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  1. Why does my dog eats Leaves?
  2. spiritually speaking, if your dog knitted you a coat, would wear it?
  3. Can I give a 1 month old puppy regular milk?
  4. Is my 3 week old puppy sick? ?
  5. Are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever a good dog breed to own?plz help me?
  6. Parvo Signs? Puppy aged 17-20 weeks.?
  7. puppy has something like dandruff?
  8. my puppy has greenish bumps on the underside of his stomach help me?
  9. looking for a dog to adopt on long island NY..?
  10. I think my puppy has fleas, what do I do?
  11. what happens if a 10 week old puppy accidentally eats a spider or cricket?
  12. HELP! With my dogs flea and tick medicine?
  13. Is it more difficult when you buy 2 yorkshire puppies together?
  14. Help my dog is having puppies!!?
  15. How do I get my puppy to stop barking and biting?
  16. what age is it safe to let my puppies loose on the grass?
  17. Dog Tips I Beg Of You I Have A Misbehaved Chuauua ?
  18. Need post-op advice for my dog...?
  19. My dog is throwing up and has diarrhea. What is it?
  20. I think she has eaten the puppy?
  21. Why is my dog acting so odd?
  22. My 4 month puppy barks so I brought her into bed with me, how do I break that...
  23. my dog just started pooping in her cage at night! help!?
  24. Is it normal for a dog to have nipple discharge when not lactating?
  25. which dog should i get and how much do they go for ususally as puppies?
  26. Are chickens intelligent like dogs or cats?
  27. Are pegetables ok for dogs ?
  28. my dog ate mold off of some left overs from about 1mouth ago should i be scared?
  29. When I cleaned dog poop off my hardwood floor, why does it still smell?
  30. Know any good home remedies for a dog with pancreatitis? ?
  31. what do you call a dog with no legs?
  32. Are you going to get the new pink mini dog if so what color?
  33. I have a 7lbs pomerain male dog and the vet said he has heart murmurs.?
  34. How can I stop my 9 month old puppy chewing my house and eating everything?
  35. Obedience Class For Dogs?
  36. can a dog have choclate chip ice cream?
  37. When dogs have allergies can it effect their eyes?
  38. What do you think of my dog?
  39. can i get my puppies kennel cough?
  40. I need some help with my new puppy?
  41. what is a better way to meet women? puppies or babbys?
  42. question of life and death does anyone know of a medicene that can save my 3
  43. My poor dog...how do I deal with this...?
  44. I know this is stupid but what is chicken meal in dog food?
  45. My dog was injured and he licked himself raw around the incision?
  46. What can you do with dog and cat waste?
  47. My neutered 8 year old mix breed dog has a enlarged prostate. What can I do?
  48. my dog is weird... does anyone else's dog do this?
  49. My dog has a pretty bad rash.?
  50. if i'm flying a 1mth old puppy to another city can he get his parvo shot already?
  51. How do you know if ur dog is pregnant?
  52. what kind of dog do i have? [pic inclulded]?
  53. What is happening to dogs?
  54. I am going to start a dog walking service. What should I charge?
  55. Dog had a bad nosebleed - test says platelet count is a 6! help...?
  56. Min Pin puppy help! I adopted a min pin puppy of 2 months, he has been
  57. i have to write a autobiography about how i found a lost puppy?? help?
  58. My dog ate kitten poop, threw up, is he alright?
  59. What can i treat my dog's paws with. I think he has a yeast infection
  60. Shelter Foster Dog and my dog fight -who pays vet bill?
  61. Does feeding a dog cheese affect their sense of smell?
  62. How can I stop my puppy from eating poop?
  63. How can I stop one of my dog from fighting the other?
  64. Why wont my dog eat!?!?
  65. Best chew toy for in crate time for 6 month old puppy?
  66. can you help my puppy win?
  67. have you ever seen a dog high from weed? (a sad sight)?
  68. Does anyone know how much it cost on average for a dog to have a c-section?
  69. I need some serious puppy help!?
  70. is it ok tu give my mama dog 20 mins away from her pups.?
  71. i think my dog is pregnant.... what do you think?
  72. dog sold now owner wants me to take it back or go to court?
  73. Why does my puppy constantly lick EVERYTHING?
  74. My dog has hives??? How can I make them go away?
  75. I seriously need something or someone to love... should I just consider adopting a
  76. If single males are not suppose to have cats then why do so many single women have
  77. What other pets can I get that are similar to a dog? [meaning a leash-pet, etc]?
  78. Are dogs dirty because my mom says they are?
  79. is it ok to get a 2nd puppy ?
