates dog howls I get no sleep! Help?
  178. I am currently going to college and thinking about getting a dog and need some
  179. Hot dog or corn dog what do you prefer?
  180. is my puppy gonna be okay?
  181. 3 puppies with bloated bellies is there a way to help them reduce the belly size?
  182. what's up with my dog?
  183. i just got another pitbull puppy?
  184. What's the best natured,most affordable small dog please ?
  185. What should I name my puppy?
  186. I have had two of my dogs die in the last couple months. Anyone hear of...
  187. my puppy got neutered, and i was wondering?
  188. I want to get a family dog and I am considering a Beagle. ?
  189. What's up with my dogs attitude?
  190. What do you do if your female dog is constantly attracting the attention of an
  191. How often should i feed my dogs?
  192. A question about puppy grunts?
  193. how do i get m y dog used to...?
  194. puppies, worms hellpp?
  195. **Pics Attached** What breed is my sweet little puppy?
  196. would you have a puppy instead of a cat?
  197. okay! what breeds of dogs look like the dog (I know dragon) valkor from the
  198. DOG OWNERS.....how to potty train your dog?
  199. Puppy will not eat or drink,throwing up and dia. What do I do?
  200. I consider McCain my lap dog will you please vote for him as a favor to...
  201. Should I "rehome" our 6mo puppy? **ATTN ANIMAL LOVERS**?
  202. How do i train my adult dog to fetch play balls?
  203. why do ppl spay/neuter dogs?
  204. my puppy won't eat and is very weak....?
  205. How can I stop my female dog from peeing in the house?!?
  206. I'm Very Afraid For Getting My Small Dog Spayed?
  207. puppy name please!!! ?
  208. how can i teach my dog to approach me when called in public?
  209. How can I get my puppy to stop peeing in the house?
  210. Jerry Green Dog Rescue...? ?
  211. why do all 3 of my dogs follow me round the house?
  212. I have 13 week old RatTerrier puppy which i have had for 3 weeks and have yet...
  213. Anyone give their kittens/puppies their shots?
  214. what would the world think if i had dogs for baby's?
  215. New dog very very very car sick!?
  216. Training my dog to be a social/therapy dog. (North California)?
  217. Are the clickers they use for dog training available at Strack and Van Til
  218. If you could only pick one of these dogs....?
  219. Why does my english bulldog puppy always pee on my hardwood floor? ?
  220. So how many legal and illegal aliens as well as men's best friends like dogs
  221. Why are millions of dogs placed in shelters each year?
  222. What's the best ( and safest for dogs) way to keep squirrels off pumpkins?
  223. My puppy has been bitten by a tick! What do i do?
  224. what is the best puppy and adult dog food for a cava-tzu?
  225. Is it possible for a dog to have TWO wombs inside of her to be born at...
  226. Dog barking constantly when people come to the door.?
  227. What is a good food for my 8 week old pitbull puppy?..also any housebreaking
  228. Lump on my dog's stomach?
  229. How do you keep a puppy from getting into the cat's litter box and eating the poo?
  230. My bro's dog is starving herself while babysitting my dog's pups?
  231. What kind of puppy is this?
  232. What breed of dog is good with 4 young children?
  233. a cheetahs predators are man and hunting dogs,snakes,large
  234. Is it okay to feed my dog rice every day?
  235. what are some small dogs that stay small even when they grow up. Thanks and HELP!!!?
  236. Do dogs and other animals have souls?
  237. Is it normal for a puppy to breath really fast?
  238. Help With Female Puppy Names?
  239. How well do dog dooley's work?
  240. Know any good tough dog name?
  241. how can the lizard cry when the dog is barking at the mouse?
  242. Does anyone have experience with dogs that are afraid of babies?
  243. where can i buy vehitta hot dog sauce?
  244. when can my puppy go out?
  245. My dog is chewing everything up?
  246. Puppy psychology question...is it cruel for me to not let my puppy lick me?
  247. I have an 8 week old puppy. We have had him for 10 days & at night he
  248. what are the exotic type dogs you know,i want an exotic looking dog?
  249. What movie was this line in? "Your grandmother ate my dog." ?
  250. Do you think a Staffy is a good dog for a 12yo boy?