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  1. what could be wrong with my dog?
  2. a sincere question about my dogs *ahem* anatomy...?
  3. What are the signs of Mange in dogs?
  4. should i have my dogs anal glands removed?
  5. a question about my puppy???
  6. How am i suppose to get rid of my dog died puppy. she wont let anyone near the...
  7. when do puppies loose there baby teeth?
  8. how to wrap the broken tip of a dogs tail.?
  9. New neighbors kids are trouble, afraid to even let my dogs out when they are around?
  10. What Breed Do You Think My Puppy Is? ?
  11. Why does my dog lick metal objects? Have you ever had a dog that does this?
  12. Why does my dog only pee on his side of the bed?
  13. Found puppy - breathing hard/fast and shivering?
  14. What kind of personalities do shih-tzu dogs have?
  15. how to teach my non-talking dog to talk?
  16. Any ideas what my new puppy is?
  17. My Dog Got Into Chocolate! ?
  18. How do i get my 7 week old kitten and 6 yr old dog to get along?
  19. How do I know if my dog has mange?
  20. My neighbor has a 6 week old puppy and treats her horribly, would i get in
  21. If u no the Carolina dog breed or non as American dingo this is mainly for any...
  22. Can I transfer kennel cough from my puppy to another dog?
  23. my puppy has been diagnosed with HOD or panosteitis ?
  24. six week old puppy doing tricks?
  25. Dog allergic to concrete?
  26. Adult dog is scared of puppy?
  27. Is optimum any good for dogs?
  28. can a 4 moths old puppy get parvo virus more than once?
  29. If a guy hits his dog, when its made a mess?
  30. Do I have to buy my puppy new toys and bedding once he's cured of kennel cough?
  31. Puppy and dog have fleas bad HELP?
  32. what kind of dog is this?
  33. HELP! My dog just got sprayed by a skunk and I let him inside!!?
  34. What breeds do you think my dog is?
  35. What bred do you think this dog is?
  36. Please help with boyfriend's horrible dog.?
  37. Help!!!! Dog Is Going Crazy In Circles!!!?
  38. I have 4 puppies 1 has parvo is it ok to vaccinate the other 3 after exposure? ?
  39. Whats wrong with my dog?
  40. My dog is dragging her butt on the carpet?
  41. What kind of dog was the dog, on the movie next Friday?
  42. Help something wrong with my puppy?
  43. Some one with K-9 Knowledge PLease HELP!!!!!!! DOg has lost his mind!?
  44. My puppy is eating her own poo ?
  45. Does anyone know what causes 'fat deposits' on my dog?
  46. My old dog has COPD, joint pain, she's deaf, half blind, & now she has...
  47. help with puppy potty training!?
  48. How often should I brush my dog's teeth? ?
  49. Are chickens intelligent like dogs or cats?
  50. I just got a puppy for my birthday not too long ago.?
  51. Science says chickens are at least as smart as cats and dogs?
  52. I have 3 new puppies. One 3 months old and 2 are 2 months old. What are the best
  53. how do i tell if my dogs in pain?
  54. How Do You Convince Parents To Let You Walk Dogs....?
  55. At what age do you think "puppy love" ends?
  56. if u no Carolina Dog breed or known as American dingo plz help me?
  57. What kind of dog should i get this weekend?
  58. Plz Help Me Pick A Puppy?
  59. Sign language "dead dog story"?
  60. Do you use Innova dog food?
  61. Should I worry about my dogs behavior?
  62. How many times a week should I shower my puppy?
  63. Im in love with my best friend's puppy!?
  64. how much would a female puppy yorkie be?
  65. Does Your Dog Have a Storage Place for Treats and Food?
  66. Can dogs drink milk? Would it make them sick?
  67. my dog is vomiting and has diarrhea?
  68. Im in australia and cant find any high quality dog food as mentioned on the
  69. Whats the best food to feed to a pitbull puppy?
  70. Is it normal for puppies to vomit foam even after they have completed a
  71. Will my puppy be more settled?
  72. My puppy like chewing wires and pretty much anything wat can i do?
  73. whether to castrate my dog or not...?
  74. Is kangaroo hair soft like a cat's or coarse like a large dog's?
  75. my dog was killed yesterday but I am very confused?