  80. Help on House trianing my 8 month old puppy?
  81. Getting a dog in 3 weeks. How can I make time seem to go faster?
  82. homemade remedy for removing rusty stain from dog's hair?
  83. Help become a better dog owner?
  84. TO NOVA SCOTIA need a flight for my dog..help?
  85. What is a prairie dog's way of life?
  86. I just recently adopted a lab/pit mix puppy and im having problems with biting and
  87. My 6 week old puppy growls when she is picked up- please help?
  88. How do I get my new puppy to answer to his name?
  89. Another new puppy question!!?
  90. Spaying female dog while in heat ?
  91. How many weeks before taking a puppy from their mother?
  92. How do I get my 8 week old puppy from chewing on me!?
  93. Standing by a circular lake with a dog?
  94. What are these HUGE lumps INSIDE my puppy's belly?**PICTURES**?
  95. My dog is panting a lot after delivery?
  96. How should I get 3yr old dog to accept a puppy?
  97. Does anybody know where I can find a cheap german shepherd puppy?
  98. if people can eat pig meat why dont they eat DOG meat?
  99. is north american purebred dog registry legit or fake?
  100. what should i do about my dogs?
  101. How can I get my puppy to stop eating his poop?
  102. My 13 yr old grandson kicked my 1 yr old dog, She passed away about 30 min later.?
  103. What resources are there for those that cant afford vet bills, but cannot
  104. Who makes the magic puppy mother and baby set?
  105. how do i teach my 2 dogs not to bark?
  106. i think my dog's preagnat?? how many will she have?
  107. When should my puppy be wormed?
  108. real advice on sick dog? please!?
  109. Barking dog and a muzzle...?
  110. How can I make it easier to clean up dog diarrhea?
  111. How to get a new dog used to cats?
  112. Puppy's first birthday!!! Need ideas?
  113. are Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever a good dog breed to own?
  114. my puppy just threw up some kind of parasite?
  115. Itchy dog. No fleas? HELP!?
  116. Does the Fisher Price grow and knows your name puppy......?
  117. Why does my dog have sores around his mouth?
  118. What type of dog am I looking for?
  119. How old is you dog??? when is his/her birthday.?
  120. please help! im worried about my dog?
  121. Amputated back leg - dog?
  122. What is wrong with my dog?
  123. Accidentally stepped on puppy's foot?
  124. Strange question about my dog...?
  125. would it be dangerous to bring in a kitten to a home with 2 dogs?
  126. what kind of puppy is fluffy and stays small?
  127. Question about keeping a male dog un-neutered? ?
  128. how do i get my dog to stop stealling?
  129. 19 day old puppy cries everytime its touched?help!!?
  130. My dog has soooo much energy, how do I control this?
  131. my dog has an eating problem?
  132. Bernese Mountain Dog?
  133. dog.... lump on ear and belly?
  134. Maltipoo Puppy 4 months Vomiting....?
  135. My dog keeps jumping on people and me HELP !!!!?
  136. What two animals are often seen from where you live besides dog and cat?
  137. Does anyone know about dog therapists?
  138. First time selling puppy, got a few questions on it.?
  139. what age do female puppies have there first season ?
  140. can this be harmful for a puppy?
  141. I just got a 6 week old puppy and he loves to bite. How do I stop that? Is he...
  142. I'm having problems potty training my puppy?
  143. Will my dogs vet eventually think im crazy?
  144. Will no one else give me any feed back on my poem The Shelter Dog's Fear?...
  145. New born puppy was born from brother and sister mateing...Puppy is havin
  146. My puppy is well house trained but still does protest poos when left
  147. I just got a new dog, and my other dog keeps beating the puppy up. What can I do?
  148. What to name my new beagle puppy!?
  149. Does Marilyn Manson really kill puppies at his concerts?
  150. My new Boxer puppy bites an attacks my 10 yr old Boxer?
  151. what are all the dogs in the retriever family?
  152. My dog is a shepard mix and is 18 years old. He has pain in his hind legs. what
  153. puppies and tapeworms. Help!?
  154. Any One In Heath Hayes, Cannock Area My Dog Is Missing!!!?
  155. my puppy ate a rawhide on my brown suede couch!?
  156. What is the best first puppy too buy?
  157. Bacteria Otitis Externa for dogs and small bumps.?
  158. How to get dog pee out of floorboards underneath carpet?
  159. why is my dog licking her vaginal region?
  160. Can you be charged for a crime for hitting a Dog with your vehicle?
  161. In Black Dogs by Ian McEwan, what really happened to Danielle Bertrand?
  162. Are big dogs or small dogs easier to care for?
  163. Is being a puppy a cute Halloween idea for a 14 year old girl?
  164. Puppy's tooth bleeding?
  165. What is the best way to sell a puppy?
  166. Why is it "wrong" to eat dog or cat, but okay to eat chicken or beef from cattle? ?
  167. need to let my puppy go, please advise...?
  168. blind puppy keeps biteing me?
  169. How do we stop our 8 month old lab puppy from waking us up every morning?
  170. What would you rather: you and the dog?
  171. is my puppy ill she is 11 weeks?
  172. how can I get my otherwise potty-trained dog dog to stop peeing in her kennel?
  173. does a dog that is not fixed live longer then dogs or puppy's that are or...
  174. Please vote in this dog contest takes just a second!!?
  175. is my puppy eating too much?
  176. Will my havanese dog need boots this winter? (types of boots if you know any) ?
  177. Finding a dog, the same breed as mine?
  178. do puppies get bored with the same food everyday?
  179. Do you tip the dog groomer?
  180. Dog keeps trying to push my baby in the stroller. why?
  181. what's wrong with my puppy?
  182. freezer burnt steak and my puppies?
  183. information about dog breeding i need?
  184. What mix is my dog...I know she is lab/something?
  185. What r some good pitbull puppy names?
  186. I think my puppy was abused?
  187. What Dog can defeat the American Badger?
  188. My dog regecting my puppies?
  189. what is the purpose on dogs for that little?
  190. what's a good name for a dog?
  191. I found a puppy it needs a name?
  192. What kind of dog is my dog?
  193. Dog Separation Anxiety?
  194. What can I give newborn puppies, when the mama isnt producing quite enough milk? ?
  195. HELP! We rescued a puppy from a puppy mill that was shut down and we love...
  196. Whats wrong with my puppy?
  197. Am I kenneling our puppy too much? ?
  198. is it possible to just let your dog start sleeping indoors after 4 years of outside?
  199. How much food should my dog be eating every day? Is there any other way for
  200. Puppy Help!! How can I stop him from pulling on the leash?
  201. Whats a good halloween costume for my dog?
  202. What are the chances my dog won't react well to the IV?
  203. i can't stop hearing my puppy ever thing i did w/ her i stop i really miss her...
  204. What's the weirdest thing your dog(s) has ate?
  205. Can you customize your dog in Fable 2?
  206. How do I train a puppy not to run away?
  207. A name for a dog/puppy? Please help.?
  208. my puppy ran and hit her head against the sliding door?
  209. My dog eats kitty poop from the litter box while I'm at work! What can I do?
  210. i have a dog emergency question, about poisoning! ?
  211. how long do i wait to give my 2 week old, coton de tulear puppy, her shots?
  212. Suggest a name for our new puppy........?
  213. What is the growth on my Puppies face?
  214. is my dog gonna be ok?
  215. Where Do i get free puppies?
  216. How do I tell if my husky puppy is siberian or alaskan?
  217. Anyone giving away puppies at all?
  218. Is chocolate really that bad for dogs?
  219. Does Powell Prove the Mark Twain ditty about Men Biting you but Dogs will not?
  220. My dog keeps jumping on people and me HELP !!!!?
  221. Dog with blood in poop? Help!?
  222. my dog has trouble walking?
  223. Pregnant Dog........?
  224. i have another question bout the death of my dog?
  225. How important is predictability to you when you are purchasing a puppy?
  226. can a dog get a slipped disk in his back quarters?
  227. 8 months old puppy in bed?
  228. puppies and kids torture?
  229. my female dog has had milk for a week and she still hasnt had her puppies should i
  230. How big is my puppy going to get?
  231. If you show dogs.....?
  232. my chihuahua puppy was sick 1day and died the next?
  233. pictures of your dogs and what breed they are..?
  234. what is wrong with my puppy?
  235. dog De-shedding tool?
  236. What kind of dog is this...?
  237. what kind of dog is this?
  238. I have had my cat for 2 years. My dog had puppies. The puppy is 4 months old. ?
  239. How to keep dog calm on flight?
  240. 12 week old puppy ate rotten partridge. ?
  241. need a dog parents don't agree?
  242. Purple thing on Dog?? PLEASE HELP!?
  243. Is there any reason to NOT take a dog to a vet?
  244. Can I rawfeed my puppy beef spare ribs? ?
  245. Seven month puppy hip problem?
  246. Will my puppy be ok while I'm gone!!!?
  247. Is it okay for dogs to eat Rabbit poo?
  248. what kind of dog should i get?
  249. Are chickens intelligent like dogs or cats?
  250. papillon dogs...anyone?