  76. So my dog pooped on my rug?
  77. Do dogs have dreams? If so what kind of?
  78. POLL:My dog, has Syphilis, should I tell him to stop sleeping with the...
  79. My mom clipped my dog's nails today n it yelped a couple of times, she didnt cut...
  80. Puppy help - anything and everything helps?
  81. Why does my dog jump our fence, and how can I stop it?
  82. I feel so bad.. i dropped tea on my dogs back?
  83. Is It Ok For Puppies To Still Be Nursing Here And There When They Are 9 Weeks?...
  84. Aesop's fable 'The Dog in the Manger'. My (male) best friend sometimes...
  85. How long do dogs sleep anyway?
  86. Trying to look for a puppy?
  87. Diamond Puppy Food..?
  88. how do i get the dog in harvest moon island of happiness?
  89. Retiring service dog?
  90. Dogs and milk ...................?
  91. What's wrong with my dog's foot?
  92. Are there any places that aren't a puppy mill to. Get a maltipoo?
  93. why is dog who just got neutered keep going on the floor?
  94. how do i get my family dog to sleep in my bed?
  95. Science says chickens are at least as smart as cats and dogs?
  96. My dog hasn't pooped in 2 days!?
  97. I want a TINY trick dog, what is the best breed for that?
  98. So a coyote took my dog down the street...?
  99. Spaying/Neutering Dogs?
  100. What should I do? My new puppy is always biting my older dog!?
  101. Why does my dog shake while he is in his crate?
  102. how to convince my parents to buy me a puppy?
  103. We have been given an abandon redbone coonhound puppy. He is about 10 weeks old. ?
  104. What are some easy ways to train a 2 month old puppy?
  105. How cat and dog can be good friends under same roof?
  106. how to make your puppy overcome fear?
  107. My puppy wont stop chewing on furniture! Help!?
  108. hi, this morning when i went down stairs my 2 dogs where stuck together?
  109. What is the best pet insurance to get for a new puppy?
  110. My dog hasn't pooped in 2 days!?
  111. What breed is my dog?
  112. How can I get good hearing like my dogs?
  113. who thinks a rat terrier is good dog to have?
  114. do your dog(s) ever act like this?
  115. Whats wrong with my puppy? He only eats one kind of the mixed food?
  116. is it normal for mama dog tu leave already?
  117. when is "puppy season" ?
  118. what is a good dog to get?
  119. is it normal for my chichuahua dog to lose hair?
  120. Can vegetarians eat veggie hot dogs and veggie ham?
  121. my puppy whines when I leave the room!?
  122. my dog ty boy also dosent want to be put down is there any othere way to help him?
  123. Pregnant female dog ? ? ?
  124. My Dog Ate Decon What Can I Do!?
  125. what are the most popular dogs?
  126. has anyone ever seen flakes like cracker crumbs where the puppy has slept...
  127. Is this okay to feed my dog?
  128. why does my puppy keep.....?
  129. How do you make a dog drink?
  130. How can I escape from a police dog?
  131. Petland dogs... Are they that bad?
  132. What is wrong with my puppy's ears?
  133. getting a dog and not happy?!?
  134. what kind of dog is she? ?
  135. Should I get my dog some pajamas?
  136. How do I get my puppy to poop?
  137. Older dog scared of puppy?
  138. Big amounts of winnings at casino or horse/dog races?
  139. how big do you think my puppy will get?
  140. i need help with my dog please answer?
  141. I remember a play that featured a woman playing a dog owned by a bachelor. What is
  142. Science says chickens are at least as smart as cats and dogs?
  143. Do you believe the dog whisperer really understands dogs?
  144. 11 week Puppy Poos alot!?
  145. I broke the top of a tick off that was on my dog, is this bad?
  146. Is Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time subtible for adults or children?
  147. Is $3,400.00 a reasonable amount to spend for 2 puppies coming from...
  148. What's a better dog Chihuahua or American Mastiff?
  149. my dog has a broken tooth can you advise?
  150. I want a german shepherd puppy more than anything in the world how can I
  151. My 8 week old puppy nips and bites a lot, what can I do to train her not to?
  152. Should this law be created to help control over population and puppy mills?
  153. my puppy's poo was white and green. what does that mean?
  154. Book about a dog in space!!!?
  155. How do I stop my puppy from barking...?
  156. Puppy started humping?
  157. heartworm in cats and dogs IN NEED OF INFO?
  158. my dog died today i want to know if he was poisoned?
  159. Just Born - 5 Day Old Puppy ?
  160. Has your dog ever licked himself in one spot so much that an sore resulted?
  161. need help,dog having seizures?
  162. How can I get the smell of dog pee out of my carpet?
  163. Where can I find Little Clothes for Little Puppies, online?
  164. are my dogs having an allergic reaction to CANINE SPECTRA 7?
  165. can you guess the dog breed?
  166. Does anyone else's dog have feet problems?
  167. What shots do puppy's need?
  168. how can i stop my dog ripping up the post/ news paper?
  169. What are Puppy Mills?
  170. Jack Russell Puppy doesn't use the bathroom outside =[?
  171. I am looking for a trust-worthy dog handler?
  172. Woo Hoo I'm Getting A Puppy!!!?
  173. What's a good way to paper train a puppy?
  174. Why is the pregnant dog nursing from another pregnant dog? What should I do?
  175. What is a dog???????
  176. Our baby is due dec 29th. dog still is not house trained 2yr later?? She doesnt...
  177. What, if anything, might be wrong with this Puppy?
  178. How did the first dogs come to be?
  179. Dish Detergent and Puppies?
  180. What is in a hot dog?
  181. why does my puppy do this?
  182. does my 11week old puppy need a sweater for winter?
  183. when can u start giving a puppy solid food?
  184. Why is my dog all of a sudden more afraid of things than usual?
  185. Is it possible a dog that doesn't like raw meat?
  186. How can I stop my dog from barking and barking and barking?
  187. My puppy has really cold paws...it isn't winter time yet (only 50 outside)?
  188. I would appreciate any and all tips on house breaking a 10 week old puppy.?
  189. Where can I get a dog leash like the one Cesar Milan uses?
  190. What is the title of the upcoming suspense film where a man exacts revenge
  191. Aggresive Older Dog to Puppy?
  192. dogs can eat pasta..?
  193. My labradro dog chipped its tooth while retrieving ball.?
  194. Are dogs really color blind?
  195. What dog do i get? 10 points?
  196. I live in Dallas and found a dog that looks so adorable in Oklahoma. Is it
  197. What should I name my new puppy? [pic included]?
  198. Need help with cats & dogs going potty on throw rugs?
  199. Does my dog need teeth cleaning?
  200. A dog in a car and blooming tulips, what does it mean?
  201. My dog wakes me up early in the morning to toilet?
  202. My puppy has been losing her appettite...?
  203. am I being cruel to my dog?
  204. Information on Lapland & can you take your dog?
  205. my dog eats metal like its a treat?
  206. Are cat nails easier to trim than dog nails?
  207. im getting a dog, but?
  208. hi naughty dog problems?
  209. how cani get my 4week old puppy to sleep through the night?
  210. What are the chances of a kid whos dog was once affected by parvo into my home and
  211. What Could be Wrong with My Dog?
  212. what kind of dog am i? pic?
  213. What time should I feed my puppy? What time should I take his water up?
  214. Would you feel wierd if your guy had his ex wife at his to wash her dog plus other
  215. Yellow Dog Linux on PS3? Is it worth it?
  216. Does anyone know where I can get dog food without any sort of animal
  217. Weird noise in dog's ear when dog shakes head?
  218. Is this dog for me??????
  219. Retiring Service dog ?
  220. What can I do to ease my Puppy's mouth while losing his teeth?
  221. parvo signs, Puppy 17-20 weeks old.?
  222. Can the utility people in California come into my gated property to read
  223. Could this dog work for me?
  224. Courage the dog 1000 years of Courage episode help?
  225. what to do about an agressive dog?
  226. My puppy has bad breath?
  227. Eye drops for my dog - jack russell?
  228. Eye drops for my dog - jack russell?
  229. dog halloween costumes! HELP?
  230. I am having a puppy shipped from Lousiana to South Carolina does anyone have...
  231. My puppy bites my ankles and shoes as I walk?
  232. My puppy has terrible separation anxiety. What can i do?
  233. Do blue dogs have blue noses?
  234. What are reasons I can give to rescue over new puppy?
  235. will two females puppies fight when they get older ?
  236. I have a Yerf Dog go-kart with a new carburetor, but it stalls when you give it...
  237. why are you supposed to feed your puppy three times a day?
  238. Help Please! New Puppy!?
  239. my dog keeps shedding i brush her loads,give her cod liver oil to stop the...
  240. barking dog who barks all night long?
  241. My dog has hundreds of super tiny ticks?
  242. What other easy tricks should I teach my dog?
  243. what to do with a fraidy dog? ?
  244. Why is my dog's hair color fading?
  245. If Santa is Satan, then God is a DOG?
  246. When i walk my dog, he fights with others?
  247. My GS puppy (6 mos) has begun grabbing & sometimes biting the hand that gets hold
  248. My dog, Jasper, sleeps all the time. Is there something wrong with that?
  249. Strange question- puppy had runs, cant get smell out!?
  250. Why do dogs use the beg position?